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Essays About Friendships: Top 6 Examples and 8 Prompts

Friendships are one of life’s greatest gifts. To write a friendship essay, make this guide your best friend with its essays about friendships plus prompts.

Every lasting relationship starts with a profound friendship. The foundations that keep meaningful friendships intact are mutual respect, love, laughter, and great conversations. Our most important friendships can support us in our most trying times. They can also influence our life for the better or, the worse, depending on the kind of friends we choose to keep. 

As such, at an early age, we are encouraged to choose friends who can promote a healthy, happy and productive life. However, preserving our treasured friendships is a lifelong process that requires investments in time and effort.


6 Informative Essay Examples

1. the limits of friendships by maria konnikova, 2. friendship by ralph waldo emerson, 3. don’t confuse friendships and business relationships by jerry acuff, 4. a 40-year friendship forged by the challenges of busing by thomas maffai, 5. how people with autism forge friendships by lydia denworth, 6.  friendships are facing new challenges thanks to the crazy cost of living by habiba katsha , 1. the importance of friendship in early childhood development, 2. what makes a healthy friendship, 3. friendships that turn into romance, 4. long-distance friendship with social media, 5. dealing with a toxic friendship, 6. friendship in the workplace, 7. greatest friendships in literature, 8. friendships according to aristotle .

…”[W]ithout investing the face-to-face time, we lack deeper connections to them, and the time we invest in superficial relationships comes at the expense of more profound ones.”

Social media is challenging the Dunbar number, proving that our number of casual friends runs to an average of 150. But as we expand our social base through social media, experts raise concerns about its effect on our social skills, which effectively develop through physical interaction.

“Friendship requires that rare mean betwixt likeness and unlikeness, that piques each with the presence of power and of consent in the other party.”

The influential American essayist Emerson unravels the mysteries behind the divine affinity that binds a friendship while laying down the rules and requirements needed to preserve the fellowship. To Emerson, friendship should allow a certain balance between agreement and disagreement. You might also be interested in these articles about best friends .

“Being friendly in business is necessary but friendships in business aren’t. That’s an important concept. We can have a valuable business relationship without friendship. Unfortunately, many mistakenly believe that the first step to building a business relationship is to develop a friendship.”

This essay differentiates friends from business partners. Using an anecdote, the essay warns against investing too much emotion and time in building friendships with business partners or customers, as such an approach may be futile in increasing sales.

“As racial tensions mounted around them, Drummer and Linehan developed a close connection—one that bridged their own racial differences and has endured more than four decades of evolving racial dynamics within Boston’s schools. Their friendship als­o served as a public symbol of racial solidarity at a time when their students desperately needed one.”

At a time when racial discrimination is at its highest, the author highlights a friendship they built and strengthened at the height of tensions during racial desegregation. This friendship proves that powerful interracial friendships can still be forged and separate from the politics of race.

“…15-year-old Massina Commesso worries a lot about friendship and feeling included. For much of her childhood, Massina had a neurotypical best friend… But as they entered high school, the other friend pulled away, apparently out of embarrassment over some of Massina’s behavior.”

Research debunks the myth that people with autism naturally detest interaction — evidence suggests the opposite. Now, research is shedding more light on the unique social skills of people with autism, enabling society to find ways to help them find true friendships. 

“The cost of living crisis is affecting nearly everyone, with petrol, food and electricity prices all rising. So understandably, it’s having an impact on our friendships too.”

People are now more reluctant to dine out with friends due to the rapidly rising living costs. Friendships are being tested as friends need to adjust to these new financial realities and be more creative in cultivating friendships through lower-cost get-togethers.

8 Topic Prompts on Essays About Friendships

Essays About Friendships: The importance of friendship in early childhood development

More than giving a sense of belonging, friendships help children learn to share and resolve conflicts. First, find existing research linking the capability to make and keep friends to one’s social, intellectual, and emotional development. 

Then, write down what schools and households can do to reinforce children’s people skills. Here, you can also tackle how they can help children with learning, communication, or behavioral difficulties build friendships, given how their conditions interfere with their capabilities and interactions. 

As with plants, healthy friendships thrive on fertile soil. In this essay, list the qualities that make “fertile soil” and explain how these can grow the seeds of healthy friendships. Some examples include mutual respect and the setting of boundaries. 

Then, write down how you should water and tend to your dearest friendships to ensure that it thrives in your garden of life. You can also discuss your healthy friendships and detail how these have unlocked the best version of yourself. 

Marrying your best friend is a romance story that makes everyone fall in love. However, opening up about your feelings for your best friend is risky. For this prompt, collate stories of people who boldly made the first step in taking their friendship to a new level.

Hold interviews to gather data and ask them the biggest lesson they learned and what they can share to help others struggling with their emotions for their best friend. Also, don’t forget to cite relevant data, such as this study that shows several romantic relationships started as friendships. 

Essays About Friendships: Long-distance friendship with social media

It’s challenging to sustain a long-distance friendship. But many believe that social media has narrowed that distance through an online connection. In your essay, explain the benefits social media has offered in reinforcing long-distance friendships. 

