1. Direct Speech

    direct speech sentences worksheet

  2. Direct And Indirect Speech Exercises Worksheet Report

    direct speech sentences worksheet

  3. Direct Speech Definition And Examples (FREE Worksheet)

    direct speech sentences worksheet


    direct speech sentences worksheet

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    direct speech sentences worksheet

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    direct speech sentences worksheet




  3. Direct and indirect Speech

  4. Direct and Indirect Speech

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  6. Direct speech indirect speech Type-1 (part-1) || JSJ JESY ENGLISH GRAMMAR


  1. Direct and Indirect Speech Exercise

    The speaker said, 'Be quiet and listen to my words.'. Answers. 1. John said that he was very busy then. 2. He said that the horse had been fed. 3. John said that he knew/knows her name and address. (Note that the tenses may not change if the statement is still relevant or if it is a universal truth.)

  2. 200+Direct and Indirect Speech Exercises and Answers (2025)

    Practice direct and indirect speech with exercises and answers focusing on optative sentences, enabling you to accurately report wishes, prayers, or blessings while honing your linguistic proficiency. Exercise 20: Change the following from Direct Speech to Indirect Speech. (1) Mother said, 'May you be happy.'.

  3. Direct and indirect speech exercises PDF

    Reported questions + commands exercises PDF. Practise the difference between the direct and indirect speech in questions, commands and requests. Online exercises with answers: Direct - indirect speech exercise 1 Rewrite sentences in the reported speech. Direct - indirect speech exercise 2 Report a short dialogue in the reported speech.

  4. PDF Direct Speech: Missing Punctuation

    Direct Speech: Missing Punctuation Each of the following sentences should contain direct speech punctuation. Rewrite the sentences, adding inverted commas in the correct places to show the words being spoken. Can you also add any other missing punctuation such as full stops, question marks, exclamation ...

  5. PDF Punctuating direct speech

    Punctuating direct speech. Direct speech means the bits of a sentence that are actually being spoken; like the words you would find in a speech bubble. Punctuating direct speech can seem complicated. Here is a step‐by‐step guide to getting it right. Speech marks always need to go at the start and end of what is being said: "Are you coming ...

  6. Direct and Indirect Speech Worksheets

    Fend off any errors that might creep into your speech with our free, printable direct and indirect speech worksheets! We use direct speech to quote the exact same words that someone utters. The indirect speech is used to report someone's speech, often with words slightly changed. Convert a range of sentences including the interrogative ...

  7. PDF Direct & Reported Speech

    Direct speech is mainly used to write dialogue or quoted speech. Read how to punctuate direct speech below. Insert the first set of quotation marks. Begin the sentence or phrase inside the quotation marks with a capital letter. Place the correct punctuation (period, question mark, exclamation point, etc.) at the end of the sentence.

  8. Direct speech worksheets

    Direct to reported & reported to direct speech rephrasing (+ key) Level: advanced. Age: 14-17. Downloads: 328. Direct and Indirect / Reported Speech - Part 1. Level: elementary. Age: 10-17. Downloads: 323. Mixed rephrasing 2: passive to active & reported to direct speech.

  9. Reported (indirect) speech to Direct Speech

    Reported statements — mixed tenses — Exercise 1 . Task: Finish the sentences using Reported speech. Pay special attention to changing pronouns and time phrases where necessary.

  10. Direct Speech Worksheets (KS2)

    Direct Speech Worksheets (KS2) Three differentiated resources that focus on direct speech and being able to punctuate it accurately. These sheets are made with mastery in mind, taking elements of the mastery approach to Maths and applying these to English. Each sheet tells children what they need to do as well as having answers available.

  11. Direct and indirect speech exercises

    Direct speech: "I'm seeing my brother tomorrow.". Indirect speech: She said she was seeing her brother the following day. Here are some other examples: Direct speech: "I had a headache yesterday.". Indirect speech: You said you'd had a headache the day before yesterday. Direct speech: "It's been raining since this afternoon.".

