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Sample speech outline template

Get a printable. Learn how to outline a speech effectively.

By:  Susan Dugdale  | Last modified: 02-20-2023

There's a printable sample speech outline template below for you to download and use. 

Why? Because a well-completed outline becomes the backbone of your speech. You'll use it to  guide you logically, and carefully, through ALL the aspects you need to consider before you actually write the speech itself.

It will help you clarify what material you want to cover to fit your audience, and speech purpose, as well as help to effectively organize it.

What you'll find on this page:

  • t he reasons for using a speech outline
  • how to outline a speech : the 4 essentials steps involved in writing an outline - detailed sequential help, with examples, covering: 1. choosing a topic, 2. audience analysis, 3. choosing the best organizational pattern to fit your speech purpose, 4. what to put in each part of your speech: introduction, body and conclusion
  • a  printable speech outline template to download  
  • links to  2 completed examples of speech outlines  (a demonstration and a persuasive speech. Both with printable outlines to download.)
  • a link to 7 completed examples of impromptu speech outlines , each with printable speech outline templates 
  • links to more resources for preparing an effective speech  

dividing line dark green

Why bother writing a speech outline?

Because completing a speech outline is the first vital step toward preparing a successful speech.

Image: retro cartoon girl exclaiming. Text: She had a breakthrough realization. OMG - An outline gives a speech structure and saves time.

It is often overlooked in a misguided attempt to get on with what is considered the real work: writing the speech, or the words you're going to say.

Despite what many people think, time spent completing an outline is not wasted.  Instead, it helps you save it. A nd sidestep any anxiety caused by inadequate preparation.

The process might appear daunting and horrifically time consuming but prepare a speech outline all the same.☺

What you'll learn about speech structure, matching content  to your speech purpose and your audience's needs will pay you back over and over again. I  promise you, having an outline will make giving a speech easier and less stressful. 

How to best use this page

Read the page all the way through to familiarize yourself with the terms and the process. When you're done, click the link at the foot of the page to download and print the blank sample speech outline template for your own use.

How to outline a speech: 4 essential steps

The process of outlining a speech is broken down into 4 essential steps.

(Click a heading to find out more about each one)

  • deciding on your topic
  • considering the audience and refining your topic to suit them
  • deciding on the purpose of the speech
  • choosing an organizational method to support your speech purpose
  • opening greeting and attention getter
  • defining your thesis statement (a summary of what your speech is about)
  • establishing your credibility
  • an overview and the benefit to the audience
  • transition or link between introduction and body
  • main ideas with supporting ideas
  • examples and details
  • summary of main points
  • closer or call to action

Remember this old saying?

First: tell them what you're going to tell them. Second: tell them. Third: tell them what you told them.

A simple, or basic, speech outline follows that advice.

  • 'Tell them what you're going to tell them' becomes your introduction
  • 'Tell them' forms the body
  • 'Tell them what you told them' is your conclusion

Step 1 - Preparation for writing a speech outline

You need to complete this step before you do anything else. It is made up of five smaller steps, each of them an important part of the overall process. The decisions you make at this point will have a major impact on the final outcome of your speech. 

By the time you are finished step 1 you will have:

  • decided on your topic
  • analyzed your audience
  • refined your topic to meet the needs of your audience
  • decided on the specific purpose of your speech
  • chosen the best fitting of six organizational patterns to use - one matching your purpose and your material 

Image - rows of colorful 'cartoon' houses. Text: How to prepare a speech outline. Step 1 decide your topic & refine it to fit your audience.

Start with choosing a topic

The place to begin is deciding what you are going to talk about.

For example, if you are a realtor (real estate agent) who has been asked to talk to a suburban community group residential real estate seems like a good logical topic to pick.

(If you don't have a topic in mind, go to speech topics . You'll find 100s of them ordered by speech type and theme.)

Put yourself to one side & focus on your audience

However, before you make a final decision considering more closely who will be listening to you makes better sense than assuming whatever you come up with will be right!

How do you really know what aspects of your topic are best suited to meet your audience's needs? Or what would be of real benefit for them to hear about?

The scope of the topic 'residential real estate' is huge.

Your speech could cover any number of sub-topics like: financial advice for first home buyers, how to thoroughly check a house before purchase, the rise of mortgagee default sales, the collapse of property development schemes, how to purchase properties for makeovers...

Analyze your audience

So before you settle on the exact topic of your speech analyze your audience .

Without analysis you are 'guessing' what would be interesting and relevant for them to hear.

Refine your topic

Using what you found out about your audience, decide on an aspect of your topic that will be of benefit to them and the angle you will take on it. Take care with this. One size does not fit all!

For example a speech on housing affordability which includes a step by step plan toward buying a first home will likely interest an audience of youngish, (late 20s- early 40s), people with steady professional incomes.

But for another audience, (e.g. one that is older, less financially secure, or younger and not ready to consider settling yet...), it could be completely inappropriate.

Minimize the risk of getting it wrong by finding out as much as you can about your audience.

Deciding on the purpose of your speech

What is the purpose of this speech? Why are you giving it?

Is it to persuade or inform? Is it to demonstrate, entertain, or welcome? Or is it a combination of these?