Determine if these virtual connections suffice to keep the depth of friendships. Make sure to use studies to support your argument. You can also cite studies with contrasting findings to give readers a holistic view of the situation.

It could be heartbreaking to feel that your friend is gradually becoming a foe. In this essay, help your readers through this complicated situation with their frenemies by pointing out red flags that signal the need to sever ties with a friend. Help them assess when they should try saving the friendship and when they should walk away. Add a trivial touch to your essay by briefly explaining the origins of the term “frenemies” and what events reinforced its use. 

We all know that there is inevitable competition in the workplace. Added to this are the tensions between managers and employees. So can genuine friendships thrive in a workplace? To answer this, turn to the wealth of experience and insights of long-time managers and human resource experts. 

First, describe the benefits of fostering friendships in the workplace, such as a deeper connection in working toward shared goals, as well as the impediments, such as inherent competition among colleagues. Then, dig for case studies that prove or disprove the relevance and possibility of having real friends at work.

Whether it be the destructive duo like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, or the hardworking pair of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson, focus on a literary friendship that you believe is the ultimate model of friendship goals. 

Narrate how the characters met and the progression of their interactions toward becoming a friendship. Then, describe the nature of the friendship and what factors keep it together. 

In Book VIII of his Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle writes about three kinds of friendships: pleasure, utility, and virtue. Dive deeper into the Greek philosopher’s mind and attempt to differentiate his three types of friendships. 

Point out ideas he articulated most accurately about friendship and parts you disagree with. For one, Aristotle refutes the concept that friendships are necessarily built on likeness alone, hence his classification of friendships. Do you share his sentiments? 

Read our Grammarly review before you submit your essay to make sure it is error-free! Tip: If writing an essay sounds like a lot of work, simplify it. Write a simple 5 paragraph essay instead.

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Essay on Friendship

List of essays on friendship, essay on friendship – short essay for kids (essay 1 – 150 words), essay on friendship – 10 lines on friendship written in english (essay 2 – 250 words), essay on friendship – for school students (class 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7) (essay 3 – 300 words), essay on friendship – for students (essay 4 – 400 words), essay on friendship (essay 5 – 500 words), essay on friendship – introduction, benefits and qualities (essay 6 – 600 words), essay on friendship – essay on true friendship (essay 7 – 750 words), essay on friendship – importance, types, examples and conclusion (essay 8 – 1000 words).

Friendship is a divine relationship, which is defined by neither blood nor any other similarity. Who is in this world does not have a friend?

A friend, with whom you just love to spend your time, can share your joys and sorrows. Most importantly you need not fake yourself and just be what you are. That is what friendship is all about. It is one of the most beautiful of the relations in the world. Students of today need to understand the values of friendship and therefore we have composed different long essays for students as well as short essays.

Audience: The below given essays are exclusively written for school students (Class 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Standard).


Friendship is considered as one of the treasures that anyone can possess. God has given us the liberty to choose friends because they are for our lifetime. It is quite normal for our parents and siblings to love us because they are our own blood but a friend is someone who is initially a stranger and then takes his/her place above all the other relations. Friendship is nothing but pure love without any expectations.

Role of a Friend:

True friends share and support each other even during the toughest of times. A true friend is one who feels happy for our success, who feel sad for our failures, fight with us for silly things and hugs us the next second, gets angry on us when we do any mistakes. Friendship is all about having true friends who can understand us without the need for us to speak.


Friendship is very essential for a happy life. Even a two-minute chat with a friend will make us forget our worries. That is the strength of friendship.

Friendship is a divine relationship, which is defined by neither blood nor any other similarity. Friends are those you can choose for yourself in spite of the difference you both have from each other. A good friend in need will do wonders in your life, whenever you are in need of self-realization, upbringing your confidence and more.

Friendship serves you best not only in your happiest moments but also when you feel low in emotions. A life without a good friend is not at all complete and an emptiness will be felt all the time you think of sharing your emotion that can’t be told to anyone else.

Honesty and Patience in Friendship:

To maintain and keep going with a good deep friendship, honesty is the most important factor. You should choose a person who can be cent percent honest with you in all perspective like emotions, decision making, etc. Trustworthy friendship will help you to take better decisions and choose a better path for your future well-being.

Tolerance and patience with each other are another important characteristics of long-lasting friendship. Accepting the differences, friends should be able to be with each other in all situations. As a friend, the person should lead the other to success by being a motivation and criticize the person if they choose the wrong path.

Friendship will give you sweet and happy memories that can be cherished for a lifetime and if you succeed in maintaining that precious relation, then you are the luckiest person in this world. Love and care for each other will cherish the relationship and helps the person to appreciate each thing done without any fail.

Of all the different relations which we indulge in, friendship is considered to be the purest of them all. Friendship is the true confluence of souls with like minded attitude that aids in seamless conversation and the best of times. It is believed that a person who doesn’t have any friend lives one of the toughest lives.

