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hero the bullet movie review


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Aaradugula Bullet Movie Review

Release Date : October 08,2021

123telugu.com Rating : 2.5/5

Starring: Gopichand, Nayanthara, Prakash Raj, Brahmanandam, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Abhimanyu Singh

Director: B Gopal

Producers: Tandra Ramesh

Music Director: Mani Sharma

Cinematography : M Balamurugan

Editor: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao

Aaradugula Bullet is a film that has been stuck with its release for over four years now. The action drama has finally managed to release today and let’s see how it is.

Siva (Gopichand) is a careless youth who loves his family to death. But his father (Prakash Raj) hates the fact that Siva is aimless in life. Siva falls in love with Nayana (Nayanthara) and just when things seem to be going fine, a dreaded don (Abhimanyu Singh) grabs the land of Siva’s father. The rest of the story is about how Siva fights against all odds and saves his property and wins his dad’s heart as well.

Plus Points:

Gopichand suits the role perfectly and looks young. He does well in all the fights and has been showcased well by director B Gopal. Nayan looks gorgeous and shares good chemistry with Gopichand.

Prakash Raj plays a key role and gives an emotional performance. The track of misunderstanding between the father and son has been handled well. Also, the chemistry between Gopichand and Nayanthara looks good.

The first half is packed well with passable romance, drama, and family emotions. The film also has late actors, MS Narayana and Jayaprakash Reddy who evoke decent comedy along with Brahmanandam.

Minus Points:

The villain is the weakest link of the film and does not create that kind of an impact. Yet another major issue of the film is that everything is showcased in the first half itself and there is nothing left for the latter part.

Also, as the film has been stuck with the release for a long time, the backdrop, story, and emotions look outdated. The father-son hate story has been narrated in so many films earlier.

Technical Aspects:

On the whole, Aaradugula Bullet is a routine action drama that clicks well in the first half. The second half goes for a toss with forced emotions. The film has decent action scenes but that does not help the film in the latter part making it a dull watch this weekend.

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

Click Here For Telugu Version

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‘Kill’ Is the Over-the-Top Action Film of the Summer

The film festival favorite is a tidal wave of carnage that approaches R-rated cartoon levels of bloodshed—and it’s a total blast.

Nick Schager

Nick Schager

Entertainment Critic

Lakshya in Kill.

Roadside Attractions

Kill ’s title card doesn’t arrive until the film’s 45-minute mark, at which point this delirious Indian action affair goes from being conventionally violent to jaw-droppingly, eye-poppingly, gasp-inducingly brutal. A no-holds-barred free-for-all that delivers exactly what it promises, Nikhil Nagesh Bhat’s feature has scant time for story and even less for character development. What it does boast, however, are brawls marked by the sort of viciousness that genre fans weaned on domestic ( John Wick , Atomic Blonde ) and foreign ( The Villainess , Carter ) bloodbaths have come to demand. Arriving in theaters on July 4 following its appearances at the Toronto , Sundance , and Tribeca Film Festivals , it’s a model midnight-movie beat-’em-up.

Amrit (Lakshya, in his big-screen debut) and his best pal Viresh (Abhishek Chauhan) are National Security Guard commandos and best friends,. After returning from their latest army mission, Amrit discovers that in his absence, his beloved girlfriend Tulika (Tanya Maniktala) has been forced by her father to accept another man’s marriage proposal. Upset by this news, Amrit attends the engagement party with the intention of running away with Tulika, but she balks at this plan. Far from dissuaded, Amrit subsequently tells Viresh that he’s not giving up on his and Tulika’s future because, “Bro, our love is much more powerful than her dad.” “What a line, Captain!” responds Viresh, undoubtedly because there’s nothing either of them likes more than starting each sentence with “bro.”

Amrit is a manly man whose every shirtless pose, intense stare, and turned head is accompanied by an over-the-top musical cue. In the wake of his failed attempt to elope with Tulika, he boards the evening train that she and her family—including teenage sister Aahna (Adrija Sinha) and dad Baldeo Singh Thakur (Harsh Chhaya), who’s a wealthy business magnate—are taking to Delhi. Out of the watchful eyes of her clan, Amrit proposes to Tulika in a bathroom, and she accepts. This should, in theory, create some conflict considering that Tulika is now betrothed to two different beaus, but Kill ignores those complications. The later revelation that Baldeo never knew about Amrit even though he’s been dating Tulika for four years (!) proves a similar bit of nonsensicality that’s never adequately explained.

This might matter if Kill were a romantic drama. Yet given that it’s not, such puzzling details are quickly drowned out by a tidal wave of carnage. Unbeknownst to its passengers, the train is packed with bandits whose boss Beni (Ashish Vidyarthi) is orchestrating things from a van at an upcoming stop. His lead crook is his son Fani (Raghav Juyal), a handsome if “scrawny” villain whose ruthlessness is dispensed with a taunting smile. Fani and his crew are initially interested in robbing the train’s passengers. However, upon learning that Baldeo is present, Fani changes plans and opts to kidnap the tycoon. This would be a smart move if not for the fact that Amrit and Viresh don’t take kindly to criminals, especially ones that are menacing their girlfriend’s relatives, and during an initial fight, Viresh kills Beni’s brother, thereby further enraging the baddies.

Once Beni joins Fani on the train and hears about his sibling’s death, the bandits go into full-on vengeance mode, and if their unjustified fury weren’t funny enough—they did, after all, start this entire sadistic affair!—their incessant weeping over the murder of their no-good comrades is the height of hilarity. Rarely have action-movie scoundrels shed so many tears as in Kill , rendering them a bunch of evil babies who deserve all the punishment they receive. As it turns out, that’s plenty, since Amrit is as lethal as he is handsome—a winning combination that the director plays up in a series of escalating set pieces.

Kill is rather straightforward for its first third and then, following a tragic slaying, goes absolutely bananas, with Amrit taking out adversaries in every conceivable manner. Unlike the jokiness of Bullet Train , Bhat stages his mayhem with ruthless grimness and, on a few occasions, unhinged goriness.

Lakshya in Kill.

Lakshya in Kill .

Often taking on multiple simultaneous attackers in cramped compartment walkways and bathroom vestibules, Amrit smashes one guy’s face in with a fire extinguisher, throws a dagger into another bandit’s mouth, slashes and stabs henchmen with a machete, bludgeons others with a sledgehammer, throws numerous men into walls and windows (as well as out of open doors), and snaps limbs in a variety of creative ways. No matter that he takes as many blows as he dishes out (with his fists, his feet, and his weapons), Amrit is an unstoppable assassin. Eventually, even his enemies begin thinking twice about continuing this foolhardy venture—not that they’re offered many chances to escape.

