Free PowerPoint Case Study Presentation Templates

By Joe Weller | January 23, 2024

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We’ve collected the top free PowerPoint case study presentation templates with or without sample text. Marketing and product managers, sales execs, and strategists can use them to arrange and present their success stories, strategies, and results.

On this page, you'll find six PowerPoint case study presentation templates, including a  marketing case study template , a  problem-solution-impact case study , and a  customer journey case study template , among others. Plus, discover the  key components of successful case study presentations , find out the  different types of case study presentations , and get  expert tips .

PowerPoint Single-Slide Case Study Presentation Template

Single-Slide Case Study Presentation Example Template PowerPoint

Download the Sample Single-Slide Case Study Presentation Template for PowerPoint Download the Blank Single-Slide Case Study Presentation Template for PowerPoint

When to Use This Template:  Use this single-slide case study presentation template when you need to give a quick but effective overview of a case study. This template is perfect for presenting a case study when time is limited and you need to convey key points swiftly.

Notable Template Features: You can fit everything you need on one slide. Download the version with sample text to see how easy it is to complete the template. Unlike more detailed templates, it focuses on the main points, such as the problem, solution, approach, and results, all in a compact format. It's great for keeping your audience focused on the key aspects of your case study without overwhelming them with information.

PowerPoint Marketing Case Study Template

Marketing Case Study Example Template PowerPoint

Download the Sample Marketing Case Study Template for PowerPoint

Download the Blank Marketing Case Study Template for PowerPoint

When to Use This Template: Choose this marketing case study template when you need to dive deep into your marketing strategies and results. It's perfect for marketing managers and content marketers who want to showcase the detailed process and successes of their campaigns. 

Notable Template Features: This template focuses on the detailed aspects of marketing strategies and outcomes. It includes specific sections to outline business needs, results, and strategic approaches.

PowerPoint Problem-Solution-Impact Case Study Template

Problem-Solution-Impact Case Study Example Template PowerPoint

Download the Sample Problem-Solution-Impact Case Study Template for PowerPoint

Download the Blank Problem-Solution-Impact Case Study Template for PowerPoint

When to Use This Template:  This problem-solution-impact case study template is useful for focusing on how a challenge was solved and the results. Project managers and strategy teams that want to clearly portray the effectiveness of their solutions can take advantage of this template. 

Notable Template Features: This template stands out with its clear structure that breaks down the case into problem, solution, and impact. Use the template — available with or without sample data — to help you tell a complete story, from the issue faced to the solution and its results, making it perfect for presentations that need to show a clear cause-and-effect relationship.

PowerPoint Comparative Study Template

Comparative Study Example Template PowerPoint

Download the Sample Comparative Study Template for PowerPoint  

Download the Blank Comparative Study Template for PowerPoint  

When to Use This Template:  Choose this comparative study template — available with or without sample data — to illuminate how different products, strategies, or periods stack up against each other. It's great for product managers and research teams who want to do side-by-side comparisons. 

Notable Template Features: This template lets you put things next to each other to see their differences and similarities, with a focus on direct comparisons. Use the columns and split slides to make the content easy to understand and visually appealing, perfect for highlighting changes or different approaches.

PowerPoint Customer Journey Case Study Template

Customer Journey Case Study Example Template PowerPoint

Download the Sample Customer Journey Case Study Template for PowerPoint

Download the Blank Customer Journey Case Study Template for PowerPoint

When to Use This Template: This template is useful for customer experience managers and UX designers who need to understand and improve how customers interact with what they offer. Use the customer journey case study template with sample data to see how to show every step of a customer's experience with your product or service. 

Notable Template Features:  This template focuses on the whole path a customer takes with a product or service. It follows them, from first learning about the offering to after they buy it.

PowerPoint Case Study Storyboard Template

Case Study Storyboard Example Template PowerPoint

Download the Sample Case Study Storyboard Template for PowerPoint   Download the Blank Case Study Storyboard Template for PowerPoint  

When to Use This Template:  Creative teams and ad agencies should use this case study storyboard template — with or without sample data — to tell a story using more images than text.

Notable Template Features: This template transforms a case study into a visual story. Effectively communicate the journey of a business case, from the challenges faced to the solutions implemented and the results achieved.

Key Components of Successful Case Study Presentations

The key components of successful case study presentations include clear goals, engaging introductions, detailed customer profiles, and well-explained solutions and results. Together they help you present how your strategies succeed in real-world scenarios. 

The following components are fundamental to crafting a compelling and effective marketing case study presentation:   

  • Clear Objective:  Define the goal of your case study, ensuring it addresses specific questions or goals. 
  • Engaging Introduction:  Start with an overview of the company, product, or service, as well as the context to provide necessary background information. 
  • Customer Profile:  Detail your target customer demographics and their needs to help the audience understand who the marketing efforts are aimed at and their relevance. 
  • The Challenge:  Clearly articulate the primary problem or issue to overcome to establish the context for the solution and strategy, highlighting the need for action. 
  • Solution and Strategy:  Describe the specific strategies and creative approaches used to address the challenge. These details should demonstrate your approach to problem-solving and the thought process behind your decisions. 
  • Implementation:  Explain how the solution was put into action to show the practical application. This description should bring your strategy to life, allowing the audience to see how you executed plans. 
  • Results and Impact:  Present measurable outcomes and impacts of the strategy to validate and show its effectiveness in real-world scenarios. 
  • Visual Elements:  Use charts, images, and infographics to make complex information more accessible and engaging, aiding audience understanding. 
  • Testimonials and Quotes:  Include customer feedback or expert opinions to add credibility and a real-world perspective, reinforcing your strategy’s success. 
  • Lessons Learned and Conclusions:  Summarize key takeaways and insights gained to show what the audience can learn from the case study. 
  • Call to Action (CTA):  End with an action you want the audience to take to encourage engagement and further interaction.

Different Types of Case Study Presentations

The types of case study presentations include those that compare products, showcase customer journeys, or tell a story visually, among others. Each is tailored to different storytelling methods and presentation goals.

The following list outlines various types of case study presentations:   

  • Problem-Solution-Impact Case Study:  This type focuses on a clear narrative structure, outlining the problem, solution implemented, and final impact. It's straightforward and effective for linear stories. 
  • Comparative Case Study:  Ideal for showcasing before-and-after scenarios or comparisons between different strategies or time periods. This option often uses parallel columns or split slides for comparison. 
  • Customer Journey Case Study:  Centered on the customer's experience, this option maps out their journey from recognizing a need to using the product or service, and the benefits they gained. It's a narrative-driven and customer-focused case study format. 
  • Data-Driven Case Study:  Emphasizing quantitative results and data, this format is full of charts, graphs, and statistics. This option is perfect for cases where numerical evidence is the main selling point. 
  • Storyboard Case Study:  Use this type to lay out the case study in a storytelling format. This option often relies on more visuals and less text. Think of it as a visual story, engaging and easy to follow. 
  • Interactive Case Study:  Designed with clickable elements for an interactive presentation, this type allows the presenter to dive into different sections based on audience interest, making it flexible and engaging.
  • Testimonial-Focused Case Study:  This format is best for highlighting customer testimonials and reviews. It leverages the power of word of mouth and is highly effective in building trust.

Expert Tips for Case Study Presentations

Expert tips for case study presentations include knowing your audience, telling a clear story, and focusing on the problem and solution. They can also benefit from using visuals and highlighting results.

“Case studies are one of the most powerful tools in an organization’s marketing arsenal,” says Gayle Kalvert, Founder and CEO of  Creo Collective, Inc. , a full-service marketing agency. “Done correctly, case studies provide prospective buyers with proof that your product or service solves their business problem and shortens the sales cycle.”   

Gayle Kalvert

“Presentations are probably the most powerful marketing asset, whether for a webinar, a first meeting deck, an investor pitch, or an internal alignment/planning tool,” says marketing expert  Cari Jaquet . “Remember, the goal of a case study presentation is not just to inform, but also to persuade and engage your audience.” 

Cari Jaquet

Use these tips to make your presentation engaging and effective so that it resonates with your audience:   

  • Know Your Audience:  Tailor the presentation to the interests and knowledge level of your audience. Understanding what resonates with them helps make your case study more relevant and engaging. “Presentations can also be a forcing function to define your audience, tighten up your mission and message, and create a crisp call to action,” explains Jaquet.
  • Tell a Story:  Structure your case study like a story, with a clear beginning (the problem), middle (the solution), and end (the results). A narrative approach keeps the audience engaged. 
  • Focus on the Problem and Solution:  Clearly articulate the problem you addressed and how your solution was unique or effective. This section is the core of a case study and should be given ample attention. 
  • Use Data Wisely:  Incorporate relevant data to support your points, but avoid overwhelming the audience with numbers. Use charts and graphs for visual representation of data to make it more digestible. 
  • Highlight Key Results:  Emphasize the impact of your solution with clear and quantifiable results. This could include increased revenue, cost savings, improved customer satisfaction, and similar benefits.
  • Incorporate Visuals:  Use high-quality visuals to break up text and explain complex concepts. Consider using photos, infographics, diagrams, or short videos.  “I put together the graphics that tell the story visually. Speakers often just need a big image or charts and graphs to help guide their talk track. Of course, if the audience expects details (for example, a board deck), the graphic helps reinforce the narrative,” shares Jaquet.
  • Include Testimonials:  Adding quotes or testimonials from clients or stakeholders adds credibility and a real-world perspective to your presentation. 
  • Practice Storytelling:  A well-delivered presentation is as important as its content. Practice your delivery to ensure you are clear, concise, and engaging. At this point, it also makes sense to solicit feedback from stakeholders. Jaquet concurs: “Once my outline and graphics are in place, I typically circulate the presentation draft for review. The feedback step usually surfaces nuances in the story or key points that need to show up on the slides. There is no point in building out tons of slides without alignment from the speaker or subject matter experts.”
  • End with a Strong Conclusion:  Summarize the key takeaways and leave your audience with a final thought or call to action. 
  • Seek Feedback:  After your presentation, request feedback to understand what worked well and what could be improved for future presentations. 

“Don't underestimate the power of a great presentation. And don't wait until the last minute or try to invent the wheel on your own,” advises Jaquet. “Many times, getting the next meeting, winning the deal, or getting the project kicked off well, requires your audience to understand and believe your story.”

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Blog Business How to Present a Case Study like a Pro (With Examples)

How to Present a Case Study like a Pro (With Examples)

Written by: Danesh Ramuthi Sep 07, 2023

How Present a Case Study like a Pro

Okay, let’s get real: case studies can be kinda snooze-worthy. But guess what? They don’t have to be!

In this article, I will cover every element that transforms a mere report into a compelling case study, from selecting the right metrics to using persuasive narrative techniques.

And if you’re feeling a little lost, don’t worry! There are cool tools like Venngage’s Case Study Creator to help you whip up something awesome, even if you’re short on time. Plus, the pre-designed case study templates are like instant polish because let’s be honest, everyone loves a shortcut.

Click to jump ahead: 

What is a case study presentation?

What is the purpose of presenting a case study, how to structure a case study presentation, how long should a case study presentation be, 5 case study presentation examples with templates, 6 tips for delivering an effective case study presentation, 5 common mistakes to avoid in a case study presentation, how to present a case study faqs.

A case study presentation involves a comprehensive examination of a specific subject, which could range from an individual, group, location, event, organization or phenomenon.

They’re like puzzles you get to solve with the audience, all while making you think outside the box.

Unlike a basic report or whitepaper, the purpose of a case study presentation is to stimulate critical thinking among the viewers. 

The primary objective of a case study is to provide an extensive and profound comprehension of the chosen topic. You don’t just throw numbers at your audience. You use examples and real-life cases to make you think and see things from different angles.

presentation template case study

The primary purpose of presenting a case study is to offer a comprehensive, evidence-based argument that informs, persuades and engages your audience.

Here’s the juicy part: presenting that case study can be your secret weapon. Whether you’re pitching a groundbreaking idea to a room full of suits or trying to impress your professor with your A-game, a well-crafted case study can be the magic dust that sprinkles brilliance over your words.

Think of it like digging into a puzzle you can’t quite crack . A case study lets you explore every piece, turn it over and see how it fits together. This close-up look helps you understand the whole picture, not just a blurry snapshot.

It’s also your chance to showcase how you analyze things, step by step, until you reach a conclusion. It’s all about being open and honest about how you got there.

Besides, presenting a case study gives you an opportunity to connect data and real-world scenarios in a compelling narrative. It helps to make your argument more relatable and accessible, increasing its impact on your audience.

One of the contexts where case studies can be very helpful is during the job interview. In some job interviews, you as candidates may be asked to present a case study as part of the selection process.

Having a case study presentation prepared allows the candidate to demonstrate their ability to understand complex issues, formulate strategies and communicate their ideas effectively.

Case Study Example Psychology

The way you present a case study can make all the difference in how it’s received. A well-structured presentation not only holds the attention of your audience but also ensures that your key points are communicated clearly and effectively.

In this section, let’s go through the key steps that’ll help you structure your case study presentation for maximum impact.

Let’s get into it. 

Open with an introductory overview 

Start by introducing the subject of your case study and its relevance. Explain why this case study is important and who would benefit from the insights gained. This is your opportunity to grab your audience’s attention.

presentation template case study

Explain the problem in question

Dive into the problem or challenge that the case study focuses on. Provide enough background information for the audience to understand the issue. If possible, quantify the problem using data or metrics to show the magnitude or severity.

presentation template case study

Detail the solutions to solve the problem

After outlining the problem, describe the steps taken to find a solution. This could include the methodology, any experiments or tests performed and the options that were considered. Make sure to elaborate on why the final solution was chosen over the others.

presentation template case study

Key stakeholders Involved

Talk about the individuals, groups or organizations that were directly impacted by or involved in the problem and its solution. 