What do you want your speech to achieve? Is there a particular action you want people to take as a result of listening to you?

Your answers to all of these questions will dictate what organizational pattern you'll use for your speech, its content and tone.

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Choosing an organizational pattern or method

Image: 6 colorful abstract patterns.Text: 6 organizational patterns for speeches.

There are 6 basic organizational patterns or methods of arranging the body (main points) of your material. Choose the one most appropriate for your need.

1. Cause - Effect

Because event 'A' happened, event 'B' occurred.

  • Because the driver was speeding, they crashed the car.
  • Because of the earthquake, the city was destroyed.
  • Because the minimum wage is low, families can not afford good health care.

2. Problem - Solution

The problem is 'X'. The answer is 'Y'.

  • The problem is unaffordable housing. The solution is community funded housing complexes.
  • The problem is unemployment. The solution is meaningful, sustainable education and employment programs.
  • The problem is poor food choices. The solution is practical community outreach programs to teach people about nutrition, food buying, storage and preparation, along side living wages, educational and employment programs.

This pattern suits a broad topic which can be broken down into  naturally occurring sub-topics.

  • The broad topic is 'Vocal Variety'. Its  sub-topics include rate of speech, use of pausing,  voice tone, volume, articulation...
  • The broad topic is 'Organizational speech patterns'. Sub-topics could be problem-solution, cause- effect, logical...
  • The broad topic is 'Residential real estate'. Its sub-topics could include houses for first-home buyers, how to apply for a mortgage, how to select the right neighborhood to buy in, the impact of high-density housing...

4. Spatial or geographic

Use this pattern for topics dealing with physical spaces.

  • The 10 most popular tourist attractions in New Zealand.
  • The European migration patterns of the 19th century.  
  • The population shift from country to town in USA.

5. Time or chronological/sequential

These are either historical topics or demonstration speeches. The foundation of both is an ordered sequence of events.

For example:

  • The history of women's suffrage in USA, the abolition of slavery 
  • How to bake a cake, how to mend a puncture in a bicycle tire, or how to knot a tie 

6. Advantage - disadvantage

Use this pattern to examine the range of positive and negative aspects of an idea or event.

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of private schooling?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of lowering the voting age?
  • What is good about supporting local industry? What is negative about supporting local industry?

Step Two - Outlining the introduction

Image: smiling woman with a speech balloon.Text:How to prepare a great introduction for your speech.

The 5 parts of preparing an introduction

1. greeting & attention getter.

How are you going to greet your  audience, grab their attention and compel them to listen?

You could use a rhetorical question, a startling statistic, a quotation or a humorous one-liner. To be effective it must be related to your topic and apt for your audience.

  • Rhetorical question How many of you really are more afraid of public speaking than death?
  • A startling statistic Apparently in USA 75% of the population experiences public speaking anxiety. Some just a little. And some a lot.
  • A quotation Mark Twain famously said, there are only two types of speakers in the world: the nervous and the liars.
  • Humorous Speaker of United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi set a record for the longest speech on the House floor: 8 hours and 7 minutes. Relax. I only plan on taking 15 minutes of your valuable time. * * Be careful with humor. It will only work if it's appropriate; that is fitting for the occasion, and understood by the majority of your audience. For more about Nancy's record:  Nancy Pelosi's all-day marathon speech sets record as longest continuous speech since at least 1909.

For more on effective speech openings see: How to write a speech introduction - 12 of the best ways to start a speech

2. Thesis statement

This is a short summary of your speech topic and your point of view or angle.


Green politics is no longer a fanciful fringe fad. It is a necessity.

3. Credibility

This segment establishes your right to speak on the topic. It cites your qualification or expertise.

Using myself as an example, I can speak about preparing speeches because I've written many over the past twenty or so years. Prior to becoming a professional speech writer , I taught high school level English and drama and I also belonged to the global public speaking club Toastmasters for a long time. 

4. Summative overview

This is a brief outline of the main points you are going to cover.

Today I am going to share with you three effective ways to lessen public speaking fear.

The first and second cover aspects of preparation: writing and rehearsal or practice: actually doing the work, rather than being frightened of it. ☺  The third is about the benefits of public speaking. 

5. Benefit(s)

What's in your speech for your audience? Why will they want to hear what you've got to tell them? Be specific. Tell them.

When you make a decision to speak up in public you also gain: confidence, the ability to take on leadership roles, a growing collection of presentation skills like story telling, how to use your voice, the ability to use props well, how to listen, how to craft a speech to meet the needs of specific audiences... In short, you release the potential to become a bigger and better you * .

( * For more see  14 benefits of public speaking .)

Step Three - Outlining the body of your speech

This is the heart of your speech, the place where you lay out what you want to share with your audience.

Generally three main ideas, along with supporting examples, work more effectively than  four or five or more.  If you have a number of them to choose from, go with your three strongest points. And if one of your final three is noticeably weaker sandwich it between the other two.

If you intend to use visual aids (slides showing graphs, tables or images), or actual props, mark them in too.