The Desire to Belong:

Each one of us have been so programmed that we need a companion even if it’s not romantic, someone just to tag along. There are several definitions of friendship and it is upon you as to how you believe your relation to be. Friendship can happen when you are simply sharing a bowl of food with a person day after day. It can be expressed in the way you silently care for someone even when they may not be aware of your existence.

The Little Moments that Matter:

It is giving up the little things you love dearly for the sake of someone you cherish a great deal. Friendship often refers to the little moments of senseless laugh you two share when the rest of the world starts to look bleak. It is to know what your friend needs and being there for them even when the rest of the world has turned their back towards them.

Friendship is the kind of relation which sometimes even exceeds the realms of love because it is all about giving without even once bothering to sense what you shall get back. Every time spent is special because when you are with friends, you don’t feel the blues!

The Bottom-Line:

Of course the definition of friendship is going to vary a great deal from one person to another. But, remember one thing, when you are friends with someone, be prepared to put your heart on the line for their happiness because friendship often manifests into love, even if it is not romantic, it always is true!

Friendship is the most valuable as well as precious gifts of life. Friendship is one of the most valued relationship. People who have good friends enjoy the most in their live. True friendship is based on loyalty & support. A good friend is a person who will stand with you when times are tough. A friend is someone special on whom you can rely on to celebrate a special moment. Friendship is like a life asset and it can lead us to success. It all depends on our choice how we choose our friends.

The quality of friendship is essential for happiness. The benefits of healthy friendship remains long-life. In addition, having a strong friend circle also improves our self-confidence. Due to the strong relationship, we get much emotional support during our bad times. True friendship is a feeling of love & care.

Real friendship cannot be built within limited boundaries like caste or creed. It gives us a feeling that someone really needs us & we are not alone. This is true that man cannot live alone. True friends are needed in every stage of life to survive. A true friend can be an old person or a child. But it is generally believed that we make friend with people who are of the same age as ours. Same age group can give you the freedom to share anything.

The selection of a true friend is also a challenging task. We have to carefully make our friend selection. Friends might come & go. They will make you laugh & cry. Wrong selection can create various problems for you. In the modern world, many youngsters become a social nuisance. The reason behind it is wrong & bad friendships.

But if we successfully choose the right person as a friend then our life becomes easier. It doesn’t matter who you are, what type of clothes you wear. The most important thing is trust because the relation of friendship stands on the pillars of trust.

Friendship is a relation which can make or break us in every stage of life. But in other words, friendship is an asset which is really precious. Obviously, it is also not so easy to maintain friendships. It demands your time as well as efforts. Last but not the least, it is hard to find true friendship but once you succeed in this task you will have a wonderful time. In exchange for that a friend will only need your valuable time and trust.

The idea of friendship is either heartwarming or gives cold feet depending on individuals and the types of friendships. In the current world, friendships have had different definitions based on the morality and civilization of the society. Ideally, friendship is defined as the state of mutual trust between individuals or parties. Trust is an important component of friendship because it determines the reliability and longevity of the friendship. Trust is built through honest communications between the individuals and interested parties.

Once trust has been established, mutual understanding and support being to form the resulting in a friendship. This friendship can be broken through lack of trust. Trust can be breached through deceit and/ or some people, it differs with the frequencies. There are people who will break friendships after only one episode of dishonesty whereas some people give second chances and even more chances. Friendship types determine the longevity and the causes of breakups. The importance of friendship in the lives of individuals is the reason why friendships are formed in the first place.

Types of Friendships:

According to Aristotle’s Nichomachean ethics, there are three types of friendships. The friendships are based on three factors i.e. utility, pleasure and goodness. The first type of friendship is based on utility and has been described as a friendship whereby both parties gain from each other.

This type of friendship is dependent on the benefits and that is what keeps the friendship going. This type of friendships do not last long because it dissolves as soon as the benefits are outsourced or when other sources are found outside the friendship. The friendship was invented for trade purposes because when two people with opposite things that depend on each other re put together, trade is maximized.

The second type of friendship is based on pleasure. This is described as friendship in which two individuals are drawn to each other based on desires of pleasure and is characterized by passionate feelings and feelings of belonging. This type of friendship can ether last long or is short-lived depending on the presence of the attraction between the two parties.

The third type of friendship is based on goodness. In this friendship, the goodness of people draw them to each other and they usually have the same virtues. The friendship involves loving each other and expecting goodness. It takes long to develop this kind of friendship but it usually lasts longest and is actually the best kind of friendship to be in. the importance of such a friendship is the social support and love.

In conclusion, friendships are important in the lives of individuals. Trust builds and sustains friendships. The different types of friendships are important because they provide benefits and social support. Friendships provide a feeling of belonging and dependence. The durability of friendships is dependent on the basis of its formation and the intention during the formation. Friendships that last long are not based on materialistic gain, instead, they are based on pure emotion.

Friendship is an emotion of care, mutual trust, and fondness among two persons. A friend might be a work-mate, buddy, fellow student or any individual with whom we feel an attachment.