Stakeholders may experience a range of outcomes—some may benefit, while others could face setbacks.

For example, in a business transformation case study, employees could face job relocations or changes in work culture, while shareholders might be looking at potential gains or losses.

Discuss the key results & outcomes

Discuss the results of implementing the solution. Use data and metrics to back up your statements. Did the solution meet its objectives? What impact did it have on the stakeholders? Be honest about any setbacks or areas for improvement as well.

presentation template case study

Include visuals to support your analysis

Visual aids can be incredibly effective in helping your audience grasp complex issues. Utilize charts, graphs, images or video clips to supplement your points. Make sure to explain each visual and how it contributes to your overall argument.

Pie charts illustrate the proportion of different components within a whole, useful for visualizing market share, budget allocation or user demographics.

This is particularly useful especially if you’re displaying survey results in your case study presentation.

presentation template case study

Stacked charts on the other hand are perfect for visualizing composition and trends. This is great for analyzing things like customer demographics, product breakdowns or budget allocation in your case study.

Consider this example of a stacked bar chart template. It provides a straightforward summary of the top-selling cake flavors across various locations, offering a quick and comprehensive view of the data.

presentation template case study

Not the chart you’re looking for? Browse Venngage’s gallery of chart templates to find the perfect one that’ll captivate your audience and level up your data storytelling.

Recommendations and next steps

Wrap up by providing recommendations based on the case study findings. Outline the next steps that stakeholders should take to either expand on the success of the project or address any remaining challenges.

Acknowledgments and references

Thank the people who contributed to the case study and helped in the problem-solving process. Cite any external resources, reports or data sets that contributed to your analysis.

Feedback & Q&A session

Open the floor for questions and feedback from your audience. This allows for further discussion and can provide additional insights that may not have been considered previously.

Closing remarks

Conclude the presentation by summarizing the key points and emphasizing the takeaways. Thank your audience for their time and participation and express your willingness to engage in further discussions or collaborations on the subject.

presentation template case study

Well, the length of a case study presentation can vary depending on the complexity of the topic and the needs of your audience. However, a typical business or academic presentation often lasts between 15 to 30 minutes. 

This time frame usually allows for a thorough explanation of the case while maintaining audience engagement. However, always consider leaving a few minutes at the end for a Q&A session to address any questions or clarify points made during the presentation.

When it comes to presenting a compelling case study, having a well-structured template can be a game-changer. 

It helps you organize your thoughts, data and findings in a coherent and visually pleasing manner. 

Not all case studies are created equal and different scenarios require distinct approaches for maximum impact. 

To save you time and effort, I have curated a list of 5 versatile case study presentation templates, each designed for specific needs and audiences. 

Here are some best case study presentation examples that showcase effective strategies for engaging your audience and conveying complex information clearly.

1 . Lab report case study template

Ever feel like your research gets lost in a world of endless numbers and jargon? Lab case studies are your way out!

Think of it as building a bridge between your cool experiment and everyone else. It’s more than just reporting results – it’s explaining the “why” and “how” in a way that grabs attention and makes sense.

This lap report template acts as a blueprint for your report, guiding you through each essential section (introduction, methods, results, etc.) in a logical order.

College Lab Report Template - Introduction

Want to present your research like a pro? Browse our research presentation template gallery for creative inspiration!

2. Product case study template

It’s time you ditch those boring slideshows and bullet points because I’ve got a better way to win over clients: product case study templates.

Instead of just listing features and benefits, you get to create a clear and concise story that shows potential clients exactly what your product can do for them. It’s like painting a picture they can easily visualize, helping them understand the value your product brings to the table.

Grab the template below, fill in the details, and watch as your product’s impact comes to life!

presentation template case study

3. Content marketing case study template

In digital marketing, showcasing your accomplishments is as vital as achieving them. 

A well-crafted case study not only acts as a testament to your successes but can also serve as an instructional tool for others. 

With this coral content marketing case study template—a perfect blend of vibrant design and structured documentation, you can narrate your marketing triumphs effectively.

presentation template case study

4. Case study psychology template

Understanding how people tick is one of psychology’s biggest quests and case studies are like magnifying glasses for the mind. They offer in-depth looks at real-life behaviors, emotions and thought processes, revealing fascinating insights into what makes us human.

Writing a top-notch case study, though, can be a challenge. It requires careful organization, clear presentation and meticulous attention to detail. That’s where a good case study psychology template comes in handy.

Think of it as a helpful guide, taking care of formatting and structure while you focus on the juicy content. No more wrestling with layouts or margins – just pour your research magic into crafting a compelling narrative.

presentation template case study

5. Lead generation case study template

Lead generation can be a real head-scratcher. But here’s a little help: a lead generation case study.

Think of it like a friendly handshake and a confident resume all rolled into one. It’s your chance to showcase your expertise, share real-world successes and offer valuable insights. Potential clients get to see your track record, understand your approach and decide if you’re the right fit.

No need to start from scratch, though. This lead generation case study template guides you step-by-step through crafting a clear, compelling narrative that highlights your wins and offers actionable tips for others. Fill in the gaps with your specific data and strategies, and voilà! You’ve got a powerful tool to attract new customers.

Modern Lead Generation Business Case Study Presentation Template

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So, you’ve spent hours crafting the perfect case study and are now tasked with presenting it. Crafting the case study is only half the battle; delivering it effectively is equally important. 

Whether you’re facing a room of executives, academics or potential clients, how you present your findings can make a significant difference in how your work is received. 

Forget boring reports and snooze-inducing presentations! Let’s make your case study sing. Here are some key pointers to turn information into an engaging and persuasive performance:

  • Know your audience : Tailor your presentation to the knowledge level and interests of your audience. Remember to use language and examples that resonate with them.
  • Rehearse : Rehearsing your case study presentation is the key to a smooth delivery and for ensuring that you stay within the allotted time. Practice helps you fine-tune your pacing, hone your speaking skills with good word pronunciations and become comfortable with the material, leading to a more confident, conversational and effective presentation.
  • Start strong : Open with a compelling introduction that grabs your audience’s attention. You might want to use an interesting statistic, a provocative question or a brief story that sets the stage for your case study.
  • Be clear and concise : Avoid jargon and overly complex sentences. Get to the point quickly and stay focused on your objectives.
  • Use visual aids : Incorporate slides with graphics, charts or videos to supplement your verbal presentation. Make sure they are easy to read and understand.
  • Tell a story : Use storytelling techniques to make the case study more engaging. A well-told narrative can help you make complex data more relatable and easier to digest.

presentation template case study

Ditching the dry reports and slide decks? Venngage’s case study templates let you wow customers with your solutions and gain insights to improve your business plan. Pre-built templates, visual magic and customer captivation – all just a click away. Go tell your story and watch them say “wow!”

Nailed your case study, but want to make your presentation even stronger? Avoid these common mistakes to ensure your audience gets the most out of it:

Overloading with information

A case study is not an encyclopedia. Overloading your presentation with excessive data, text or jargon can make it cumbersome and difficult for the audience to digest the key points. Stick to what’s essential and impactful. Need help making your data clear and impactful? Our data presentation templates can help! Find clear and engaging visuals to showcase your findings.

Lack of structure

Jumping haphazardly between points or topics can confuse your audience. A well-structured presentation, with a logical flow from introduction to conclusion, is crucial for effective communication.

Ignoring the audience

Different audiences have different needs and levels of understanding. Failing to adapt your presentation to your audience can result in a disconnect and a less impactful presentation.

Poor visual elements

While content is king, poor design or lack of visual elements can make your case study dull or hard to follow. Make sure you use high-quality images, graphs and other visual aids to support your narrative.

Not focusing on results

A case study aims to showcase a problem and its solution, but what most people care about are the results. Failing to highlight or adequately explain the outcomes can make your presentation fall flat.

How to start a case study presentation?

Starting a case study presentation effectively involves a few key steps:

  • Grab attention : Open with a hook—an intriguing statistic, a provocative question or a compelling visual—to engage your audience from the get-go.
  • Set the stage : Briefly introduce the subject, context and relevance of the case study to give your audience an idea of what to expect.
  • Outline objectives : Clearly state what the case study aims to achieve. Are you solving a problem, proving a point or showcasing a success?
  • Agenda : Give a quick outline of the key sections or topics you’ll cover to help the audience follow along.
  • Set expectations : Let your audience know what you want them to take away from the presentation, whether it’s knowledge, inspiration or a call to action.

How to present a case study on PowerPoint and on Google Slides?

Presenting a case study on PowerPoint and Google Slides involves a structured approach for clarity and impact using presentation slides :

  • Title slide : Start with a title slide that includes the name of the case study, your name and any relevant institutional affiliations.
  • Introduction : Follow with a slide that outlines the problem or situation your case study addresses. Include a hook to engage the audience.
  • Objectives : Clearly state the goals of the case study in a dedicated slide.
  • Findings : Use charts, graphs and bullet points to present your findings succinctly.
  • Analysis : Discuss what the findings mean, drawing on supporting data or secondary research as necessary.
  • Conclusion : Summarize key takeaways and results.
  • Q&A : End with a slide inviting questions from the audience.

What’s the role of analysis in a case study presentation?

The role of analysis in a case study presentation is to interpret the data and findings, providing context and meaning to them. 

It helps your audience understand the implications of the case study, connects the dots between the problem and the solution and may offer recommendations for future action.

Is it important to include real data and results in the presentation?

Yes, including real data and results in a case study presentation is crucial to show experience,  credibility and impact. Authentic data lends weight to your findings and conclusions, enabling the audience to trust your analysis and take your recommendations more seriously

How do I conclude a case study presentation effectively?

To conclude a case study presentation effectively, summarize the key findings, insights and recommendations in a clear and concise manner. 

End with a strong call-to-action or a thought-provoking question to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

What’s the best way to showcase data in a case study presentation ?

The best way to showcase data in a case study presentation is through visual aids like charts, graphs and infographics which make complex information easily digestible, engaging and creative. 

Don’t just report results, visualize them! This template for example lets you transform your social media case study into a captivating infographic that sparks conversation.

presentation template case study

Choose the type of visual that best represents the data you’re showing; for example, use bar charts for comparisons or pie charts for parts of a whole. 

Ensure that the visuals are high-quality and clearly labeled, so the audience can quickly grasp the key points. 

Keep the design consistent and simple, avoiding clutter or overly complex visuals that could distract from the message.

Choose a template that perfectly suits your case study where you can utilize different visual aids for maximum impact. 

Need more inspiration on how to turn numbers into impact with the help of infographics? Our ready-to-use infographic templates take the guesswork out of creating visual impact for your case studies with just a few clicks.

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Congrats on mastering the art of compelling case study presentations! This guide has equipped you with all the essentials, from structure and nuances to avoiding common pitfalls. You’re ready to impress any audience, whether in the boardroom, the classroom or beyond.

And remember, you’re not alone in this journey. Venngage’s Case Study Creator is your trusty companion, ready to elevate your presentations from ordinary to extraordinary. So, let your confidence shine, leverage your newly acquired skills and prepare to deliver presentations that truly resonate.

Go forth and make a lasting impact!

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presentation template case study

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presentation template case study

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presentation template case study

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9 Creative Case Study Presentation Examples & Templates

Learn from proven case study presentation examples and best practices how to get creative, stand out, engage your audience, excite action, and drive results.


9 minute read

Case study presentation example

helped business professionals at:


Short answer

What makes a good case study presentation?

A good case study presentation has an engaging story, a clear structure, real data, visual aids, client testimonials, and a strong call to action. It informs and inspires, making the audience believe they can achieve similar results.

Dull case studies can cost you clients.

A boring case study presentation doesn't just risk putting your audience to sleep—it can actuallyl ead to lost sales and missed opportunities.

When your case study fails to inspire, it's your bottom line that suffers.

Interactive elements are the secret sauce for successful case study presentations.

They not only increase reader engagement by 22% but also lead to a whopping 41% more decks being read fully , proving that the winning deck is not a monologue but a conversation that involves the reader.

Let me show you shape your case studies into compelling narratives that hook your audience and drive revenue.

Let’s go!

How to create a case study presentation that drives results?

Crafting a case study presentation that truly drives results is about more than just data—it's about storytelling, engagement, and leading your audience down the sales funnel.

Here's how you can do it:

Tell a story: Each case study should follow a narrative arc. Start with the problem, introduce your solution, and showcase the results. Make it compelling and relatable.

Leverage data: Hard numbers build credibility. Use them to highlight your successes and reinforce your points.

Use visuals: Images, infographics, and videos can enhance engagement, making complex information more digestible and memorable.

Add interactive elements: Make your presentation a two-way journey. Tools like tabs and live data calculators can increase time spent on your deck by 22% and the number of full reads by 41% .

Finish with a strong call-to-action: Every good story needs a conclusion. Encourage your audience to take the next step in their buyer journey with a clear, persuasive call-to-action.

Visual representation of what a case study presentation should do:

where case studies fit in the marketing funnel

How to write an engaging case study presentation?

Creating an engaging case study presentation involves strategic storytelling, understanding your audience, and sparking action.

In this guide, I'll cover the essentials to help you write a compelling narrative that drives results.

What is the best format for a business case study presentation?

4 best format types for a business case study presentation:

  • Problem-solution case study
  • Before-and-after case study
  • Success story case study
  • Interview style case study

Each style has unique strengths, so pick one that aligns best with your story and audience. For a deeper dive into these formats, check out our detailed blog post on case study format types .

How to write the perfect case study

What to include in a case study presentation?

