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spark register for vacation homework prep

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spark register for vacation homework prep

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get homework done while traveling

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  • 6 Proven Ways To Get Homework Done While Traveling

This post is all about the proven ways to get homework done while traveling.

get homework done while traveling

If you’re a student and are traveling often, you probably have lots of homework to finish before your big trip.

At this point, the only option is to bring all your homework with you. (Or don’t and just not do the assignments in a timely manner… or not at all… lol please don’t do any of that.)

I definitely go on a trip at least once every other month whether it be short road trips for the day or overnight trips.

My frequency of traveling means I’m always bringing my homework with me on these adventures. (Which SUCKS but at least I’m able to still go on adventures.)

Since I consider myself almost a professional in getting homework done while I’m traveling, I thought I would share my tips with you too.

I want you to keep in mind though that I’m able to travel as much as I do because I take both online and in-person classes. It’s the online classes that make it easier for me to do schoolwork from anywhere. (But I’m sure even if you aren’t taking online classes, you’ve got the weekend to travel.)

If you’re in the same situation as I am where you travel a lot but still have homework to do, be like me and take the assignments with you wherever you go.

Here are the 6 tips that I wanted to share for you to be successful in your educational career while also enjoying your time in a new foreign place.

This post will not guarantee that you’ll get your homework done in the preferred timely manner. You have to put in the work and force yourself to get your homework done. The information on this post is for informational purposes only. Everything here is my personal opinion and are methods that I use to get my homework done. My methods may not be what works for you. At that point, you should find alternative methods. My methods are merely suggestions and not what you have to do to successfully get homework done while traveling. This post should not be used to make important decisions such as those related to health and finances.

Let’s begin.

1. Bring All Your School Supplies

get homework done while traveling

Before we get into the best ways of getting homework done while traveling I want to remind you to bring all your school supplies.

When I say bring all your school supplies, I mean bring everything.

You need to bring your laptop, bring your notes for every class, bring your writing utensils, bring your syllabi, bring EVERYTHING.

You never know if there’s an assignment that you forgot about. There’s a chance you might even forget to bring some notes that you need to complete your assignments.

You just never know. So, to avoid any problems and unnecessary stress, just bring everything. 

There is also the added benefit of using some assignments to help you complete other assignments (if you know what I mean.)

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2. Do School Work On Transportation

get homework done while traveling

If you get motion sickness, then don’t do homework on transportation (obviously.)

But for the people that don’t have a motion sickness issue, you should consider doing your homework while you’re on any form of transportation.

I actually do have motion sickness but it only gets severe if I read for too long in a car. I can do homework in increments of 10 minutes maybe. But on a plane, I have no trouble getting work done such as reading or writing.

You could also take motion sickness medicine but I don’t know if that would help you very much. In my experience, they just make me sleepy. (I can’t do homework while I’m napping.)

Thoughts On Different Forms of Transportation

The car rides might make it difficult because of all the turns and bumps but if you have really good balance, it’s doable.

The bus is about the same atmosphere as riding in the car except it might be louder because of the number of people around (especially on a school bus.)

I think a plane ride is the best form of transportation to do homework because you’ll be on the plane for hours and the flight is mostly a smooth ride. You also get a small little table to do your work on.

I haven’t been on a train before but based on the movies, trains seem like a good place to get work done too. 

One of the biggest parts of traveling is transporting yourself to your vacation place. So, you might as well take advantage of the downtime you’ll have on the way to your destination and back to get homework done.

3. Go To Local Shops

get homework done while traveling on a plane

I know a good amount of people who like to pack up their homework and go to local coffee shops or bakery shops. If the shop has internet, that is an added convenience.

Going to a local shop is a great place to get homework done because they’re normally a very relaxed and casual place to be. You’ll be in a new environment.

There are even times when I’ll take my homework to Panera even when I am not traveling out of town.

Having a change of location helps me focus more too.

Along with the benefit of a new location, going to a local shop lets you get away from whoever you’re traveling with.

This is a big benefit for me because whenever I am with people I know, I get distracted and lose focus very easily.