In friendship, people have a mutual exchange of sentiments and faith too. Usually, the friendship nurtures more amongst those people who belong to a similar age as they possess the same passions, interests, sentiments, and opinions. During the school days, kids who belong to the similar age group have a common dream about their future and this makes them all of them get closer in friendship.

In the same way, employees working in business organizations also make friends as they are working together for attaining the organizational objectives. It does not matter that to which age group you belong, friendship can happen at any time of your life.

Benefits of Friendship:

Sometimes friendship is essential in our life. Below are a few benefits of friendship.

1. It’s impossible to live your life alone always but friendship fills that gap quickly with the friend’s company.

2. You can easily pass the rigidities of life with the friendship as in your distress period your friends are always there to help you.

3. Friendship teaches you how to remain happy in life.

4. In case of any confusion or problem, your friendship will always benefit you with good opinions.

True and Dishonest Friendship:

True friendship is very rare in today’s times. There are so many persons who support only those people who are in power so that they can fulfil their selfish motives below the name of friendship. They stay with friends till the time their selfish requirements are achieved. Dishonest friends leave people as soon as their power gets vanished. You can find these types of self-seeking friends all around the world who are quite hurtful than enemies.

Finding a true friendship is very difficult. A true friend helps the other friend who is in need. It does not matter to him that his friend is right or wrong but he will always support his friend at the time of his difficulty.

Carefulness in the Selection of Friendship:

You must be very careful while choosing friends. You should nurture your friendship with that person who does not leave you in your bad times easily. Once you get emotionally attached to the wrong person you cannot finish your friendship so soon. True friendship continues till the time of your last breaths and does not change with the passing time.

Friendship with a bad person also affects your own thoughts and habits. Therefore, a bad person should not be chosen in any type of circumstances. We must do friendship with full attention and carefulness.

Best Qualities of Good Friendship:

Good friendship provides people an enormous love to each other.

The below are the important qualities of good friendship:

1. Good friendship is always faithful, honest, and truthful.

2. People pay attention and take note of others thoughts in good friendship.

3. Persons quickly forget and let off the mistakes of the other friend. In fact, they accept their friend in the way they are actually.

4. You are not judged on the basis of your success, money or power in it.

5. Friends do not feel shy to provide us with valuable opinions for our welfare.

6. People always share their joyful times with their good friends and also stay ready to help their friends in the time of need.

7. True friends also support others in their professional as well as personal life. They encourage their friends in the area of their interest.

Friendship is established over the sacrifice, love, faith, and concern of mutual benefit. True Friendship is a support and a blessing for everybody. All those males and females who have true and genuine friends are very lucky really.

Friendship can simply be defined as a form of mutual relationship or understanding between two people or more who interact and are attached to one another in a manner that is friendly. A friendship is a serious relationship of devotion between two or more people where people involved have a true and sincere feeling of affection, care and love towards each other devoid of any misunderstanding and without demands.

Primarily friendship happens between people that have the same sentiments, feelings and tastes. It is believed that there is no limit or criteria for friendship. All of the different creed, religion, caste, position, sex and age do not matter when it comes to friendship even though friendships can sometimes be damaged by economic disparity and other forms of differentiation. From all of these, it can be concluded that real and true friendship is very possible between people that have a uniform status and are like-minded.

A lot of friends we have in the world today only remain together in times of prosperity and absence of problems but only the faithful, sincere and true friends remain all through the troubles, times of hardships and our bad times. We only discover who our bad and good friends are in the times where we don’t have things going our way.

Most people want to be friends with people with money and we can’t really know if our friends are true when we have money and do not need their help, we only discover our true friends when we need their help in terms of money or any other form of support. A lot of friendships have been jeopardised because of money and the absence or presence of it.

Sometimes, we might face difficulty or crises in our friendships because of self-respect and ego. Friendships can be affected by us or others and we need to try to strike a balance in our friendships. For our friendship to prosper and be true, we need satisfaction, proper understanding and a trustworthy nature. As true friends, we should never exploit our friends but instead do our utmost best to motivate and support them in doing and attaining the very best things in life.

The true meaning of friendship is sometimes lost because of encounters with fake friends who have used and exploited us for their own personal benefits. People like this tend to end the friendship once they get what they want or stab their supposed friends in the back just to get what they think is best for them. Friendship is a very good thing that can help meet our need for companionship and other emotional needs.

In the world we live in today, it is extremely difficult to come across good and loyal friends and this daunting task isn’t made any easier by the lie and deceit of a lot of people in this generation. So, when one finds a very good and loyal important, it is like finding gold and one should do everything to keep friends like that.

The pursuit of true friendship Is not limited to humans, we can as well find good friends in animals; for example, it is a popular belief that dogs make the best friends. It is very important to have good friends as they help us in times and situations where we are down and facing difficulties. Our true friends always do their best to save us when we are in danger and also provide us with timely and good advice. True friends are priceless assets in our lives, they share our pains and sorrow, help provide relief to us in terrible situations and do their best to make us happy.