An effective case study presentation contains 7 key elements:

  • Introduction
  • Company overview
  • The problem/challenge
  • Your solution
  • Customer quotes/testimonials

To learn more about what should go in each of these sections, check out our post on what is a case study .

How to motivate readers to take action?

Based on BJ Fogg's behavior model , successful motivation involves 3 components:

This is all about highlighting the benefits. Paint a vivid picture of the transformative results achieved using your solution.

Use compelling data and emotive testimonials to amplify the desire for similar outcomes, therefore boosting your audience's motivation.

This refers to making the desired action easy to perform. Show how straightforward it is to implement your solution.

Use clear language, break down complex ideas, and reinforce the message that success is not just possible, but also readily achievable with your offering.

This is your powerful call-to-action (CTA), the spark that nudges your audience to take the next step. Ensure your CTA is clear, direct, and tied into the compelling narrative you've built.

It should leave your audience with no doubt about what to do next and why they should do it.

Here’s how you can do it with Storydoc:

Storydoc next step slide example

How to adapt your presentation for your specific audience?

Every audience is different, and a successful case study presentation speaks directly to its audience's needs, concerns, and desires.

Understanding your audience is crucial. This involves researching their pain points, their industry jargon, their ambitions, and their fears.

Then, tailor your presentation accordingly. Highlight how your solution addresses their specific problems. Use language and examples they're familiar with. Show them how your product or service can help them reach their goals.

A case study presentation that's tailor-made for its audience is not just a presentation—it's a conversation that resonates, engages, and convinces.

How to design a great case study presentation?

A powerful case study presentation is not only about the story you weave—it's about the visual journey you create.

Let's navigate through the design strategies that can transform your case study presentation into a gripping narrative.

Add interactive elements

Static design has long been the traditional route for case study presentations—linear, unchanging, a one-size-fits-all solution.

However, this has been a losing approach for a while now. Static content is killing engagement, but interactive design will bring it back to life.

It invites your audience into an evolving, immersive experience, transforming them from passive onlookers into active participants.

Which of these presentations would you prefer to read?

Static PDF example

Use narrated content design (scrollytelling)

Scrollytelling combines the best of scrolling and storytelling. This innovative approach offers an interactive narrated journey controlled with a simple scroll.

It lets you break down complex content into manageable chunks and empowers your audience to control their reading pace.

To make this content experience available to everyone, our founder, Itai Amoza, collaborated with visualization scientist Prof. Steven Franconeri to incorporate scrollytelling into Storydoc.

This collaboration led to specialized storytelling slides that simplify content and enhance engagement (which you can find and use in Storydoc).

Here’s an example of Storydoc scrollytelling:

Narrator slide example

Bring your case study to life with multimedia

Multimedia brings a dynamic dimension to your presentation. Video testimonials lend authenticity and human connection. Podcast interviews add depth and diversity, while live graphs offer a visually captivating way to represent data.

Each media type contributes to a richer, more immersive narrative that keeps your audience engaged from beginning to end.

Prioritize mobile-friendly design

In an increasingly mobile world, design must adapt. Avoid traditional, non-responsive formats like PPT, PDF, and Word.

Opt for a mobile-optimized design that guarantees your presentation is always at its best, regardless of the device.

As a significant chunk of case studies are opened on mobile, this ensures wider accessibility and improved user experience , demonstrating respect for your audience's viewing preferences.

Here’s what a traditional static presentation looks like as opposed to a responsive deck:

Static PDF example

Streamline the design process

Creating a case study presentation usually involves wrestling with an AI website builder .

It's a dance that often needs several partners - designers to make it look good, developers to make it work smoothly, and plenty of time to bring it all together.

Building, changing, and personalizing your case study can feel like you're climbing a mountain when all you need is to cross a hill.

By switching to Storydoc’s interactive case study creator , you won’t need a tech guru or a design whizz, just your own creativity.

You’ll be able to create a customized, interactive presentation for tailored use in sales prospecting or wherever you need it without the headache of mobilizing your entire team.

Storydoc will automatically adjust any change to your presentation layout, so you can’t break the design even if you tried.

Auto design adjustment

Case study presentation examples that engage readers

Let’s take a deep dive into some standout case studies.

These examples go beyond just sharing information – they're all about captivating and inspiring readers. So, let’s jump in and uncover the secret behind what makes them so effective.

What makes this deck great:

  • A video on the cover slide will cause 32% more people to interact with your case study .
  • The running numbers slide allows you to present the key results your solution delivered in an easily digestible way.
  • The ability to include 2 smart CTAs gives readers the choice between learning more about your solution and booking a meeting with you directly.

Light mode case study

  • The ‘read more’ button is perfect if you want to present a longer case without overloading readers with walls of text.
  • The timeline slide lets you present your solution in the form of a compelling narrative.
  • A combination of text-based and visual slides allows you to add context to the main insights.

Marketing case study

  • Tiered slides are perfect for presenting multiple features of your solution, particularly if they’re relevant to several use cases.
  • Easily customizable slides allow you to personalize your case study to specific prospects’ needs and pain points.
  • The ability to embed videos makes it possible to show your solution in action instead of trying to describe it purely with words.

UX case study

  • Various data visualization components let you present hard data in a way that’s easier to understand and follow.
  • The option to hide text under a 'Read more' button is great if you want to include research findings or present a longer case study.
  • Content segmented using tabs , which is perfect if you want to describe different user research methodologies without overwhelming your audience.

Business case study

  • Library of data visualization elements to choose from comes in handy for more data-heavy case studies.
  • Ready-to-use graphics and images which can easily be replaced using our AI assistant or your own files.
  • Information on the average reading time in the cover reduces bounce rate by 24% .

Modern case study

  • Dynamic variables let you personalize your deck at scale in just a few clicks.
  • Logo placeholder that can easily be replaced with your prospect's logo for an added personal touch.
  • Several text placeholders that can be tweaked to perfection with the help of our AI assistant to truly drive your message home.

Real estate case study

  • Plenty of image placeholders that can be easily edited in a couple of clicks to let you show photos of your most important listings.
  • Data visualization components can be used to present real estate comps or the value of your listings for a specific time period.
  • Interactive slides guide your readers through a captivating storyline, which is key in a highly-visual industry like real estate .

Medical case study

  • Image and video placeholders are perfect for presenting your solution without relying on complex medical terminology.
  • The ability to hide text under an accordion allows you to include research or clinical trial findings without overwhelming prospects with too much information.
  • Clean interactive design stands out in a sea of old-school medical case studies, making your deck more memorable for prospective clients.

Dark mode case study

  • The timeline slide is ideal for guiding readers through an attention-grabbing storyline or explaining complex processes.
  • Dynamic layout with multiple image and video placeholders that can be replaced in a few clicks to best reflect the nature of your business.
  • Testimonial slides that can easily be customized with quotes by your past customers to legitimize your solution in the eyes of prospects.

Grab a case study presentation template

Creating an effective case study presentation is not just about gathering data and organizing it in a document. You need to weave a narrative, create an impact, and most importantly, engage your reader.

So, why start from zero when interactive case study templates can take you halfway up?

Instead of wrestling with words and designs, pick a template that best suits your needs, and watch your data transform into an engaging and inspiring story.

presentation template case study

Hi, I'm Dominika, Content Specialist at Storydoc. As a creative professional with experience in fashion, I'm here to show you how to amplify your brand message through the power of storytelling and eye-catching visuals.

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UX Case study template

UX Case Study Template made to help UX Designers create and organize their case study without any struggle.

case study presentation image

Case study presentation template

Case study presentation to frame key insights and outcomes.

99 free illustrations

Long form research case study template with customizable styles.

design presentation deck

Design presentation deck

Modern design deck template with multiple sections.

Visual portfolio template

Visual portfolio template

Modern visual portfolio template with 12 column grid and light and dark themes.

Behance Presentation Template

Behance Presentation Template

Case study template with multiple components, visual styles and frame sizes.

Case study template

Case study template

Case study template with pastel style coloring.

Holistic Case Study Template

Holistic Case Study Template

Case study presentation template complete with project overview, wireframes and key journey insights.

snap illustrations image

Case study presentation layout for interview

Case study template with multiple app UI screens.

Portfolio UI - Web & Mobile

Portfolio UI - Web & Mobile

A portfolio UI for designers and developers which has 4 unique pages includes blog, case study.

apple device mockups

Apple device mockups

Complete Apple device mockup screens for iPhone, Mac, iPad and Apple Watch.

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20+ Best Free Business Case Study PowerPoint PPT Templates Downloads

Daniel Strongin

Are you struggling to present your business case studies in a PowerPoint presentation? Are you having a hard time creating a professional design that catches your audience's attention?

Case study PowerPoint template

Detail your case study in great detail with premium case study PowerPoint templates. A case study template for PPT will help you quickly create a case study presentation. 

We'll share case study PowerPoint template free designs. You'll also see top-selling case study templates for PPT available on Envato Elements.

Grab a case study template today and take your presentations to the next level!

5 Best-Selling Premium Case Study Templates PPT on Envato Elements (For 2023)

There are tons of amazing-looking case PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements. When you turn to a business case template PPT, you’ll enjoy pro styling and designs. It’s your best bet in 2023!

To help you get started, we’ve showcased five of the top PPT of case study designs on Elements:

1. Case Study PowerPoint Presentation

cs powerpoint

This is one creative case study PowerPoint. It's got a beautiful overlay of elements on all the slides and even has infographic slides. There are also tons of icons that you can choose from to add to any one of the slides. 

Here are the main features for this case study template for PPT:

  • 5 color variations
  • 125+ total slides
  • free fonts used
  • animations and transitions implemented

2. Business Case Study Slides PowerPoint Template

Case Study Powerpoint Template

This is a minimalist and modern-looking case study PPT template. It's got a red color scheme with many drag-and-drop image placeholders. The font used in this theme looks incredible and will translate well for your case studies. If you need a fully editable and simple template, this one's for you.

Top PPT of case study designs like this are loaded with features. Here's what you can expect from this case study template for PPT:

  • 26 premade slides
  • fully editable
  • resizable and editable graphics
  • 16:9 aspect ratio

3. Case Study Google Slides

case study

This is one stunning-looking case study PowerPoint template. It features a blue color scheme and a modern design. There are many abstract shapes on various slides that give the template a more modern look and feel. There are even slides that contain charts and graphs. 

Here are the main features for this PPT of case study design:

  • 20 unique slides
  • free fonts & Icon fonts

 4. Business Strategy Presentation Template

Business strategy case study template PPT

Here's a stunning case study template PPT with your project needs in mind. This one focuses on a strategic case study for your business. It's built to share imagery, charts, and graphics that give audiences the key details they need. 

With this business case template PPT, you’ll enjoy:

  • 26 animated slides with custom layouts
  • easy-to-use image placeholders for your favorite photos
  • resizable illustrations and graphics
  • free fonts used throughout 

5. Brand Proposal Presentation Template

Brand proposal case study PowerPoint

Your brand can benefit from case studies to demonstrate its impact to an audience. This template is purpose-built, with 20 brand-focused slides inside. A case study PowerPoint template like this is targeted towards creative industries to share how they market to the world. 

Launch the business case template PPT and you’ll get these key features:

  • widescreen 16:9 slides
  • overview, intro, and timeline designs to share milestones
  • ample room for portfolio images
  • elegant, modern colors
  • fully editable data infographics on many slides 

20 Top Free Business Case Study PowerPoint PPT Templates to Download (2023)

Are you trying to find a business case study template for PPT free? While free templates might seem like a good deal, they often don't have the same flexibility as professionally designed case study PPT designs.

There's another choice for PPT of case study options. Here's the deal:

Every month Envato Elements offers 12 different hand-selected files, (fonts, presentations, videos, and more). Create a free account to download this month's free premium files now.

This month's free files.

Are you still looking for a low-budget case study template for PPT? Here are the best business case study PowerPoint templates free downloads we could find:

1. Free Company Meeting PowerPoint Template

Free Company Meeting PowerPoint Template has an image of a businessman checking time and meeting schedule and arrangements for trade deals. This business case study template PPT for free is 892 Kb has a 4:3 aspect ratio.


2. National Business PowerPoint Templates

National Business PowerPoint template is a free case study template for PPT with a world image and a zoom design focusing on Europe. The file size is 1.6 MB.

3. Free Development PowerPoint Template

Free Development PowerPoint Template is a business case study PowerPoint template free download with a tag cloud illustration and gears in the background of the slide. The file size is 724 Kb.

4. Cooperation Process PowerPoint Templates

This free case study template for PPT has a handshaking image. The presentation contains twenty-five slides.

cooperation process powerpoint

5.  Free Go-To-Market Strategy PowerPoint Template

This business case study template PPT for free has a blue background with a few colorful abstract shapes. There's an image of many hands coming together to show teamwork on the cover. 

6. Formal Slides PowerPoint Templates

This free case study template for PPT has green shaded geometric shapes. There are twenty-one slides in this business case template PowerPoint.

7. Free Plan PowerPoint Business Template

This is a very basic free case study PPT. It's got a gray background with a pencil and blueprint graphic on the bottom left corner. 

Free Plan Powerpoint Business Template

8. Analysis Consultant PowerPoint Templates

This case study presentation template for free has three master slides. The page size is 1024px x 768px and is 451 Kb download size.

9. Free Consultation PowerPoint Template

This template has business men and women graphics in the background. The template has a wood graphic background.

10. Business Work PowerPoint Templates

 This case study presentation template for free has a world globe image with an arrow shape to show a business background. Included are three master slides.

Business Work Powerpoint Templates

11. Free Corporate Presentation with Curves PowerPoint Template

This is a very basic presentation template. It's got abstract curve graphics in the background. The template was downloaded 178k times. 