While mowing his way through these outlaws (who number in the forties!), Amrit strives to protect Tulika and her father as well as to save Aahna and Viresh, who’s in bad shape courtesy of these skirmishes. These threads are largely irrelevant but they do give some basic shape to Bhat’s script, which additionally boasts a subplot—involving a heavyset passenger who tries to aid Amrit in his cause—that takes a confusing twist and then is dropped without resolution. From a basic storytelling standpoint, Kill is melodramatic and a tad sloppy. Yet neither of those things diminishes its basic slam-bang muscle. Nor does the fact that Amrit recovers from his severe injuries with video game-esque speed; give him a few seconds to let his figurative health meter replenish, and he’s good as new!

By the time Amrit is stringing up corpses in a darkly lit car in order to transform it into a haunted house-style trap for Fani, Beni, and the rest of their accomplices (who all seem to be related), Kill has long since devolved into an R-rated cartoon about good and bad guys who are equally consumed with revenge. It’s only Fani, in fact, who’s motivated less by personal grudges than by wholesale greed, although that’s not enough to spare him from Amrit’s wrath. Taking its cue from myriad ’80s action blockbusters, it unashamedly has its hero proclaim about the bandits, “They'll get off this train for sure… but only for their funeral.” With that sort of cheeky attitude fueling its knockout bouts of chaos and cruelty, Bhat’s film earns its crimson-stained stripes.

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hero the bullet movie review

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hero the bullet movie review

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Aaradugula Bullet

0 /5 Filmibeat

  • Cast & Crew

Aaradugula Bullet Story

Aaradugula bullet cast & crew.


Aaradugula Bullet Crew Info

Cinematography NA
Editor NA
Budget TBA
Box Office TBA
OTT Platform TBA
OTT Release Date TBA

Aaradugula Bullet Trailer

Aaradugula Bullet Videos

Aaradugula Bullet Movie Trailer

Aaradugula Bullet News

Aaradugula Bullet Full Movie Leaked Online For Free Download

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Aaradugula Bullet

In this Aaradugula Bullet film, Gopichand , Nayanthara played the primary leads.

The Aaradugula Bullet was released in theaters on 08 Oct 2021.

The Aaradugula Bullet was directed by B.Gopal

Movies like Laila , Double iSmart , RT 75 and others in a similar vein had the same genre but quite different stories.

The Aaradugula Bullet had a runtime of 140 minutes.

The soundtracks and background music were composed by Mani Sharma for the movie Aaradugula Bullet.

The movie Aaradugula Bullet belonged to the Action,Romance, genre.

Aaradugula Bullet User Review

  • Movie rating


Akash 2547 Days Ago

The movie trailer is super..I think movie is super duper hit. Im big fan of gopi sir.Im watched u r all movies its very different roles

Minaketan Mohanta 2586 Days Ago

trailer isa very good bullet is a hit the theatre i am waiting for the movie i am big fan gopichand ilike this movie i am waiting for the movie bullet trailer is a very good sir

Prasanna kumar 3330 Days Ago

Opi sir iam waiting for this movie ......

krishna 3746 Days Ago

Abhinay 3819 days ago.

hiiiiiiiiiiiii..sir im ur big fan,,,,,im waiting for this movie..........

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Hero Mavrick 440 vs Honda CB350 vs Royal Enfield Bullet 350 comparison video

Which flavour of air-cooled retro is best for you? Dinshaw Magol helps you choose.

Published on Jul 05, 2024 10:49:00 AM

hero the bullet movie review

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hero the bullet movie review

Hero Mavrick 440 vs Honda CB350 vs Royal Enfield Bullet 3...

709 Views | 5 hours ago

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hero the bullet movie review

hero the bullet movie review

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hero the bullet movie review

Hero movie review: Rishab Shetty, Ganavi Laxman are gloriously over-the-top in a riot of comedy, action and romance

It’s difficult to summarise the exact story of Hero; but when you leave the theatre, you feel like thanking the makers for giving you a hearty laugh, even if from behind a mask.

Hero movie review: Rishab Shetty, Ganavi Laxman are gloriously over-the-top in a riot of comedy, action and romance

Language: Kannada

You know a film is working when you root for what’s happening on screen despite two intervals, one introduced by the theatre, at a most inopportune moment. This, when even one interval is one too many for a genre-defying film high on life, love, and laughter and action.

This is a film where you’ll come back speaking of the ‘hero’, ‘heroine’, ‘doctor’ and ‘villain’, because no one is ever referred to by name! That the team of Hero had fun making the film is evident as scene after scene unfolds, held together by great performances, smart writing and some out-of-the-world background score by Ajaneesh Loknath. When was the last time the villain (Pramod Shetty doing very effective Pramod Shetty things) was introduced to a deeply addictive classical score?

At its heart, Hero is the love story of a gloriously over-the-top Rishab Shetty and Ganavi Laxman, who plays a dignified woman with a spine of steel caught in an abusive marriage and who still finds a reason to smile — this core has a grand scaffolding of hand-to-hand action (national award-winning stunt choreographer Vikram Mor and Rishab Shetty) and dark humour. A love torn apart by circumstances resurfaces during a very strange night, and the orchestra for those aching glances, tender half-smiles and the quiet understanding are gunfire, bombs being hurled, a chase led by a panting dog, and blood-hungry men out on the prowl. Oh, there’s a pet crocodile with digestive issues too — it refuses to eat, and that makes the villain very, very sad.

His den is the Ashokavana estate, and it’s easy to draw parallels between the villain and Ravana and the heroine and Seetha. Only, here instead of an emissary like Hanuman, the hero himself goes to bring back his love.

The characters have hearts, but are practical. She is upset he did not leave a movie half-way for her. He stayed because he paid extra for a balcony ticket. A veterinarian (Anirudh Mahesh) torn between possible death at the hands of the villains or death by hunger chooses the former, and gets ready to pare open a huge jackfruit, but only after tapping a few to check if one is ripe enough. Even in the end, he’s in character. There are dead people around, a croc on the prowl, but the cook has made biryani. Of course, he stays back for food!

Each character has a quirk that’s celebrated on screen. Kiran Kinna is the cook who seems to know yet not really know. He yearns to keep narrating his not-very-successful attempts at love, even as he lives amid men who don’t hesitate to mow down people or butterflies.

One of the henchmen, a well-built man with the voice of a baby, is all brute power, but if push comes to shove — he’d prefer chasing a wild boar through the forest even when the man he’s tasked to stop is right in front of him.

These people make Hero come alive. Add to this potent mix Rishab, who’s having a dream run on screen. In this movie alone, he’s an angry ex-lover, a tipsy barber, a repentant former boyfriend, someone who can handle being beaten but cannot see his love being injured, and a person who cannot resist a wise-crack, or a bottle or two of liquor.

