1. 150 Interesting Climate Change Research Topics

    research topic ideas on climate change

  2. 150 Interesting Climate Change Research Topics

    research topic ideas on climate change

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    research topic ideas on climate change

  4. Infographic: Adaptation solutions for a changing climate

    research topic ideas on climate change

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    research topic ideas on climate change

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    research topic ideas on climate change


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  1. 100 Best Climate Change Topics For Research Papers

    Perhaps, you want to write an essay or paper about something interesting. In that case, consider this list of interesting climate change research paper topics. Climate change across the globe- What experts say. Development, climate change, and disaster reduction. Critical review- Climate change and agriculture.

  2. 337 Climate Change Research Topics & Examples

    Climate Change Causes and Predictions. These changes are as a result of the changes in the factors which determine the amount of sunlight that gets to the earth surface. The Impact of Climate Change on Food Security. Currently, the world is beginning to encounter the effects of the continuous warming of the Earth.

  3. Climate Change Research Topics

    Understanding climate change is a broad climate change research topic. With this, you can introduce different research methods for tracking climate change and showing a focused effect on specific areas, such as the impact on water availability in certain geographic areas. 6. Carbon Emissions Impact of Climate Change.

  4. Climate change, energy, environment and sustainability topics research

    It calls for a shift in academic researchers' traditional thinking by working across disciplines to solve complex societal and environmental problems, focusing on the real-world human impacts of climate change, and providing an overview of how science can be used to advocate for institutional change. Engaged Research for Community Resilience to ...

  5. Climate change

    Climate change refers to a statistically defined change in the average and/or variability of the climate system, this includes the atmosphere, the water cycle, the land surface, ice and the living ...

  6. Research articles

    Climate change will affect the adoption of residential rooftop solar photovoltaics by changing the patterns of both electricity generation and demand. This research projects that climate change ...

  7. How researchers can help fight climate change in 2022 and beyond

    There are signs of renewed support for research and innovation in helping to address climate change. In Glasgow, 22 countries, as well as the European Commission (EC), announced plans to cooperate ...

  8. Frontiers in Climate

    8,794 views. 6 articles. Explores scientific advances in climate research, focusing on mitigation, adaptation, emissions and modelling. It shares research that contributes to climate policy and economic drivers, addressing...

  9. Research Guides: Climate Change

    Eldis topic editors compile email newsletters, so-called reporters, including the "Climate Change and Development" reporter. IIED - International Institute for Environment and Development Well-established policy research institute that offers an online library of information materials on climate change and related topics, such as energy ...

  10. Climate Change

    It is usually attributed to an enhanced greenhouse effect, tending to intensify with the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide. This Research Guide includes sources relevant to the investigation for causes and effects on the environment of the atmospheric greenhouse effect and global climate change.

  11. Climate Change Research

    Last updated on April 16, 2024. EPA conducts research to understand the environmental and health impacts of climate change and to provide sustainable solutions for adapting to and reducing the impact from a changing climate.

  12. A review of the global climate change impacts, adaptation, and

    Climate change (CC) is an inter-governmental complex challenge globally with its influence over various components of the ecological, ... In this study, 55 articles are reviewed systematically and analyzed for research topics and other aspects, such as the methods, contexts, and theories used in these studies. ...

  13. Hot Topics on Climate Change

    On June 1, 2017, U.S. President Donald Trump announced he will withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. In spite of this announcement, the fact remains that a global climate change agreement under the United Nations was adopted in December 2015 in Paris. Prior to Trump's presidency, countries—including the United States ...

  14. climate change

    Plausibility is a central but under-examined topic in conceptual change research. Climate change is an important socio-scientific topic; however, many view human-induced climate change as implausible. When learning about climate change, students need to make plausibility judgments but they may not be sufficiently critical or reflective.

  15. Climate Change and Society

    Manuscript Submission Deadline 26 August 2024. Climate change is one of the biggest challenges in our era. In the last few years, our society has observed the highest records of temperature and an increase in extreme events. The impacts affect virtually any living being on the planet. The damage, adaptations, and mitigation measures have an ...