Body of speech - infographic with examples

Note: If you're unsure about the exact nature of links or transitions and how they work or what they are, you'll find more about them, with examples, on my page how to write a speech

  • Main Idea 3 - Supporting ideas - Details and examples - Visuals or props - Transition to...

Step Four - Outlining the conclusion of your speech

There are four parts to preparing an effective conclusion to your speech. Use them to draw together and summarize all the material from your introduction and the body of your speech, and end with a clincher! 

Graphic- how to end a speech

  • Summary of main ideas These are the main points you covered in the body of your speech.
  • Re-statement of thesis statement Use the statement from your introduction to reinforce your message.
  • Re-statement of benefit to audience Remind the audience of the benefits they'll receive through carrying out whatever your propose. Again this comes from your introduction.
  • Closer, Clincher or Call to Action This is your final sentence. To ensure your speech ends with a bang rather than a whimper check out this page on how to end a speech memorably. You'll find options and examples.

Get your printable sample speech outline template

This is a simple four page PDF of all four steps and their sub- headings with spaces for you to write your notes. Click to download and print your sample speech outline now.

Image: retro cartoon girl with starburst speech bubble. Text: Get your printable speech outline here. CLICK HERE.

2 completed examples of speech outlines

Use these links to go to a fully completed:

  • demonstration speech outline example  on how to leave an effective voice mail message (with a free printable sequential demonstration speech outline template) 
  • persuasive speech topic outline  example on overcoming public speaking fear using Monroe's Motivated Sequence (with a free printable MMS persuasive speech outline template)

Example impromptu speech outline patterns

Impromptu speech outline patterns - seven different structural formats, each with completed examples and a free blank printable outline for you to download and use. 

Graphic: retro fabric scraps Text: 7 impromptu speech outline patterns - completed examples plus printable outlines.

Other resources for preparing successful speeches

Planning and writing, rehearsing a speech.

Once you're done with planning, completing your sample speech outline and writing find out how to rehearse. A speech is a live performance. Rehearsal helps you expose and iron out glitches before you find them out the hard way - in front of your audience.

Speech evaluation

And if your speech is being assessed check out this standard speech evaluation form to see what aspects are likely to be judged and how a rating scale works.

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A basic speech outline should include three main sections:

  • The Introduction --  This is where you tell them what you're going to tell them.
  • The Body -- This is where you tell them.
  • The Conclusion -- This is where you tell them what you've told them.
  • Speech Outline Formatting Guide The outline for a public speech, according to COMM 101 online textbook  The Public Speaking Project , p.p. 8-9.

Use these samples to help prepare your speech outlines and bibliographies:

  • Sample Speech Preparation Outline This type of outline is very detailed with all the main points and subpoints written in complete sentences. Your bibliography should be included with this outline.
  • Sample Speech Speaking Outline This type of outline is very brief and uses phrases or key words for the main points and subpoints. This outline is used by the speaker during the speech.
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Speech Generator

sample speech outline pdf

Writing a  welcome speech  can be a tricky task. There are multiple bases that need to be covered and you have to make sure you don’t lose track of the main point. With a constant flow of ideas, it’s natural for one to get sidetracked so easily. It’s important for you to organize your thoughts properly.

  • Republic Day Speech Examples

To deliver the perfect speech is a whole other challenge. You need to develop a set of speech skills for your speech template to receive its desired impact. It can be nerve-racking to speak in front of an audience. It requires constant practice and constructive criticism to become better.

What is Speech Definition & Meaning Speech refers to the expression of thoughts and feelings through spoken language. It is the act of talking and communicating verbally with others, using words to convey ideas, information, or emotions. Speech can range from everyday conversation to formal presentations and public speaking. It’s a primary way humans interact and share information with one another.

Speech Examples Bundle

Download Speech Example Bundle

Speech template has been part of our life since we were young. It is the first thing that we learn and taught to us. It is our main form of communication and without it, we could not achieve diplomacy. Without speech, there will be no world peace. Yes, speech has been known to create peace in our time. Remember Martin Luther King? His speech “I Have A Dream” that inspires millions of people. That alone is leadership speech that convinces people to stand up and fight for what is right. A speech no matter, how short can have a huge impact on the one listening.

Speech Example

Speech Example

Download in PDF

Speech For Students

Speech For Students

Speech for School

Speech for School

Free Download

College Farewell

College Farewell


Sample Farewell Speech

Sample Farewell Speech


Informative Speech Outline

Informative Speech Example


Size: 44 KB

Expository Speech Outline

Expository Outline1


Size: 17 KB

Graduation Speech Example

Student graduation speech.

Student Graduation


Size: 500 kB

Nursing School Graduation Speech

Nursing Graduation Speech2

Size: 22 kB

University Graduation Speech

University Graduation Speech


Graduation Welcome Speech

Graduation Welcome Speech


Size: 71 kB

Graduation Party Speech

Graduation Party Speech


Size: 139 kB

High School Graduation

High School Graduation

What Is a Speech?

A start a speech, as defined by most website dictionary is a communication or expression of thoughts in spoken words. But most expert orators and speech writer define speech as a formal address given to a large number of people that the purpose of is to persuade, inform, convince, and seek to inspire the people.