I also get sad when I’m not able to join in on the fun because I’m doing homework.

Going to a local shop ensures you’ll be by yourself or at least be surrounded by people that you don’t know (aka you’ll be around people that are pretty much guaranteed to not bother you).

I know Linh Truong likes to get work done at local coffee shops. You can see her go to these shops with her work in some of her youtube videos.

I don’t know which videos have her going to coffee shops so I’m just going to share the link to her YouTube channel .

4. Wake Up Earlier Than Everyone Else

get homework done while traveling in someone else's house

I already love waking up early because of how quiet the morning is.

Everyone is asleep. There isn’t anyone that will interrupt you. It’s just you and your homework.

This isn’t any different when I’m traveling.

I’ve noticed that when I wake up before everyone else, I can also keep my focus the same way I do when I go to local shops. With absolutely little to no distractions.

The fact that it’s the morning time also means my mind is sharper and fresh to get work done.

Having a sharper focus in the morning might just be a me thing though. (I consider myself a morning person because my brain shuts down after 2 pm. RIP my night classes.)

I also like waking up earlier than everyone else because I’ll feel like I earned my fun later in the day. This is because I was able to get homework done that morning already.

I won’t be stressed (or as stressed) about trying to get homework done later. 

If you also consider yourself a morning person, definitely use that to your advantage while you’re on vacation.

You will get so much done that you might not have to touch your homework again till the next day or two.

5. Stay Up Later Than Everyone Else

get homework done while traveling outside

Even though I just said I was a morning person, I normally end up doing homework late at night too.

But you know, things happen, and sometimes doing homework in the morning just isn’t realistic.

This is especially true if you end up staying awake all night enjoying yourself.

It might suck to do homework in the evening but you have to do what you need to do to get your work done.

If you want to think more positively, think about how great your vacation has been for you so far and how great your day will be the next day after you get your homework done this night.

You’re going to absolutely be exhausted and most likely be unmotivated but you really have to push through and get your stuff done.

You need some lows to enjoy and appreciate the highs more, right? 

Obviously, these thoughts are coming from a morning person. (I mean me if you forgot).

If you’re the opposite of me and are a night person., then work away because while everyone else is asleep and quiet, you’ll be at the prime state of your focus.

You do you.

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6. Do Homework While You’re At Events

get homework done while traveling to events

You must be thinking I’m crazy.

“Why would anyone want to do homework at the place they’re trying to have fun at?”

I would bring my homework with me no matter where I am because there may be moments where there is downtime or moments where I will have to wait in line (Ahem like theme parks).

Any free time is a great time to study or do homework.

Obviously, this will only work if you can do your homework on your phone.

Sometimes I’ll read through Quizlets while waiting in lines. I could also review worksheets ahead of time to know what to expect when I do them later.

Even just 5-10 minutes of some form of productivity gets you closer to being done with it later on since you previously exposed your mind to the content.

It’s also recommended to study and do homework in pieces anyway.

So, doing a little bit throughout the day (while you’re having fun) seems like a great time to break up the assignment and the studying into pieces.

Also, if you’re traveling with family and your parents took you to a place you’re not interested in, go ahead and bring your homework. Maybe there’s a little corner you can sit in away from everyone else.

Not only would you have something to do but you’ll have less homework to do later too. 

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Ending Note

I honestly like bringing my homework with me when I go on vacation. Is that weird?

I like bringing my homework because it makes me feel like I’m still being productive while enjoying myself.

It also feels as if I’m earning each day of my vacation after I finish or make progress on an assignment.

I don’t know. I feel like I’d be bored without the homework too because I really like to keep myself busy. (And if I don’t have school homework, I consider my blog as homework which I love working on regardless of where I am.)

I hope you found this post helpful for when you are traveling and still have homework to do.

I pretty much do all of these tips so you can trust that I know what I’m talking about.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any extra tips that I did not cover.

Maybe you even have thoughts of how some of my tips don’t work? Challenge me!

I hope your homework journey while traveling is as successful as you want it to be. Have a good day and trip! 