Friends can both be the good or the bad types. Good friends help push us on the right path in life while on the other hand, bad friends don’t care about us but only care about themselves and can lead us into the wrong path; because of this, we have to be absolutely careful when choosing our friends in this life.

Bad friends can ruin our lives completely so we have to be weary of them and do our best to avoid bag friends totally. We need friends in our life that will be there for us at every point in time and will share all of our feeling with us, both the good and bad. We need friends we can talk to anytime we are feeling lonely, friends that will make us laugh and smile anytime we are feeling sad.

What is friendship? It is the purest form of relationship between two individual with no hidden agenda. As per the dictionary, it is the mutual affection between people. But, is it just a mutual affection? Not always, as in the case of best friends, it is far beyond that. Great friends share each other’s feelings or notions which bring a feeling of prosperity and mental fulfillment.

A friend is a person whom one can know deeply, as and trust for eternity. Rather than having some likeness in the idea of two people associated with the friendship, they have some extraordinary qualities yet they want to be with each other without changing their uniqueness. By and large, friends spur each other without censuring, however at times great friends scrutinize do affect you in a positive manner.

Importance of Friendship:

It is very important to have a friend in life. Each friend is vital and their significance in known to us when certain circumstances emerge which must be supported by our friends. One can never feel lonely in this world on the off chance that he or she is embraced by true friends. Then again, depression wins in the lives of the individuals who don’t have friends regardless of billions of individuals present on the planet. Friends are particularly vital amid times of emergency and hardships. On the off chance that you wind up experiencing a hard time, having a friend to help you through can make the change simpler.

Having friends you can depend on can help your confidence. Then again, an absence of friends can make you feel lonely and without help, which makes you powerless for different issues, for example, sadness and drug abuse. Having no less than one individual you can depend on will formulate your confidence.

Choosing Your Friends Wisely:

Not all friends can instill the positivity in your life. There can be negative effects as well. It is very important to choose your friends with utmost wisdom. Picking the right friend is somewhat troublesome task however it is extremely important. In the event that for instance a couple of our dear friends are engaged with negative behaviour patterns, for example, smoking, drinking and taking drugs, at some point or another we will be attracted to their bad habits as well. This is the reason behind why it is appropriate to settle on an appropriate decision with regards to making friends.

Genuine friendship is truly a gift delighted in by a couple. The individuals who have it ought to express gratitude toward God for having genuine pearls in their lives and the individuals who don’t have a couple of good friends ought to always take a stab at better approaches to anchor great friends. No organization is superior to having a friend close by in the midst of need. You will stay cheerful in your one-room flat on the off chance that you are surrounded by your friends; then again, you can’t discover satisfaction even in your estate in the event that you are far away from others.

Types of Friends:

There is variety everywhere, so why not in friends. We can see different types of friends during our journey of life. For instance, your best friend at school is someone with whom you just get along the most. That friend, especially in the case of girls, may just get annoyed even if you talk to another of your friend more than her. Such is the childish nature of such friendships that at times it is difficult for others to identify whether you are best friends or competitors.

Then there is another category of your siblings. No matter how much you deny, but your siblings or your elder brother and sisters are those friends of yours who stay on with you for your entire life. You have a different set of friendship with them as you find yourself fighting with them most of the times. However, in times of need, you shall see that they are first ones standing behind you, supporting you.

There is another category of friends called professional friends. You come across such friends only when you grow up and choose a profession for yourself. These friends are usually from the same organisation and prove to be helpful during your settling years. Some of them tend to stay on with you even when you change companies.

Friendship Examples from History:

History has always taught us a lot. Examples of true friendship are not far behind. We have some famous example from history which makes us realise the true value of friendship. The topmost of them are the Krishna and Sudama friendship. We all must have read or heard as to how after becoming a king when Krishna met Sudama, his childhood friend, he treated him with honour even though Sudama was a poor person. It teaches us the friendship need not be between equals. It has to be between likeminded people. Next example is of Karna and Duryodhana, again from the Mahabharat era.

Despite knowing the fact that the Pandavas were his brothers, Karna went on to fight alongside Duryodhan as he is his best friend and even laid down his life for him. What more example of true friendship can one find? Again from the same era, Krishna and Arjun are also referred to as the best of the friends. Bhagavad Gita is an example of how a true friend can guide you towards positivity in life and make you follow the path of Dharma. Similarly, there are numerous examples from history which teach us the values of true friendship and the need to nourish such for own good.

Whether you accept or deny it, a friend plays an important role in your life. In fact, it is very important to have a friend. However, at the same time, it is extremely important to choose the friends wisely as they are the ones who can build you or destroy you. Nonetheless, a friend’s company is something which one enjoys all through life and friends should be treated as the best treasure a man can have.

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  • Writing Essay on Friendship: 3 Samples to Get Inspired

When in school or college, you won’t escape the task of writing an essay on friendship. It’s a paper revealing the power of having friends and reflecting on the corresponding values.