However, speech these days, are used to inform people about something or someone. To give them knowledge and information about something that has not been known or is hidden from them. A informative speech is also used to express an emotion and to make a strong stand about one’s belief.

How to Outline a Speech

Speech outline can be a great tool for you to manage your speech and how you will deliver it. Especially if you have trouble in creating and delivering a speech. Here are the steps on creating a speech outline. Basically, a speech outline has 4 essential steps:


  • This is the part where you decide your topic and your main subjects.
  • Determine your audience.
  • Identify your purpose.


  • Create a compelling and attention-getter introduction speech .
  • State your main subjects and main points.
  • An overview of your whole speech
  • Use a transition statement to connect your body to the introduction.
  • Discuss your main subject.
  • Use supporting details.
  • The summary of your speech
  • Strong closing statement.

Speech Outline

Persuasive speech.

Persuasive Speech


Informative Outline

Informative Outline

Size: 44 kB

Components of Speech

Effective verbal communication of your ideas and thoughts to others is the general aim for speech classes. Before that, let us take a closer look at the components of writing a speech:

From the moment we first draw breath and announce our arrival into the world, our voice comes into play, a unique amalgamation of our vocal folds and breath to produce sound. This essential aspect of communication, varying distinctly from person to person, is shaped by a myriad of factors including our physiological makeup. It’s particularly pivotal in presentation speech , where the voice becomes more than just a tool for sound; it’s a medium for conveying ideas, emotions, and intentions. In the realm of public speaking or presentation, the voice serves as a powerful instrument, capable of influencing, persuading, and engaging audiences, transforming the mere act of speaking into an art form that resonates and leaves a lasting impact.

2. Articulation

Another component for speech which is equally important is our ability to articulate or control our voice. Meaning how we make the sound of something. Proper articulation also effective leadership speech or oral communications.

Fluency in speech, akin to rhythm in music, is a skill honed through practice. It encompasses the ability to modulate speaking pace, balancing speed with necessary pauses and breaks. This aspect of verbal communication is crucial in special occasion speeches , where the flow and tempo of words significantly impact the effectiveness of the message conveyed. Mastery of fluency transforms speeches into captivating performances, engaging audiences and delivering messages with clarity and impact.

Tips for Giving a Speech

To deliver a powerful and meaningful speech, take note of our hand-picked tips on giving a welcome speech. This is specially made for both newbie and veteran when it comes to giving a speech to the audience.

  • Prepare ahead of time . This is important for you to reduce your anxiety and the nerve-wracking feeling.
  • Determine your topic . Before giving a speech, you must know and master your topic and the material that comes with it. It is best if you pick a topic that you are interested in or you have a massive background about it.
  • Know your audience . When it comes to giving speeches, the best thing to do is to have a little background check of who will be your potential audiences. That way you will know if you could use some s elf-introduction speech .
  • Have a quick tour of the room or place where you will give your speech . So that, when the time comes you can maximize your placement on the stage and you will know where to go and face the audience.
  • Think like a performer . With the above said that you have to maximize the stage, you also have to walk around, speak to the audience, and use hands gesture to signify your strong emotion about your speech.
  • Practice makes (almost) perfect . The keynote speech to every successful speech is practice. Rehearse your speech over and over again to find any mistakes and awkward moments. It is also best to practice your speech in front of your friends or family to give you the feeling of what it is to be in the real situation.
  • Be confident . You have to believe in yourself that you can give a successful speech so that the audience will also believe in that too.

Follow those tips and you are good to go. Also, if you want to know more about how you can give an amazing speech, you can browse our speech templates and examples here.

What Is a Speech Template For?

A speech template serves as a guide to simplify speech writing. It does not contain the word-for-word details of the speech outline its basic parts. Common speech examples contain these three essential parts:

  • Introduction – It often starts with a quote, a question, or a story.
  • Body – This is where the topic’s main points are thoroughly discussed. A written copy of the speech should present important phrases only.
  • Conclusion – A summary of what was presented is given. A remark or a call to action serves as thestatement of  conclude speech .

How to Start a Speech

To start a speech , you must know the purpose of the speech you are making.

Is it a speech for special occasions? Should it be serious or can it be playful? A special occasion speech has the power to set a mood in a room. For instance, a graduation speech must be encouraging and inspiring. It must be able to garner attention from an audience.

Once you are able to determine the purpose of the speech, it would be easier for you to organize your words into the main parts of the speech.

How to Give a Professional Persuasive Speech

Professional Persuasive Example2


Size: 84 kB

3 Minute Speech Example

3 Minute Persuasive Example


Tribute Speech Example

Tribute on retirement.

Retirement Tribute


Size: 75 kB

Parent Tribute Speech

Parent Tribute Speech


Size: 260 kB

Types of Speech

Speeches are divided into three types: Informative, persuasive, and impromptu.

  • Informative speech.  This speech focuses on giving the audience complete (or partial) information about people, events, things, and life. Informative speeches are often used in curricular activities.
  • Persuasive speeches.  Persuasive speech talks about facts, opinions, the point of views about issues or controversies. The speech must tailor the message to the audience for it to become effective.
  • Impromptu speech .  This speech is done with little or without preparation. A high speech skill is required when giving this speech.