Ganavi’s eyes and face draw you into her misery — she’s athigae (sister-in-law) to all, but has no one to bat for her who gets beaten black and blue for everything, till she draws strength from a sizzling cooker!

The film has been written by Bharath Raj and Anirudh Mahesh. Rishab Shetty, the lead actor and producer, is one of the co-writers. The verbal punches keep landing, one after the other, and it takes good writing to make you laugh in the middle of a gruesome scene. I’ll just stop with saying this has something to do with the crocodile.

There are very many strands, and each of them is tied neatly to the other. A film can celebrate mad-cap humour, but it needs a neat foundation to build it on, and Hero gets that right. Credit to debut director Bharath Raj for keeping a tight rein on the proceedings. He also does double duty as a henchman. Quite looking forward to his next work.

The past year has been surreal, and Hero is also therapy for the eyes. The place where it was shot during the COVID-19 lockdown — Chikkamagaluru — has been captured in all its misty green glory by cinematographer Arvind S Kashyap. The vast expanse frees you up in so many ways.

If someone asks you what’s the story, it’s difficult to narrate. But, if someone asks you if you had a good time watching Hero , you’d nod vigorously. Right at the beginning, a card reads: ‘Thanks For Coming To The Theatre’. When you leave, you feel like thanking them for giving you a chance to laugh, even if through a mask.

PS: Bharath has ensured you’ll never ever look at a pressure cooker weight the same way again!

PPS: The heroes were also the 50-odd audience in the hall who stayed masked up!

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hero the bullet movie review

Aaradugula Bullet

  • Gopichand (Hero)
  • Nayanthara (Heroine)
  • B. Gopal (Director)
  • Mani Sharma (Music Director)
  • Thandra Ramesh (producer)

Watch Trailer

Aaradugula Bullet, which translates to “Six-foot bullet,” is an action movie released in 2021 in Telugu by Indian filmmaker B. Gopal and writer Vakkantham Vamsi.Under the auspices of Jaya Balaji Real Media, the film is produced by Thandra Ramesh and features Gopichand and Nayanthara. Mani Sharma wrote the music for the picture. Due to financial difficulties, the film’s release was postponed from its original June 9, 2017, release date. The movie opened in theatres on October 8, 2021. The song “Attarintiki Daredi” (2013) served as the inspiration for the movie’s title. This marks M. S. Narayana, the renowned comedian,’s final film. Critics gave it varying to negative reviews when it debuted, and it was a commercial failure.

Shiva is an irresponsible young man who depends entirely on his father Murthy for financial support. Due to a disagreement he had with a local goon over a bridge project, he lost his job in Maharashtra. Shiva retaliates, declaring he would never bow down in front of the wrong person, when his boss demands that he apologise to the local goon. Shiva gets fired by the manager because of this. Shiva later confesses that he staged a scene to be fired from his job because he was missing his family. When Murthy learns that Shiva was fired from the position for which he laboriously recommended Shiva, he becomes enraged. Shiva’s reckless behaviour and unemployment are a constant source of contention between the father and son.

Murthy’s transfer forces the family to relocate from Vijayawada. Shiva’s grandmother advises him to exercise caution in the city since the local don Kasi is in charge of it. Shiva finds out from his friend that Kasi has a serious case of ego problems. He once broke the leg of a minister who refused to attend the opening of his mall despite stating he would, and he made the minister arrive in a wheelchair in order to appease Kasi.

Shiva first notices Nayana at a wedding reception and instantly falls in love. He goes to a bar and slaps Nayana’s boss after finding out that he makes her work nonstop and keeps all the credit for himself. Shiva pretends to be Nayana’s boyfriend, which leads to Nayana’s termination from the business. Shiva greets Nayana, who is depressed, and tells her that life is wonderful and should be enjoyed. Nayana, emboldened by Shiva’s words, goes to her boss’s house and confronts him face-to-face about all of his business dealings. Shiva’s actions are the reason Nayana is unemployed, according to her boss.

When Shiva is questioned, he confesses that he did this in an effort to get Nayana to spend time with him and fall in love. In exchange, Nayana instructs Shiva to cover all of her costs until she returns to work.

Meanwhile, Kasi approaches Murthy and requests that he give up his house. Kasi gives Murthy 30 days to reconsider his choice after he rejects the latter, failing which he will face repercussions. Here, Shiva obeys Nayana’s orders to bring crackers to every child living in her flat, but he discovers that the city is not celebrating Diwali until after the court hearing because Kasi’s brother was taken into custody. Shiva asks the kids to light the crackers, disobeying Kasi’s order. When Kasi’s thugs see this, they approach to beat them up, but Shiva deftly announces that Kasi’s brother has been set free, allowing everyone to enjoy Diwali. The goons return after hearing this. Shiva wins Nayana over, and she begins to fall in love.

More Details

Release Type Theatre
Language Telugu
Production Jaya Balaji Real Media
OTT Platform Prime Video

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Superman just officially lost his status as dc's most powerful hero (with new costume to mark his demotion).


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Superman's New Most Powerful Villain of All Time is a Twisted Upgrade of Doomsday

"you're no hero": superman's pal dreamer was dc's most promising new hero - now she's a major enemy, marvel admits spider-man's iconic nickname makes no sense in the modern day.

  • As DC's Absolute Power event begins, Superman takes a bullet to the chest, tumbling out of the sky.
  • Superman's powers have been stolen, as Amanda Waller depowers the Justice League and replaces them with Task Forve VII.

Absolute Power #1 is coming from DC Comics July 3.

As DC's epic Absolute Power event officially begins, Superman just suffered a horrifying fall from grace - literally. The Man of Steel is famously DC's greatest hero, with the strength to push planets out of orbit. Unfortunately, as former Suicide Squad leader Amanda Waller rises to power , she's not just depowering Superman - she's having him replaced.

In a preview of Absolute Power #1 , Superman shows up to stop a robbery by some hugely outmatched criminals. However, as a panicked member of the crew opens fire, the Man of Steel makes a horrifying discovery: his powers are gone .

DC has started its ambitious event by stripping Superman of his powers, leaving the Man of Steel vulnerable to being gunned down by a regular handgun. Superman isn't the only Justice League hero who'll be losing his powers, and Earth's protectors are going to be even more shocked when they learn what Waller is doing with their stolen abilities...


Doom-Mite and Superman Looking Fearful DC

Superman is used to overwhelmingly powerful foes, but even the Man of Steel may be out of his depth when it comes to the god-like Doom-Mite.

Superman Loses His Powers as Absolute Power Begins

The man of steel takes a bullet as amanda waller steals his powers.