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spark register for vacation homework prep

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For sure! It does make school much more stressful though >_<

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How to Use Your Family Vacation to Spark Inspiration and Learning in Kids

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Rachel Sokol

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Have kids, will travel. Just like backpacks, kids can be transported from one place to another. (Although chances are, unlike your kids, your backpack doesn’t whine, “I’m bored!” or “I’m hungry!”) Family vacations can be more than just lounging on the beach, roasting marshmallows at a cabin near the lake, and visiting out-of-town relatives (not that there is anything wrong with that!) There are so many ways to make your annual family gathering educational and, of course, fun.

Here’s some advice from travel enthusiasts about ways to make family vacations educational. You’ll also make memories everyone in your crew, young and old, will forever cherish.

More:   How to keeps kids busy while traveling

Digitally Prep

Harness your child’s excitement and curiosity about the destination they are about to explore while preparing for your trip,” says Emma Wynne and her colleagues at the educational app Curious World . “For example, an app like Curious World has a great selection of games, books and videos that help kids discover the world: from Italy to Africa, the ocean, the rainforest and more.” Once on vacation, adds Wynne, you can visit the places they’ve learned about and encourage further learning by asking questions and pointing out interesting attractions. “Learning about a new place before you visit helps deepen a child’s engagement while they are there… Not to mention it’s a fantastic way to keep them entertained on the journey over!"

Read Up on Other Cultures

“Any trip when you introduce kids to a new culture is a wonderful way to show them how other families live around the country, and the world,” says Jenifour Jones, a travel agent and mom. “If you live in a big city, maybe consider visiting a country town. Or if you’re from a small town, consider visiting a large city with your family. By teaching kids about other customs, cultures, and religions, they’ll be reminded that we live in such a special world.” For example, if you visit a Caribbean Island with your family, point out all the colorful little homes on “stilts” you may see on the beach; and vendors selling homemade jewelry right from their beach towel. “You can even encourage your kids to try new foods from other cultures—my kids happen to like Indian and Thai foods.” Overall, says Jones, “the more children see for themselves, the more they’ll get out of their visit.”

Take Pictures Non-Stop

Take Pictures Non-Stop

Talk to Everyone You Meet

Talk to everyone you meet

Watch a Movie About the Place You’re Visiting

Watch a movie about the place you're visiting

Need a vacation? Here are 8 Reasons to Take a Kid-Free Vacation every once in a while.

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Summer vacation homework

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summer planner vacation activity sheet list end of year last day school activity

spark register for vacation homework prep

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Preview of Summer Vacation Writing

Summer Vacation Writing

spark register for vacation homework prep

Summer Vacation Journal( Summer Memoir): Sunflower Theme

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Travel and Vacation Planner { Summer Holiday Printables for Travelling}

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growth mindset motiovation coloring pages summer end of year activities vacation

spark register for vacation homework prep

Summer Vacation Word Search Puzzle Activity, End of The year Activities.

spark register for vacation homework prep

Week One Homework Sheet

spark register for vacation homework prep

  • Word Document File

Preview of Leveled Spelling: Harcourt -How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Leveled Spelling: Harcourt -How I Spent My Summer Vacation

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Vacation Challenge Reading Log - FREEBIE!

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Meine Sommerliste

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Preview of Summer Bucket List Freebie

Summer Bucket List Freebie

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Field Trip Review Journal FREEBIE

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Summer BUMP Addition Math Game - Freebie

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2nd Grade End of Year Memory Page

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Vacation /Field Trip Review Journals FREEBIE

Preview of Free Hard Summer Word Search Puzzle | Fun Activity Vocabulary Worksheet

Free Hard Summer Word Search Puzzle | Fun Activity Vocabulary Worksheet

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Mis Vacaciones

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Mes vacances d'été | Presentational Writing | Passé composé Reporting Sheet

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My Summer Reading List

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Summertime Equations

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Back to School Icebreaker, Getting to Know You

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Richard James Rogers

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spark register for vacation homework prep

Should We Set Homework for the Summer Vacation?