12. Dark Blue Stripes

Included are twenty-five different slides in this template. The template is fully editable. 

13. Free Conference Room PowerPoint Template

The template features a conference room image on the main slide. The download size is 443Kb.

Free Conference Room PowerPoint Template

14. Upward Arrows

Included are thirty-five slides in this business case study template PPT for free. The business case template PowerPoint slides feature a pattern of upward arrows and green tones.

15. Free Consensus PowerPoint Template

This template is a very basic PowerPoint. It's got a 3D cube in the background. 

16. Geometric Corporate

This is a corporate style free case study template for PPT. This template features twenty-five different slides.

Geometric Corporate

17. Industry 4.0 Revolution PowerPoint Templates

There are drag-and-drop image placeholders in this case study PowerPoint template (free.) The aspect ratio of the slides is 16:9. 

18. Double Exposure Business PowerPoint Templates

This  free case study template PPT contains vector graphics that are fully resizable. There are one hundred and thirty-five icons in this business case template PPT.

19. Premium Business

There are twenty-five slides in this free case study template PPT. All the slides are fully editable. 

Premium Business

20. City Buildings Business PowerPoint Template

This case study PowerPoint template free contains many charts. The aspect ratio of the slides is 16:9.

Still not sure how to make a great case study PowerPoint? We'll now go over a few tips that'll help you get the most out of your templates.

Best Case Study PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Explore the hundreds of high-quality case study PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements. For one low monthly fee, download as many case study PPTs as you want.  

Case Study PPT Templates

Envato elements

You can also download all the other resources available on Envato Elements such as:

  • presentation templates

All Elements design templates available come ready to use. They feature stylish designs and are fully customizable to help you make the best possible case study template in PPT.

Let's look at a few premium case study templates for PPT.

How to Make a Case Study PowerPoint Presentation Quickly

Sure, you can find a case study PowerPoint template free around the web. But to ensure a winning impression, you need to go premium. With a design from Envato Elements, you’ll enjoy unmatched styling. 

Premium templates shine because of their ease of use. In fact, you can customize them in just five quick steps! In no time, you’ll have your own business case template PPT ready to share with the world. Let’s learn how.

Ombar case study PowerPoint template

Want to follow along? Download the premium Ombar Creative Brief template from Envato Elements today.

1. Add Case Study PowerPoint Text

With a case study PowerPoint template open, it’s time to add custom text. Notice that on premium slides, you’ll see words already in place. These are placeholder text boxes, and they’re meant to save you a ton of time.

All you've got to do is remove the existing text and drop in your own words. 

Case study PowerPoint

To do this, click into a text box. Then, drag your cursor to select the contents. Finally, start typing. Your own words appear.

Simply repeat these easy steps across other slides to fill out your own case study in PPT for 2023. 

2. Customize Font Designs

When you’ve added text to your business case template PowerPoint, it’s time to style your font designs. It’s easy to forget that text is really a key part of your design aesthetic. But PPT makes it easy to adapt to your own tastes and project needs.

Business case template

Begin by selecting text on a slide. Then, find the Home tab on PowerPoint’s ribbon. In the Font group, you’ll see an array of options.

For example, you can click on the drop-down menus to change the font size and style. Then, using the buttons, add cool font effects like italics, highlights, and more. 

3. Edit Shape Colors

A premium case study PowerPoint template like this includes a beautiful color palette. It’s an elegant design that fits any project well. But you don’t have to use it!

Thanks to premium templates and PPT features, you can easily edit shape colors to meet your needs.

Case study template PPT

To edit shape colors, begin by clicking on a shape or object to select it. You’ll see a tab appear on the ribbon: Shape Format . Click there, then choose Shape Fill.

From the color chooser, select a new shade to apply. Click on its thumbnail and watch the shape you've selected transform. It’s a powerful, fast way to bring your own sense of style to your favorite case study template PPT. 

4. Insert Photos and Images

No case study template PPT is complete without plenty of images. Photos let you show off the results your projects have achieved. And they add context to your goals and future plans. They’re an essential part of every top case study presentation in 2023 and beyond. 

Business case template PPT

Find a slide like #2 in the Ombar template deck. In the upper left, you’ll see an image placeholder. To add a photo, browse to a stored image file on your computer. Click on it, then drag and drop it onto the placeholder in PPT. 

PowerPoint instantly imports the photo, sized and scaled to be a perfect fit. It’s amazingly easy, and you can repeat on other slides as needed. 

5. Save Slides for Sharing

When you’ve finished editing your business case template PPT, it’s time to share it with the world. The goal here is to make your presentation accessible for your audience. You've got two options:

  • saving your slides in PowerPoint format
  • saving your slides as a PDF file.

Let’s look at both.

Begin by clicking File > Save As . Choose Browse , then give your file a name. Now, you can choose your format by clicking on the Save As Type drop-down. When you save a PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx) file, you’ll be saving and sharing a fully featured copy of your presentation.

PPT of case study

You can also choose PDF from the dropdown. This keeps a static copy of your slides. But they’ll be more widely shareable, since a PDF file is viewable on almost any device. Consider your audience and project needs as you decide! 

Finally, click Save . In just five easy steps, you’ve learned how to customize a business case template PPT from scratch. Get started now!  

5 Quick Tips To Make Great Business Case Study Presentations in 2023

In this next section, we'll go over five tips to help you create your business case study presentation:

1. Give Background Information

Before you go into your case study, it's important to detail the current situation. Not all of your audience will understand the context of your case study, so you need to outline it first.

2. Include Charts & Graphs

Elements Charts and Graphs

The statistics that you provide for your case study are one of the most important parts of the presentation. Charts and graphs help you visually display your researched facts. Be sure to include these throughout the business case template PPT.

3. Evaluate From All Angles

A case study PowerPoint template isn't just about detailing your point of view. Detail other points of view and compare it with yours. This shows the audience that you've taken into consideration other points of view.

presentation template case study

4. Collect Testimonials

Testimonials in your case study provide extra social proof and credibility to all the claims that you're making. Include these testimonials on their own slides in your case study template PPT.

5. Focus on the Story

Creating an engaging story from your case study helps your presentation. It'll give the audience more of an emotional connection to the case study. Be sure to use images in your presentation to help tell your case studies story. 

presentation template case study

So far, we've covered many premium and free case study PowerPoint templates that you can download. If these templates don't fit your presentation, then check out the next section.  

Discover More Top Premium PowerPoint PPT Template Designs

Looking for even more case study PowerPoint templates? Check out the articles below to get access to even more best-selling PowerPoint templates. 

presentation template case study

Still now sure how to get the most out of a case study PowerPoint template? Check out the resources in the next section. They show you how to leverage business case template PPT's.

Learn More About Making Great PowerPoint Presentations in 2023

Microsoft PowerPoint is a fully featured software. To help you get the most out of PowerPoint, be sure to take a look at the articles below. 

presentation template case study

Get Your Case Study PowerPoint Template Today!

Making great case study PowerPoints couldn't be easier. If you start with a high-quality case study PowerPoint template, you're sure to get amazing results. 

If you need a regular supply of case study PowerPoint templates  and other design assets, then sign up for Envato Elements. It’s the best creative value in 2023. And it’s the top source for premium case study PowerPoint template designs.

What are you waiting for? Download your case study PowerPoint template now! Use your case study template PPT to tell a story that needs to be shared.

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Andrew Childress . Andrew  is a freelance instructor for Envato Tuts+.

Daniel Strongin


10-Step Guide To Crafting A Successful Case Study Presentation

  • By Judhajit Sen
  • May 2, 2024

Key Takeaways

  • An effective case study is a blueprint for convincing an audience and explaining a solution’s rationale and potential impact.   
  • The ideal time for a business case study is when you have to make your presentation to persuade clients, solve internal problems, back up arguments with real examples, or discuss an idea’s viability for a firm.   
  • Case study template presentations aren’t just about presenting solutions; they’re powerful storytelling tools that engage audiences with real-world examples and provoke critical thinking.
  • Key elements of an effective case study presentation template include an executive summary, problem statement, solution, execution details, key results, inclusion of quotes and testimonials, acknowledgment of contributors, call to action, conclusion, and Q&A session.

A case study is like your argument’s blueprint, explaining the why, how, where, and who to persuade your audience. It’s your solution to a clear question, like expanding in a market or launching a product. Case studies help convince clients, analyze internal issues, and provide real-life use cases.

So, when should you make your case study like a pro? When you need to:

– Persuade clients about your services.

– Solve internal problems for a company.

– Back up arguments with real examples.

– Discuss an idea’s viability for a firm.

It’s not just about finding a solution—it’s about influencing your audience with your findings. Case study formats organize a lot of information in a clear, engaging way for clients and stakeholders, often using templates.

In simpler terms, a professional case study is an in-depth look at a specific topic, often tackling real-world problems. It showcases your expertise and how your solutions can solve actual issues.

In social sciences, it’s both a method and a research design to examine problems and generalize findings. Essentially, it’s investigative research aimed at presenting solutions to analyzed issues.

In business, case study examples delve into market conditions, main problems, methods used, and outcomes gained. It’s a powerful tool for understanding and addressing complex business challenges.

Case Study Presentation

Good case study PowerPoint templates explore a specific subject, whether it’s an individual, group, event, or organization. It’s like solving a puzzle with your audience, pushing you to think creatively.

Unlike a standard report, the goal here is to stimulate critical thinking. You’re not just throwing numbers around; you’re using real-life examples to provoke thought and offer different perspectives.

In marketing, case studies showcase your solutions’ effectiveness and success in solving client problems. These research presentations use written content, visuals, and other tools to tell compelling stories. They’re perfect for sales pitches, trade shows, conferences, and more—whether in-person or virtual.

But the best case study presentation slides aren’t just reports; they’re powerful and persuasive storytelling tools. Whether you’re a marketer or salesperson, knowing how to present a case study can be a game-changer for your business. It’s all about engaging your audience and sharing insights in a clear and compelling way.

Looking to make a compelling presentation? Check out our blog on persuasive presentations.

Importance of a Case Study Presentation

Importance of a Case Study Presentation

To write a compelling case study presentation is more than just sharing information—it’s about convincing your audience that your product or service is the solution they need. Case study presentations help in – 

Generating leads and driving sales: Case studies showcase your product’s success, turning potential customers into paying clients.

Building credibility and social proof: They establish your authority and value through real-life examples, earning trust from clients and prospects.

Educating and informing your target audience: Case studies teach potential clients about your product’s benefits, positioning you as an industry leader.

Increasing brand awareness: Case studies promote your brand, boost your visibility, and attract new customers.

Stats back up the power of case studies: 

– 13% of marketers rely on them in their content strategy.

– They help boost conversions by 23% and nurture leads by 9%.

– 80% of tech content marketers include case studies in their strategy.

But case studies aren’t just marketing fluff; they’re about solving problems and showcasing accurate results. They’re valuable in various scenarios, from business cases to analyzing internal issues.

To create a compelling case study presentation effectively is your chance to offer a comprehensive, evidence-based argument that informs and persuades your audience. It’s like solving a puzzle, exploring every piece until you reach a clear conclusion. It’s about connecting data with real-world scenarios in a compelling narrative.

Whether in sales pitches, job interviews, or content marketing, case study presentation examples are your secret weapon for success. They provide tangible proof of your product’s value, helping you stand out in a cluttered marketplace.

Following are ten essential steps to crafting a successful case study presentation.

Begin With The Executive Summary

Leaders often seek a quick snapshot of important information, and that’s where the executive summary plays a vital role. Begin with a short introduction, laying out the purpose and goals of the case study in a straightforward manner. Capture your audience’s attention and provide a clear path for what follows.

Follow the introduction with a brief of the entire case study, allowing the audience to grasp the main points swiftly. Delve into the subject’s relevance and significance, explaining why the case study is essential and who benefits from its insights. This establishes the tone for the rest of the study, encouraging the audience to explore further.

Check out our expert tips and techniques to master creating an executive summary for presentations.

Define the Problem Statement

Steps For Crafting A Successful Case Study Presentation

Focus on the problem or challenge central to the case study. Provide background for the audience to grasp the issue, backing it up with data, graph or metrics to highlight its seriousness.

Need help visualizing your data? Check out our guide on mastering data visualizations.

Outline the goals and purpose of the case study and the questions it seeks to answer. This entails outlining the main issues from the customer’s viewpoint, making it understandable to the audience.

Start with a brief recap of the problem, clarifying the purpose of the study and the expected audience learnings. Explain the situation, shedding light on the hurdles faced. Present the key issues and findings without delving into specific details.

Highlight the importance of the problem using data and evidence to emphasize its real-world impact. Encapsulate the analysis’s purpose, aligning the issues identified with the study’s objectives.

Propose The Solution

At the heart of a presentation lies its solution. Reveal the steps taken to address the identified problem, including the methodology, experiments, or tests carried out and the considerations of various options. Clarify why the final solution was chosen over others.

Illustrates the shift from the problem-filled “before” to the successful “after.” 

Detail the proposed solution, recommendations, or action plan based on analyses. This includes explaining its reasoning and outlining implementation steps, timelines, and potential challenges.

Describe the analytical methods and approach used, demonstrating the thoroughness of the analysis, including research processes, data collection tools, and frameworks employed.

Present the essential findings and insights, utilizing data, charts, and visuals to enhance comprehension and engagement. Thoroughly discuss the analyses and the implications of the findings.

Show How the Solution was Executed

The execution slide of a case study presentation describes careful planning, consideration of risks, and measurement of metrics crucial for implementing the solution. 

Delve into the steps taken to attain desired client results, including identifying project key performance indicators (KPIs), addressing issues, and implementing risk mitigation strategies.

