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How to Write and Present a Performance Review

Performance Review Cover Slide PowerPoint Templates

The performance review, as a crucial part of performance management, is one of the dreaded exercises of both managers and team members. However, it doesn’t have to be an intimidating, negative situation. In fact, a manager performance review tip by Harvard Business Review is to pointedly keep the conversation positive. By focusing on successes and opportunities for growth, managers can turn the employee performance review into a constructive experience that benefits everyone in the end.

What is Performance Management

Before we approach performance review examples, it’s necessary to establish some definitions to make sure we’re on the same page.

According to UC Berkeley’s Guide to Managing Human Resources, “Performance management is an ongoing process of communication between a supervisor and an employee that occurs throughout the year, in support of accomplishing the strategic objectives of the organization.”

Notice that performance management is more than a performance annual review. The performance evaluation is one component found in many performance management frameworks. In fact, UC Berkeley goes on to specify that the process “includes clarifying expectations, setting objectives, identifying goals, providing feedback, and reviewing results.”

By the time managers sit down for the performance review process, they will ideally have already been participating in this ongoing communication method. It will lead to much more valuable results than only engaging in the feedback part of the process.

Performance Management Systems PowerPoint Templates

Types of Performance Management Frameworks

Following are three examples of common performance management frameworks.

The Arm­strong Per­for­mance Man­age­ment Cycle

Michael Armstrong , former Chief Examiner of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, established a performance management framework that many human resources professionals abide by. The Armstrong Performance Management Cycle is a continuous process of improving performance. This is achieved by establishing individual and team goals, working towards the goals, evaluating progress, and developing skills. As seen in the name of this management framework, this process repeats constantly throughout a team or individual’s career at the organization.

Armstrong Performance Management Cycle PowerPoint Diagram

Agile Con­tin­u­ous Per­for­mance Management

Another performance management framework example is the agile continuous performance management. What makes the agile performance management system valuable is it’s focus on being continual and holistic. Feedback, which is called “check-ins” under this framework, is given frequently, making it feel more natural for all involved. With ongoing, positive performance management, managers and employees can develop authentic workplace relationships based on the performance improvement and transparency.

Agile Continuous Performance Management Cycle PowerPoint Diagram

International Labor Organization’s Revised Performance Management Framework

The International Labor Organization’s system for managing performance aims to be a flexible process that can be applied to individuals or teams in many different fields and industries. It is also a continuous, comprehensive performance management framework. This cycle is divided into four parts, each focusing on dialogue and constructive feedback. One of the unique features of this management system is the inclusion of feedback from employee to leader.

ILO's Performance Management Framework PowerPoint Template

What is a Performance Review?

The component featured in essentially all performance management frameworks is the giving of feedback. This usually presents itself in the form of a performance review. Other names for the performance review are performance evaluation or performance assessment. As opposed to informal or casual feedback, the performance review is a formal appraisal of an employee and their work during an established time period.

While there are dozens of employee review templates out there, most evaluate overall performance, an employee’s strengths and weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. Many managers and HR professionals use this regularly scheduled evaluation to set goals, as well.

Performance review templates will vary based on who is assessing whom. Common types of performance reviews include the traditional assessment where a manager evaluates an employee’s performance, the self assessment, team assessment, and leader assessment. Different performance management frameworks will involve a combination of these four.

Types of Performance Reviews PowerPoint Diagram

Employee Assessment

This top-down performance review is usually performed by a direct manager or HR manager. This evaluation is useful for establishing the value of an employee with examples of their performance to back it up. Often the employee assessment is conducted together with a self assessment.

Self Assessment

The self assessment component of a performance review is a helpful opportunity for individuals to reflect upon themselves with regards to their strengths and weaknesses. In order to turn the self assessment into a productive introspection, employees should also consider what they think they can do to improve and grow.

When conducted alongside an employee assessment, answers can be compared to see if managers and employees are on the same page. Any discrepancies can be analyzed and addressed, in order to strengthen the working relationship and understanding of the situation.

Team Assessment

A team assessment differs from an individual employee assessment in that it’s an opportunity to make sure team members are aligned and working well together, as well as progressing towards the team goals.

Leader Assessment

As mentioned in the International Labor Organization’s performance management framework, leader assessments can provide valuable feedback as well. During this assessment team members and employees evaluate their own managers, as well as potentially their manager’s superiors. This is often conducted anonymously, to ensure employees can be honest with their feedback without fear of retaliation.

Key Elements of a Performance Review

Depending on the performance management framework, reviews will have different key elements, but there are elements that all methods share, according to Harvard Business Review and Hubspot .

  • Evaluate if job requirements are being met
  • Compare strengths and weaknesses
  • Highlight areas of improvement
  • Evaluate if previously defined goals were met
  • Recommend actionable goals
  • Welcome employee input

How to Write a Performance Review

We recommend managers use a performance review template to help guide them through each step. Evaluation templates help managers know what to say in a performance review. They provide structure to the review, which makes the process consistent. Employee performance templates also make the review process scalable throughout the team or organization.

Performance Review Writing Process PowerPoint Template

Prior to Writing the Performance Review

Harvard Business Review recommends reviewers set expectations early, prior to the official feedback. This involves informing the employee that they will be reviewing them soon, asking the employee for their self assessment, and evaluating employee career aspirations.

When Writing the Performance Review

When sitting down to write the performance review, managers should have supporting documentation to help them direct their evaluation. For example, comparing employee performance and characteristics to the organization’s specified values can help guide the evaluation. Additionally, managers can compare employee performance to the actual description of requirements for their role. This helps keep evaluations realistic and on-track. Finally, it’s a good idea to compare current performance to that of previous employee performance reviews. This gives the manager a bigger picture into employee growth, as well as what achievable goals are.

When writing a performance review, managers can also consult with others, including coworkers, other managers, and subordinates of the employee under review. This is called 360-degree feedback and can help give a manager ideas of what to write.

360 Degree Feedback PowerPoint Template

As far as the career aspirations we recommend requesting from the employee prior to the evaluation, this is useful for framing the review. Not every employee has very high aspirations. The evaluation should align both the organization’s expectations of the employee and their own aspirations.

Delivering the Performance Review

HBR also recommends presenting the performance review to the individual about an hour before their meeting to discuss it. This lets the employee move past any potential emotional responses and prepare rational responses. This will lead to a much more constructive discussion and allow for a more positive plan forward.

Whenever possible, hold the performance review presentation face-to-face to avoid misunderstandings. While a performance review PPT or pdf is beneficial for organizing and visualizing the evaluation, presenting them in person will lead to a richer discussion and more realistic action plans.

For high-performing employees, HR experts recommend focusing on the things they are doing well. After discussing examples of achievements and strengths, the manager can ask the employee their feelings about how things are going. This naturally leads into a conversation about opportunities for growth and improvement.

When delivering feedback to marginal employees, they shouldn’t sugar-coat criticisms or provide meaningless compliments. Instead, reviewers should be straightforward and clear with their message. Discuss what isn’t working, what is working, and what actions need to be adopted to improve. When giving advice for improving, managers should be as specific as possible and provide examples.

How to Present a Performance Review

Here are the most important slides to include in a performance review presentation. Following this performance review example structure will help managers lessen the discomfort of presenting a performance review, by following a clear presentation guide.

Slide 1: Cover Slide

Establish who is reviewing, who is being reviewed, and the date of the performance review. Note that this information is also important since the performance review presentation will probably become part of an ongoing performance documentation.

Slide 2: Table of Contents

Part of the discomfort of performance reviews is the concept of the unknown. For an employee, it’s speculating on what their manager is going to say in the performance review. A clear table of contents will hopefully help ground the employee by showing them clearly what they can expect from the presentation, and in what order.

Slide 3: Evaluate if job requirements are being met

In this PPT slide, the reviewer should compare, side-by-side the job requirements and the actual job performance of their subordinate. This requirement versus performance comparison helps the evaluation stay objective. Provide examples of when the requirements are or are not being successfully met, whenever possible.