You can check out our examples speeches here to give you more ideas about the three types of speeches. You can use it in your graduation speech or in your  thank-you speech .

Importance of a Good Speech

There are numbers of reason why a good speech is important. There’s a lot actually. I could only name 3 on top of my head.

  • It can gain positive perception and opinion from the audience . A good speech does not only make the audience “wow,” it can also give you significant feedbacks from them that you can use in your future development.
  • It can express fully your emotion and feelings . You can express what you really want the audience to feel about your speech.
  • It can provide complete information . Having said that, a good speech will also make the audience understand and comprehend of the topics you have discussed.

Retirement Speech

Teacher retirement speech.

Teacher Retirement Speech


For the Retirement of Administrative Assistant

Administrative Retirement


Farewell Speech Example

Farewell Speech Example1

Size: 43 kB

Salutatorian Speech Example

Salutatorian Speech Example


Size: 171 kB

Guidelines for Creating a Speech Outline

As a speaker, you are given the floor to discuss a particular topic over a span of time. Regardless of the type of audience you may face, it’s always best to come prepared. One way is by constructing a speech template as your guide. Here are some guidelines you can take note of when making your s peech template:

  • State the purpose of your speech. Whether you wish to inform, to persuade, or to pay tribute to something, determining your purpose will make it easier for you to approach a topic.
  • Set a time frame. It’s easy to get carried away while speaking in front of a crowd. Allocating a time limit for the main parts of your speech is a good way to stay on sample schedule .
  • Identify the main idea. The main idea will serve as a basis for your thoughts. This will guide you in crafting the main points and the sub points of your speech.
  • Include an attention-getter. This is usually found at the start of your speech. It could be a compelling question or a witty story, anything that is sure to grab everyone’s attention from the very start.
  • Keep it structured. An effective way is by using roman numerals instead of bullet points. It presents a step by step guide for important details to remember and include in your speech.
  • Avoid sequencing your main points in a random order. This is to avoid confusion especially when presenting conflicting statements.
  • Observe proper transitions. Transitioning statements and ideas can be challenging. You must be able to gradually transition one point to another.
  • Present supporting evidences. If necessary, it’s good to state facts and their sources especially when delivering an informative speech. This is to establish credibility in your speech.

Examples of Introduction Speech

Self introduction sample.

Self Introduction Sample1

Informative Speech Concept Example

Informative speech for a group.

Group Informative

Size: 100 kB

Welcome Speech Example

Wedding welcome.

Wedding Welcome

Formal Welcome Speech

Formal Welcome Speech

Size: 57 kB

Public Speech Example

Awareness speech.

Awareness Speech


Purpose of a Speech Template

To deliver a good speech, it’s important to come prepared. For instance, you were asked to prepare a presentation speech about your boss. You don’t know a lot about him, so you need to conduct your research on that matter. Of course, it can also be intimidating to present a significant individual in front of a large audience. A speech template will allow you to keep important notes and details on hand. It also creates structure for your speech and it ensures that your ideas flow smoothly.

Importance of a Speech Template

A motivational speech requires a lot of time and effort to make. A lot of people would prefer to just wing it instead of taking the time to create one. But the truth is, a speech template will save you time when delivering your speech and it will help avoid any problems caused by inadequate preparation.

A speech template will allow you to sequence information effectively. There’s nothing worse than experiencing dead air while delivering your speech just because you blacked out on what you were supposed to say. You can find various keynote speech examples that can serve as your guide for creating your template.

Motivational Speech Example

Motivational sports speech.

Motivational Sports Speech

Wedding Speech

Wedding Welcome1


Groom Wedding Speech

Groom Wedding Speech


Size: 239 kB

What is the Purpose of a Speech?

A speech is generally given to satisfy the following points:

1. Informational

Most speeches are about providing more information about a certain topic or subject. These types of speeches are closely related to lectures but are shorter in nature and provide a brief discussion regarding main points of a topic or subject. You may also see speech examples for students .

2. Persuasive

Sales presentations and demonstrations are the type of speeches that aim to entice the audience into taking the desired action after the persuasive speech . Most sales and marketing personnel make use of such speeches with the aim of having the listeners purchase a product or service.

3. Entertainment

Some presentation speeches are made to serve as form of entertainment during functions or events. An example to such are those speeches on weddings or speech intermissions during programs.

4. Inspirational

Inspirational speeches, often delivered during graduations, sermons, and notably in wedding speeches , are crafted to touch the hearts of listeners and motivate them. Their core purpose is to uplift, instill hope, and encourage resilience in facing life’s challenges, whether they seem insurmountable or not. These speeches serve as a beacon of inspiration, guiding individuals to overcome obstacles and find strength in everyday struggles, making them a cherished element of special occasions.

Elevator Speech Examples

Elevator speech for college.

Elevator Speech for College


Size: 12 KB

Personal Elevator Speech

Personal Elevator Speech


Size: 210 KB

Leadership Speech

Leadership skills speech.

Leadership Skills Speech


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Benefits of Speech

Constant exposure and practice in making and delivering speeches produces many benefits and gains to an individual such as the following:

1. Self Esteem

Being exposed to public speaking boosts confidence in your self and in your skills. In fact, speech therapy is recommended for people having issues fitting in society or getting along with people.