  16. Climate Change and Society

    The aim of this Research Topic is to highlight and share knowledge on the social, economic, political and cultural implications of climate change, as well as reflect upon the required transformations in policy, governance and social-cultural strategies to mitigation, adaptation and prevention. To understand the multiple dimensions of climate ...

  17. Sustainability and climate change

    As the world discusses the future of our society and how we can protect our planet for future generations to come, Essex researchers are at the forefront of studying sustainability, and the climate and biodiversity crisis. At Essex, we are committed to transformational research - research that changes the world, and changes the way we think. On ...

  18. Climate Change Research

    September 20, 2015 — New report shows the number of implemented or planned carbon pricing schemes around the world has almost doubled since 2012, with existing schemes now worth about $50 billion. Latest research from the World Bank on Climate Change, including reports, studies, publications, working papers and articles.

  19. Research areas

    Research areas. The Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment brings together international expertise from a wide range of disciplines, including economics, finance, geography, the environment, international development and the political economy. This expertise enables us to produce globally recognised, policy-relevant ...

  20. Climate, Energy & Environment

    Majorities of Americans Prioritize Renewable Energy, Back Steps to Address Climate Change. Large shares of Americans support the U.S. taking steps to address global climate change and prioritize renewable energy development in the country. Still, fewer than half are ready to phase out fossil fuels completely and 59% oppose ending the production ...

  21. Research for climate adaptation

    Adaptation is the process of adjustment to actual or expected climate change and its effects. Regardless of how quickly societies decarbonize, global temperatures are already more than 1 °C above ...

  22. Environmental Changes Are Fueling Human, Animal and Plant Diseases

    Several large-scale, human-driven changes to the planet — including climate change, ... But the new research, a meta-analysis of nearly 1,000 previous studies, suggests that these patterns are ...

  23. Net zero roundtables: Plotting a course towards effective portfolio

    Topic 1 - Evolution of the research agenda. While awareness of the investment implications of climate change has increased since the Paris Agreement in 2015, several common issues remain for the investment industry to assist their clients with their net zero aspirations. One of the biggest issues concerns the shortcomings of existing climate ...

  24. Saturated soils could impact survival of young trees ...

    Saturated soils could impact survival of young trees planted to address climate change Date: May 9, 2024 Source: University of Plymouth Summary: New research has looked into the potential effects ...

  25. What are the most powerful climate actions you can take? The expert

    Voting tops the list for the world's leading climate scientists in a year when billions of voters go to the polls Many people, faced with the worsening impacts of the climate emergency, want to ...

  26. Forthcoming climate change podcast collaboration with Concordia

    As Smith explains, the addition of hope — that is, action or moving-on/beyond — will be key. A former Liber Ero Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Changing Ocean Research Unit at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, her research focuses on the effects of climate change on marine invasive species globally.

  27. Study: Heavy snowfall and rain may contribute to some earthquakes

    BBC Science Focus reporter Alex Hughes spotlights a new study by MIT scientists that suggests more heavy snowfall and rain linked to climate change could increasingly contribute to earthquakes worldwide. "The researchers made these conclusions based on how weather patterns in northern Japan have seemingly contributed to a new 'swarm' of earthquakes," writes Hughes, "a pattern of multiple ...

  28. Climate Change and Urban Resilience

    Overall, the goal of this Research Topic is to advance understanding and promote dialogue on the complex relationship between climate change and urban resilience, and to identify potential solutions that can help increase cities' ability to adapt to climate change. • Policies and regulations for promoting urban resilience to climate shocks.

  29. Research articles

    Climate change has led to increased fire activity in parts of the globe due to observed increases in fire weather extremes. These trends are driven predominantly by decreasing relative humidity ...

  30. Risk Professionals Take On Emergent AI, Climate Change and Global

    SAN DIEGO—Generative artificial intelligence, geopolitical tension, punishing climate events—the list of headaches for businesses' risk managers can seem to be in a perpetual state of growth ...