It seems easy to write. You craft a narrative about your mates, explaining what they mean to you. And yet, it’s an academic paper. So, some rules are still here on how to structure and format it.

In this article, you’ll find three samples of different essays on friendship. Feel free to use them to get inspired and better understand this paper’s nature and purpose.

Let’s answer all the questions related to friendship essays together!

What Is an Essay on Friendship?

First, the definition:

An essay on friendship is a short academic paper students write to express their thoughts and reflections on the topic.

The purpose is to:

  • explore the phenomenon;
  • understand what it means to you;
  • realize the significance of having close people nearby;
  • reveal the pros and cons of committing to a friendship;
  • reflect on how friendship can help our wellness.

Friendship essays aren’t about “my friends and I” topics only. You can write about the role of friendship for mental health, craft an expository essay explaining the topic, or build a reflective essay on what friendship means to you.

Friendship Essay Structure


Friendship essays have a standard structure of academic papers. They are short and consist of three parts:

  • Introduction about friendship
  • Paragraph about friendship
  • Friendship essay conclusion

In the intro, you start with an attention grabber. Feel free to use a quote, a surprising fact, or an anecdote. Introduce the topic and finish with thesis statements about friendship.

In a friendship paragraph, you support a thesis with facts, evidence, personal stories, etc. As a rule, essay bodies have three paragraphs minimum. So you can devote each paragraph to one aspect :

  • Definition of this concept 
  • Why having friends is essential
  • What a friend can give you
  • Types of friendship  
  • Challenges mates meet on their way  
  • Characteristics of a good friend  
  • How to strengthen a friendship, etc. 

In the essay body, you can use stories and examples from your life to illustrate points. Tell about your friends and share personal thoughts — it will make your paper more compelling to read.

In the concluding paragraph, sum up the points and restate your thesis. Finish on a positive note, leaving readers with the food for thought.

Easier said than done, huh?

Below are three samples of friendship essays for you to see what they look like and how they sound.

3 Samples to Help You Write an Essay About Friendship

While Ralph Waldo Emerson friendship essay (1) is the top example of the paper on this topic, we’ll go further and provide several NEW samples.

Please check:

Short Essay on Friendship

This sample is perfect for high school students. As a rule, teachers ask them to write 150-200-word essays. The task is to describe concepts or things the way they understand them.


Narrative Essay on Friendship

Narrative essays are more about personal stories. Here, you can tell about your friends, include dialogues , and sound less academic.

500 Words Essay Sample on Importance of Friendship

Over to You

Now, you have three samples and know how to structure this paper. Ready to write yours?

Let’s begin with the “Why is friendship important?” essay — and you’ll see that it’s not super challenging to craft. Be honest, share your thoughts, and don’t hesitate to write personal reflections on the topic.

Still don’t know how to start your essay on friendship? Our writers are here to help. 


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  • Essay writing
  • Writing tips

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Essay on Friendship

Here we have shared the Essay on Friendship in detail so you can use it in your exam or assignment of 150, 250, 400, 500, or 1000 words.

You can use this Essay on Friendship in any assignment or project whether you are in school (class 10th or 12th), college, or preparing for answer writing in competitive exams. 

Topics covered in this article.

Essay on Friendship in 150 words

Essay on friendship in 250-300 words, essay on friendship in 500-1000 words.

Friendship is a cherished bond that brings joy, support, and companionship into our lives. It is based on trust, understanding, and shared experiences. True friends offer comfort and a sense of belonging.

Friends play a significant role in our lives. They celebrate our successes, provide support during tough times, and make our journey more enjoyable. Through friendships, we learn, grow, and gain new perspectives. Friends inspire us and motivate us to become better versions of ourselves.

Maintaining friendships requires effort and commitment. It involves mutual respect, trust, and open communication. Quality time spent together strengthens the bond.

In a fast-paced world, friendships are invaluable. They offer love, acceptance, and understanding. True friends stand by us, providing support and making life more meaningful.

In conclusion, friendship is a precious gift that enriches our lives. It brings happiness, support, and a sense of belonging. Nurturing and cherishing friendships is essential for our well-being and happiness.

Friendship is a beautiful bond that brings joy, support, and companionship into our lives. It is a connection built on trust, mutual understanding, and shared experiences. True friendship goes beyond superficial interactions and offers a deep sense of comfort and belonging.

Friends play a significant role in our lives. They are there to celebrate our successes, lend a listening ear during challenging times, and provide a support system that helps us navigate the ups and downs of life. Friends bring laughter, happiness, and emotional support, making our journey more enjoyable and meaningful.

Friendship also allows us to learn and grow. Through our interactions with friends, we gain new perspectives, broaden our horizons, and develop important life skills such as empathy, communication, and compromise. Friends inspire us to be better versions of ourselves and provide a sense of motivation and encouragement.

Maintaining and nurturing friendships require effort and commitment. It involves mutual respect, trust, and open communication. Spending quality time together, sharing experiences, and being there for each other strengthens the bond of friendship.