In recent comics, Amanda Waller has been promoted to leader of the Bureau of Sovereignty - a position of absolute political power granted to her during the mass chaos of Titans: Beast World . Waller refused to hand back power afterwards, and now she's enacting her plan to rid the world of superheroes , seeing them as too dangerous and unpredictable to live.

At the same time, Waller has recruited the new villain Brainiac Queen and Batman's devastatingly powerful Failsafe android, creating a new 'Dark Trinity' of power in the DC Universe. Absolute Power will now see her attempt to stamp out all heroes, with the Justice League's finest acting as a de-powered resistance , fighting Waller's regime without their usual powers (but with some cool new costumes.) Sadly, Waller hasn't just stolen the League's powers - she's used them to create her most powerful 'Suicide Squad' yet .

Superman will return to his black costume during Absolute Power - a costume often connected with his death at the hands of Doomsday.

Amanda Waller's New Task Force VII Have the Justice League's Powers

Superman has been forcibly replaced by the last son.

As part of Absolute Power , Waller will be unleashing Task Force VII . This team of Amazo robots have been imbued with the League's stolen powers , and will be helping to defeat the remaining heroes. The android with Superman's powers is known as the Last Son, and will be hunting down Shazam, Mary Marvel and Black Adam over in Absolute Power: Task Force VII #1 ( by Leah Williams and Caitlin Yarsky.) While Waller does believe she's doing the right thing, and the Last Son is meant to protect innocents from superhuman violence, the practical application of that mission means grinding DC's greatest heroes into dust and shoring up Waller's regime against all challengers, setting her up as the despotic ruler of the world.

Fans are used to seeing bullets bounce off Superman's chest, so it's incredibly evocative for Absolute Power to begin with the opposite. Superman's fall from grace is the beginning of an underdog story where the Justice League's greatest heroes are stripped of their powers and forced to fight the good fight with their wits and skills alone. Is Clark Kent still Superman without his powers? Absolute Power is offering the Man of Steel the chance to prove he is, beginning with Superman taking a bullet to his previously invulnerable chest.


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‘lost bullet’ (‘balle perdue’): film review.

Former stuntman Alban Lenoir stars in Guillaume Pierret's feature debut 'Lost Bullet,' which is currently streaming at the number one spot on Netflix in France.

By Jordan Mintzer

Jordan Mintzer

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Lost Bullet' ('Balle perdue') Review

After launching in France in 2014 with rather disappointing numbers, Netflix has since become a major contender, with nearly 7 million subscribers at the start of the year and probably many more after a lengthy COVID lockdown this past spring.

But as far as local films released directly onto the streaming service, there’s still been a way to go, with middling first-time features like Paris Is Us and Street Flow leaving many to question whether le cinéma français could ever exist purely online.

The Bottom Line The Fast and the Frenchiest.

In flies Lost Bullet ( Balle perdue ), which, to get things straight, is about as far from a French film by Alain Resnais, Claire Denis or any other of your favorite auteurs as Marseille is from Los Angeles. And yet, as a skillfully made and highly watchable B-grade thriller, and one that takes pride in its many stunts and practical effects, it’s probably one of the best Gallic action movies to come along in a while.

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Directed by first-timer Guillaume Pierret and starring former stuntman Alban Lenoir, who’s credited as co-writer and “artistic collaborator,”  Lost Bullet is the kind of film you initially dismiss based on its title, pitch and obnoxious Netflix homepage (including a bullet hole shattering half its title). But then you’re left pleasantly surprised.

Perhaps that’s because the bar has been set so low, but that wouldn’t be giving enough credit to Pierret and Lenoir, who keep things moving in fast and furiously gritty ways, with endless twists, beatings, chases, crashes and chunks of welded steel that transform average automobiles into Mad Max -style battering rams.  

Again, this isn’t Hiroshima Mon Amour . It’s more like Need for Speed Mon Amour done on a modest scale, with an effectively simple plot and nonstop action scenes that find a daunting number of ways to wreck and destroy cars.

The Fast & Furious  franchise also comes to mind, with Lenoir playing a mashup of Vin Diesel and Jason Statham (he looks more like the latter) in the form of a highly skilled mechanic named Lino — who, without any explanation, is also highly skilled in combat and advanced weapons handling.

At the start of the movie, Lino tries to pull off a robbery by jacking up his tiny Renault Clio and driving it straight through the window of a jewelry store. His plan backfires, or more like front-fires, when he puts too much nitro in the gas tank and speeds right into the hands of the police.

But because he’s the best mechanic around — wait, didn’t Statham actually star in a movie called …  The Mechanic ? — Lino gets a special deal whereby he receives work release from prison in exchange for pimping the official vehicles of the French gendarmerie so they can stop “go fast” transports along the highway.

(If you’re unfamiliar with go fasts, they consist of going very fast in a car filled with drugs in order to outrun the police. The phenomenon has spawned a subgenre of mostly mediocre French flicks, including Fast Convoy and, well, Go Fast .)

Lino’s new job is quickly compromised when his well-meaning boss, Charas (Ramzy Bedia), is murdered by fellow officer Areski (Nicolas Duvauchelle), leaving him and his sidekick (Rod Paradot) in limbo. From there it’s off to the races, although the races already started during the opening credits, as Lino has to track down the lost bullet of the title in order to prove his innocence.

No doubt the film’s pièce de résistance is a bone-crunchingly hilarious standoff between Lino and a dozen-odd cops that takes place at the precinct shortly after he’s arrested on the run. Beginning in an interrogation room, the scene quickly spirals into something like The Raid meets Drunken Master meets Taken (for which Lenoir received one of his first stunt credits), with Lino using his bare hands, lots of metal chairs and even a computer keyboard to take out the entire police department.

You can tell that Pierret and his team worked hard to get such sequences, plus all the car chases (basically half the movie), as right as possible, and their labor prevails despite a plot that hardly gives you the time to stop and consider some of its preposterousness.

Lenoir, whose face is never without a fresh contusion, does impressive triple duty as star, stuntman and scriptwriter, proving to be France’s most exciting new action hero. (To be honest, he doesn’t have any competition at the moment.) He’s joined by a supporting cast that fares decently, grunting out all the expletive-laden dialogue while drenched in blood, sweat and a sizable amount of genre clichés.

Craft contributions are the film’s other major asset, with cinematographer Morgan S. Dalibert, production designer Nicolas Flipo and stunt coordinator Jean-Claude Lagniez making due with a purportedly low budget — surely a drop in the bucket for Netflix France, but one that’s finally managed to pay off.