Detail the journey towards helping the client achieve results. Outline the planning, processes, risks, metrics, and KPIs essential for maximizing outcomes. This includes discussing any challenges encountered during execution and the strategies to overcome them, ensuring a seamless implementation process. 

Highlight the practical steps taken to turn the proposed solution into tangible results for the client.

Present the Key Results

Cover the outcomes achieved through the implementation of the solution. Leverage data and metrics to evaluate whether the solution successfully met its objectives and the extent of its impact on stakeholders. Acknowledge any setbacks or areas for improvement.

Outline the solution’s positive impact on the client’s project or business, highlighting aspects such as financial results, growth, and productivity enhancements. Reinforce these assertions with supporting evidence, including images, videos, and statistical data.

Emphasize the remarkable outcomes resulting from the solution, substantiating tangible success with relevant data and metrics. Illustrate the effectiveness of your recommendations through before-and-after comparisons and success metrics, highlighting their real-world impact.

This solidifies the rationale behind your proposal, showcasing its substantial impact on the business or project, particularly in terms of financial benefits for clients.

Include Quotes and Testimonials

Incorporate quotes and testimonials directly from customers who have experienced the transformation firsthand, adding authenticity and credibility to your case study. These voices of customers (VoC) provide firsthand accounts of the benefits and effectiveness of your solution, offering extra social proof to support your claims.

To gather compelling testimonials, plan and schedule interviews with your subjects. Design case study interview questions that allow you to obtain quantifiable results to capture valuable insights into the customer experience and the impact of your solution.

Include testimonials from satisfied customers to bolster the credibility of your case study and provide potential clients with real-life examples of success. These quotes serve as powerful endorsements of your offerings, helping to build trust and confidence among your target audience.

Acknowledge your Contributors with References and Citations

Case Study Presentation

Express gratitude to those who played a vital role in shaping your case study’s outcomes. Extend heartfelt thanks to individuals whose insights and collaboration were essential in problem-solving.

Acknowledges the valuable contributions of external resources, reports, and data sets. Citing these sources maintains transparency and credibility, ensuring due credit is given and providing a solid foundation for further investigation.

Incorporate a comprehensive list of references, citations, and supplementary materials in the appendices supporting the case study’s findings and conclusions. These additional resources demonstrate the thoroughness of the research and offer interested parties the opportunity to delve deeper into the topic.

Thank those who contributed, and encourage the audience to explore the provided references to better understand the insights presented in the case study.

Give a Call to Action (CTA)

As the well-crafted case study presentation slides near their end, it’s crucial to outline actionable steps for stakeholders going forward. Recommend the following strategies to the audience to build upon the success achieved.

Ask stakeholders to integrate the proven solutions highlighted in the case study into existing processes or projects. These strategies have shown effectiveness and can be valuable tools in driving further success.

Encourage audience members to participate in a detailed consultation or product demonstration. Leveraging expertise and solutions can expedite goal achievement and overcome any remaining challenges.

Recommend further research and analysis to explore additional opportunities for improvement or innovation. Continuous learning and adaptation are essential in today’s dynamic business environment, with support available every step of the way.

Proactive steps based on insights from the case study will position organizations for continued growth and success. Urge the stakeholders to take action and seize the opportunities ahead.

Check out our blog on framing an effective call to action to learn more about crafting presentation CTAs. 

Conclude your Case Study Presentation

Conclude the presentation by recapping the main points and highlighting their importance. Show that the solution presented effectively tackled the identified problem, delivering concrete results and benefits for the clients.

Summarize the key takeaways, underscoring how the findings can be applied in similar situations and showcasing the solution’s relevance across various contexts. This demonstrates not only its effectiveness but also its potential to yield positive outcomes in diverse scenarios.

Reiterate the power of strategic problem-solving and innovative solutions in driving success, and end by thanking the audience for their attention and participation.

To know more about concluding a presentation, check out our blog on helpful tips to end a presentation successfully.

Open the Floor for Q&A, Feedback and Discussion

Feedback and Discussion in Case Study Presentation

After your presentation ends, conduct a Q&A session. Encourage the audience to share their thoughts, ask questions for clarification, and engage in a constructive dialogue about the case study presented.

Feedback is valuable, so ask everyone to share their perspectives and insights. Also, encourage questions or comments, as they can provide further depth to the understanding of the subject matter.

This is an opportunity for mutual learning and exploring different viewpoints. Urge everyone to speak up and contribute to the conversation. The aim is to listen and exchange ideas to enrich the understanding of the topic.

Unlocking Success: Mastering the Art of Case Study Presentations

Case study presentations are not just reports; they’re dynamic storytelling tools that help sway clients, dissect internal issues, and provide real-world illustrations. 

These presentations aren’t just about offering solutions; they’re about influencing audiences with findings. Organizing vast amounts of data in an engaging way, often using templates and case studies, provides a clear path for clients and stakeholders.

Case study presentations delve deep into subjects, pushing presenters to think creatively. Unlike standard reports, they aim to provoke thought and offer varied perspectives. They’re powerful tools for showcasing success in solving client problems and using written content, visuals, and other elements to tell compelling stories.

Mastering case study presentations can be a game-changer, whether you’re a marketer, salesperson, or educator. It’s about engaging your audience and clearly and persuasively sharing insights into success stories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When should I consider doing a case study?

Case studies are beneficial when you need to persuade clients about your services, solve internal problems for a company, back up arguments with real examples, or discuss the viability of an idea for a firm.

2. What is the primary purpose of a case study presentation?

The primary goal of a case study presentation is to offer a comprehensive and evidence-based argument that informs and persuades the audience. It’s about presenting solutions to analyzed issues in a compelling narrative format.

3. What makes a case study presentation different from a standard report?

Unlike a standard report, a case study presentation aims to stimulate critical thinking by using real-life examples to provoke thought and offer different perspectives. It’s not just about presenting data; it’s about engaging the audience with compelling stories.

4. Where can case study presentations be effectively used?

Case study presentations are perfect for sales pitches, trade shows, conferences, and more—whether in-person or virtual. They are valuable storytelling tools that showcase the effectiveness of solutions and success in solving client problems.

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12 elements of a killer branding presentation, a comprehensive guide to crafting a 30 60 90 day sales plan.

Case Study Presentation Template

Case studies address consumer challenges and highlight the solutions your service or product can deliver. This kind of presentation helps instill confidence in your brand and convert prospective clients. Include your company background, past customers, a product demonstration or video, and outline how you can provide each client with positive results. A quality case study presentation illustrates real-world success using data. Our case study template will help you keep your clients engaged while you show them potential business solutions in a polished and professional presentation. Communicate your product’s worth, acquire more clients, and increase retention using our case study presentation.

Our case study presentation template can be used as an effective way to:

  • Showcase your success stories
  • Convert prospective clients
  • Up-sell current clients

Use this template to create a professionally designed and memorable case study

A case study requires relevant data and should be designed to inspire confidence and action. Organize your case study presentation and make it memorable by delivering information visually with any combination of our various slides:

Title Slide

Helpful hints for creating effective case studies that convert

A thoughtful presentation can set your brand above the rest. Consider these tips when organizing your case study.

Add visual interest to your presentation by including charts, graphs, and photos. This will help break up your data and make your presentation memorable.

Content heavy presentations work well with simple clean slides that don’t overwhelm your audience. Feel confident leaving blank space on each slide.

Teammates and clients alike will stay engaged if you use your data to drive a story. Use compelling information to demonstrate your value with numbers and testimonials that manifest client success.

The data you showcase should drive action. What outcome are you aiming for by giving this presentation? Who is your audience? Keep your viewers in mind and make sure your presentation is leading them towards your desired outcome.

More Popular Templates

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Influencer Media Kit Template

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Agency Pitch Presentation Template

Agency Pitch Presentation Template’s agency pitch presentation template showcases your team and what you do. Pitch your agency with an ai presentation template that matches your creativity and brand.

Press Kit Presentation Template

Press Kit Presentation Template’s press kit template helps you compile your company information that a media contact may request if they were to cover you in their publication or news outlet.

Discord Rebrand Presentation Template

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All Hands Meeting Template

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Business Proposal Presentation Template

Business Proposal Presentation Template

A persuasive business proposal starts with a presentation template. Pitch investors and secure projects with this smart business proposal presentation that adapts to your brand.

Home PowerPoint Templates Case Study

Case Study PowerPoint Templates and Slide Designs for Presentations

Our 100% editable case study presentation templates and slides can help to individuals to prepare great case study presentations. In this section, you can find a collection of Case Study PowerPoint templates and Google Slides templates. From standard slides to creative case study layouts and slide decks, these template presentations are perfect for any company looking to add that extra touch.

Court Case Slide Template

Court Case PowerPoint Template

Simple Legal Slides Presentation Template

Simple Legal Slides PowerPoint Template

Research Paper PPT Slide Template

Research Paper Presentation Template

PPT Template for Scientific Method Diagram Presentation

Scientific Method Diagram PowerPoint Template

Editable STAR Diagram for PowerPoint

STAR Model PowerPoint Template

Editable Introduction Slide for Product Sale Pitch

Product Sale Pitch PowerPoint Template

Template of Detective Research Illustration

Detective Research PowerPoint Template

Cover Slide of Success Stroy Presentation

Success Story PowerPoint Template

Medical Science Graphics Template

Medical Infographics PowerPoint Templates

Gradient Background Infographic Slide

Medical Case Study PowerPoint Template

Clinical Trial PowerPoint Template Overview

Animated Clinical Study PowerPoint Templates

Master in Business Case Study Slide Design

Business Case Study PowerPoint Template

A case study typically involves an in-depth and detailed examination of a specific case or group of cases, within a real-world context. Case studies are very common in medicine, business, politics and education.

For example, in medicine, a case study may focus on an individual patient case. In business, case studies are used to cover a particular firm’s strategy or to present a specific analysis on a business case.

In Politics, case studies can range from a specific one-time event happening over time to the in-depth analysis of decisive moments in history.

When to create a Case Study Template?

When you need in-depth information and understanding of a specific subject, you create a Case Study Template. They are also helpful in describing, comparing, evaluating, and comprehending various aspects of a research problem. They keep your project focused and manageable when you don’t have the time or resources to conduct extensive research.

What do you write in a Case Study Presentation?

A well-planned presentation can help your brand stand out from the crowd. Consider these suggestions as you plan your case study. Add visual interest to your presentation, including charts, graphs, and photos. Use white space to break up your data to make your presentation more memorable. It must also include a workable plan and relevant data. Examine our creative and professional-looking Medical Case Study PowerPoint Template and other templates with appealing layouts and backgrounds.

How to effectively present a Case Study Template?

Create a compelling case study to highlight the essentials, describe your vision clearly and concisely, and demonstrate the project’s value and benefit to the company or client. In addition, the style must be consistent.

Which are the advantages of using a Case Study Template?

The following are the benefits of using a case study template: It easily converts opinion into fact; it is accessible and inexpensive, it can be carried out remotely using a variety of research methodologies and data, and they are also useful when preparing for a Case Study Interview . You can use our Success Story PowerPoint Template to showcase your business success stories.

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10+ Successful Case Study Presentation Templates

Case studies are and will always be an integral part of the business world hence the need for winning case study templates. Whether it is to analyze internal problems and find solutions or convince a client of your capabilities; case study presentations are always involved in the process.

In the following sections, you will understand what goes into making an impactful case study presentation. Using this information, you will find it easy to convince your audience about your solutions, using a well-structured argument.

What Is A Case Study?

A case study is your concise and well-reasoned argument, that talks about the why, how, where, and who, that convinces the audience for your research. Think of it as a solution, to a well-defined question asked of you. Should the company expand in this market? Should we launch this product? What is the reason for our reduced sales? Why are you the best person for the client’s project offering? All these questions are backed by immaculate case study presentations.

This begs the question, when should one do a case study analysis? Some of the scenarios where case studies become necessary are –

1. Convincing clients of the benefits of your services and capabilities. 2. Analyzing and presenting solutions to internal issues for a company. 3. Offering real-life examples to back your arguments. 4. Systematic discussion on the viability of an idea, with respect to the effect on the firm (client or self).

The task here is not only to find a solution but also to influence the audience with your findings. Organizing a lot of information in a succinct and engaging manner for your clients and stakeholders is important. Hence, is a need for an excellent case study presentation template.

Features Of Effective Case Study Presentations

A good case study presentation should be:

1. Brief and highlight the essentials 2. Clear and concise 3. Describe your vision clearly 4. Demonstrate the value and benefit the project brings to the business or client 5. Consistent in style

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Key Elements Of A Winning Case Study Presentation

Before we jump into case study examples, let’s understand the effective structure of a good case study presentation template. A good case study design can be generally structured in the following sections:

This section provides a succinct and effective executive summary for corporate leaders to peruse through quickly.READ MORE: How to write an executive summary?

This section of your case analysis template details the purpose of your analysis. This puts together all the problems that you intend to answer through your case study.

The idea description section is the heart of your case study. It is where you detail your solution, explain the reasoning, and describe why your solution is the best one to follow.

Here is where the administration will be convinced that your idea is worth consideration. You need to explain to your audience that what you are proposing, has a considerable impact on their business or project. Or something like – how clients who used your solution, services, or products benefited financially.

In this final section of your case study slide, you discuss all the planning, considerations, risks, and metrics you will need to execute your solution. Or how you conducted the action steps for your clients to achieve the desired results. What were the Project KPIs , issues, and risks, for the managers and how did you mitigate them?

Tips For Excellent Case Study Presentation

Follow the tips below for a successful case study presentation:

1. The Key Points

It is important to highlight the key takeaway in your study, throughout your case study. While choosing or designing your PowerPoint template , you should make sure that each section has enough potential to show the key takeaway, which is your strongest argument, in prominence. Look at the case study presentation template below, and see how you cannot miss the key point without going into the entire report.