An article by   Richard James Rogers   (Author of   The Quick Guide to Classroom Management )

Illustrated by   Pop Sutthiya Lertyongphati  

It won’t be long until our students (and us) will enjoy a long summer vacation. Sand, sea, sleep-ins and more time with the family. Sounds great!

sit n talk

In the UK, schools will close around mid-late July and reopen in early September. In America the summer holiday is much longer. Take New York , for example: Schools there will have their last day on June 26th, with students  returning on September 5th. 

Some teachers and parents would say that young people need this summer vacation to rest, have fun and basically enjoy being a kid. Others would say it’s too long to be away from school work entirely, and some learning should still be taking place.


I say that it all depends on the age and needs of the individual students. 

Start planning now!

During this article I hope to convince you that the summer vacation can be used to our advantage. Effective teachers have used the summer vacation for decades to act as a ‘buffer’ – a chance for slower students to catch up; for able, gifted and talented students to be pushed even more; and generally for getting a little more material covered so that the new academic year can start a little bit ahead. 

talk n walk

However, in order for me and you to effectively make use of the summer vacation (so that our students benefit), we must start planning now!

Case #1: The exam-preparation class

Let’s say that you’re taking a group of students through a two-year course (such as the IB Diploma, IGCSEs or ‘A’ – Levels). 

In an ideal scenario, those two years would be broken up as follows:

Year 1: Cover as much content as possible (at least 60% of the syllabus). Complete all coursework if the timetable permits.

Year 2: Finish off any remaining content. Allow as much time as possible for revision and past-paper practice.  

I believe that a good way to get our kids to be ahead of the game before Year 2 is to set them a significant piece of summer homework that is achievable, but not too onerous. 

I’ve found the following tasks to be effective (sometimes I combine them both together):

  • Provide a booklet of notes and questions covering a topic that the students haven’t studied yet. When they get back to school after the summer, collect the booklets in. Check those booklets to make sure they are completed. Peer assess them and provide a one-week condensed summary of the topic in your lessons. Keep a record of who has and hasn’t scored well on the content, and intervene where necessary (e.g. with some after-school classes).
  • Give students a test on a topic they learned over the summer. Provide notes for the students to revise from. Analyse the grades and help out any students who haven’t performed well.

When both of these techniques are combined together powerful and deep learning can take place over the summer. This can give our students a head-start in Year 2, giving them more time to do revision and past-papers. 

card games

Case #2: Able, Gifted and Talented Students

These are students who we really want to push and encourage.

The summer vacation is a long-time to be away from formal education, and we don’t want these students to lose momentum or interest.

I’ve found that project work is particularly useful for these types of students. I usually set work based on the following procedure:

  • Find out what the student is really interested in. What does she have a passion for? (For example: hip hop dancing)
  • Think of ways that you can link your subject area to the student’s area of interest (For example: A project about vector mathematics as a model for the movement of a hip hop dancer during a routine)
  • Discuss the project with the student. Make sure it’s relevant and deep. Ask the student to come up with ways to process the information and present the final output. Perhaps a stop-motion animation will work well. Maybe the student prefers to do a performance. Maybe a project portfolio will work well.
  • Offer some kind of significant reward and recognition for the effort. Discuss the benefits (e.g. how this project will improve subject knowledge in a particular area). Speak with senior management about any material rewards that can be given (e.g. book tokens, medals, certificates or a trophy).
  • Follow through and keep our promises: We must make sure that we honour our promises to these students. If we’ve promised a medal, then we must damn well make sure that the kid gets a medal. If we’ve set the work, then we must fulfill our professional duty by giving feedback. 

PC activity with mouse pen

Case #3: Students who are falling behind

I’ve reached a stage in my career now where I just cannot allow poor performance to go unnoticed or unchallenged. It just bugs me too much.

For kids who haven’t been performing well, a good sit-down and chat with the students and their parents is an absolute essential before the summer, in my honest opinion.

Let’s say that you’ve had a biology student for one year and she just didn’t understand cells, human body systems and plant reproduction. Let’s say that this student failed all three tests for these topics.