Production companies: Versus Production Distributor: Netflix Cast: Alban Lenoir, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Ramzy Bedia, Stéfi Celma, Rod Paradot, Sébastien Lalanne, Pascale Arbillot Director: Guillaume Pierret Screenwriters: Guillaume Pierret, Alban Lenoir, Kamel Guemra Producers: Jacques-Henri Bronckart Executive producers: Mathieu Ageron, Maxime Delauney, Romain Rousseau, Rémi Leautier Director of photography: Morgan S. Dalibert Production designer: Nicolas Flipo Costume designer: Véronique Gely Editor: Sophie Fourdrinoy Composer: André Dziezuk

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hero the bullet movie review

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Bullet Proof Reviews

hero the bullet movie review

It's a thin premise but a story that could've been enlivened with some memorable characters, while the majority of the dialogue is people reiterating the same recent chain of events back and forth to each other.

Full Review | Original Score: 1/5 | Apr 5, 2023

hero the bullet movie review

The body count is high, and the bullets fly on this non-stop rollercoaster ride.

Full Review | Original Score: 8/10 | Dec 15, 2022

… a self-aware slab of bloody-minded fun that doesn’t outstay its welcome.

Full Review | Original Score: 14/20 | Oct 4, 2022

This is not very good but there are worse things you could be watching as you fall asleep on the sofa after a heavy night’s drinking, which is exactly what it feels like this was designed for.

Full Review | Original Score: 2/5 | Sep 6, 2022

hero the bullet movie review

If you know what the thriller's title Bullet Proof signifies, you're a better man than me.

Full Review | Original Score: C- | Sep 6, 2022

hero the bullet movie review

By the end there are just technical problems all around that take you out instantly, with stiff performances, and a lack of charm to any character for us to relate with.

Full Review | Original Score: 2/4 | Aug 26, 2022

Bullet Proof has entertainment value as a check your brain at the door actioner. It gets adrenaline pumping with non-stop chases, gunplay, and whiplash camera work. Vinnie Jones takes scowling to new heights as he pummels lackeys to a pulp.

Full Review | Original Score: 2.5/5 | Aug 24, 2022

hero the bullet movie review

In Bullet Proof, a generic anti-hero is pursued by a generic villain ... through a series of generic chase and action sequences.

Full Review | Original Score: 1/4 | Aug 19, 2022

Unless you’re really desperate, it’s not worth a trip to your home entertainment center, let alone your local multiplex.

Full Review | Original Score: D- | Aug 19, 2022

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‘Lost Bullet’ Movie Review: The French and the Furious

The French have had a pretty strong action movie industry. It isn’t just Luc Besson . They invented Parkour (Besson did produce the District 13 movies). They have Sleepless Night, The Crimson Rivers, Brotherhood of the Wolf, and many more. Add Lost Bullet to the country’s export, and writer/director Guillaume Pierret is one to watch after this impressive debut. 

‘Lost Bullet’ translates into any language 

Lost Bullet is a classic story of an innocent man trying to clear his name from all the corrupt authority figures. That kind of plot is universal, and Netflix also gives you the choice to watch it in original French with subtitles, dubbed into English or other languages.  

Lost Bullet

Lino (Alban Lenoir) drives straight through a jewelry store, four walls and all, but his car died so he got caught. Charas (Ramzy Bedia) needed a mechanic for his squad so he got Lino out under his care. When Lino goes with Charas on a bust that goes bad, Lino has to run. Without Charas, Lino’s just an escaped con so even the noncorrupt police don’t trust him.

This leads to some fun scenes where Lino tries to do the right thing, but everything about his situation looks incriminating. Even pedestrians are just going to protect themselves and not take a chance on Lino. Most importantly, this leads to exciting action when Lino has to get himself out of messes.

The action in ‘Lost Bullet’

Since Lino is a driver, Lost Bullet features a lot of car chases. Pierret captures the speed of the vehicles along with the lush colors of the French landscape in clear, smooth cinematography. The chases may be less elaborate than the Fast and the Furious movies. This is still a French budget but it looks like all the vehicular action is real, as are the epic crashes.

hero the bullet movie review

It’s not all vehicular action either. When Lino has to break out of a police station, he fights four on one. He has a little bit of MMA style in his moves. Another fight later in the movie is one on one, but uses the same graceful, brutal style. 

They definitely saved the best action for last. The climax is Mad Max in the South of France. The camera stays on the car, and you can see Lino through the windshield. Pierret could surely direct a Fast and the Furious movie but it will be just as fun to see what his own encore will be.

Heroes and villains 

Lenoir makes a good action hero. He’s silent and brooding. He did commit a crime in the beginning, but no one got hurt, just some property. He took the job with Charas but he didn’t ask for any of this. He reconnects with his sidekick Quentin (Rod Paradot) who only gets Lino into more trouble. Julia (Stefi Celma) is a badass mechanic and driver in her own right. She rightfully doesn’t know if she can trust Lino because she’s not privy to all of his circumstances.

Lost Bullet: Charas and Julia

‘Becky’ Movie Review: A 13-Year-Old Girl Out-Rambos Rambo

The villains are a tad more generic. The villain is a dirty cop, and he’s in cahoots with another generic crimelord. That’s okay though. These movies work because that kind of powerful corruption is always a threat. The thrill is in how Lino gives them a taste of their own medicine, and man oh man, he sure does.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, shown from behind, walking onto the field

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hero the bullet movie review

'Killers of the Flower Moon': The True Story Behind Martin Scorsese's Latest Epic


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The Big Picture

  • The Osage people acquired wealth from oil-rich land, leading some white men to conspire in the murders of wealthy Osage individuals.
  • The FBI stepped in to investigate the series of murders and uncovered a widespread conspiracy involving corrupt guardians, judges, lawyers, doctors, and businessmen.
  • The trial of William Hale, one of the conspirators, revealed corruption and resulted in his conviction and a retrial, ultimately bringing justice for the victims.

Martin Scorsese ’s film, Killers of the Flower Moon , is based on a non-fiction book by David Grann that investigates the murders of dozens of Osage people in Oklahoma in the 1920s. It’s an epic tale that explores not only the murders themselves, but also greed, wealth, conspiracy, racism, and the early days of the FBI. As we dig into the startling true facts behind this story, as recounted in Grann’s book, we see why Scorsese’s newest film is one of his great masterpieces.

Two of the central figures in both Grann’s book and Scorsese’s film are Mollie and Ernest Burkhart ( Lily Gladstone and Leonardo DiCaprio , respectively), a married couple living in Oklahoma at the time of the murders. Mollie was an Osage woman and Ernest was a white man. Among the many victims of the killings was Mollie’s sister, whose mysterious death ended up being a centerpiece in the years-long conspiracy to kill off wealthy Osage people. But before addressing how the whole conspiracy unraveled, it’s necessary to understand why any deaths occurred in the first place.