Detailed Case Study PowerPoint Template

2. Icons and Data

Nothing backs your arguments more than hard, quantifiable facts. In today’s terminology, we call these facts, data. Use relevant and key data points and present them in a structured manner in your case study PPT to convince the audience.

Further, use understandable PowerPoint icons to summarize and anchor data points, such that they draw direct attention of the viewer. Icons also provide easier readability to the case study template, as one can simply look for the icon to search for the required information.

Marketing Case Study PowerPoint Template

3. Designing Scientifically

Presentation designing is not only an art but also a part of science. There are well-studied visual design principles , that raise your chances of success.

  • Visual Hierarchy:  Use the  principles of visual hierarchy , and create a contrast between the important information, and the background matter, to draw attention to the right material on the page
  • Professional Colors:  Use  effective color schemes  that suit the environment and your pitch, to showcase your professionalism. It takes one wrong color, to create the impression of a sloppy firm. A good tip will be to use the monochromatic theme, which is a classic professional color scheme.
  • Engaging Visuals:  You can load your pages with a plethora of information, believing that it will convince your audience. But an overload of text and numbers just disinterests the viewer, weakening your case. Hence use engaging visuals, images, icons, graphs, charts, etc., that keep your viewer interested and convey the information without stressing too much of their grey matter .

Multiple Case Studies PowerPoint Template

4. Content is King

While I have mentioned a general structure for case study examples in the previous section, some points should be remembered to create engaging content.

  • Research Thoroughly:  It goes without saying that you should keep your research thorough and inclusive. Research the company, the client, the problem statement, the solution, and every single data you have mentioned in your solution. Also be prepared for things that you are not writing about, such as alternate solutions, market changes, legal hassles, and finer details of your proposals. Under-preparedness or false claims will definitely pull the rug from under you!
  • Language of the Professionals:  Instead of using passive language like that of a research paper, use active and action-based language. This language should be persuasive, and engaging. For example, instead of writing “customer numbers increased by 10% in the last year”, use “10% more customers choose our services over others, over the last year.” This simple shift makes it more convincing and exciting for the reader.
  • Be client-oriented:  Case studies are an effective marketing tool to convince your clients. So, while creating a case study PPT, keep your clients in your mind. Wear their shoes and ask, what is it that they are looking for, and how can you present it right in front of them!

Different Type Of Case Study Presentation Templates

Find below a multitude of attractive, and impactful case study PowerPoint templates that are ready to use, specifically for business professionals:

To highlight a long-term successful engagement with the client

Case Study Timeline PowerPoint Template

To showcase a successful product implementation with the client

Product Marketing Case Study PowerPoint Template

To showcase detailed client engagement

presentation template case study

To present a project’s success in a concise manner

presentation template case study

To showcase a detailed problem-solving approach

presentation template case study

BONUS: Trial Case Study Template

presentation template case study

Conducting a case study is a delicate yet enormous task, which needs to be performed carefully, and comprehensively. You need to be well aware of the problem you are solving, and bring out the best solution possible for it. A good case study helps you to support your argument, and convince your audience. Following the tips mentioned above, you can create a sharp, professional, and complete case study for your business, which will give impact and strengthen your argument.

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Free - Free Case Study PowerPoint Templates and Google Slides

Free - Free Case Study PowerPoint Templates and Google Slides

Free Case Study Presentation Slide

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20+ Best Case Study PowerPoint Templates for In-Depth Analysis

In today’s dynamic professional environment, presenting in-depth case studies becomes critical for businesses and individuals alike. This compilation features over 20 of the best PowerPoint templates specifically designed for presenting comprehensive and engaging case studies. Whether you aim to detail the analysis and strategies behind a business decision, or delve into a person’s journey, these assets can streamline your process and elevate your presentation.

Each template is carefully curated, equipped with slides that cater to an array of elements necessary for a persuasive case study – presenting research, displaying data, sharing interviews, and more. With these templates at your disposal, you can easily translate raw information into an insightful and visually appealing narrative.

Available in both free and paid options, these PowerPoint templates encompass a diverse set of designs and formats. Be it a start-up pitch or an academic research presentation, this post brings forward a wide variety of quality tools for crafting impactful case studies.

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Build Your PowerPoint Presentation

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Clean Business PPT

Agency Portfolio PPT

Agency Portfolio PPT

Analysiz Powerpoint

Analysiz Powerpoint

Ciri PPT Template

Ciri PPT Template

Bolo PPT Template

Bolo PPT Template

The X Note Template

The X Note Template

Blue case study powerpoint template.

Blue Case Study PowerPoint Template

The Blue Case Study PowerPoint Template offers a sleek and modern design, perfect for various presentations. Designed meticulously, this 18-slide multipurpose template allows users to easily edit graphics and texts. It’s user-friendly, simply drag and drop pictures into placeholders. The template, ideal for seminars, webinars, business presentations, arrives with a documentation file and free support. Recommended free web fonts included. Note, preview images aren’t included within download files.

Black & Yellow Study PowerPoint Template

Black & Yellow Study PowerPoint Template

The Black & Yellow Study PowerPoint Template is a sleek, easy-to-use resource perfect for presenting information in an engaging way. With 35 customizable slides, charts and graphs for data representation, and drop-and-drag image placeholders, it balances professional design with practical features. Ideal for students, workers, or any professional who needs to visually communicate information, this template enhances any presentation. Note: preview photos are not included.

Vibrant Case Study PPT Template

Vibrant Case Study PPT Template

Introducing the Vibrant Case Study PPT Template: a modern, versatile tool perfect for enhancing business presentations, project pitches and lookbook slides. Features include a 16:9 widescreen format, resizable and editable graphics, and a convenient drag & drop picture placeholder. The package comes with PowerPoint and XML files, as well as a helpful guidance file. Please note, images are not included.

Stylish Case Study PowerPoint Template

Stylish Case Study PowerPoint Template

The Stylish Case Study PowerPoint Template by Decentrace is a clean, contemporary, and professional-grade deck design perfect for various business endeavours. Whether it’s a case study proposal, a sales report, or a startup pitch, this template, boasting of 25 total slides, resizable graphics, and free fonts, is an excellent tool. It comes with a handy help file and allows for easy image placement. However, images shown are just previews and not included in the file.

Case Study PowerPoint Template

Case Study PowerPoint Template

The Case Study PowerPoint Template by RRGraph Design is an all-inclusive tool for enhancing your business presentations. With 30 unique slides, 90+ customizable XML files, and options for light and dark backgrounds, it transforms every stage of your business development into engaging visual stories. Handmade infographics give an authentic touch to your brand’s narrative. Please note, image stocks are not included.

Case Study Presentation Template

Case Study Presentation Template

The Case Study Presentation Template is a professional PowerPoint template designed to enhance the quality of your next presentation. It comes with a helpful ‘Read Me’ text file and includes 30 easily customizable slides in seven different color themes. Despite the absence of images, its organization into named groups and ability to change size, recolor, and more make it a highly versatile asset.

Buminas Case Study PowerPoint Template

Buminas Case Study PowerPoint Template

The Buminas Case Study PowerPoint Template is a clear, versatile tool that can be used for a wide range of business presentations including finance, marketing, management, and many more. Its features include 30 unique, easily editable slides, free web fonts, and widescreen ratio. Keep in mind, demo images are for preview purposes only and are not included in the files.

Fun Case Study Presentation Template

Fun Case Study Presentation Template

The Fun Case Study Presentation Template is a unique yet professional choice for those needing a clean, creative and straightforward template. It features more than 20 unique slides, theme color options, resizable graphics and drag and drop photo replacement. The full HD 16:9 ratio and the minimal design make your presentation visually appealing. Easy to customize in Microsoft PowerPoint to match your personal or company brand.

Purple Case Study PowerPoint Template

Purple Case Study PowerPoint Template

The Purple Case Study PowerPoint Template offers a professional style that is easy to fully customize according to your preferences. Offered in both a dark version and a light version, this template is editable in PowerPoint format files, allowing you to alter images, colours, and text. It also features unique font themes, a color scheme, image placeholders, and free font use. Please note, preview and image stocks are not included.

Case Study Finance PowerPoint Template

Case Study Finance PowerPoint Template

The Case Study Finance PowerPoint Template offers a sleek and professional look for various presentations. It’s great for financial reports, business meetings, project pitches, and other uses. With 30 unique slides, a light background, and all graphics being resizable and editable, this versatile tool makes it easy to customize your presentation. The package also includes XML files, an icon pack, and a help file. Note: Image stocks are not included.

Study Case PowerPoint Template

Study Case PowerPoint Template

The Study Case PowerPoint Template is a flexible and creative asset perfect for both corporate and personal presentations. Boasting a clean, elegant design with 60 total slides – split evenly between light and dark versions – all in a widescreen 16:9 ratio. This user-friendly template, including master slide layouts and a free font, can enhance your presentations, potentially attracting more customers. Note: Images used in preview not included.

Case Study PowerPoint Presentation

Case Study PowerPoint Presentation

The Case Study PowerPoint Presentation is a versatile and interactive creative template that is easily customizable. Crafted for a wide range of uses, from academic presentations to innovative team projects, you can personalize elements like text, images, and colors. Offering over 125 slides, 5 predefined color variations, animations, infographic icons, and an easy drag-and-drop picture replacement, it’s compatible with all versions of PowerPoint. Please note, original template images are not included.

Cestudy Case Study PowerPoint Template

Cestudy Case Study PowerPoint Template

The CeStudy Case Study PowerPoint Template is a resourceful tool designed to amplify your company’s presentations. It comes with 26 distinctive slides, features such as resizable and editable graphics, easy-to-edit colors, and a wide screen ratio. Supported by free, prompt customer service, this template also provides provisions for drag and drop images, enhancing the beauty and creativity of your content.

Acropolis Case Study PowerPoint Template

Acropolis Case Study PowerPoint Template

The Acropolis Case Study PowerPoint Template, provided by RRGraph Design, is an extensive asset for your presentations. With 45 unique slides, over 90 custom theme colors, and options for light or dark backgrounds, this template is fully customizable. It also includes handmade infographics to enhance your storytelling. Designed to accompany your business development stages, it’s a great tool for project presentations and brand recognition.

Casevoke Case Study PowerPoint Template

Casevoke Case Study PowerPoint Template

The Casevoke Case Study PowerPoint Template is a versatile presentation resource suitable for various purposes, including case studies, research, reports, and proposals. It offers 30 easily-editable master slides with 16:9 widescreen ratio, customizable graphics, a placeholder for pictures, and an included data chart. The usage of recommended free web fonts ensures an aesthetically appealing presentation. Please note, images in the demo are for preview purposes only.

Busca Business Case Study PowerPoint

Busca Business Case Study PowerPoint

The Busca Business Case Study PowerPoint is a universally adaptable presentation template, perfect for a spectrum of uses – from creative agencies and corporate business profiles to personal portfolios and start-ups. This asset, featuring 30 easily editable slides available in three color options, boasts a 16:9 wide screen ratio and a simple drag-and-drop mechanism. Please note, demo images are for preview only and not included in the file.

Bresky Case Study PowerPoint Template

Bresky Case Study PowerPoint Template

The Bresky Case Study PowerPoint Template offers a sleek and unique design for a variety of presentation needs. With 25 slides that have been carefully created for aesthetic appeal and usability, it’s a versatile choice for any business, portfolio or branding project. Easy to use and customizable, it focuses on strong typography and incorporates unique mockup devices and portfolio slides, providing a professional and modern feel to any presentation.

Minimal Case Study PowerPoint Template

Minimal Case Study PowerPoint Template

The Minimal Case Study PowerPoint Template is a versatile and user-friendly tool. Ideal for creative agencies, startups, corporations and more, it features 15 customizable slides and easy-to-edit elements. It has an intuitive drag-and-drop image feature, and the text, photos, shapes and colors are all easily adjustable. The template comes in a 16:9 ratio and uses free fonts. Note, images aren’t included.

Case Study and Education PowerPoint Template

Case Study and Education PowerPoint Template

The Case Study and Education PowerPoint Template offers a professional, ultra-modern design for educational and academic presentations. With 20 resizable and editable slides, this versatile template can be used for any topic, from school research projects to management seminars. With user-friendly features like drag-and-drop picture placeholders, free web fonts, and wide screen ratio, creating an engaging presentation becomes effortless.

Case Study PowerPoint Template

Case Study Powerpoint Template is a sleek and professional presentation asset well-suited for those aiming for a clean, creative, and unique style. It features over 20 unique slides, a customizable color palette to match your brand, and is fully editable with easy-to-use drag and drop functions. With its high quality, resizable vector elements and free fonts, it’s an accessible tool to elevate your presentations.

Case Study Business PowerPoint Template

Case Study Business PowerPoint Template

The Case Study Business PowerPoint Template is a sleek, minimalist style presentation tool ideal for various needs such as business proposals, lookbooks, and project pitches. With 30 unique slides, light and dark backgrounds, resizable graphics, and a drag & drop image feature, it offers versatility and ease of use. The package includes PowerPoint files, color schemes, a help file, and an icon pack, although images must be supplied separately.

Case Study Presentation Template

The Case Study Presentation Template is a unique, clean, and professional PowerPoint tool perfect for creating captivating presentations. With over 20 unique, easy-to-edit slides, a full HD 16:9 ratio, and a master slide layout allowing easy photo replacement, this asset is a time-saver. The minimalistic and creative design makes for engaging presentations that align with your brand’s aesthetics.