In a fast-paced and often lonely world, friendships are invaluable. They provide a sense of belonging, happiness, and a support network that enriches our lives. True friends stand by us through thick and thin, offering love, acceptance, and understanding. They are the pillars of support who make life’s journey more meaningful and enjoyable.

In conclusion, friendship is a precious gift that adds immense value to our lives. It is a connection built on trust, understanding, and shared experiences. Friends offer support, laughter, and companionship, making our lives more fulfilling. Nurturing and cherishing friendships is essential for our well-being and happiness.

Title: Friendship – The Essence of True Connection


Friendship is a unique and valuable bond that enriches our lives with joy, support, and companionship. It is a connection that goes beyond mere acquaintanceship, rooted in trust, understanding, and shared experiences. This essay explores the significance of friendship, its qualities, the benefits it brings, and the ways to nurture and cherish these precious relationships.

The Meaning of Friendship

Friendship is a deep and meaningful relationship between individuals characterized by mutual affection, trust, and empathy. It is a bond that offers companionship, understanding, and support in both good times and bad. True friendship is built on honesty, respect, and genuine care for one another.

Qualities of True Friendship

True friendships possess several key qualities. Trust is paramount, as friends confide in each other without fear of judgment or betrayal. Mutual understanding allows friends to empathize and provide emotional support. Respect is essential, as friends accept and appreciate each other’s individuality. Loyalty ensures that friends stand by one another through thick and thin. Communication is vital for maintaining open and honest dialogue, fostering a strong and lasting connection.

Benefits of Friendship

Friendship brings numerous benefits to our lives. Emotional support from friends helps us cope with challenges, reduces stress, and boosts our mental well-being. Friends offer a safe space for sharing thoughts, feelings, and experiences, providing a sense of comfort and validation. They provide a support network during difficult times, lending a listening ear and offering guidance. Friends also bring joy, laughter, and fun into our lives, creating cherished memories and experiences.

Nurturing and Cherishing Friendships

To foster and maintain strong friendships, it is essential to invest time and effort. Regular communication and quality time spent together strengthen the bond. Active listening and empathy are crucial, allowing friends to truly understand and support one another. Celebrating each other’s successes and offering support during challenges cultivates a sense of solidarity. Honesty and transparency build trust, ensuring a foundation of authenticity in the relationship. Respecting boundaries and accepting differences helps sustain harmony within friendships.

The Role of Friendship in Personal Growth

Friendship plays a significant role in personal growth and development. Friends offer different perspectives, expanding our horizons and challenging our beliefs. They provide constructive feedback, helping us improve and grow as individuals. Through shared experiences, we learn valuable life lessons and acquire new skills. Friends inspire us to pursue our passions, push our boundaries, and achieve our goals. Their support and encouragement fuel our motivation and self-confidence.

Types of Friendship

Friendships come in various forms, ranging from childhood friends to work colleagues, from online companions to lifelong confidants. Each type of friendship brings unique dynamics and contributes to our personal growth and well-being.

Conclusion :

Friendship is a precious and invaluable connection that enhances our lives in countless ways. It offers companionship, support, and a sense of belonging. True friends stand by us through thick and thin, celebrating our successes and providing comfort during difficult times. Nurturing and cherishing friendships require effort, empathy, and open communication. By investing in these relationships, we create a support system that enriches our lives and helps us grow as individuals. Friendship is a gift that brings joy, love, and understanding, making life’s journey more meaningful and fulfilling.

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Friendship Essay: Writing Guide, Outline With Examples

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How to Write a Friendship Essay

Table of contents


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A friendship essay is precisely what it sounds like: a paper that students write to describe their relationships with their mates.  It is among the many assignments that students are given in their college institutions.  Writing essays about friendship is a great way to analyze what the connection means to you and reflect on some of your encounters. It can also be used as a tool to improve your closeness and affection. This blog post offers tips you may consider while writing your paper and its outline. It features friendship essay examples that help generate ideas that form the primary focus of your paper.  If you are not ready to waste your time on essay writing, StudyCrumb is here to offer affordable prices and professional writers.

What Is a Friendship Essay?

The definition of friendship essay is quite clear and straightforward. A paper about friends can be described as a write-up on a relationship between two or more people. This interpretation makes it easier to obtain the meaning of friendship essay.  Writing such thematic essay will help you communicate your feelings as well as your thoughts. It allows you to recollect your memories about different encounters you have had in life. It will also help you evaluate qualities of your connection.  While writing, you may have a sequence of events starting from your meet-up, activities you have done together, and how you have sustained the connection. Preparing an essay about friendship can evoke memories from your past that may have been long forgotten.

Purpose of an Essay on Friendship

This kind of essay aims to help you explore its nature and form, its pros and cons, and its role in your life. The importance of friendship essay is that it acts as a reflective tool. It helps you realize the significance of creating and maintaining good relationships with friends. It also explains how these connections contribute to your overall wellness. In addition, an article about friendship may teach you to understand that true friendship is priceless and should stand the test of time.