If this student has not been given the opportunity to re-sit tests in these topics throughout the academic year, then it is our duty, I believe, to ensure that this material is covered over the summer. The student will have more time and, provided that the parents are aware and involved too, this should result in regular, productive revision and an increase in subject knowledge.


I’ve found the following techniques to work well for students who are falling behind:

  • Analyse the assessment data for the whole academic year. Identify the area or areas in which the student is performing poorly.
  • Look through all of the student’s work that you have to-hand. Is there any particular method or output that the student is really good at (e.g. website creation, drawing diagrams, making infographics, etc)?
  • Meet with the student and his/her parents. Discuss a way forward over the summer that involves the student completing meaningful work on the topics of weakness through an output that appeals to the student’s preferred learning style.
  • Check that the quantity of work is neither too much, nor too little
  • Decide on a way to assess the work

When planned properly, our summer holidays can become times when our under-performing students really turn their lives around and gain a renewed sense of purpose and confidence. 

Schools not ‘out for summer’ (sorry).

The summer vacation offers a powerful way for us all to push our students forward, allow our students to cover extra material and address weaknesses for those students who are struggling. 

This all involves some planning, though. 

I don’t know about you, but when my students break up for the summer in one month’s time, I’ll be ready. I’ll have had my conversations with parents, kids and SLT and my students will know exactly what to do in the months approaching the new academic year.

We owe them that. 


We welcome you to join the Richard Rogers online community. Like our   Facebook  page and follow us on  Twitter  for daily updates.

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Author: richardjamesrogers

High School Science and Mathematics Teacher, Author and Blogger. Graduated from Bangor University with a BSc (Hons) degree in Molecular Biology and a PGCE in Secondary Science Education. Richard also holds the coveted Certificate in Mathematics from the Open University (UK). Richard is the award-winning author of The Quick Guide to Classroom Management: 45 Secrets That All High School Teachers Need to Know View All Posts

2 thoughts on “ Should We Set Homework for the Summer Vacation? ”

Hi Richard. I really enjoyed the summary / article and I’ve posted it to the whole school. Just a very simple and straight forward synopsis of what it takes to get something (student progress) from nothing (holidays). Thanks again, Ian

Thank you very, Ian. I’m really glad that the article was useful. Where is your school based?

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In both test prep, academic tutoring, and admissions coaching, our students reach higher results in less time than traditional programs, drawing on best practices from cognitive learning science research. We have carefully designed our programs to give students the greatest impact while leaving room in their busy lives for personal growth, civic engagement, and creative expression. Through socratic-style dialogue, critical text analysis, guest lectures, topic workshops, and one-on-one mentorship, students receive a highly customized educational experience fit to their personality and learning style that results not just in high test scores and superlative applications, but enriched lives.

Founders of Spark Prep


Luke is Spark Prep's Co-Founder and Director of Admissions Programming. He graduated with honors from Stanford University. Luke has been working with hundreds of Vietnamese students for nearly 10 years, helping them get accepted to top universities in the world.


Cori is Spark Prep's Co-Founder and Director of Academic Programming. She graduated from Stanford University with a B.A in Psychology and Performing Arts, Phi Beta Kappa and with distinction. Cori has expertise in test preparation, especially SAT and ACT. Many of her students were successful in earning the highest possible scores on standardised tests.

Joon Park,Columbia University

Columbia University

Admissions Coach Joon has worked for over a decade in test prep, admissions counseling and career mentorship for high school, university, and graduate school students. He holds an MBA from Columbia University, a B.S.E. in Finance from the Wharton School, and a B.A. in Economics with a Philosophy minor from the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania. Besides education consulting, he has more than 30 years of experience in Finance and Risk Management at global corporations in New York, Los Angeles, Houston, and China.

Kevin Chaves,Stanford University (PhD, MA), Occidental College (BA)

Kevin Chaves

Stanford university (phd, ma), occidental college (ba).