Job Requirements vs Performance PowerPoint Presentation

Slide 4: Strengths

When presenting employee strengths, be as specific as possible. Explain why this strength matters, an example of when this strength was evident, and what impacts this strength has had. In the presentation, add a list of strengths with or without a short description and/or example, in case the performance review is presented without the accompanying meeting.

SWOT Analysis Strengths Performance Review PowerPoint Template

If the manager previously asked for a self assessment, add a comparison here between the reviewer’s opinion of the employee strengths and their employee’s opinion.

Slide 5: Achievements

List any specific achievements the employee has made during the performance period.

Performance Review Achievements PowerPoint Template

Slide 6: Highlight areas of improvement

This is another way to frame weaknesses. When presenting areas of improvement, consider what the employee needs to improve, why these areas are necessary to address, how the manager can help the employee improve, and what specific steps are needed to improve. Be specific and provide examples whenever possible.

This is another good slide where managers can compare their evaluation of areas of improvement with the answers employees provided in their self assessment. You can combine these slides with other performance improvement plan templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides.

Starfish Retrospective Model for Areas of Improvements

Slide 7: Evaluate if previously defined goals were met

If this isn’t the first performance review a manager has conducted for an individual, then there will be previously defined goals from former evaluations. On this slide, list the previous goals and add a brief evaluation for each. This will help decide what goals should be checked off, maintained, or adjusted for the next evaluation period, which will be presented in the next slide.

Slide 8: Recommend actionable goals

When presenting goals, we recommend using the SMART formula. SMART goals stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based. This method of creating goals helps ensure the goal will be achieved as expected.

The goals established in this performance review will most likely be evaluated during the next performance review. As such, the “time-based” aspect of the goal should take this into account.

review presentation example

Slide 9: Welcome employee input

Close the performance review presentation by giving the employee space to talk.

By following this performance review template, reviewers can make sure their evaluation is more than just a meaningless task checked off the list. When done well, the performance review sets the mood for the whole next period, giving both managers and employees a clear guide towards moving forward and achieving their goals more successfully. As far as the tendency for employee evaluations to be uncomfortable situations, follow the advice in this article, practice, and you’ll soon find the valuable potential of a well-presented performance review.

review presentation example

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30 presentation feedback examples

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You're doing great

You should think of improving

Tips to improve

3 things to look for when providing presentation feedback

3 tips for giving effective feedback.

We’re all learning as we go. 

And that’s perfectly OK — that’s part of being human. On my own personal growth journey, I know I need to get better at public speaking and presenting. It’s one of those things that doesn’t necessarily come naturally to me. 

And I know there are plenty of people in my shoes. So when it comes to presenting in the workplace, it can be intimidating. But there’s one thing that can help people continue to get better at presentations: feedback . 

The following examples not only relate to presentations. They can also be helpful for public speaking and captivating your audience. 

You’re doing great 

  • You really have the natural ability to hand out presentation material in a very organized way! Good job!
  • Your presentations are often compelling and visually stunning. You really know how to effectively captivate the audience. Well done!
  • You often allow your colleagues to make presentations on your behalf. This is a great learning opportunity for them and they often thrive at the challenge.
  • Keeping presentations focused on key agenda items can be tough, but you’re really good at it. You effectively outline exactly what it is that you will be discussing and you make sure you keep to it. Well done!!
  • You created downloadable visual presentations and bound them for the client. Excellent way to portray the company! Well done!
  • Your content was relevant and your format was visually appealing and easy to follow and understand. Great job! You’re a real designer at heart!
  • You always remain consistent with the way you present and often your presentations have the same style and layout. This is great for continuity. Well done!
  • You always remain consistent with every presentation, whether it be one on ones, small group chats, with peers, direct reports, and the company bosses. You have no problem presenting in any one of these situations. Well done!
  • You are an effective presenter both to employees and to potential clients. When controversial topics come up, you deal with them in a timely manner and you make sure these topics are fully dealt with before moving on. Well done!
  • You effectively command attention and you have no problem managing groups during the presentation.


You should think of improving 

  • You’re a great presenter in certain situations, but you struggle to present in others. Try to be more consistent when presenting so that you get one single-minded message across. This will also help you broaden your presentation skills by being able to portray one single idea or message.
  • You tend to be a little shy when making presentations. You have the self-confidence in one-on-one conversations , so you definitely have the ability to make compelling presentations. Come on! You can do it!
  • During presentations, there seems to be quite a lack of focus . I know it can be difficult to stick to the subject matter, however you need to in order for people to understand what the presentation is about and what is trying to be achieved.
  • To engage with your audience and make them attentively listen to what you have to say, you need to be able to use your voice in an effective manner to achieve this. Try to focus on certain words that require extra attention and emphasis these words during your presentation.
  • Knowing your audience is critical to the success of any presentation. Learn to pick up on their body language and social cues to gauge your style and tone. Listen to what your audience has to say and adjust your presentation accordingly.


  • During presentations, it’s expected that there will be tough questions . Try to prepare at least a couple of days before the time so that you can handle these questions in an effective manner.
  • To be an effective presenter you need to be able to adjust to varying audiences and circumstances. Try learning about who will be in the room at the time of the presentation and adjust accordingly.
  • Remember not to take debate as a personal attack. You tend to lose your cool a little too often, which hinders the discussion and people feel alienated. You can disagree without conflict .
  • The only way you are going to get better at public speaking is by practicing, practicing, practicing. Learn your speech by heart, practice in the mirror, practice in front of the mirror. Eventually, you’ll become a natural and you won't be afraid of public speaking any longer.
  • Your presentations are beautiful and I have no doubt you have strong presentation software skills. However, your content tends to be a bit weak and often you lack the substance. Without important content, the presentation is empty.

Tips to improve 

  • Remember it’s always good to present about the things you are passionate about . When you speak to people about your passions they can sense it. The same goes for presentations. Identify what it is that excites you and somehow bring it into every presentation. it’ll make it easier to present and your audience will feel the energy you portray.
  • Sometimes it can be easier to plan with the end result in mind. Try visualizing what it is you are exactly expecting your audience to come away with and develop your presentation around that.
  • Simplicity is a beautiful thing. Try to keep your presentations as simple as possible. Make it visually appealing with the least amount of words possible. Try interactive pictures and videos to fully immerse your audience in the presentation.
  • It’s a fine balance between winging the presentation and memorizing the presentation. If you wing it too much it may come across as if you didn't prepare. If you memorize it, the presentation may come off a bit robotic. Try to find the sweet spot, if you can.
  • When presenting, try to present in a way that is cause for curiosity . Make people interested in what you have to say to really captivate them. Have a look at some TED talks to get some tips on how you can go about doing this.
  • Remember presentations should be about quality, not quantity. Presentations that are text-heavy and go on for longer than they should bore your audience and people are less likely to remember them.
  • Try to arrive at every staff meeting on time and always be well prepared. This will ensure that meetings will go smoothly in the future.
  • Remember to respect other people's time by always arriving on time or five minutes before the presentation.
  • Remember to ask the others in the meeting for their point of view if there are individuals during presentations.
  • If you notice presentations are deviating off-topic, try to steer it back to the important topic being discussed.

Presentation feedback can be intimidating. It’s likely the presenter has spent a good deal of time and energy on creating the presentation.

As an audience member, you can hone in on a few aspects of the presentation to help frame your feedback. If it's an oral presentation, you should consider also audience attention and visual aids.

It’s important to keep in mind three key aspects of the presentation when giving feedback. 



  • Were the key messages clear? 
  • Was the speaker clear and concise in their language?
  • Did the presenter clearly communicate the key objectives? 
  • Did the presenter give the audience clear takeaways? 
  • How well did the presenter’s voice carry in the presentation space? 