  12. Direct & indirect quotations

    Punctuating direct and indirect speech. These worksheets emphasize the difference between direct quotations (where the speaker's exact words are put inside quotation marks) and indirect quotations (no quotation marks are used). In these worksheets, students rewrite indirect quotations as direct quotations. Worksheet #1 Worksheet #2. Worksheet #3.


    EXERCISE 2: Identify the structure of the sentences when verbs are in the direct and indirect speech. EXERCISE 3: Answer these questions to test your understanding of the key terms used to understand direct and indirect speech. EXERCISE 4: Give examples to show how the adverbs of nearness in direct speech change into those of distance in indirect.

  14. 496 Direct speech English ESL worksheets pdf & doc

    496 Direct speech English ESL worksheets pdf & doc. SORT BY. Most popular. TIME PERIOD. All-time. aliciapc. Indirect and direct . Sentences to change . 1505 uses. gloenglish. Reported to direct s. a ws to changed repo. 1294 uses. bibik. Direct Speech to Rep. Practice 1: 4 senten. 418 uses. gloenglish. Mixed rephrasing 1:

  15. Direct and Indirect Speech Exercises

    Exercise 1: Change into indirect speech. Read the following sentences and convert them into indirect speech. Rahul told to me, "When are you leaving?". "Where do you live?" the stranger asked Aladdin. The teacher said to Shelly, "Why are you laughing?". Dhronacharya said to Arjun, "Shoot the bird's eye.". "Call the first ...

  16. Reported speech

    Reported speech 2. Reported requests and orders. Reported speech exercise. Reported questions - worksheet. Indirect speech - worksheet. Worksheets pdf - print. Grammar worksheets - handouts. Grammar - lessons. Reported speech - grammar notes.

  17. Changing Direct to Indirect Speech worksheet

    Language: English (en) ID: 409479. 09/10/2020. Country code: ZA. Country: South Africa. School subject: English language (1061957) Main content: Direct Speech (2036565) From worksheet author: Practise converting sentences from the direct to indirect speech.

  18. Direct and reported speech worksheet

    ID: 350102. 05/09/2020. Country code: IN. Country: India. School subject: English as a Second Language (ESL) (1061958) Main content: Direct and reported speech (1145294) From worksheet author: Convert the following sentences from direct speech to reported speech….

  19. Direct and Indirect Speech Worksheets

    Direct and Indirect Speech Worksheets To Print: What's Your Approach - Determine whether each sentence below contains this form of expression. Write direct or indirect on the line. Sentence Smasher - Rewrite each sentence using indirect speech. Peter and Dan - Read the passage. Underline the speaker's words.

  20. Direct Speech

    Definition of Direct Speech. Speech is direct when it is written as it was said and punctuated correctly with inverted commas around the exact original words and is usually accompanied by a reporting clause ('he said', 'they said', 'said Julie'). In fictional narratives, direct speech is used to show dialogue between characters as ...

  21. Direct and Indirect Speech (Statements) interactive worksheet

    Language: English (en) ID: 1168980. 13/07/2021. Country code: MY. Country: Malaysia. School subject: English language (1061957) Main content: Indirect Speech (2060950) From worksheet author: Rewrite these sentences in the indirect form.

  22. Direct and Indirect Speech Worksheet

    Direct and Indirect Speech Worksheet- Answers to Part A. Sahil asked me when I was returning. The stranger asked Ashna what the time was. The professor asked Shipra Why she was quiet. Dhronacharya ordered Arjuna to aim at the fish's eye. The judge ordered to bring the witness. The woman urged to ring the fire brigade.

  23. Direct-Indirect Speech: Assertive Sentences Practice Exercises

    Q. Change the following assertive sentences into indirect speech. 1. Raja said, "I saw a lion in the forest yesterday.". 2. Manish said to me, "I am very happy here". 3. He said, "I can do this work.". 4. Reena said to me, "I was washing the clothes.".