Admissions Coach Kevin Chaves has been a Spark Prep admissions essay coach since 2016. He holds a PhD from Stanford University in Religious Studies, with a specialty in Continental Philosophy, phenomenology, and interpretation theory. While at Stanford, Kevin worked as a writing tutor at the Hume Center for Writing and Speaking, and has over 7 years of experience teaching and tutoring writing both for academics and admissions.

Noah Morgenstein,Columbia University (BA)

Noah Morgenstein

Columbia university (ba).

Admissions Coach Noah is a licensed social studies teacher with additional experience in college admissions coaching and SAT tutoring. Outside of Spark Prep, Noah teaches IB/IGCSE history and economics at an international school in Shanghai. He graduated from Columbia University with a BA in Economics and Political Science. During summer and winter breaks, he also helps run field programs throughout rural China that connect high school students with local organizations that aim to preserve traditional culture, develop local economies, and conserve natural habitats.

Tim Dalzell,Ohio University (MA)

Tim Dalzell

Ohio university (ma).

Admissions Coach Tim is a Spark Prep instructor in Saigon. He holds a Master of Arts degree in English Studies from Ohio University and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Nottingham. Tim has been in international education for 10 years and has worked in English Test Prep and English Language Arts in international schools in Ho Chi Minh City. Tim has served as the SAT Test Coordinator at an international school in Saigon and has coached teams of students for World Scholar’s Cup who went on to reach the final round at Yale University.

Jacob Shin,UC Berkeley (AB) and Columbia University (MBA)

UC Berkeley (AB) and Columbia University (MBA)

Academic Coach Jacob studied Architecture at UC Berkeley before working in private equity and as an executive during the first tech boom. Prior to business school, he was a policy researcher. He serves as Country Manager in Singapore and works on our curriculum development and pedagogy team.

An Nguyen,Harvard Graduate School of Education (Master's); Mount Holyoke College (BA)

Harvard Graduate School of Education (Master's); Mount Holyoke College (BA)

Admissions Coach An Nguyen is a current Admissions Coach at Spark Prep. As a former school counselor, she worked with high school students, both in Vietnam and the U.S., to help them strategize for their high school careers as well as for their college research and application. Additionally, she has taught courses dedicated to self-exploration, goals setting and future planning. She hopes to inspire students to explore and grow during the admissions process, and consequently to thrive during and after college. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Education from Mount Holyoke College, and a Master’s in Prevention Science and Practice (Adolescents Counseling) from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Viet Anh Tran,Wabash College (BA)

Viet Anh Tran

Wabash college (ba).

Admissions Coach Viet Anh is a University Admissions Coach at Spark Prep. He has 5 years of experience in admissions coaching and has worked with 100+ high school students from diverse backgrounds, helping them land offers at multiple prestigious American universities (such as Harvard, Princeton, Duke, Amherst, Middlebury). He is also a Career Coaching Manager at Career Pass Institute, where he coaches Vietnamese college students in the US on their job & internship application process. He had working experience at Boston Consulting Group (top 3 global management consultancy), where he advised top-tier clients in banking, private equity, insurance and energy. Viet Anh holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Financial Economics and Electronic Music from Wabash College.

Neil Redfield,University of Delaware (BA, Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa)

Neil Redfield

University of delaware (ba, summa cum laude, phi beta kappa).

SAT/ACT Instructor Neil tutors all sections of the ACT, SAT, and all levels of math. Before working with Spark Prep he taught middle and high school students topics fundamental to careers in engineering and math.

Nicole Balsam,New York University (MFA)

Nicole Balsam

New york university (mfa).

Academic Coach Nicole has over 10 years of private tutoring experience. Prior to joining Spark Prep, she served as an SAT/SHSAT instructor with KAPLAN Inc. Nicole specializes in helping students with their writing skills primarily across English, History, and College Applications. When she is not tutoring Nicole is a professional recruiter and career coach. She is also an accomplished actress having appeared off-broadway and in several Netflix and Amazon films.

Charles Fajardo,University of Birmingham (MS), The Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas (BS)

Charles Fajardo

University of birmingham (ms), the royal and pontifical university of santo tomas (bs).