  • Was the presentation engaging? 
  • How well did the presenter capture their audience? 
  • Did the presenter engage employees in fun or innovative ways? 
  • How interactive was the presentation? 
  • How approachable did the presenter appear? 
  • Was the presentation accessible to all? 

Body language and presence 

  • How did the presenter carry themselves? 
  • Did the presenter make eye contact with the audience? 
  • How confident did the presenter appear based on nonverbal communication? 
  • Were there any nonverbal distractions to the presentation? (i.e. too many hand gestures, facial expressions, etc.)  

There are plenty of benefits of feedback . But giving effective feedback isn’t an easy task. Here are some tips for giving effective feedback. 

1. Prepare what you’d like to say 

I’m willing to bet we’ve all felt like we’ve put our foot in our mouth at one point or another. Knee-jerk, emotional reactions are rarely helpful. In fact, they can do quite the opposite of help. 

Make sure you prepare thoughtfully. Think through what feedback would be most impactful and helpful for the recipient. How will you word certain phrases? What’s most important to communicate? What feedback isn’t helpful to the recipient? 

You can always do practice runs with your coach. Your coach will serve as a guide and consultant. You can practice how you’ll give feedback and get feedback … on your feedback. Sounds like a big loop, but it can be immensely helpful. 

2. Be direct and clear (but lead with empathy) 

Have you ever received feedback from someone where you’re not quite sure what they’re trying to say? Me, too. 

I’ve been in roundabout conversations where I walk away even more confused than I was before. This is where clear, direct, and concise communication comes into play. 

Be clear and direct in your message. But still, lead with empathy and kindness . Feedback doesn’t need to be harsh or cruel. If it’s coming from a place of care, the recipient should feel that care from you. 

3. Create dialogue (and listen carefully) 

Feedback is never a one-way street. Without the opportunity for dialogue, you’re already shutting down and not listening to the other person. Make sure you’re creating space for dialogue and active listening . Invite questions — or, even better, feedback. You should make the person feel safe, secure, and trusted . You should also make sure the person feels heard and valued. 

Your point of view is just that: it's one perspective. Invite team members to share their perspectives, including positive feedback . 

You might also offer the recipient the opportunity for self-evaluation . By doing a self-evaluation, you can reflect on things like communication skills and confidence. They might come to some of the same important points you did — all on their own.

Now, let’s go practice that feedback 

We're all learners in life.

It's OK to not be perfect . In fact, we shouldn't be. We're perfectly imperfect human beings, constantly learning , evolving, and bettering ourselves. 

The same goes for tough things like presentations. You might be working on perfecting your students' presentation. Or you might want to get better at capturing your audience's attention. No matter what, feedback is critical to that learning journey . 

Even a good presentation has the opportunity for improvement . Don't forget the role a coach can play in your feedback journey.

Your coach will be able to provide a unique point of view to help you better communicate key points. Your coach can also help with things like performance reviews , presentation evaluations, and even how to communicate with others.

Elevate your communication skills

Unlock the power of clear and persuasive communication. Our coaches can guide you to build strong relationships and succeed in both personal and professional life.

Madeline Miles

Madeline is a writer, communicator, and storyteller who is passionate about using words to help drive positive change. She holds a bachelor's in English Creative Writing and Communication Studies and lives in Denver, Colorado. In her spare time, she's usually somewhere outside (preferably in the mountains) — and enjoys poetry and fiction.

How to not be nervous for a presentation — 13 tips that work (really!)

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10 Free Quarterly Business Review (QBR) Templates for 2024

Praburam Srinivasan

Growth Marketing Manager

February 13, 2024

Organizations are moving faster than ever, with more people, departments, and technology coming together to achieve big, aspirational goals. QBRs provide a structured forum for teams to align on goals , hold themselves accountable, collaborate, and drive continuous improvement.

By conducting regular QBRs, organizations can improve their performance , stay focused on their goals, and ensure they deliver value to their customers and stakeholders.

What is a QBR Template?

1. clickup qbr template, 2. clickup qbr lane board template (board view), 3. clickup qbr by category template (list view), 4. clickup quarterly business review with action items template (list view), 5. clickup quarterly report template, 6. clickup quarterly performance review template, 7. clickup quarterly roadmap template, 8. clickup quarterly financial report template, 9. slideteam powerpoint qbr template, 10. template.net microsoft word qbr template.

Avatar of person using AI

A Quarterly Business Review template is a structured document, dashboard, or presentation that is formatted for companies to easily review business performance over the past quarter and plan for the quarter to come. At a minimum, a typical QBR template will include an overview of key metrics , progress toward goals , updates on major initiatives, and any issues or challenges that need to be addressed.

Essentially, this type of template is designed to make quarterly business review meetings as productive as possible. The document should facilitate discussion among key stakeholders like executives, department heads, and team leaders.

At the end of each quarterly meeting, everyone should be on the same page and have a clear understanding of how the business is performing and what needs to be done to improve during the next quarter.

What makes a good quarterly business review template?

A good QBR template is like a report card for a company, offering a clear grade on company performance. However, unlike a report card, a QBR template is designed to distill the performance of the last three months into an action plan for what needs to be done to improve performance over the next three months.

Aside from just monitoring performance and account planning for improvement, the best QBR templates bring a business together, rallying executives, department heads, and team leaders around shared goals.

Whether you’re hosting your first QBR presentation or your hundredth, a solid template will make your QBR conversation, planning, and execution a regular value add to the business. Consider the following items below, which are core components any good QBR template should include.

  • Relevant Metrics: The template should include relevant metrics that help track the performance of the company. It’s important to choose metrics that are aligned with the company’s goals and objectives. For example, if you are managing a sales QBR, the template should include metrics related to revenue, leads generated, and conversion rates.
  • Clarity: QBRs include tons of data and info so your template needs to make all that complexity easy to read and understand. The ability to include charts and graphs will make your life much easier when trying to make information more visually appealing and easier to consume.
  • Actionable Insights: A QBR template should not only provide an overview of the company’s performance but also highlight key insights and actionable recommendations for improvement.
  • Flexibility: Priorities and strategies change quarter to quarter, and often even more frequently. Your template should be flexible enough to accommodate regular changes without requiring you to totally redesign how your quarterly report is developed.
  • Audience-specific: Finally, the QBR template should be tailored to fit the specific audience that will be reviewing it. This also gets at flexibility. Ideally, you shouldn’t have to create a different QBR report for each stakeholder, but rather simply filter and frame the same information in different ways for whoever is reviewing it.

Bonus: 30-60-90 day templates !

Why QBRs are important for your business

Quarterly business reviews are like the annual wellness exam you have with a doctor. Similar to how a doctor will run standard tests to check on your overall health or identify potential concerns earlier, a QBR assesses core operating and performance measures to get a regular pulse on the business.

A good QBR process helps a business achieve five things:

  • Performance review : Provides a regular opportunity for teams to review their performance against business objectives, goals, and metrics.
  • Goal alignment : Helps ensure all teams and departments are aligned with the company’s strategic objectives and priorities.
  • Team collaboration : This creates an opportunity for teams to collaborate, share best practices, and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Customer focus : Reviews customer feedback and assesses the customer’s goals and satisfaction.
  • Continuous improvement : Drives continuous improvement by regularly reviewing performance, identifying areas for growth and development, and establishing action plans to improve performance.

10 Quarterly Business Review Templates

There are many different types of QBR templates available. Depending on your specific needs and goals, some templates here focus on financial performance, while others may be based on more qualitative measures—i.e. customer satisfaction or employee engagement .

Your QBR template should be tailored to your needs and goals, and it should be reviewed and updated regularly to continue to be effective. Here’s our list of 10 QBR templates you need to try out now:

To create visibility and coordinated action across a lot of moving pieces, the ClickUp QBR Template brings all essential business performance metrics, task statuses, and processes into a single hub. Because it is built in ClickUp, the template offers different views, filters, and visualization so that QBR information can be tailored to fit the reviewing needs of each stakeholder and team.