Scilast Study Case Lab Template PowerPoint

Scilast Study Case Lab Template PowerPoint

The Scilast Study Case Lab Template PowerPoint is a versatile and artistically designed presentation tool. Perfect for both corporate and individual presentations, it boasts of a total of 60 slides, with an equal mix of light and dark themes to suit your style. It’s easily customizable with a widescreen ratio of 16:9 and includes master slide layouts. Please note, images used in previews are not included.

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10 Case Study Examples to Inspire Your Marketing Efforts

Sudarshan Somanathan

Head of Content

June 20, 2024

When your prospects are nearing a decision in their buyer’s journey, a strong case study can sway them your way. After all, everyone, even corporate decision-makers, loves a good story.

That’s why having satisfied customers showcase your strengths is more impactful than any self-promotion. It boosts credibility and earns you valuable recognition when potential customers come across these case studies.

No matter what you offer, case studies work because they build trust. They showcase real-life success stories , their detailed analysis proving your expertise and the quality of your products or services. 

That’s why they’re crucial for organizational growth.

Intrigued? Read on to explore the different types of case studies, their practical applications, and some marketing case study examples. 

By the end of this blog post, you will also have learned how to write a case study using a case study template. ✍️

Understanding Case Studies 

1. illustrative case studies, 2. exploratory case studies, 3. descriptive case studies, 4. cumulative case studies, 5. critical instance case studies, 6. instrumental case studies, 1. lucanet and hubspot, 2. cartoon network and clickup , 3. callingly and zapier , 4. philips and github , 5. google ads and samsung, 6. movingwaldo and mailchimp, 7. shutterstock and workday, 8. pidilite and salesforce , 9. sentinelone and storylane , 10. benchling and airtable , stage 1: research and preparation, stage 2: producing the case study, use the clickup case study template.

Avatar of person using AI

A case study is a detailed study of how your product or service has helped past customers. 

It acts as a track record of your company’s association with past customers and an insight into how they benefitted from your product offerings.

You can think of case studies as story-telling based on real-world data and results. 

Potential customers trust them because of their attention to detail in describing exactly how you delivered results for past customers. And if the past customer is someone they know or identify with, acquiring their trust is far easier.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 73% of marketers use case studies , as they are proven tactics to drive sales. 

These studies are tailored to various industries, from business and marketing to psychology, technology, and healthcare. 

Creating compelling business case studies requires precision and clarity, like drafting a professional document. That’s where creative brief templates come in handy. They provide a structured framework to outline key details and create case study examples that resonate with your target audience.

Types of Case Studies 

Knowing the distinct kinds of case studies will help you use the best combination to influence your potential customers. We’ll also cover a few case study examples later on so you can see the different ways in which you or your marketing team can create your own case studies.

While one type of case study may help customers solve a business problem through a product/solution, others may be more suited for studying a specific event or business phenomenon. 

Let’s explore the commonly used types and case study examples.

Illustrative case studies describe a particular situation, phenomenon, or event. They use two or more instances to show just what a situation is like . The aim is to provide context, make the unfamiliar more accessible, and provide a real-world context for abstract concepts or theories.

For instance, SaaS case study examples highlight how a software solution significantly improved a client’s sales and efficiency.

Lids, a leading sports apparel retailer, has experienced rapid growth in recent years. To manage this growth effectively, Lids implemented ClickUp , a project management platform, to expedite workflows, save time, streamline administration, and improve results.

With ClickUp, our teams are more collaborative, efficient and we’re all more on-top of our work. It has made the way we work so much better.

The case study demonstrates how integrating a robust project management platform like ClickUp can streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and support substantial organizational growth.

Exploratory case studies are conducted before a large-scale investigation to help pinpoint research questions and methods for a more extensive study. 

These are often used when there is limited prior knowledge or existing theories about the subject. They are more frequently employed in social science disciplines.

For example, a research case study investigates the link between mental health disorders and social media usage in younger populations.

Researchers conducted a systematic review focusing on the impact of social media use on mental health . The study aimed to provide insights for future mental health strategies by analyzing the relationship between social media use and mental health outcomes. 

Utilizing research plan templates can help structure such investigations, ensuring an in-depth analysis and data collection and analysis efficiency.

A descriptive case study starts with a descriptive theory as a foundation. It then attempts to find connections between the subject of discussion and the theory. These case studies rely on detailed qualitative data analysis to develop an argument.

Let’s consider a descriptive case study example on the usage of technology in classrooms focused on an elementary school in a suburban district during the 2011-2012 academic year.

This compelling case study highlights the importance of detailed, qualitative data in developing its argument.

A cumulative case study collects information from various sources to summarize past studies without increasing costs or time. It aims to aggregate data from multiple sources to draw broader conclusions.

For example, a case study on the impact of climate change on the Indian coastline aggregates data from various sources to provide a comprehensive summary of past research. 

It highlights that climate change and climate variability pose significant challenges to this ecosystem.

Critical instance case studies focus on a unique or critical event to learn more about its causes and consequences. They are often used to investigate rare or significant events.

For instance, Blackboard utilized Amazon EC2 Spot Instances to scale its virtual classroom solution amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This case study demonstrates how Blackboard effectively managed a staggering 4,800% surge in video conferencing usage while optimizing costs and enhancing performance.

Instrumental case studies use a specific case to generate insights into a broader issue or to refine a theoretical explanation. They are more frequently used to explore complex concepts or theories.

The story of Accenture’s Global SAP System serves as an instrumental case study example. 

It uses Accenture’s journey to create a unified SAP system to generate strategic insights into broader issues related to aligning business and IT strategies, standardizing business processes, and establishing global governance structures.

10 Case Study Examples for Different Use Cases 

Exploring a variety of case study examples can help you understand the nuances of their formatting, data presentation, and brand positioning. Here are ten case study examples to inspire you.

LucaNet and HubSpot case study

LucaNet is an international finance company that provides performance management solutions. With a global customer base, it wanted to opt for automated, personalized marketing in addition to handling complex lead management. 

HubSpot helped LucaNet automate its global marketing operations and bring all customer data into a centralized hub.

What do we like best about this case study presentation? HubSpot immediately showcases its key achievements at the top and provides compelling data on time savings, lead generation, and increase in MQLs.

✔️Takeaway : Highlight your measurable impact to showcase your ability to deliver tangible outcomes.

Cartoon Network and ClickUp case study

Cartoon Network’s social media team struggled with managing complicated workflows across different project management tools. 

ClickUp provided them with a unified platform to execute their social media management needs and ensure all team members are on the same page.

ClickUp’s case study of Cartoon Network is a good example of the appropriate use of supporting visuals. Rather than simply stating that ClickUp’s flexible views improved Cartoon Network’s project management, it demonstrates them in practical use.

✔️Takeaway : Create separate sections highlighting your client’s problem and the benefits offered by your solution in bullet points. The usage of supporting visuals is a major plus.

Callingly and Zapier 

Callingly noticed that Zapier customers tend to get more value from their platform. To capitalize on this, they wanted to educate their customers on how to use Zapier effectively. 

Callingly embedded Zapier into its app, allowing customers to discover, create, and edit Zaps directly within the platform. This integration aims to give customers more control over their workflows and automate tasks seamlessly.

The integration makes it easier for customers to discover and use Zapier, reducing the need for customers to switch between platforms or manually set up Zaps.

This makes for one of the brilliant business case study examples, thoughtfully capturing how the company helped Callingly through compelling video demonstrations.

Their ‘why’ and ‘how’ sections are particularly impressive.

✔️Takeaway : Use impactful videos to engage users and educate customers on how your product works and help clients achieve impressive results.

Philips and GitHub story

GitHub’s case study of Philips concisely lists the customer’s problems, solutions, and products right on top for readers prone to TL; DR. It introduces the customer before presenting figures on how collaborating with GitHub helps Philips centralize their codebase. 

You’ll also find excerpts from conversations with several Philips employees, including the principal engineer and the program director, who elaborate on their need for software and how GitHub assisted. 

This case study example isn’t limited to products and solutions—it’s about listening to customers and providing real-world value.

✔️Takeaway : Having a well-written case study summary helps. Real conversations with customers and end-users can add interesting detail and value to otherwise serious (and sometimes boring) textual documents.

Google Ads and Samsung

Google’s case study of Samsung is well-documented. It elaborately covers how Samsung utilized Performance Max, a goal-based campaign that lets advertisers access their advertising campaign across all of Google’s products from a single interface. 

What we like about the case study example is how it is a potential guide for newer businesses to experiment with Performance Max for their own ad campaigns.  

As with all of Google’s UI, the case study is minimalistic and straightforward. Yet, it leaves you wanting to experiment and try things out yourself.

✔️Takeaway : A good case study and a how-to guide don’t always need to be different. Great case studies don’t just make a point; they compel readers to take action and see the results for themselves.

MovingWaldo and Mailchimp case study

Mailchimp’s case study is a detailed report on how MovingWaldo leveraged features like email and marketing automation, segmentation, A/B testing, and email marketing. It addresses the ‘how’, ‘why’, and ‘when.’ 

The case study page provides specific dates detailing when MovingWaldo implemented solutions and began observing their impact. They have also posted a short video describing the process, which breaks the monotony of reading long documents. 

Another highlight is a brief section detailing the future course of action, conveying that the journey of success is ongoing with additional feature enhancements. The case study transcends from being an account of the past to offering insights for the future.

✔️Takeaway : Specificity, such as adding exact dates, helps strengthen your case studies. Video and other multimedia content can take it up a notch.

presentation template case study

Workday offers glimpses of its case studies, letting you choose between reading the story or watching the video. 

The case study begins with a powerful quote from the customer that demonstrates the impact of the solution. It then provides a brief description of the success metrics and highlights the core impact of the integration. 

It addresses Shutterstock’s pain points, such as diverse data sources, team members, and workflows, and showcases Workday’s effectiveness in countering those. 

While Workday keeps the case study short, it includes all the key details to educate the customer about the implementation. This is a great example of crafting a brief yet powerful case study.

✔️Takeaway : Short case studies are effective when well written because they pack a punch and tell a compelling story. Utilizing relevant quotes is also helpful.

Pidilite and Salesforce case study

 In this case study example, Salesforce brings out its value with the opening lines. It then lists each point of impact created by the software integration and explains its process. 

One of the best things about this case study is its organization (value summarized upfront) and thorough explanation of Pidilite’s challenges and how they were solved. 

They also feature a ‘what next’ section detailing the next steps Pidilite plans to take in its collaboration with Salesforce, implying that they continue providing value to the customer. 

✔️Takeaway : End your case study with a brief overview of your future collaboration plans with your customer. This tells your readers that the collaboration is ongoing and that you aim to keep improving your services to add value.

One of the Storylane case study examples

This case study example is an excellent showcase of customer success. What stands out is the use of a tabular format to list different use cases of Storylane’s software and provide a before-and-after for each use case. 

The table works well to summarize key achievements in a way that’s easy on the eye. The ‘Before’ column details the company’s pain points, and the ‘After’ column highlights the results that were brought about once Storylane entered the picture.

✔️Takeaway : Using ‘before’ and ‘after’ succinctly in your case studies helps drive impact and make your case studies stand out.

Benchling and Airtable case study

We liked this case study example because it simply explains how Airtable assists Benchling in prioritizing collaboration and addressing customer needs. 

It explains the functioning of the biology-first platform in a way that helps even non-technical readers understand the context. 

The case study ends with an insight into Airtable and Benchling’s future collaboration plans, indicating that more is to come in the years ahead. 

✔️Takeaway : Write a case study using simple language so customers can easily understand the product and software integration.

How to Create Your Own Case Study

We hope these case study examples have inspired you to portray your success over the years with some fantastic case studies.

While you may have ideas, feeling stuck with the marketing planning process is natural. 

Here’s how you can create your own case study in six easy steps. We’ll divide the process into two stages, research and prep, and production.

  • Choose the customer: First, choose a customer willing to share their story and provide a testimonial and results. It’s important to choose a customer who has experienced significant benefits from your product or service since this will make your case study more compelling

Pro Tip: Not sure how to write an effective outreach email to enlist customer support for your case study program? Take help from ClickUp Brain’ s AI Writer to write persuasive copy. Moreover, you can email your customers directly from ClickUp!

  • Outline the customer’s journey: Detail the customer’s journey from start to finish, including their actions before, during, and after using your services

Pro Tip: Storyboard your case study with your team using collaborative ClickUp Whiteboards . Once you’re happy with the outcome, create a ClickUp Task directly from the whiteboard. Assign it to the relevant owners, add tags for easy filtering, and use ClickUp Brain to generate sub-tasks and a brief task description automatically.

ClickUp Whiteboard to build out your case study examples

  • Collect data: Gather quantitative and qualitative data on the company’s performance after using your services. This could include metrics like increased sales, improved efficiency, or higher customer satisfaction
  • Draft the case study: Begin writing the case study by introducing the company and providing background information. Next, discuss the challenges they faced before using your product or service. Then, detail the solution you provided and how it was implemented. Finally, showcase the results and benefits the customer experienced after using your product or service, using the data you collected to support these points

Pro Tip: Brainstorm possible case study formats and outlines with ClickUp Brain, your creative partner in this endeavor.

  • Get approval from the customer: Once you’ve drafted the case study, share it with the customer for their feedback and approval. This ensures that all the information is accurate and that the customer is comfortable with how their story is presented. It also provides an opportunity to make any necessary revisions

Pro Tip: Create a shareable case study in ClickUp Docs and share it with your customer in a single click for approval

ClickUp Docs

  • Publish and promote: After obtaining the customer’s approval, publish the case study on your website, blog, or other relevant platforms. Promote it through various channels such as social media, email newsletters, and sales presentations

Pro Tip: When your case study is ready to be distributed, add the relevant owners for social media and email distribution by simply mentioning them in a task comment

Instead of the process we just outlined, you can also use ClickUp’s free case study templates to plan, structure, and execute your case studies to maximize the efficiency of your content marketing efforts.