Instructor Charles is one of Spark Prep’s class instructors in Saigon. He holds a master degree in Public Economic Management and Finance from University of Birmingham. He has been teaching for more than 10 years at university level, and is loved by many of his students.

Ginny Ip,Northwestern University

Northwestern University

Writing Instructor Ginny is a writing instructor at Spark Prep, based in Hong Kong. She holds a BA in Economics from Northwestern University and has six years of English tutoring experience. She is an avid reader and poet, and is currently writing her first book.

Thuy Vu,University of Auckland (MS)

University of Auckland (MS)

IELTS/TOEFL Instructor

Thuy is Spark Prep's IELTS and TOEFL tutor. She has her master degree in Professional Studies in Education, and was awarded New Zealand Government Aids Scholarship. She has been working in English for Specific Purposes Department in Hanoi University since 2006. Her major areas of teaching are English and International Studies. Apart from regular work at the university, she also involves in training programs of the Ministry of Education in enhancing English capacity and teaching competence of English teachers nationwide.

Ngoc Anh Cao,University of Salford

Ngoc Anh Cao

University of salford.

IELTS Instructor Ngoc Anh is Spark Prep’s IELTS Instructor. She completed her Master degree at University of Salford in 2016 and has been working as an English teacher at a private school in Hanoi ever since. Ngoc Anh has extensive teaching experience both in the class and in private one-on-one tutoring. With her dedication and keen eyes for detail, she strives to help students achieve their desired band score within the shortest period of time possible by creating an exciting yet productive learning environment.

Sam (Lien) Nguyen,University of Pennsylvania

Sam (Lien) Nguyen

University of pennsylvania.

Sam is Spark Prep's writing instructor and admissions coach. Sam has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from Northwestern University. Currently pursuing a graduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania, she is double majoring in Non-profit Leadership and International Education, deepening her understanding of holistic learning environments. Boasting over 5 years of hands-on experience, Sam has mastered the art of providing effective writing instruction to students navigating the complex world of college applications.

Ha Le,Clemson University (MS)

Clemson University (MS)

Chief of Staff Ha is Spark Prep's Chief of Staff. She has a Master's degree in Applied Economics and Statistics from Clemson University, South Carolina. She has extensive experience working in education in the US, Australia and Vietnam.

Tran Nguyen,Boston University (MSc)

Tran Nguyen

Boston university (msc).

Head of Admissions Planning and Activities Coach

Tran is the Head of Admissions Planning and Activities Coach at Spark Prep. She holds a B.A. in International Relations with a minor in Public Relations and an M.S. in Global Marketing Management from Boston University.

Currently, she is pursuing a graduate degree at University of Pennsylvania. Tran has extensive experience in the fields of communication and education, having worked as a branch general manager, strategist, and mentor. She has a passion for writing and also works as a freelance content writer. Drawing from her own experiences of applying to and studying in the US since high school, Tran is well-equipped to assist students in completing their applications on time and adjusting to school life abroad.

Hien Tran,University of Lincoln (MSc)

University of Lincoln (MSc)

Head of Marketing and Business Development

Hien holds a Bachelor's degree in International Politics & Diplomacy, with a minor in International Communications from the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam and a Master's in Marketing with Luxury Brands from the University of Lincoln in the UK.

Hien's professional path has been closely intertwined with the education industry. Her roles have ranged from marketing to education consulting and promotion, representing her deep appreciation for the transformative power of education. As the Head of Marketing & Business Development at Spark Prep, Hien is at the helm of marketing activities, admissions, strategic partnerships and more. She's commitment to driving excellence in education & business through collaborations and conversations that align with Spark Prep's mission of providing top-tier education. 

Linh Vu,Vietnam National University - Hanoi (BS)

Vietnam National University - Hanoi (BS)

Linh is Spark Prep’s Content and Marketing Officer. She is responsible for digital content creation, social media management, and communication support of Spark Prep Viet Nam. Linh holds a Bachelor's Degree in International Studies from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities - Vietnam National University.