Built for flexibility as well as consistency, the template organizes QBR activities into five core custom fields: Status, Department, Type, Category, and Completion Rate.

For Status, activities are marked by “To do,” “In progress,” or “Complete,” giving everyone reviewing the QBR presentation an at-a-glance view of where each activity stands. The Department field makes it clear which function like the sales team, customer success, marketing, etc., owns and is responsible for executing and reporting on the activity.

Under Categories, each QBR activity is organized by “People,” “Process,” or “Technology” so organizations can easily identify the big bucket groups each activity and department are tracking up to. Within each Category, tasks are labeled with a “QBR type” that makes it clear if a task needs review, is causing an issue, represents new goals, or needs to become an action item for the future quarter.

Finally, each task has an associated Completion Rate so that contributors and viewers get a bird’s-eye-view of how much work needs to be done to close the activity.

Business priorities change regularly, making it important for teams to know what requirements are still in flight, which have pivoted, and which have been stopped altogether. Without clear alignment on current and future goals, teams can easily spend time on the wrong work.

Any QBR agenda should include ample time to review key performance indicators from the previous quarters and how those KPIs may influence changes to goals and priorities for the upcoming quarter.

To bake change conversations into QBR meetings, ClickUp’s QBR Lane Board Template organizes tasks into four descriptive categories: “ Start,” “Stop,” Continue,” and “Change .” The template uses a Kanban Board to create a clear, vertical view of each category so there is no guesswork required by decision-makers during the QBR presentation.

Items in the Kanban Board can easily be dragged and dropped into different lanes as business priorities shift, making it simple for teams to follow up on the next steps.

A good QBR review needs to present critical information in a way that allows decision-makers to review at-a-glance and respond quickly. Leaders need to know if an activity might affect sales performance, employee productivity, or even an important customer’s business.

When a QBR presentation just includes a bunch of data, tasks, and information, it’s hard to uncover the big picture. The ClickUp QBR by Category Template places each activity into the larger context of business priorities, by organizing tasks by “People,” “Process,” or “Technology.”

Seeing how each activity impacts one of the three core components of the business can better answer key questions like, Do we need to focus more on employees and culture? Is there risk in our organizational operations? Are there gaps in our tech stack or infrastructure?

An effective QBR meeting should not only provide an overview of a company’s key performance indicators but also uncover key insights and actions to tackle before the next QBR meeting.

In fact, ClickUp’s Quarterly Business Review with action items template does just that. Based on the “OKR Type” Custom Field, the template only highlights items from the QBR meeting that are identified as “Action Items.” These action items are then organized in a List view by their respective statuses: “To do,” “In progress,” or “Complete.”

Within the easy-to-scan Action Items List View, decision-makers can see the activity driver, which team is responsible for the activity, and the completion rate of each activity. This bird’s-eye-view of action items makes it easy for leaders to assess what activities need attention and who to work with to make sure action is taken.

ClickUp Quarterly Report Template

A key part of QBR meetings is assessing company financials, including expenses, revenue, and cash flow. This is especially important for sales QBRs, customer success QBRs, and marketing and HR QBRs. By compiling and reviewing the financial information , business leaders can assess the company’s financial health by looking at its financial key performance indicators.

The ClickUp Quarterly Report Template creates a quarter-over-quarter view of company financials, breaking profit and loss (P&L) into four categories: Indirect cost, revenue, billings, and cash flow.

Working with finance data, you’re going to need to do a lot of math. The template includes directions for key formulas so you can easily automate important calculations like annual averages, pacing, and whether P&L is on or off track.

Creating financial transparency across business functions is key to building strong relationships between department leads and the finance team. Reviewing quarterly finances helps functional leaders get better at forecasting their team’s expenses and makes it easier for them to get approval for new investments and budgets.

ClickUp Quarterly Performance Review Template

Quarterly reviews offer an opportunity to build relationships across the organization and within each team. This is done through deep-dive employee performance reviews. Tying employee performance to business goals ensures everyone works toward the same objectives.

For instance, organizations are tirelessly trying to create customer value, so it makes sense that the performance of customer success managers and sales managers is tied to that goal. Those goals could be anything from prioritizing top deals from new customers, developing a training program to build stronger customer relationships, or simply improving a sales pitch.

Whatever an employee is being rated on, tying it into overarching company goals, it makes it easier to provide tangible feedback and create a sense of ownership from employees as they can see how their work is supporting the business.

The ClickUp Quarterly Performance Review Template makes it easy to connect employee performance to business performance. The template focuses on four review categories: Performance overview, goal achievement, process improvement, and work ethic. Each section comes with pre-formatted components to grade output from “excellent” to “poor,” as well as a section for managers to include detailed, bulleted feedback explaining the rating.

At the bottom of the performance review template is an acknowledgment section where both employee and manager include their overall comments and as well as their signature confirming they have read and committed to the review.

ClickUp Quarterly Roadmap Template

Effective QBR meetings will turn into robust action plans for the upcoming quarter. To make sure these actions are hit by the next QBR, teams need a clear roadmap.

The ClickUp Quarterly Roadmap Template uses a timeline view that groups necessary future actions into standard initiative categories and the month they are to be completed. For example, if upcoming features need to be released at a certain time for the next customer success QBR, that can be included in the template under “Research” and “Software” and set to deploy the month before the next QBR meeting.

By organizing quarterly goals into a roadmap, organizations can continue to build strong relationships across functions by developing a shared language and timeline around when and what they need to deliver .

ClickUp Quarterly Financial Report Template

We touched on financial reporting in template No. 5 above, but ClickUp’s Quarter Financial Report is a very deep dive into a company’s financial performance.

Now this is serious business. A Quarterly Financial Report, or QFR, is a compilation of unaudited financial data, like balance sheets and income statements, that are published by businesses every three months. These reports may also include year-to-date and comparative results like comparing the same quarter from the previous year to the current quarter.

ClickUp’s Quarterly Financial Report Template creates an at-a-glance view of quarter-over-quarter revenue and as well as expenses. For example, revenue is broken down into categories like “Service Fees,” “Product Sales,” “Interest Gain,” etc., with sections for year-to-date totals as well as increase and decrease indicators.

Context is always important when dealing with financials. The template also includes a section for highlights and lowlights from a sales, productivity, and budget perspective . This helps make sure your QBR presentation provides enough context for decision-makers to make sense of the data.

SlideTeam PowerPoint QBR Template

If PowerPoint is still your preferred method of managing your quarterly business reviews, this presentation template from Slide Team has you covered. This template comes with 80 ready-made PPT slides that allow you to plug and play with your quarterly highlights, key developments, financial summary, cash flow statements, and much more.

The presentation template also comes with sample slides to incorporate related topics into your QBR meeting like a product roadmap , SWOT analysis , org charts , and other topics that bring relevant but not recurring information into your meetings .

Template.net Microsoft Word QBR Template

If you are a Microsoft Office loyalist, you can get started with this Template.net Microsoft Word QBR Template. It takes a 30,000-foot view perspective of QBRs, with a focus on grading key performance indicators like profits execution, strategic alignment , development, and resource management.

The template also includes a comments section for reviewers to make recommendations on what needs to be done based on the above KPI assessment.

Get Started With the Right Template to Kick Off Your Next QBR

QBR meetings come in many different shapes and sizes. But the goal will always be the same – identify concerns and learnings from the previous quarter’s performance and develop an informed action plan for the next quarter.

Finding the right template for your next QBR presentation can make all the difference to align your team and hitting your goals.

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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Year-End Review Presentation

When the year comes to an end, it’s time to reflect on what worked for your business and what didn’t. A year-end review presentation can help you find solutions for any issues, and implement a strategy for company growth moving forward. Your end of year review presentation is a vital tool for presenting your findings to investors, upper management, or employees during all-hands meetings. 