2. Self Expression

Self introduction speech provide a venue for an individual to express their opinion and ideas about a chosen topic or subject. This also makes others aware of what that individual feels or thinks about the topic or subject.

3. Personal Development

Writing and delivering speeches eventually increases your knowledge of persuasive strategies and in organizing thoughts for a certain topic or subject improving your critical thinking abilities. You may also see farewell speech examples .

4. Personal Evaluation

Being able to speak in public helps an individual gauge his communication skills and get ideas on how to improve them.

5. Network Connections

Through speaking engagements, an individual can vastly improve connections whether for his personal, social, or professional goals. You may also like dedication speech examples .

6. Career Advancement

Delivering speeches gets the attention of management specially if an individual is adept and skillful at doing so. A good speaker is in turn a good motivator and leader.

effective speech-making is a skill that combines thorough preparation, engaging content, and confident delivery. For a deeper understanding of how to structure a speech, including the introduction, body, and conclusion, the  Grand Valley State University Speech Lab  provides a helpful guide here. This resource can assist in crafting speeches that are coherent, impactful, and memorable.


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Write a Speech on the importance of community service.

Create a Speech about the power of positive thinking.

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43 Informative Speech Outline Templates & Examples

Are you looking for ways to make your informative speech interesting? There are multiple ways through which you can make it sound interesting to your audience. If you are a student, you may have to write such kind of speeches every now and then. Besides students, business owners also have to come up with such kind of speeches for their audience.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Informative Speech Outline Examples
  • 2 What is an Informative Speech?
  • 3.1 Definitional Speech
  • 3.2 Descriptive Speech
  • 3.3 Explanatory Speech
  • 3.4 Demonstration Speech
  • 4 Informative Speech Outline Templates
  • 5.1 Eye Contact
  • 5.2 Tone of Your Voice
  • 5.3 Expressive Hand and Body Gestures
  • 6 Informative Speech Samples
  • 7 Tips for Your Informative Speech from a Professional

You can use multiple ways to enhance your informative speeches. In order to know more about informative speeches, its types, and how you can make it sound interesting, read through this article

Informative Speech Outline Examples

Free Informative Speech Outline 01

What is an Informative Speech?

An informative speech is a type of speech mostly based on facts and figure. The facts are presented in front of the audience to teach them about a specific topic. It is necessary for an informative speech to have reliable sources to support claims. At times, presenters think to add some life to their speeches by putting in visual aids, images or appealing photographs. This is done to ensure that the audience remains engaged and not get overwhelmed with just facts and figures. As the name implies, an informative speech likely focuses on the general information covering history, evolution and other necessary information in order to teach the audience about a specific topic. For instance, if you are giving an informative speech about baking bread, you can explain the history of bread, its evolution and how to bake it efficiently. Sometimes, people often think that informative essays and informative speeches are one as the same thing, but it is not so. Unlike informative essays , the presentation is the key element for informative speeches.

Furthermore, while giving an informative speech, your tone can vary. You can fluctuate your tone, raising your voice or talking normally. But most importantly, you should include credible sources to support your ideas and claims. The audience can become more knowledgeable on the subject. The speaker of the informative speech should be well-versed about the entire subject and able to answer the detailed questions that are asked. The speaker should do thorough research on the topic and should be able to defend their side.

Normally, there are four types of topics for informative speeches: concepts, objects, events, and processes. Like other types of speeches, an informative speech also has an introduction, body, and conclusion. So, make sure you do include all the parts in order to make the right kind of informative speech outline. If you are not sure about the informative speech outline, you can download the informative speech outline template. We have several different kinds of informative speech outline examples for you. Simply download any of them and edit it with your speech.

Additionally, informative speech is unlike the persuasive speech as it just highlights the facts and figures in order to draw upon conclusions. On the contrary, persuasive speech has certain opinions and conclusions in the speech besides the sourceable facts. An informative speech has limitless options. From fictitious to non-fictitious topics, informative speeches can be given on any kind of topic. But just make sure that you have enough knowledge about it. All in all, the main goal of the informative speech is to provide enlightenment about the specific topic the audience does not know about.

Types of Informative Speeches

Now that you have understood what actually informative speech is, you should also understand that there are different types of speeches. Check out the four types below.

Definitional Speech

In the definitional speeches, the speaker explains the meaning of theories, concepts, issues and philosophies that the audience may not know about. In such types of speeches, the speakers may begin by providing a history of the topic and background to the subject. Let’s continue the similar example which we mentioned above of baking bread.

Considering this example under this form of speech, the speaker would elucidate about what a bread actually is, the history of the bread, how it changed from time and what are the parts of a bread called. The speaker will give shape to such kinds of things throughout the speech.

Descriptive Speech

The purpose of a descriptive speech is to provide vivid and detailed information of a person, place, animal, or thing. Also, it is supported by a word picture. This kind of informative speech is different from the definitional speeches because it helps in determining the characteristics, functions, features and the key points of the topic.