Killers of the Flower Moon Film Poster

Killers of the Flower Moon

When oil is discovered in 1920s Oklahoma under Osage Nation land, the Osage people are murdered one by one - until the FBI steps in to unravel the mystery.

The Extraordinary Wealth of the Osage

The Osage were quite wise in how they acquired their wealth. They knew well before America’s biggest oil companies that Osage territory was rich in black gold. They also knew that the landscape of their property was considered undesirable to white men. So they acquired vast tracts of land that would both isolate them from white men and eventually result in a massive windfall once the abundance of oil was known to all.

Despite the careful planning of the Osage , white men believed wealth was unjustifiably falling into the hands of these Indian Americans. They argued that the federal government had provided the Osage with land that, through sheer good luck, was incredibly valuable. As a result, some white Oklahomans felt something drastic needed to be done to redistribute wealth back into the hands of white men. One such white man who resented the Osage’s wealth was William Hale ( Robert De Niro ).

Hale was a gruff but well-connected Oklahoman who ensured that many local politicians owed their electoral success to him. He was also Ernest Burkhart’s uncle. Hale was ostensibly an ally to the Osage, befriending some of them and even defending them from certain Draconian government policies. He also participated in murder investigations when Osage people were shot dead, with their bodies discarded in ditches. From all outward appearances, Hale seemed to be a compassionate ally to the Osage. But the reality was far more sinister.

What Was Oklahoma Like in the 1920s?

JaNae Collins, Lily Gladstone, Cara Jade Myers, and Jillian Dion sitting together in Killers of the Flower Moon

The government made every effort to forcibly assimilate the Osage to the American way of life. Osage children were essentially forced to attend American schools, speak English, and adopt Christianity as their religion, a common practice for many Native nations. The government even controlled the Osage’s spending habits, with members of Congress scrutinizing Osage expenditures. Many wealthy American Indians were even appointed “guardians” who would oversee their finances.

At this point in American history , local police departments were either understaffed, underfunded, or nonexistent. This meant that complicated tasks such as investigating murders fell to inexperienced locals who more or less took it upon themselves to gather evidence and question suspects. For the wealthy, private detectives such as Pinkertons could be employed instead. These detectives were dedicated and relentless, sometimes blurring the lines between legal and illegal investigatory methods, as they sought to uncover mysteries buried underneath layers of lies and corruption.

The Osage Hired Pinkertons and Found Investigators To Look Into the Murders

Thomas Bruce White Sr. looking intently to the distance in Killers of the Flower Moon (2023)

The Osage hired Pinkerton agents to investigate the suspicious series of deaths of their tribe members. As these investigations progressed, it soon became clear that a full-blown conspiracy could be at the root of all the violence. When one Osage representative visited Washington D.C. to implore the federal government to look into the matter, he was brutally murdered himself. The conclusion at the time was that his murderers had trailed him all the way from Oklahoma to Washington, dispatching him as a warning to anyone who dug too deep into the Osage murder mysteries .

Leonardo DiCaprio as Ernest Burkhart and Lily Gladstone as Mollie Burkhart embracing in a field in Killers of the Flower Moon

'Killers of the Flower Moon' Review: Lily Gladstone Stuns in Martin Scorsese's Flawed Epic

Scorsese's latest tells a gripping and horrific story of America's past.

Eventually, the governor of Oklahoma sent his top investigator to Osage territory after a particularly gruesome incident in which a bomb obliterated the home of an Osage, killing three people and terrorizing the townspeople. But before long, this state investigator was caught consorting with local criminals and accepting bribes, rendering him utterly useless in uncovering the source of the murders.

Finally, Agent Tom White ( Jesse Plemons ) of the newly-formed Federal Bureau of Investigation came to Oklahoma , intending to be an impartial and incorruptible investigator with the authority to overrule local power players and solve the series of brutal murders. White assembled a team of agents, including one American Indian, to crack the case after years of inaction and dead ends.

How Did Agent White Uncover the Truth Behind the Osage County Murders?

Pete Yorn as Ace in Killers of the Flower Moon

After only a few months, Agent White’s talented team of investigators began unraveling the conspiracy behind the Osage deaths. They realized that many of the so-called “guardians” tasked with supervising wealthy Osage people were hopelessly corrupt. These guardians found various ways to cheat the Osage, ultimately pilfering at least $8 million from their wards. But it wasn’t only the guardians who were in on this elaborate graft, it was also judges, lawyers, doctors, and businessmen throughout Oklahoma. Many of the most prominent people in society, to one degree or another, had a hand in stealing money from the Osage.

Among those who seemed to profit most from the murders was William Hale. He netted $25,000 as the beneficiary of a murdered Osage man’s life insurance policy. He also used a forged creditor’s note to claim $6,000 from the estate of another recently deceased Osage man. Agent White began to realize that the collective deaths of the Osage victims resulted in land rights being directed towards Mollie Burkhart, the wife of William Hale’s nephew Ernest . The murder victims were far from random. In fact, they were specifically targeted to result in as much oil-rich land as possible falling into Mollie’s ownership. But there was still one step left in Hale’s evil plan: taking out Mollie so that all the land rights would belong to Hale’s nephew Ernest.

Realizing that Mollie’s life was in danger, Agent White learned that she was being treated by doctors who were under Hale’s control. She had diabetes and was supposedly receiving insulin injections from the corrupt doctors, but mysteriously her condition only seemed to worsen. When Mollie was taken away from these doctors and treated in a hospital, she immediately got better. Under Hale’s instruction, Mollie was likely being slowly poisoned to death and would’ve been yet another murder victim had Agent White not intervened.

What Happened During William Hale's Trial?

Robert De Niro as William "King" Hale wearing glasses and frowning in Killers of the Flower Moon. 

After the FBI had gathered sufficient evidence to convict Hale, the ensuing trial became a media sensation filled with seemingly countless twists and turns. Ernest Burkhart admitted that his uncle William Hale was behind the conspiracy to profit from the murder of Osage people. Burkhart also confessed that, at the behest of his uncle, he had personally hired the man responsible for murdering one of the Osage victims. But then in court, Ernest recanted after briefly meeting with Hale’s lawyers. Then he again changed his mind and pleaded guilty. Meanwhile, Hale claimed that the FBI agents had used extreme interrogation tactics to elicit confessions from their witnesses, including death threats and electrocution. Hale’s claims caused prominent politicians and media pundits to call for Agent White’s removal from the FBI until it became apparent that Hale’s accusations lacked credibility.