Use our year-end review presentation template to:

  • Summarize how the company performed over the past year
  • Set goals for the future
  • Outline a strategy to meet future goals

Create a Memorable Year-End Review

Slides in your year-end review should clearly and easily explain high-level information to your audience. Add visual interest to our end of year review template by using graphs, timelines, tables, charts, and sales funnels to present your data. Each of these graphics are easy to add to your template, and customizable, too. Examples of slides to include in your presentation are:

Title Slide

Pro Tips for Your Year-End Review Presentation

Before putting together your year-end review presentation, consider these important tips.

At the beginning of your year-end review presentation, include an overall summary of the company’s mission, values, culture, and so on. It’ll provide context for the rest of your slides.

Celebrating company successes not only boosts morale, it gives you valuable insight into strategies you might use for the coming year.

Your end of year review presentation should begin with a company overview, talk about what you accomplished in the past year, then outline your goals for the coming year.

Even if your team didn’t meet the goals as expected, you can count those as learning experiences. Use them to adjust your plans and goals for the future.

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 Dropbox Pitch Deck

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PowerPoint  - Reviewing Presentations

Powerpoint  -, reviewing presentations, powerpoint reviewing presentations.

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PowerPoint: Reviewing Presentations

Lesson 26: reviewing presentations.



Before delivering your presentation, you might ask someone else to review it and give you feedback on your slides. You might even work with a collaborator to create a presentation together. If you were revising a hard copy, you could add comments in the margins or compare your rough and final drafts side by side. You can do these things in PowerPoint using the Comments and Compare features.

Optional: Download our practice presentation .

Watch the video below to learn more about PowerPoint's reviewing features.

Commenting on presentations

When revising or collaborating on a presentation, you might want to make notes or suggestions without actually changing the slide. Leaving a comment allows you to take note of something without altering the slide itself. Comments can be added and read by the original author or any other reviewers.

To add a comment:

selecting an object on the slide

  • The Comments pane will appear. In our example, it contains an existing comment by another review ( Javier ), plus a space for your comment.

adding a comment

Viewing comments

You can view or reply to any comment—including other reviewers' comments—by returning to the Comments pane. Simply click a comment icon on the slide, or click the Show Comments command on the Review tab.

showing comments

To edit a comment:

selecting a comment

To reply to a comment:

clicking the Reply option

Deleting comments

deleting a comment

Comparing presentations

There are situations in which you might end up with more than one version of the same presentation. For instance, you could create multiple drafts, or a collaborator or coworker could save their own unique copy.

You can easily compare and combine multiple versions using PowerPoint's Compare feature. This allows you to see the differences between two versions of the same presentation, so you can decide which changes to include in the final version.

To compare two presentations:

In this example, we'll be comparing two versions of the Internet Safety for Everyone presentation. To follow along, you'll need the original practice presentation ( powerpoint_reviewing_practice ), plus a version that's been slightly altered : internet safety - tim's edits .

  • Open one version of the presentation you want to compare. In this example, we'll start with powerpoint_reviewing_practice .

clicking the Compare command on the Review tab

  • The Revisions pane will appear, allowing you to compare the two presentations.

Click the buttons in the interactive below to learn how to review changes using the Compare feature.

using the Compare feature

Review Changes in the Slides Pane

Some changes, like Inserted or Deleted slides, will show up on the Slides pane. Click the revisions icon to see the change, then click the check box if you want to accept it.

Accepting Multiple Changes

In addition to reviewing changes individually, you can accept multiple changes at once. Click the Accept drop-down arrow, then choose either Accept All Changes to This Slide or Accept All Changes to the Presentation .

To compare your presentation with another version, click the Compare command. Next, locate and select the desired file .

Next Change

Use the Next command to view the next change in the presentation. You can also click Previous to go back to the previous one.

Ending the Review

When you're satisfied with the changes you've reviewed, click End Review . Only the changes you've accepted will be applied to the final presentation.

Revisions Pane: Slides

The Slides tab actually lets you preview the revised slide, so you can see the changes in action (as opposed to the Details tab, which only lists the changes).

Revisions Pane: Details

The Details tab lists every change that has been made to the current slide, as well as any comments. Click a change to see its location on the slide.

Review Changes on the Slide

Click the revisions icon anywhere it appears on a slide to see the changes that were made in that spot. To accept a revision, click the check box beside it. To reject a revision, leave the box unchecked.

Download our original practice presentation ( powerpoint_reviewing_practice ) and a slightly altered version ( internet safety - tim's edits ). If you already downloaded our practice files, be sure to download fresh copies.

  • Open powerpoint_reviewing_practice . On slide 9, add a comment somewhere on the slide that says Should we make this text larger?

Reviewing 1

  • On the last slide, delete the comment.

Reviewing Challenge 2

  • Use the Compare command to compare the original to the slightly altered version ( internet safety - tim's edits ).
  • Choose the Accept command and Accept All Changes to the Presentation .



17 Positive Review Examples and Response Templates

17 Positive Review Examples and Response Templates

In an increasingly connected world where everyone’s opinions are shared with a click, reviews are more powerful than ever. Statistics show that 95% of consumers now read online reviews, and as many as 88% trust them as much as personal recommendations.

Yet, acquiring these gold nuggets of advocacy can often feel as daunting as striking gold. So how do you motivate your customers to share their fantastic experiences and pen them into persuasive, positive reviews?

In this article, we’ll show you real-life examples of positive customer reviews. These review examples not only laud excellent customer experiences but are powerful tools that boost your online reputation and catalyze business success.

Let’s dive in and start crafting some five-star reputations.

Free Google Review Link Generator

Why Positive Reviews Matter?

Helping your customers craft the perfect positive review, 17 positive review examples by industry, 10 best practices for encouraging customers to leave positive reviews, how to respond to positive reviews and engage with customers, positive review response templates and examples, how demandhub can be your business growth partner.

The power of positive reviews is undeniable. A staggering 93% of consumers say online reviews impact their purchasing decisions. Businesses with excellent reviews have up to a 31% greater conversion rate than those with no or negative reviews.

Moreover, 72% of customers won’t act until they read reviews. Hence, the importance of positive customer feedback cannot be overstated.

Positive reviews are a clear endorsement of your product or service. They are a trust-building tool that increases the likelihood of driving prospective customers toward a purchase.

Let’s delve deeper into why positive reviews are the lifeblood of your business’s online presence and success.

Boosting Your Online Reputation

Your business reputation can make or break your business. Positive reviews can help build a robust online reputation and increase your visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs).

For 73% of consumers, the content of a review holds more weight than the star rating alone. This fact highlights positive reviews’ significant impact on shaping your business’s online image and cultivating trust among potential customers.

Additionally, Google uses reviews as a pivotal ranking factor, underlining their influence on search engine optimization (SEO). Fresh user-generated content, like reviews, accounts for 9.8% of total ranking factors, making them an indispensable element of SEO strategy.

Your online visibility grows with each positive review you get. You will rank higher on search engines if your business has more positive reviews. This leads to increased brand visibility and ultimately brings in more business.

Positive reviews can also help counteract negative reviews. Responding to it positively and professionally can show potential customers that you care about their experience and are willing to make things right. This can help mitigate the impact of negative reviews and maintain a positive online reputation.

Attracting New Customers

Positive reviews can be a powerful marketing tool. When potential customers see positive reviews from others who have used your product or service, they are more likely to choose your business.

5-star customer reviews give your business a competitive edge, swaying potential customers in your favor over your rivals.

Furthermore, 57% of consumers only use businesses with 4 stars or more, signifying the influence of positive reviews. So, positive reviews aren’t just feedback - they’re strategic assets for attracting new customers.

Encouraging Repeat Business

Positive reviews can also encourage repeat business. People with good experience with your business will return and recommend your product or service to others. This results in increased customer loyalty and a stronger customer base.

Also, positive customer reviews serve as a compass for improvement. By engaging with reviews, you gain insights into what customers appreciate and areas needing refinement. These insights help you improve customer experience and spark a cycle of ever-growing positive reviews.