For instance, if you are providing a speech on the famous Statue of Liberty in the United States, you should let the audience know all about its nuts and bolts. You should know what kind of material is used in order to make it, how it was made, what is its historical significance, why is it located on that spot etc. There are many things that you need to answer in these kinds of descriptive speeches.

Explanatory Speech

An explanatory speech is also known as a briefing. Explanatory speech is somehow like descriptive speech as both of them share the function of clarifying the topic. But these kinds of speeches mostly focus on reports of historical and current events, transformations, customs, inventions, outcomes, policies, and options.

Additionally, these speeches focus on the explanations more, considering how and why aspect most importantly. On the contrary, descriptive speeches do not go in too many details while the explanatory speeches go into depth.

Demonstration Speech

Demonstration speech type is also one of the informative speech types that help listeners determine how to accomplish or perform things on their own. This type of speech is based on demonstration. When speakers have to give this type of speech, they focus on the processes having a series of steps which has specific beginning and ending. These types of speeches are normally given to the audience who do not have any know-how about the product. For instance, if a representative is giving speech to the audience in public about a product, they would use demonstration speech approach.

Also, there are certain products that include set of tools and associated features. It can be quite challenging to write the demonstration speeches as they may include several objects, steps, features, related events or relationships. If you want to prepare this speech, you should first remember to keep safety of the audience in your mind. You should make sure that the tools or elements you are using do not hurt the audience.

For instance, if you want to give a demonstration speech using fire, make sure that you do it carefully. There have been many cases in history when demonstration speeches have gone wrong. So, you must ensure to keep the safety of the audience in your mind. Besides, if you want to write a demonstration speech, we have a template available for that too. Simply download it and edit the outline with respect to your needs.

Informative Speech Outline Templates

Free Informative Speech Outline 10

Checklist for Your Informative Speech

According to a research, when you give speech to the audience, words are the least important part while communicating. As per the study, when you do face-to-face conversation with others, you need to focus on your actions. Here are some elements that you need to take care of. Find the checklist for your informative speech below.

Eye Contact

Your audience will get bored if you just read through the text on the presentation. This would not help the audience in understanding the speech you are giving to them. A good speech is the one which is supported by proper eye contact and is accompanied with good presentation skills. Also, according to a study, effective communication is based on trust.

Your audience will trust you if you make an eye contact with them. You should see into the eyes of the audience in order to evaluate if they are interested and grasping the idea or not. The cooperation increases when we watch the audience. When you would make an eye contact, it would increase trustworthiness and also encourage future cooperation.

Tone of Your Voice

In addition to making an eye contact, the tone of your voice is equally important when it comes to giving a speech. Your audience will not be interested if you give the speech in a monotonous tone. Also, informative speeches may also get dull due to the facts and figures in it. Along with the tone of your voice, the facial expressions also matter.

According to experts, if the tome remains the same, neural dissonance takes place inside the brain causing confusion in the person. In order to express joy, your voice should become increasingly melodic and when you want to portray sadness, you can shift your tone to monotonic. There is a lot of variability in both, the speed and tone.

Expressive Hand and Body Gestures

Hand and body gestures also play a very important role. Your audience would get really very bored if you stand straight in one position and do not use your hand and body gestures. The gestures are really very important as they help in the comprehending the language. Audience’s brain would want both, your sound as well as your body movements in order to accurately perceive what is meant.

According to a research, if our gestures and words are dissimilar, it will likely create a confusing state for the listener’s brain. So, you need to ensure that you use your hand and body gestures during your speech but make sure that you do it at the right time. We would suggest you to practice speaking in front of the mirror and use your hands in order to describe the words that you are going to speak in front of the audience.

Informative Speech Samples

Free Informative Speech Outline 20

Tips for Your Informative Speech from a Professional

If you want to write an effective informative speech, then you should be following the tips below by the professional.

  • You should be providing information in every minute of your speech. There should not be any filler texts or information. An informative speech is made for the core reason to make every minute worth for the audience. Keep in mind that you are not trying to impress them; you are just trying to provide them information during your speech.
  • In addition to providing information to the audience, you should also give examples of real world situations so that your audience can relate to the information on practical basis. You are just there to help your audience learn information.
  • Make sure that you make an eye contact with your audience in order to help them trust you. Remember that your goal is to educate the audience and make them believe in what you say.
  • You should be quite sincere and credible about the speech you are giving to your audience. You should not put the information that you think is not reliable.
  • At the end of the information speech, you should be ready to ask questions. Or let your audience know that you would ask them in the end so that they stay prepared by the end of the session.

Informative speech outline is readily available on our main website. If you are looking for informative speech outline template of any type, you can download it from our main website and use for your effective informative speech. We hope our templates help you in giving the best speech.

Free Informative Speech Outline 26

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Outline Templates

7+ introduction speech outline templates – pdf, word.

When you’re required to deliver a speech, then there’s a very high chance that the nerves will get the better of you and you may even forget a couple of lines that you want to discuss. This means you’re going to have to come up with a way to help ensure that you’re able to stay on track with the information that you want to share. You may also see sample outline templates.

sample speech outline pdf

Self Introduction Speech Outline For College Students

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Client Self Introduction Speech Outline

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Free Introduction Speech Preparation Outline Template

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Free Sample Introduction Speech Outline Template

sample introduction speech outline

Free Preparation Outline for Introduction Speech Template

preparation outline for introduction speech

Free Self-Introduction Speech Outline Template

self introduction speech outline

Free Example of Informative Speech Outline Template

example of informative speech outline

How to Write an Introductory Speech Outline

1. a greeting.

