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  1. Security Studies

    Learn how to research the major threats and strategies to international and national security from a policy-relevant perspective. This five-year program combines social science training, regional focus, and technical and scientific aspects of security issues.

  2. Public Policy PhD in National Security Studies

    Liberty's public policy online PhD in security studies is divided into 4 sections: core policy courses, research-focused courses, national security courses, and a dissertation sequence. In the ...

  3. Georgetown Security Studies

    The Security Studies Program's mission is to teach a new generation of analysts, policymakers, and scholars to think critically and act responsibly in the face of the 21st century's most pressing national and international security problems.

  4. Security Studies Ph.D.

    The Security Studies PhD program at UCF is a fast-paced, focused program for people who have already completed an MA in a related field. Students complete coursework and write their dissertation in as little as three years, which makes it well-suited for advanced students, people with professional experience, and military officers who want to ...

  5. Online Doctor of Global Security (DGS)

    Tuition & Fees. Doctor of Global Security Total Costs: $50,054 plus dissertation credits. Year One= $20,022 (3 terms x $6,674) Year Two= $20,022 (3 terms x $6,674) Plus all residency costs for a personalized international experience. Year Three = $10,010 (2 terms x $5,005)

  6. Welcome

    The Department of National Security Affairs (NSA) offers fully accredited programs leading to the Master of Arts in Security Studies, as well as a Ph.D. program in Security Studies.In addition to specializing in traditional security domains such as nuclear proliferation, arms control, maritime strategy, interstate wars, insurgency, terrorism and homeland security, the NSA department conducts ...

  7. International and National Security Policy

    The concentration in International Policy Studies aims to train the next generation of policy leaders who will go on to influence policy making in trade, foreign affairs, security, economic development and the environment. Note that the courses below are not an exhaustive list; students may select other courses for their concentration with the ...

  8. Security Studies Doctorate

    The online Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in security studies will help prepare you for a career in research, teaching, foreign policymaking and military service through a broad exploration of topics, including war, civil conflicts, insurgencies, terrorism, foreign policymaking and international affairs. Students will receive an interdisciplinary ...

  9. Home

    MIT Security Studies Program Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1 Amherst St., E40, 4th floor Cambridge, MA 02139 [email protected]. Accessibility

  10. Doctor of Defense and Strategic Studies

    This professional doctoral degree prepares you for high-level roles in today's security community. Explore the policies, theories and methods used in diplomacy and defense. Advise on security issues. Get the best training and knowledge as you study under experts in the field.

  11. Degrees

    PhD Program. 694: Doctor of Philosophy in Security Studies . degrees about. The National Security Affairs Department offers fully accredited programs leading to the Master of Arts in Security Studies. Master of Arts degrees always entail concentration in a particular regional or topical specialty, which is noted as part of the degree.

  12. Security Studies (PhD) Degree

    Out of State. $369.65 per credit hour. Learn more about the cost to attend UCF. The Security Studies doctoral program is designed to produce specialists capable of analyzing and communicating security issues to policy makers, the general public, the government, and academia. Many graduates will work in military and other governmental ...

  13. Military, Security and Strategic Studies

    Our PhD program addresses a critical need for analysts who can study and assess the multitude of security threats that exist around the world, emphasizing the importance of both a theoretical and policy perspective. This thesis-based degree is focused on interdisciplinary work and is designed to help students interact with military officers ...

  14. Ph.D. Program

    Ph.D Program (Masters Degree is required to apply to the Ph.D Program) This is a rigorous, interdisciplinary program intended to prepare its students for careers in research, teaching, and security and international affairs through a broad exploration of social science and historical methodologies as well as topics relating to security issues.

  15. Doctor of Statecraft and National Security (Professional)

    This program is designed to educate national security professionals in the art of employing the integrated instruments of national power to achieve the ends of policy. 52 Credit Hours (beyond an MA) Three years to complete with full-time student status. The Doctor of Statecraft and National Security (Professional) (DSNS) is a degree tailored ...

  16. National Security, Intelligence, Defense

    Center for International Security Studies. The Center for International Security Studies (CISS) provides a home for the study and debate of national and international security — generating new knowledge in this field and educating the next generation of strategic thinkers and decision-makers.

  17. Security Studies

    With a faculty drawn from the alphabet agencies and think tanks of nearby Washington, D.C., the Schar School of Policy and Government's security studies programs take students on an immersive academic experience unlike any other. Our programs prepare students to become leaders who face down the country's and the world's largest challenges in policy, intelligence, terrorism, biodefense ...

  18. Security Studies

    Security Studies - Department of National Security Affairs. Categories Navigation. Regional Studies / Security Studies / Publications Security Studies Accordian. ... Provide defense-focused graduate education, including classified studies and interdisciplinary research, to advance the operational effectiveness, technological leadership and ...

  19. Doctor of Strategic Intelligence Degree

    Tuition & Fees. Doctor of Strategic Intelligence Total Costs: $50,054 plus dissertation credits. Year One= $20,022 (3 terms x $6,674) Year Two= $20,022 (3 terms x $6,674) Plus all residency costs. Year Three = $10,010 (2 terms x $5,005) Continuing registration during the dissertation phase is $863 per term.

  20. National Security PHD Programs 2024+

    According to the BLS, the employment for Emergency Management Directors is projected to grow 3 percent, 900 openings each year, from 2022 to 2032. Analytical chemists might also be the product of a Ph.D. in national defense and in 2022, there were 95,000 of them employed in the United States ( BLS ).