In conclusion, positive reviews are essential for the success of any business. They can help boost your online reputation and SEO, attract new customers , and encourage repeat business.

Though five-star ratings are a beacon of success, they alone cannot narrate the full story of your stellar services. A rating, irrespective of how high, needs the support of a well-crafted, positive review to set your business apart.

Generic, plain reviews often fail to provide the comprehensive picture potential customers seek. Enhancing the quality of your reviews is crucial to attracting a larger customer base.

Before diving into positive review examples, let’s define what is a “good positive review?” While many might think a ‘good positive review’ is solely determined by a five-star rating, the reality is much more nuanced.

A truly valuable review has elements that go beyond just the star rating. Here are some phrases that commonly appear in positive reviews:

  • “I highly recommend this business.”
  • “Their customer service is second to none.”
  • “The product quality is consistently outstanding, exceeding my expectations every time.”
  • “I was completely impressed with their professionalism and customer service.”
  • “The ambiance here is always inviting and comfortable.”
  • “This is my go-to place for ‘X…’ - the best in town.”
  • “Their staff is not only friendly but also highly skilled.”
  • “Pricing is fair and transparent - definitely value for money.”
  • “Efficiency and punctuality are hallmarks of their service.”

Here are some tips for your customers on how to craft the perfect positive review:

Be Genuine and Specific

The goal is to go beyond the star rating. Instead of getting generic ‘great service’ praise, encourage your customers to share precise details about their positive experiences. This offers potential customers a more vivid picture of what they can expect from your business.

See how the following review is authentic, delves into specifics, and goes beyond the star rating:

Write a  Genuine and Specific Review

Receiving such detailed positive feedback highlights your business’s attention to detail and the authenticity of the customer’s experience. It goes a long way in fostering trust with potential customers.

When a customer invests time to craft a comprehensive review, it brings credibility to their five-star rating. Prospective customers might see a perfect rating with skepticism. However, a detailed, personalized review can instill trust and validate the high rating given to your business.

Highlight Key Features and Benefits

Aim to get positive reviews that not only compliment but also highlight the unique features and benefits of your business. These specifics help potential customers understand what sets your business apart from others.

For instance, consider this review for an auto shop: “The comprehensive services offered by this auto shop were impressive. I appreciate their extended working hours, which are highly convenient for busy individuals. They also provide a free vehicle health checkup with every service, emphasizing their commitment to the customer’s safety.”

Here’s a real-life example of a positive review highlighting key benefits:

Highlight Key Features and Benefits in the review

Receiving reviews that spotlight your business’s unique selling propositions (USPs) will attract prospects and help you know where your business is performing well.

Address Potential Concerns

Encourage positive reviews that not only highlight your business’s strengths but also address any potential customer concerns. This demonstrates that your business values discerning consumers who provide honest assessments.

For example, consider this review for a dentist’s office: “Although the wait time at this dentist’s office was longer than anticipated, the exceptional quality of care more than compensated for it. The staff exhibited friendliness, expertise, and ensured my comfort throughout the entire visit.”

Here’s another example of a positive review addressing potential concerns:

Address Potential Concerns

Your customers showcase fairness and honesty as a reviewer by addressing potential concerns in their reviews. This constructive feedback helps your businesses improve and deliver even better service in the future.

Contain User-Generated Content: Photos and Videos

Photos and videos add credibility and authenticity to the review, providing tangible evidence of the customer’s interaction with the product or service.

Visual content shows various aspects, such as a clinic’s ambiance, product quality, or the before-and-after results of a service. It adds authenticity, builds trust, and creates a more immersive storytelling experience.

Contain User-Generated Content: Photos and Videos

Businesses can benefit greatly by encouraging customers to share photos and videos. These visual aids provide valuable user-generated content that can attract more attention, engagement, and potential customers.

Contain User-Generated Content: Photos and Videos

Additionally, visual content can be shared on social media platforms, expanding the reach and visibility of the positive review beyond the review site.

Mentions Long-Term Customer Relationships

A positive review gains significant value when a customer mentions their long-standing relationship with your business, indicating a sustained and positive customer experience.

Consider the following example where the value of the review is greatly amplified by this added detail:

Mention Long-Term Customer Relationships

By showcasing the enduring customer relationship, this review becomes a compelling testament to the consistent excellence of the business. It offers potential customers valuable insights into the long-term satisfaction and trust that can be fostered over an extended period.

Features a Team Member’s Name

Review sites often challenge businesses to showcase their personality and humanize their brand. However, when a review goes the extra mile and mentions a team member by name, it creates a genuine connection with potential customers. This personal touch greatly improves the likelihood of customers choosing your business over competitors.

This aspect holds even greater significance in agent-based organizations like salons or real estate companies, where personalized recommendations reassure customers that they will receive individualized care.

See the positive review example below that mentions team members. You can witness this approach’s remarkable impact on building customer trust and fostering satisfaction.

Features a Team Member's Name

Now that you have a solid understanding of the value of generating positive reviews and their key components. However, reviews can vary in format and content based on the industry and platform.

Let’s explore 17 industry-specific positive review examples to provide a clearer picture and see how businesses can leverage them.

Reviews play a vital role in the healthcare industry, where trust and patient satisfaction are paramount. Potential patients heavily rely on reviews to make informed decisions about their healthcare providers.

In fact, 77% of patients read online reviews as their 1st step in finding a new doctor. And 84% wouldn’t consider a referred doctor if they have a rating of four stars or less. So, the more detailed the positive reviews, the better. Encourage patients to highlight specific aspects of your practice’s customer service and other notable features.

Patient reviews are a valuable marketing asset for your practice. They showcase the excellence of your services. You can prominently display them on your practice’s website and share them across social media channels to attract more patients to your door.

To help healthcare practices encourage their customers to share their experiences, here’s a template for a positive review:

You can even create these templates by copy and pasting them in your review request text messages .

In the fiercely competitive automotive industry, and social media channels.

By doing so, you can leverage the influence of positive reviews to gain a competitive edge. To help your customers in writing positive reviews for your business, here are some templates they can use as a starting point:

If you run a hair salon, you understand the importance of showcasing your professionalism, serviceability, and skill level to attract more clients. As an industry that thrives on customer satisfaction, it’s vital to stay informed about current trends and best practices.

Explore these positive review examples, which provide valuable insights into what customers appreciate and seek in hair salon experiences. Get positive reviews across top online review sites to boost your salon’s visibility.

Salons Review

Share these positive review templates with your customers to help them craft appreciation for your service:

Trust and reliability are essential in the mover’s industry. Positive reviews are crucial in this process, serving as testimonials highlighting your professionalism, efficiency, and excellent customer service.

Encourage happy customers to share their experiences on popular review platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Doing so can amplify your reputation and make you stand out in your industry.

Movers Review

Share these positive review templates with your customers to help them write testimonials for your business:

Retail Stores

When it comes to retail stores, several key factors contribute to their success in outshining the competition. These factors include the prime location, exceptional customer service, high-quality products, and customer service.

Retail Stores Review

While a higher star rating certainly helps, it is equally important for positive reviews to provide specific details, as demonstrated in the examples below. By highlighting these aspects, retail stores can effectively capture the attention of prospects and differentiate themselves in a crowded market.

A detailed Retail Stores Review

Your customers can use the following positive review templates to write a good review for your retail business:

Dental Clinics

Online reviews play a significant role in the dental industry. They give potential patients a good indication of what to expect from your dental practice . They also provide dentists with valuable feedback to help them improve and become the best practice.

Dental Clinics Review

You need a constant stream of new patients to grow your dental practice . And to get new patients, you need positive reviews. Dental reviews not only provide social proof of your business, but they also help increase patient trust.

Dental Clinics Review

In addition, dental clinic reviews can help dentists identify areas needing improvement. By reading honest patient feedback, dentists can find what works well and needs to be changed to offer the best possible care.