ClickUp's Case Study Template is designed to help you capture ideas and insights from customer feedback.

With ClickUp’s Case Study Template , you can: 

  • Gather data from distinct sources to analyze it and identify key takeaways
  • Craft compelling stories using an organized template to drive real impact 
  • Collect ideas and note testimonials from clients to showcase real-life results
  • Create a visual journey of the customer’s software integration steps
  • Monitor and analyze the case study’s engagement
  • Collaborate with marketing team members to create the case study together

ClickUp helps marketing teams optimize the entire process of writing a case study, from collecting data to finally sending customers an email for approval.

Craft Effective Case Studies with ClickUp 

Case studies are an excellent way to build trust with prospective clients and provide evidence for your claims. They exemplify how your products and services have aided others in reaching their business and marketing goals . Studying popular case study examples can help you ideate and find the perfect format for your own customer stories.

Collaborative work management platforms like ClickUp can help you plan and execute your case study project with ease. Draft customer success case studies showcasing results effectively using ClickUp’s Case Study Template. It not only provides you with a rough layout but also improves team collaboration, helps maintain consistency with the format, collects data, and much more.

Use the integrated AI assistant, ClickUp Brain, to generate outlines, write catchy copy, and brainstorm ideas. Put your case story together, along with the relevant links, images, and rich formatting, in ClickUp Docs and share it with stakeholders for input and approval.

Sign up for ClickUp today to create the most impactful marketing case studies to attain your marketing goals.

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Sales Case Study for Product Presentation


The Client's Challenge

[Company Name], a renowned name in the consumer electronics industry, faced a critical challenge. They were about to launch a new line of premium smartphones, with cutting-edge features and a design that set it apart. However, the challenge lay in converting this superiority into actual sales in a market already teeming with competitors.

Market Data

Market Saturation: The smartphone market was highly saturated, with over [%] of consumers reporting brand loyalty to existing products.

Consumer Apathy: A survey conducted by [Company Name] found that [%] of consumers felt disengaged from traditional product presentations.

Online Dominance: Approximately [%] of consumers reported discovering new products through online platforms.

The Main Issues

Market Saturation: The smartphone market was highly saturated, making it difficult to capture the attention of consumers and convince them to switch to a new product.

Consumer Apathy: Consumers were becoming increasingly apathetic to standard product presentations. [Company Name] needed a fresh approach that could break through this indifference.

Online and Offline Integration: The client wanted a strategy that seamlessly integrated both online and offline channels, recognizing that consumers engaged with the brand through various touchpoints.

The Solution

To address these challenges, [Company Name] adopted a multi-faceted product presentation strategy:

1. Immersive Online Experience

The immersive online experience was a cornerstone of [Company Name]' product presentation strategy, utilizing various digital platforms to engage and captivate the target audience. The impact of these online initiatives was substantial:

Online Engagement Metrics

Interactive Website: Following the redesign of the company's website to highlight the features and benefits of the new smartphone, the average time spent on the site saw a remarkable [%] increase. This translated to visitors spending more time exploring the interactive content, delving into the smartphone's capabilities, and understanding its value.

Average Time Spent on Site Data

Pre-Redesign Average Time: [Minutes]

Post-Redesign Average Time: [Minutes]

Increase in Average Time Spent: [%]

Engaging Social Media Campaigns: [Company Name] leveraged its social media platforms effectively during the product launch. Teaser videos and live Q&A sessions created a buzz among the audience, resulting in a [%] growth in social media engagement. The interactive and informative sessions enabled consumers to ask questions, share feedback, and actively participate in the pre-launch excitement.

Social Media Engagement Growth Data

Pre-Launch Social Media Engagement: [Quantity] interactions

Post-Launch Social Media Engagement: [Quantity] interactions

Growth in Social Media Engagement: [%]

Digital Catalog: The digital catalog, featuring the new smartphone and its specifications, received a staggering [Quantity] unique views within the first month of its release. This high level of engagement indicated strong user interest in the product, with consumers eagerly seeking comprehensive information before making their purchase decisions.

Unique Views of Digital Catalog (First Month) Data

Total Views: [Quantity]

Average Time Spent Viewing Catalog: [Minutes]

The immersive online experience successfully captured the attention of potential customers, encouraging them to explore the new smartphone's features and benefits thoroughly, while engaging with the brand through various digital touchpoints.

2. In-Person Product Showcase

The in-person product showcase was another pivotal aspect of [Company Name]' product presentation strategy. In-store events and demonstrations played a significant role in driving consumer interest and conversions:

In-Store Impact

Exclusive Launch Event: The grand launch event, held at select flagship stores, was a resounding success. It attracted a gathering of [Quantity] tech enthusiasts, industry influencers, and media personnel. Impressively, [%] of the event attendees expressed strong interest in purchasing the new smartphone, reflecting the effectiveness of the exclusive launch event in generating buzz and anticipation.

Launch Event Impact Data

Total Event Attendees: [Quantity]

Attendees Expressing Interest in Purchase: [%]

In-Store Product Demos: In-store product demonstration booths allowed potential customers to experience the new smartphone firsthand. These interactive experiences led to a significant [%] increase in foot traffic to the stores. Additionally, there was a noteworthy [%] boost in sales of the new smartphone as a direct result of the in-store product demos.

In-Store Foot Traffic and Sales Increase Data

Foot Traffic Increase: [%]

Increase in Sales of New Smartphone: [%]

Pop-Up Experiences: [Company Name] introduced pop-up experiences in high-traffic areas, garnering substantial attention. On average, these pop-up locations received 300 potential customers daily, with an impressive conversion rate of 18%. These pop-up experiences effectively engaged with consumers outside of traditional retail settings, resulting in a higher-than-average conversion rate.

Pop-Up Experience Data

Daily Footfall at Pop-Up Locations: [Quantity] potential customers

Conversion Rate at Pop-Up Locations: [%]

The in-person product showcase successfully piqued the curiosity of consumers and provided them with hands-on experience, ultimately driving foot traffic, sales, and interest in the new smartphone. The combination of online and in-person experiences created a well-rounded and effective product presentation strategy.

3. Educational Content

One pivotal component of [Company Name]' product presentation strategy was the creation of educational content. This content aimed to inform and engage potential customers, guiding them towards making informed purchasing decisions. The impact of the educational content was profound and led to significant outcomes:

Product Guides

Comprehensive product guides, designed to provide in-depth information about the new line of premium smartphones, were made readily available to the target audience. These guides served as a valuable source of information for consumers, addressing common questions and concerns about the product.

Download Data

Total Product Guide Downloads: [Quantity]

Downloads per Month (average): [Quantity]

Consumers appreciated the accessibility of these guides, with feedback indicating that they found the content highly informative. The product guides became an integral part of the consumer's decision-making process, enabling them to understand the features and benefits of the new smartphones thoroughly.

Comparison Tools

In addition to product guides, [Company Name] introduced an online comparison tool that allowed potential customers to compare the new premium smartphones with competitors' products. This interactive tool enabled consumers to assess the advantages and drawbacks of different devices, assisting them in making well-informed choices.

Total Users of the Comparison Tool: [Quantity]

Conversion Rate (Percentage to view the new product after using the tool): [%]

The comparison tool's effectiveness was evident through the high conversion rate. A substantial [%] of users who utilized the tool proceeded to view the new product. This demonstrated that consumers found the tool extremely valuable in their decision-making process and were more likely to consider the new smartphones after using it.

Expert Reviews

To bolster consumer trust and confidence, [Company Name] featured expert reviews of the new smartphones. These reviews provided an unbiased and professional evaluation of the product's features, performance, and value. Expert endorsements were presented on the company's website and other marketing materials.

Review Data

Total Views of Expert Reviews: [Quantity]

Positive Sentiment Increase (among viewers): [%]

The expert reviews garnered a substantial [Quantity] views, signifying their popularity and influence. Importantly, a remarkable [%] of viewers expressed increased trust in the product after reading the reviews. The endorsement of experts instilled confidence in consumers, validating the quality and performance of the new smartphones.

The impact of these educational content elements was pivotal in guiding consumers towards informed decisions and fostering trust in [Company Name]' new product line. They played a significant role in the overall success of the product presentation strategy, resulting in improved conversion rates and brand perception.

4. The Outcome

The comprehensive strategy of combining immersive online experiences, in-person product showcases, and educational content produced remarkable results, as detailed below:

Conversion Rate Increase

The revamped online presentation strategy led to a substantial boost in conversion rates. Online conversions experienced a notable increase of [%], marking a significant upturn in the number of visitors who not only engaged with the product but proceeded to make purchases.

Additionally, in-store purchases witnessed a significant surge, with a growth rate of [%]. The in-store experience proved highly effective in converting potential customers into buyers.

Online Conversion Growth Data:

Pre-Strategy Conversion Rate: [%]

Post-Strategy Conversion Rate: [%]

Conversion Rate Increase: [%]

In-Store Purchase Growth Data:

Pre-Strategy In-Store Sales: [Quantity] units per month

Post-Strategy In-Store Sales: [Quantity] units per month

Sales Increase: [%]

Market Share Growth

One of the most substantial victories achieved through this comprehensive approach was the expansion of [Company Name]' market share. In a fiercely competitive smartphone market dominated by established brands, [Company Name] successfully carved out a more substantial share. The market share grew by a notable [%], indicating a significant shift in consumer preferences and brand loyalty.

Market Share Growth Data:

Pre-Strategy Market Share: [%]

Post-Strategy Market Share: [%]

Market Share Growth: [%]

Enhanced Brand Perception

Beyond the immediate boost in sales and market share, the innovative product presentation strategy had a lasting impact on [Company Name]' brand perception. The brand was now widely recognized as innovative and customer-centric. Customer feedback and social media sentiment analysis consistently revealed a significant increase in positive sentiments, reflecting improved brand reputation.

Customer Sentiment Data:

Pre-Strategy Positive Sentiments: [%]

Post-Strategy Positive Sentiments: [%]

Positive Sentiment Increase: [%]

Additionally, online reviews and expert endorsements further contributed to the enhanced brand perception. The positive expert reviews led to a 30% increase in consumer trust, further bolstering the brand's image as an industry leader.

Expert Review Impact Data:

Pre-Strategy Consumer Trust Score: [%]

Post-Strategy Consumer Trust Score: [%]

Increase in Consumer Trust: [%]

5. Conclusion

The outcomes of the product presentation strategy were overwhelmingly positive, with significant increases in conversion rates, market share, and brand perception. The [%] growth in online conversions and the [%] increase in in-store purchases demonstrated the effectiveness of the combined online and in-person approach. The [%] expansion of market share in a highly competitive market affirmed [Company Name]' ability to compete effectively against established brands.

Furthermore, the improved brand perception, marked by a [%] increase in positive sentiments and a [%] growth in consumer trust, signified that the brand was not only successful in driving sales but also enhancing its reputation as an innovative and customer-centric industry leader.

This case study highlights the impact of a well-executed product presentation strategy in not only boosting sales but also fostering a favorable brand image and market position.

Sales Templates @

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can i get better results with the ai presentations maker.

Like any AI generator from a text tool, the prompt is everything. To get better results with the AI Presentation maker, you need better prompts. Write the prompt to be as detailed as possible. Include all the content topics you want the presentation to cover. As for style elements, there’s no need to include it in the prompt. Focus on choosing the style that you like from the Chatbot suggestions. Try to select the style that already features the color palette and shapes that you like. AI will change icons and photos based on text it generates.

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All designs you create with AI Presentation are copyright and royalty-free. You can use them both for personal and commercial use without any problems.

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Visme’s AI design generator can:

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presentation template case study

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Pixera media servers create “3D world of surprises” for Audi SQ8

AV stumpfl's Pixera tech at the heart of the presentations for the 29th season of Wiener Eistraum, at Vienna's City Hall Square, in Austria, including a virtual production involving the Audi SQ8

By David Smith

AV stumpfl’s Pixera tech at the heart of the presentations for the 29th season of Wiener Eistraum, at Vienna’s City Hall Square, in Austria, including a virtual production involving the Audi SQ8

Pixera media servers from AV Stumpfl were used to created a virtual production spectacle involving the Audi SQ8 Sportback e-tron, at Vienna’s City Hall Square, in Austria. It can now be revealed that Pixera media servers were at the heart of the presentations for the 29th season of Wiener Eistraum (“Vienna Ice Dream”), which took place over two months, ending in March.

The highlight was a transparent LED screen behind which the silhouette of the Audi SQ8 Sportback e-tron awaited its grand entrance, orchestrated by the “brain” of the installation, the Pixera media server. Pixera’s Unreal Engine, used in video game productions and increasingly in Hollywood films, was the main technology behind the virtual production, enabling targeted changes depending on lighting conditions and times of day.

presentation template case study

To control all three levels of the virtual production – transparent screens, car, and LED wall – Pansound relied on Pixera to manage all content. “It was precisely timed and distributed to the LED levels and played back according to cue commands,” explained Erlinger.

There was a lot of technology behind the visual spectacle with the end result being a visual experience that embedded the real vehicle into a virtual world, adding a new dimension to the open-air skating rink.

Bernhard Loos, head of marketing and sales, Audi Austria, at Porsche Holding, explained: “The Audi SQ8 Sportback e-tron was at the centre of this staging, where the virtual and real worlds merged in a unique way.”

Horst Damoser, head of global business development for AV Stumpfl, concluded: “The installation at Vienna’s City Hall Square impressively demonstrated how technology and creativity come together to explore new dimensions of presentation.”

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