After it was discovered that the original trial of William Hale was riddled with corruption, a retrial occurred. This retrial resulted in Hale being found guilty of first-degree murder. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, although had the victims been white, he likely would’ve received the death penalty. Ernest Burkhart was also sentenced to life imprisonment. Mollie divorced him, horrified that her own husband had been complicit in the murders. Agent White left the FBI to become the warden of the prison that held Hale captive.

The Osage murders would come to be known by the Osage people as “ the reign of terror .” As Killers of the Flower Moon author David Grann investigated the legacy of this reign, he realized that although Hale had been caught, there were likely more white men like Hale responsible for the deaths of potentially hundreds of Indian Americans. Tragically, Hale was probably one of many who murdered Osages for profit. The true cost of this reign of terror, in terms of blood and treasure, will likely never be known.

Killers of the Flower Moon is now available to stream on Apple TV+ in the U.S.

Watch on Apple TV+

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Killers of the Flower Moon (2023)

  • Martin Scorsese

Hero The Bullet (2021)

Hero The Bullet Poster

Siva is a careless youth who loves his family to death. But his father hates the fact that Siva is aimless in life. Siva falls in love with Nayana and just when things seem to be going fine, a dreaded

Plot Keywords

Top billed cast.

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What Are Spider-Man's Powers in the MCU?


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  • Spider-Man's story in the MCU was unlike anything seen for the character up until that point.
  • Even still, there are many constants with the character, such as his powers, that have helped define who Spider-Man is as a hero.
  • That said, the MCU's Spider-Man also has skills unique to him that have given him an edge in battle and helped to separate him from the pack.

Spider-Man is one of the few superheroes who resonate with the younger audience more impactfully than the rest. Peter Parker has a very relatable story as someone who struggled in social circles for being nerdy and always feeling the hollowness caused by the absence of his parents. His impressively accurate moral compass allowed him to become an iconic superhero with powers that are a staple in pop culture. It's almost as if the wall-crawling and web-shooting is a stereotype specifically created for Spider-Man. The audience understood Bruce Banner's surprise in Avengers: Infinity War when he exclaimed, "There's a Spider-Man and an Ant-Man?". However, unlike Ant-Man, who mainly relies on technology, Spider-Man has both natural and technological abilities, which make him a formidable force on the battlefield.

In cinema, Spider-Man's powers started out being utterly innate without any technological assistance. Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man started out completely raw, with powers derived from a spider's inherent abilities. Andrew Garfield's Spidey leaned more towards agility and skipped out on organic web shooting for devices. When the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Spider-Man was launched, the studio transformed the comic character into an amalgamation of Spidey's powers and technology. From holding two halves of a ferry to having his very own Spidey space suit, here are all the abilities of the MCU's Spider-Man.

Spider-Man's Innate Abilities

Super strength.

The MCU Can Still Utilize A Classic Concept to Better Establish its Vampires

Superhuman strength is a given whether one is bitten by a radioactive spider or hit by lightning. The MCU's Spider-Man may be young and all over the place most of the time, but when it comes to strength, he's no less than any other average Avenger. Stopping a ship from tearing apart in the middle may be Peter's most prominent feat of strength in the MCU. Still, there are several instances where Holland's Spidey has proven his enhanced physical abilities. Parker not only helped trip the giant Ant-Man, but he also caught a flying car and assisted in successfully stopping Thanos to some extent.

Superhuman strength is a classic Spidey ability that's common in every movie adaptation and something that has saved Peter Parker's neck most of the time. Some feats included lifting a massive boulder mess to stopping the obnoxiously big war hammer of Cull Obsidian during the battle for the Time Stone. All in all, the MCU's Spider-Man has commendable stamina and durability.

Agility and Acrobatics

The most iconic thing about the Spider-Man character is his web-swinging and highly agile body. Just like how a real spider can escape tricky situations and places, Spider-Man is known to squeeze out of every crevice and showcase impressive acrobatics skills. The MCU's Spider-Man is no exception when it comes to superior speed, backflips, and swinging stunts. One of the most spectacular things about Spider-Man is the sequence of him using his flexible body to overwhelm the enemy, jumping and bending around like a spider who never gets caught.

Even though it was mostly his quick thinking, Holland's Spider-Man kept up with Doctor Strange's physical manipulation of the world around him. He survived a literal kaleidoscope of moving subway trains and buildings. It's almost impossible to imagine a Spider-Man who isn't light on his feet or doesn't have superfast reflexes.

Wall Crawling

It would've been golden if the MCU had given Tom Holland's Spider-Man a backstory where he learns to wall crawl on the Statue of Liberty. Spider-Man's iconic wall-crawling powers are popular because of how they were focused in the previous franchises, especially in the original Spider-Man movie. Nonetheless, the audience does get to witness the supremacy of the MCU's Spider-Man wall-crawling abilities in Homecoming . When Peter climbs the Washington Monument at full speed to save everyone on top of it, the intense scene hones in on Spider-Man's wall-crawling powers.

That's the time when the viewers genuinely experience the potential of the MCU's Spider-Man and that he's not as naive as he seems. It seems that the Washington scene was explicitly curated to show the dominance of Spider-Man's crawling, and it sure wasn't the last time. This ability came in handy when Peter climbed aboard the spaceship that took Doctor Strange and several other instances when Spider-Man had to plan a sneak attack on someone.

Spider-Man's Gadgets-Related Powers

All the spider suits.

The MCU Can Introduce This Cosmic Emperor After the Marvels

Spider-Man's suit has always been an essential part of the hero's backstory, highlighting its importance and the meaning behind it. However, the MCU decided to spruce that part up a bit for Holland's Spider-Man by making Tony Stark his fairy godmother. The MCU's Spider-Man got a major upgrade when Iron Man decided to recruit him during the Captain America:

Civil War battle. He gave him a new suit made with the same or better technology than the Iron suits with its very own AI-powered system. It's true that the MCU's reliance on technology for Spider-Man was to accommodate Tony Stark's presence and importance in Peter's life. But these weren't just any suits; Spider-Man's suits have been crucial in several instances, especially during Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame .

Even though Peter went down a spiral in Homecoming for abusing the suit's powers, he realizes that the real power lies with him – but with the suits, he can have the necessary edge during fights. Apart from the first suit Tony Stark gifted Peter, he received a massive upgrade in Infinity War with a suit capable of withstanding outer space assaults and with a vicious "Instant Kill." His new suit's most outstanding feature was definitely the metallic legs, which sprang out every time Spider-Man needed extra boost or resistance. They came in quite handy when Peter had to protect the gauntlet from a humongous battleship and an army of aliens. Peter upgraded the suit of his own accord during his standoff against Mysterio to withstand his drone attacks. Apart from Instant Kill mode, Spider-Man's suits come along with real-time battle statistics, a parachute, built-in heating, AI assistance and augmented reality, and nanotechnology that allows his suit to regenerate like Tony Starks'.