Identify areas of improvement from patient feedback

Most dentists have a tough time getting patients to leave reviews . Great news! You can share the following positive review templates with your patients to make leaving reviews a breeze:

Chiropractors and Physiotherapy Clinics

Many physicians hesitate to ask patients for online feedback as patient satisfaction is difficult to measure and can be inconsistent. But 7 out of 10 patients will provide an online review if asked .

Moreover, Google will rank your clinic higher on search results if you have more positive reviews. In fact, positive reviews can attract out-of-network patients to healthcare review websites .

A positive online review history could persuade patients to visit your clinic , even if you’re not in their insurance network. About 43% of potential patients are willing to go out of their insurance provider network for a provider with positive reviews.

Chiropractors and Physiotherapy Clinics Review

Some chiropractor or physiotherapy clinic positive review templates for your customers’ reference are:

Positive reviews are an invaluable asset for any business. You can establish a strong online reputation and attract new customers by providing excellent service and encouraging feedback. Use these examples and tips to craft a positive review and watch your business thrive.

Encouraging customers to leave positive reviews is a powerful way to enhance your online reputation and attract new customers. Here are some best practices to consider:

Offer Exceptional Service or Product

This is the most important point. Quality products or services will naturally encourage positive reviews. Ensure your customer service is top-notch and your product or service meets or exceeds expectations.

Ask for a Review

People are often willing to give reviews if asked. You can do this in person, over SMS, on receipts, or through social media. Ensure your request is polite, not pushy, and express your appreciation for their feedback.

Make it Easy

Your customers are busy. The less time and effort it takes, the more likely they will do it. Make the process of leaving a review as easy and intuitive as possible. If you’re asking for reviews via email, text , or website, provide a direct link to the review form.

Timing is Key

Timing can significantly influence the likelihood of receiving a review. Asking for a review immediately after purchase might not be the best strategy, as the customer hasn’t yet had time to experience your product or service.

Similarly, waiting too long could make the experience not fresh in their mind. Find a middle ground, such as a few days or weeks after the purchase or service completion.

On the other hand, for service-based businesses, it is important to ask for a review immediately after the treatment or services are provided while the experience is still fresh.

Respond to Reviews

Responding to positive and negative reviews shows that you value customer feedback. It also builds trust and rapport with your customers, which can encourage more reviews.

Incentivize Reviews

Offering small incentives can motivate customers to leave a review. This could be a discount on their next purchase, a small gift, or entry into a contest. Make sure any incentives adhere to the review policies of the platform you’re using.

Share Positive Reviews

Displaying positive reviews on your website, in-store, or on social media channels can serve as social proof. It also encourages others to leave positive reviews and attract new customers.

Address Negative Reviews

Don’t ignore or delete negative reviews . Instead, respond professionally and offer solutions to the issues raised. This shows that you care about customer feedback and are committed to improving. It may even turn a negative review into a positive one.

Train Your Staff

Ensure all your employees understand the importance of reviews and are trained to encourage customers to leave feedback. They should also know how to handle negative reviews or complaints in person.

Thank Customers for Their Reviews

Show appreciation to customers who take the time to leave a review. Simple thank yous can go a long way and encourage them to leave reviews in the future.

Remember, staying ethical and fair in your pursuit of reviews is important. Don’t fall into the trap of buying reviews or creating fake ones, as this can harm your reputation in the long run.

When responding to positive reviews, express your gratitude and acknowledge the specifics of their praise. Personalize your response to show that you value the time and effort they took to write the review.

For example, “Thank you, [Customer’s Name], for your kind words. We’re thrilled to hear that you enjoyed [specific product/service/aspect they praised] and look forward to serving you again.”

How to Respond to Positive Reviews and Engage with Customers?

Engaging with customers goes beyond just responding to reviews. Regularly interact with them on social media platforms, emails, or review sites. Use these interactions to acknowledge their positive experiences and learn more about their needs and expectations.

How to Respond to Positive Reviews and Engage with Customers?

Always maintain a professional, courteous, and friendly tone. Encourage conversations, ask for their opinions, or offer valuable content. Remember, every interaction is an opportunity to build a strong relationship and foster customer loyalty.

How to Respond to Positive Reviews and Engage with Customers?

At times, the most daunting part of review management is finding the right words to use in your responses. Here are a few positive review response templates you could use as a starting point when responding to reviews.

  • Happy Customer: “We’re over the moon to hear that you enjoyed our service. Your kind words truly mean a lot to us. We’re looking forward to serving you again soon! Thank you.”
  • Compliment on Product Quality: “Dear [Customer’s Name], we’re thrilled that you’re enjoying our [product]. We take pride in the quality of our products and your feedback validates our efforts. We appreciate your support and can’t wait to continue providing you with the best in the future. Thank you!”
  • Praise for Customer Service: “Hello [Customer’s Name], we’re so pleased to hear that our customer service team met your expectations. We strive to provide excellent service to each and every customer. Your feedback helps us continue our efforts. Looking forward to serving you again, thank you!”
  • Compliment on Quick Delivery: “Hi [Customer’s Name], we’re glad to hear that your order reached you promptly! We understand the importance of quick and efficient delivery, and we’re happy we could meet your expectations. Your kind words are much appreciated. Thank you for choosing us.”
  • Appreciation of Business Ethics/Values: “Dear [Customer’s Name], your appreciation for our business values means the world to us. It is customers like you who encourage us to stay true to our principles. Thank you for your kind words, we look forward to serving you in the future.”

Remember, while these are templates, it’s always better to personalize your responses based on the specifics of each review to show customers that you truly value their feedback.

Managing customer reviews effectively is an essential part of successful business operations. Positive reviews do more than boost your online reputation. These prove the high quality of your products or services, solidifying trust with your existing customers and attracting potential ones.

The templates provided in the article offer you a launching pad to construct meaningful and engaging positive reviews and responses, fostering a deeper bond with your clientele.

Remember, each positive review represents a golden opportunity for engagement, growth, and learning. DemandHub can make this process smoother by offering features like a unified inbox, enabling you to manage all customer conversations in one place.

DemandHub’s web chat helps convert website visitors into potential customers through real-time interactions. Text messaging allows you to request payments and reviews, book appointments , and promptly communicate important information to your customers.

By automating review requests and efficiently managing feedback, DemandHub facilitates getting more positive reviews and responding to them effectively.

Implementing Demandhub in your review management strategy can help you stay on top of your business’s online reputation and engage more effectively with your customers.

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How to Respond to Google Reviews

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Book Review

Book review presentation, free google slides theme, powerpoint template, and canva presentation template.

Review your favourite book with this geometric template. We have included some maps, chapter timelines and percentages to help you with your task. Keep reading!

Features of this template

  • A simple design with geometric patterns
  • 100% editable and easy to modify
  • 33 different slides to impress your audience
  • Contains easy-to-edit graphics such as tables, charts, diagrams and maps
  • Includes 500+ icons and Flaticon’s extension for customizing your slides
  • Designed to be used in Google Slides, Canva, and Microsoft PowerPoint
  • 16:9 widescreen format suitable for all types of screens
  • Includes information about fonts, colors, and credits of the free resources used

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My Book Reviews presentation template

Premium template

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Book Recommendations presentation template

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REVIEW article

Correlation and singular optics for diagnostics of structured light and condensed matter: time-stationary and spatio-temporal approaches provisionally accepted.

  • 1 Chernivtsi University, Ukraine
  • 2 Odessa I.I.Mechnikov National University, Ukraine
  • 3 Research Institute of Zhejiang University-Taizhou, China

The final, formatted version of the article will be published soon.