  • Bear in mind that there’s always a possibility that you’ll be nervous on stage. Place this in the outline so that you won’t forget.
  • If there’s anything about you that can relate to the audience or to the group that is responsible for organizing the event, then you’ll want to include that in your introduction. You should do this especially if you didn’t have the added benefit of having someone introduce you from the get-go. You may also see Email Outline templates.

2. An Attention-Getter

  • When you’re choosing your attention-getter, you have to keep your audience in mind. Think about the different topics that would specifically interest them and not just what might interest or amuse you. You may also like Planner Outline templates.
  • If you’re not entirely sure whether or not your attention-getter is going to work with an audience, then you can always try it out with friends or family members who are in a similar age group or who might have the same interests as the people you will be giving your speech to. Just make sure that these are people that you can trust to provide you with honest feedback as your attention-getter will depend entirely on how these people will react. You may also like letter outlines .
  • Remember that it has to relate to the event or with the audience that you’re giving your speech to—because you don’t want to embarrass yourself during situations such as you making a joke about pets getting run over when the event that you’re handing your speech to is one that focuses on the ethical treatment of animals. You may also like  Self Introduction Templates.

3. A Reason for the Audience to Listen to Your Speech

  • Make a brief statement  about the importance of the topic that you will be sharing with the audience.
  • If your speech is one that focuses on sharing important information to the audience, then you’ll have to explain why the information is important to ensure that the audience understands the reason why it’s being shared with them in the first place. You may also like  Sample Resumes .
  • For argumentative speeches, explain the points of your argument as well as what should happen if no actions are taken in regards to the issue that you’re sharing.

4. Your Thesis Statement

  • If you’re giving an argumentative speech, then your sample thesis statement format will focus on the point that you are trying to prove to the audience through all of the information as well as evidence that you’re willing to share during your speech. You have to point out your ideas in clear terms so that everyone understands what it’s going to be about.
  • The thesis statement for a more informative speech will simply summarize all of the information that you’re going to share with the audience once you deliver the speech. It’s not as difficult as one for an argumentative speech, but it’s still very important. You may also see outline in PDF .
  • For a more scientific speech, your thesis outline will reflect the hypothesis of the scientific study that you’re planning to present during the speech. If you’ve already been able to confirm something through the results of your scientific study, then you can point out in the speech as to the discovery you made, as well as all the facts and evidence that will help support and prove that your discovery is well founded. You can also see more on  Business Statements .

5. Your Credibility

  • If you’re giving a speech for a class in school, your “credibility” might be as simple as you stating that you’ve already done your research on the topic and that you’re taking the class where the topic was introduced.
  • For an argumentative speech, a personal connection to the subject matter can enhance your credibility. For example, if the topic that you’re focusing on your speech is the economy and how real estate is more expensive than ever, then you can share a story in which you know someone who’s having serious financial issues due to the problem. You have to make sure that the story you’re going to present is related to the subject matter, otherwise, it won’t hold enough ground for people to trust what you have to say. You may also like outline in word .
  • Also, be sure that you’re sharing something that’s true and not something that you just made up on the spot. Members of an audience can spot if the giver of a speech if making up a story or conveying something that’s true. It’s best that you stick with something that you can backup in the event that you’re questioned rather than having your reputation ruined for coming up with a clear line. You may also like Agenda Outline templates.

6. Preview of Your Main Points

  • There isn’t a specific rule, but speeches usually cover at least three main points. You should list them in your introduction in the order you plan to present them in your speech. The order in which you’re going to discuss all of them will depend entirely on the kind of speech that you sample plan on giving. You may also see presentation outline templates.
  • You should list them in your introduction in the order you simple plan to present them in your speech.
  • If your speech is about history, then you’ll have to point out events that happened in a chronological sample order .
  • Ultimately, you want to order your points in a way that feels natural to you and one wherein you are able to easily transition from one major point to the next. You may also like meeting minutes outline templates.

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FREE 9+ Speech Outline Templates in PDF | MS Word

A speech outline template is the most effective template for making a speech. The main purpose of creating this kind of Speech outline template and Essay Outline Template is to help people construct their own ideas in an organize approach and the way it will be speak at the stage in front of masses. This can be utilize by any kind of people whether for their personal or professional work.This is helpful and highly recommendable for the students when they have their speech such as declamation, reports and the like.Such template for speech will provide the correct format, structure and outline of the speech where all you need to do is to state the important details of your subject matter in a well presented and understandable manner. The template for speech is created to give more advance and benefit such as time saving, cost saving, accessible and convenient to use.

Speech Outline Template

Sample speech outline - 8+ documents in pdf, word, sample tribute speech example - 7+ documents in pdf, sample speech outline example - 7+ documents in pdf, word, sample introduction speech outline free download in doc.

sample introduction speech outline free download in doc

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