Web Shooter

MCU Spider-Man examines his web-shooters

Sony moved away from organic web shooting in The Amazing Spider-Man and introduced the concept of homemade mechanical web-shooters with groundbreaking synthetic fiber capable of supporting great weight. The MCU decided to follow suit in their version of Spider-Man and gave him even more technologically advanced web shooters. Unlike the vast options of ways the original Spider-Man had for the webs, the initial design of Holland's web shooters wasn't too helpful until Tony Stark arrived . His new suit allowed Peter not only to use the webs linearly but also shoot ricochet webs, nets, pulleys, and more. Considering how Peter was able to hold a ferry together and even stop Thanos, it seems that the MCU's Spider-Man has better web-shoot fiber with greater tensile strength and resistance.

The Spidey Sense Is a Crucial Ability

Spider-Man: Homecoming Continuity Error Finally Retconned in New MCU Timeline Book

The Spidey sense, a.k.a the "Peter Tingle," is a crucial power of the famed hero, without which most of Spider-Man's abilities may be rendered useless. It was explained reasonably well in Sam Raimi and Sony's version of the comic hero that it was due to the enhanced senses that Spider-Man could act so quickly and smoothly. His agility and response are an indirect result of the Spidey sense. To simply explain it, the Tingle is pretty much like a super-sensing power that "warns" Spider-Man of an impending danger. In previous movies, the spidey sense was hinted at with a sharp sound and Spider-Man's sudden change of expression that there's danger nearby or the ability is currently activated. For the MCU's Spider-Man, the ability is shown as a transparent force that emits out of him to show Peter's sensing something specifically.

The "Peter Tingle" has been one of the most talked-about Spider-Man abilities in the current reboot, as whenever it was activated, serious threats were nearby. The most iconic representation of this power was in Infinity War when Peter's hair stood as Thanos's minions arrived in New York to take the Time Stone. The most critical application of Peter Tingle in the MCU happened during Peter's confrontation with Mysterio's drones. When the latter traps Peter in an empty space, he forcefully activates the Peter Tingle to work at max level in order to track the drones. The Spidey sense is a prominent ability of the hero that the MCU successfully put in the limelight to elaborate its importance and accommodate the rest of Spider-Man's abilities. The MCU's Spider-Man may be young, awkward, and talks too much for his own good, but he's a very powerful hero with a dangerous combination of brains and brawls. The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is incredibly fast, has fantastic strength, can heal, crawl on walls, and uses highly sophisticated AI systems.


hero the bullet movie review

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Hero (2022)

The film follows the story of An Jung-geun, a Korean-independence activist who assassinated Ito Hirobumi, the first Prime Minister of Japan and Resident-General of Korea in 1909. The film follows the story of An Jung-geun, a Korean-independence activist who assassinated Ito Hirobumi, the first Prime Minister of Japan and Resident-General of Korea in 1909. The film follows the story of An Jung-geun, a Korean-independence activist who assassinated Ito Hirobumi, the first Prime Minister of Japan and Resident-General of Korea in 1909.

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hero the bullet movie review

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Sam Elliott is Sam Elliott as Sam Elliott in “The Hero,” a sentimental and sporadically effective celebration of the veteran character actor.

You may love him best as Cher’s biker boyfriend in “ Mask ,” or in his more recent turn in one tremendous scene as Lily Tomlin ’s long-ago love in “ Grandma .” He even got to say the actual words “The Dude abides” as the mysterious bowling alley stranger in “ The Big Lebowski .” This dude is iconic.

Director and co-writer Brett Haley is clearly aware of that, placing Elliott front and center for a rare leading role. But while it’s a pleasure to luxuriate in the silver-haired 72-year-old’s distinctively handsome features and deeply resonant voice, there’s not much to the character he plays or the story that surrounds him.

“The Hero” is loaded with clichés about the fickle nature of Hollywood, May-December romances and last shots at happiness later in life. And the repetition of a series of remorseful, dreamlike images from the past does nothing to increase their poignancy. And yet, Elliott’s mere presence makes the film more watchable than it should be for longer than you’d expect.

He stars as Lee Hayden, an aging, ailing movie star whose best work was in a Western that came out 40 years ago. He’s been riding on that success, culturally and financially, with diminishing returns ever since. These days, he gets by as a voiceover artist; when we first meet Lee, he’s in a recording booth repeating the same inane line about barbecue sauce into a microphone ad infinitum. The awareness of and affectionate toying with Elliott’s real-life persona is one of its primary charms, but that only lasts for so long.

Lee mainly stays holed up in his rustic Malibu canyon home, smoking weed and drinking bourbon. He has a cordial relationship with his ex-wife (Elliott’s real-life wife, Katharine Ross , lovely in just a couple of scenes) but he’s estranged from his daughter ( Krysten Ritter in an underwritten role) and struggles to reconnect with her.

Occasionally, Lee ventures out to see his only friend, Jeremy ( Nick Offerman ), a former TV series co-star who also happens to be his drug dealer. During one of those hazy visits, Lee meets another customer of Jeremy’s: the sexy, saucy Charlotte ( Laura Prepon ), with whom he begins an unlikely romance. And it’s not even unlikely because she’s half his age. (She also happens to look a lot like his daughter, which the script from Haley and Marc Basch never mentions.) There’s just not a lot to this character, so their connection never makes sense. She’s a stand-up comedian. She likes poetry—which “The Hero” drives home by having Charlotte read to Lee from an actual book of poetry. And that’s about it.

But what Charlotte doesn’t know—what nobody knows—is that Lee has pancreatic cancer, and not much longer to live. Haley renders Lee’s contemplation of his mortality as a series of surreal flashbacks to his signature role—in a movie called, appropriately, “The Hero”—but with the star in his current state. Just as the supporting figures feel like concepts rather than actual people, so, too, does Lee himself. “The Hero” wallows in decades-old success and present-day regret, but the man at its center remains stoic and elusive.

As a result, the film as a whole feels like a fine short that’s been stretched out to feature length. Subplots like an accidental viral video and long walks on a lonely beach function more as padding than as a statement on our culture in general or this man’s place in it.

Elliott could sell us anything, or course—barbecue sauce, whatever—just by showing up and being his formidable, glorious self. But he could use some meatier material.

Christy Lemire

Christy Lemire

Christy Lemire is a longtime film critic who has written for RogerEbert.com since 2013. Before that, she was the film critic for The Associated Press for nearly 15 years and co-hosted the public television series "Ebert Presents At the Movies" opposite Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, with Roger Ebert serving as managing editor. Read her answers to our Movie Love Questionnaire here .

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