Trang Hoang,Foreign Trade University (BS)

Trang Hoang

Foreign trade university (bs).

Student Experience Coordinator

Trang graduated from Foreign Trade University and was a student of A1 Hanoi-Amsterdam high school for the gifted. In the past, she took part in coordinating British council's programs for the Youth such as English summer camps, cultural exchange programs and community work. She has about ten years experience in teaching English, supporting scholarships, and developing English center. She was also a project manager, translator and interpreter in different projects before joining Spark Prep.

Linh Nguyen,Bennington College (BS)

Linh Nguyen

Bennington college (bs).

Linh is a Student Experience Coordinator at Spark Prep. She holds a BA in Environmental Studies and Public Policy from Bennington College, where she worked as an Admission Assistant Officer for a year. Through her college years, she had 3-year experience in VietAbroader, helping hundreds of Vietnamese students navigate their college applications and lives abroad. Before joining Spark Prep, she also spent 3 years working as a College essay specialist and Educational consultant.


Spark Prep is a member of HECA (Higher Education Consultants Association) and IACAC (International Association for College Admission Counseling).




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Summer vacations.

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    Spark Prep strives to make every educational encounter an opportunity for intellectual growth and development.Our tutors have more than a combined 50 years of instruction experience both inside the classroom and one-on-one with individual students. Students are paired with tutors who best fit their learning style and needs, and meet in-person or online for specifically tailored lessons.

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    Get Xbox Series S/X + Game Pass Ultimate for $40/$56/month (24 months) on Spark Mobile & Broadband. Own your console, play 100+ games & enjoy online multiplayer. Buy now.

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  15. PDF Dear Children

    SUMMER VACATION HOLIDAY HOMEWORK GRADE - 1 Dear Children Summer Vacation is a time full of fun games and activity. With that there are a lot of other things which you can do. For that we have planned some interesting work and activities to make your summer full of creativity. Have a great Summer Vacation Dear Parents

  16. Should We Set Homework for the Summer Vacation?

    Case #2: Able, Gifted and Talented Students. These are students who we really want to push and encourage. The summer vacation is a long-time to be away from formal education, and we don't want these students to lose momentum or interest. I've found that project work is particularly useful for these types of students.

  17. Spark Prep

    Spark Prep's unique approach to education and the college application process helps prepare students for a life of academic and professional mastery. Our expert team of tutors and coaches is comprised of specialists trained in every major academic discipline.We guide students through the application process, supporting the development of well-rounded and authentic applications that reflect ...

  18. PDF Early Years Summer Booklet 2022

    Summer vacation is probably the happiest time of a learner's life. A strong family understands that opportunities for quality time emerge from quantity time. Summer break is an excellent opportunity to make it a worth while period for the whole family. We have enlisted some educational tasks to keep your child engaged in healthy learning

  19. Spark Reading

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    2. Draw a flower and filled its petals with different colours of cereals and pulses. 3. Write any three famous placed of Jammu and Kashmir and paste the picture. कार्य पत्रिका -1. Maths Activity Sheet-2. Maths Activity Sheet-3. EVS Activity Sheet-4. Colour the healthy food items.

  21. Summer Vacations Homework

    Summer Vacations. PG Part 1 View/Download. PG Part 2 View/Download. KG View/Download. Prep English View/Download. Prep Maths View/Download.


    HOME WORK FOR SUMMER VACATION (2019) CLASS V. SUGGESTIVE GENERAL HOMEWORK. 1. Learn a new hobby - swimming, roller skating, cricket, karate, golf summer camp etc. 2. Visit new places along with your family and make a collage, using photographs on your return and show them to the class teacher, e.g., local historical sites can be visited.

  23. PDF Holiday Homework (2022-23) Nursery Name

    Holiday Homework (2022-23) Nursery Name : _____ Summer is messy, Summer is fun, Trips to the beach, ... It is important for us to help them keep this spark alive and to make learning fun. Summer Vacation is just round the corner, let every moment of this vacation be a time to unite, connect and enjoy beautiful moments with your child. ...