The review describes the principles and examples of practical realization of diagnostic approaches based on the coherence theory, optical singularities and interference techniques. The presentation is based on the unified correlation-optics and coherence-theory concepts. The applications of general principles are demonstrated by several examples including the study of inhomogeneities and fluctuations in water solutions and methods for sensitive diagnostics of random phase objects (e.g., rough surfaces). The specific manifestations of the correlation-optics paradigms are illustrated in applications to non-monochromatic fields structured both in space and time. For such fields, the transient patterns of the internal energy flows (Poynting vector distribution) and transient states of polarization are described. The single-shot spectral interference is analyzed as a version of the correlation-optics approach adapted to ultra-short light pulses. As a characteristic example of such pulses, uniting the spatio-temporal and singular properties, the spatio-temporal optical vortices are considered in detail; their properties, methods of generation, diagnostics, and possible applications are exposed and characterized. Prospects of further research and applications are discussed.

Keywords: Correlation optics, coherence, aqueous-solution diagnostics, Optical singularity, Random phase object, Polychromatic light, internal energy flows, spatio-temporal optical vortex

Received: 07 Feb 2024; Accepted: 10 May 2024.

Copyright: © 2024 Angelsky, Bekshaev, Maksimyak, Mokhun, Zenkova, Gotsylskiy, Ivanskyi and Zheng. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY) . The use, distribution or reproduction in other forums is permitted, provided the original author(s) or licensor are credited and that the original publication in this journal is cited, in accordance with accepted academic practice. No use, distribution or reproduction is permitted which does not comply with these terms.

* Correspondence: Mx. Jun Zheng, Research Institute of Zhejiang University-Taizhou, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, 318000, China

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10 Best Literature Review Templates for Scholars and Researchers [Free PDF Attached]

review presentation example

Imagine being in a new country and taking a road trip without GPS. You would be so lost. Right? Similarly, think about delving into a topic without having a clue or proper understanding of the reason behind studying it. 

That’s when a well-written literature review comes to the rescue. It provides a proper direction to the topic being studied. 

The literature review furnishes a descriptive overview of the existing knowledge relevant to the research statement. It is a crucial step in the research process as it enables you to establish the theoretical roots of your field of interest, elucidate your ideas, and develop a suitable methodology. A literature review can include information from various sources, such as journals, books, documents, and other academic materials. This promotes in-depth understanding and analytical thinking, thereby helping in critical evaluation.

Regardless of the type of literature review — evaluative, exploratory, instrumental, systematic, and meta-analysis, a well-written article consists of three basic elements: introduction, body, and conclusion. Also its essence blooms in creating new knowledge through the process of review, critique, and synthesis.

But writing a literature review can be difficult. Right?

Relax, our collection of professionally designed templates will leave no room for mistakes or anxious feelings as they will help you present background information concisely. 

10 Designs to Rethink Your Literature Reviews

These designs are fully customizable to help you establish links between your proposition and already existing literature. Our PowerPoint infographics are of the highest quality and contain relevant content. Whether you want to write a short summary or review consisting of several pages, these exclusive layouts will serve the purpose. 

Let’s get started.

Template 1: Literature Review PPT Template

This literature review design is a perfect tool for any student looking to present a summary and critique of knowledge on their research statement. Using this layout, you can discuss theoretical and methodological contributions in the related field. You can also talk about past works, books, study materials, etc. The given PPT design is concise, easy to use, and will help develop a strong framework for problem-solving. Download it today.

Literature Review PowerPoint Presentation

Download this template

Template 2: Literature Review PowerPoint Slide

Looking to synthesize your latest findings and present them in a persuasive manner? Our literature review theme will help you narrow relevant information and design a framework for rational investigation. The given PPT design will enable you to present your ideas concisely. From summary details to strengths and shortcomings, this template covers it all. Grab it now.

Literature Review Slide

Template 3: Literature Review Template

Craft a literature review that is both informative and persuasive with this amazing PPT slide. This predesigned layout will help you in presenting the summary of information in an engaging manner. Our themes are specifically designed to aid you in demonstrating your critical thinking and objective evaluation. So don't wait any longer – download our literature review template today.

Literature Review

Template 4: Comprehensive Literature Review PPT Slide

Download this tried-and-true literature review template to present a descriptive summary of your research topic statement. The given PPT layout is replete with relevant content to help you strike a balance between supporting and opposing aspects of an argument. This predesigned slide covers components such as strengths, defects, and methodology. It will assist you in cutting the clutter and focus on what's important. Grab it today.

Literature Review Template

Template 5: Literature Review for Research Project Proposal PPT

Writing a literature review can be overwhelming and time-consuming, but our project proposal PPT slides make the process much easier. This exclusive graphic will help you gather all the information you need by depicting strengths and weaknesses. It will also assist you in identifying and analyzing the most important aspects of your knowledge sources. With our helpful design, writing a literature review is easy and done. Download it now.

Literature Review for Research Project Proposal PPT

Template 6: Literature Review for Research Project Proposal Template

Present a comprehensive and cohesive overview of the information related to your topic with this stunning PPT slide. The given layout will enable you to put forward the facts and logic to develop a new hypothesis for testing. With this high-quality design, you can enumerate different books and study materials taken into consideration. You can also analyze and emphasize the technique opted for inquiry. Get this literature review PowerPoint presentation template now.

Literature Review for Research Project Proposal

Template 7: Literature Review for Research Paper Proposal PowerPoint Slide

Lay a strong foundation for your research topic with this impressive PowerPoint presentation layout. It is easy to use and fully customizable. This design will help you describe the previous research done. Moreover, you can enlist the strengths and weaknesses of the study clearly. Therefore, grab it now.

Literature Review for Research Paper Proposal Template

Template 8: Literature Review for Research Paper Proposal PPT

Download this high-quality PPT template and write a well-formatted literature review. The given layout is professionally designed and easy to follow. It will enable you to emphasize various elements, such as materials referred to, past work, the list of books, approach for analysis, and more. So why wait? Download this PowerPoint design immediately.

Literature Review for Research Paper Proposal

Template 9: Literature Review for Academic Student Research Proposal PPT

With this exclusive graphic, you'll have everything you need to create a well-structured and convincing literature review. The given design is well-suited for students and researchers who wish to mention reliable information sources, such as books and journals, and draw inferences from them. You can even focus on the strong points of your study, thereby making an impactful research statement. Therefore, grab this PPT slide today.

Literature Review for Academic Student Research Proposal Template

Template 10: Literature Review Overview for Research Process PPT

Demonstrate your analytical skills and understanding of the topic with this predesigned PowerPoint graphic. The given research overview PPT theme is perfect for explaining what has been done in the area of your topic of interest. Using this impressive design, you can provide an accurate comparison showcasing the connections between the different works being reviewed. Get it right away.  

Literature Review Design Template

Creating an effective literature review requires discipline, study, and patience. Our collection of templates will assist you in presenting an extensive and cohesive summary of the relevant works. These PPT layouts are professionally designed, fully editable, and visually appealing. You can modify them and create perfect presentations according to your needs. So download them now!

P.S. Are you looking for a way to communicate your individual story? Save your time with these predesigned book report templates featured in this guide . 

Download the free Literature Review Template PDF .

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Top 11 Book Report Templates to Tell Your Inspirational Story [Free PDF Attached]

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    Free Google Slides theme, PowerPoint template, and Canva presentation template. An annual review can be quite useful for companies, as they summarize all the accomplishments and goals met during last year. In this template we've focused on a modern and professional look. All the backgrounds contain photos of a city at night and the layouts are ...

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    This fully customizable Google Slides and PowerPoint template can assist you in structuring your review seamlessly. Featuring a vibrant yellow design with captivating book illustrations, this template is designed to facilitate the organization and presentation of your research. Navigate your audience through chapters, themes, and references ...

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    The review describes the principles and examples of practical realization of diagnostic approaches based on the coherence theory, optical singularities and interference techniques. The presentation is based on the unified correlation-optics and coherence-theory concepts. The applications of general principles are demonstrated by several examples including the study of inhomogeneities and ...

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    Template 4: Comprehensive Literature Review PPT Slide. Download this tried-and-true literature review template to present a descriptive summary of your research topic statement. The given PPT layout is replete with relevant content to help you strike a balance between supporting and opposing aspects of an argument.