Ideas to Write a Friendship Essay on

Writing essays about friendship is a more manageable task than drafting a paper about a topic that may require more detailed research. Any excellent essay about true friendship starts with an idea that you can examine.  Below are some unique ideas you can explore:

  • What is friendship?
  • What does friendship mean to me?
  • The value of friendship you cherish in your life.
  • Cross-cultural friendships.
  • The role of friendship in mental health maintenance.

As you reflect on your relationship with your friend, see if you can write a paper incorporating these themes. Remember to choose an idea that interests you and is relevant to your personal experiences or research. Be sure to support your arguments with evidence and examples from real-life situations, literature, or academic research. Look through our definition essay topics or persuasive essay ideas to find a theme that suits your task best.

Friendship Essay Outline

An essay outline about friendship is a summary of what your write-up will contain but in a less detailed format. You use it to organize and structure your content logically and effectively. It presents the main topics and subtopics hierarchically, allowing writers to see the connection between different parts of the material. The importance of an outline lies in its ability to help writers plan, organize, as well as clarify their ideas. This makes the writing of an essay about friends more efficient, and the final product is more coherent and effective. Here is an example of an outline for a friendship essay.

  • Briefly introduce the topic of friendship
  • Provide a thesis statement that summarizes the main points of the essay
  • Topic sentence
  • Your main argument
  • Real-life examples that support your key idea
  • Supporting evidence
  • 3rd Body Paragraph
  • Examples or recommendations
  • Summarize the main points
  • Provide some food for thought

Note that this is a general outline. The exact structure and content of your essay will depend on the specific requirements of your assignment and your personal interests.

Structure of a Friendship Essay

The structure of an essay on friendship typically includes the following three parts.

  • Introduction An introduction should grab the reader's attention and provide background information. It should also include a clear thesis statement that sets a path and direction of the friendship essays.
  • Body The essay's body is where you will provide evidence and details to underpin your thesis statement. It should consist of several paragraphs supporting and developing a statement of purpose. Each paragraph should focus on a specific aspect of your friendliness, such as its importance, benefits, or challenges.
  • Conclusion Briefly summarize the essay's main points and reinforce your principal argument. The conclusion should leave a lasting impression on readers and emphasize your topic's significance. Overall, the structure should be clear and well-organized, allowing the audience to follow your argument and understand the topic's significance.

Friendship Essay Introduction

A good introduction about friendship essay should grab the reader's attention and encourage them to continue reading. This can be achieved through a " hook ," a quote, an interesting fact, or a thought-provoking question. Background information can then be provided to give context to the discussed topic.  The introduction to an essay about friendship should also clearly state your main point or argument of the piece, known as thesis statement. This sets pace for the rest of the paper and gives readers a clear view of what to expect. A friendship essay introduction should be concise, engaging, and provide context for the audience to understand the content fully.

Friendship Essay Introduction Example

Here is an example of a friendship essay introduction that sets the stage for a reflective and thought-provoking exploration of the most precious gift in life.

Friendship Essay Thesis Statement

The friendship thesis statement aims to provide a summary of the essay's main point. It can be one or two sentences which you develop as you research. The statement of purpose should focus on the central argument and be supported by evidence presented in the body. The thesis statement about friendship should guide the essay's structure. Its main objective is to provide your reader with a roadmap to follow. It should be specific, concise, and accurately reflect the content in your paper. Understanding what constitutes a strong thesis is crucial for writers as it is integral to every essay writing process.

Friendship Thesis Statement Example

The thesis statement must be clear to readers so that they may quickly recognize it and comprehend the paper's significance. It should act as a blueprint of what to expect. A friendship thesis statement sample could be:

Friendship Essay Body

The body part should include five or more paragraphs. Students will use body paragraphs to elaborate on the key factors that make their connection special.

  • Definition and explanation. This friendship body paragraph should start with a definition and a brief explanation of its characteristics and qualities.
  • Importance of friends. Discuss why it is vital in your life and how it contributes to personal growth and welfare.
  • Types of friendships. A paragraph about friendship should discuss different types of friend's relationships that exist.
  • Qualities of a good friend. Discuss standards a great confidant should possess.
  • Challenges. Discuss the common problems that friends face.
  • Ways to strengthen friendship. Provide tips on reinforcing and maintaining good relationships.
  • Conclusion. Sum up the key points made in your essay and reiterate the importance of genuine bonds in life.

Friendship Body Paragraph Example

Below is a friendship body paragraph sample.

Friendship Essay Conclusion

Any conclusion on a friendship essay should sum up the main ideas discussed in your essay and restate the thesis statement. It should leave a lasting impression and provide a closure to your topic. To start writing a conclusion about a friendship essay, commence by rephrasing the thesis statement in different words. Summarize the points discussed in your essay by connecting them back to your statement of purpose. End conclusion with a final thought or call to action that leaves a lasting impression on your reader.  It is vital to keep it concise yet impactful. Avoid introducing new information or arguments, as it can confuse readers. Instead, focus on tying up loose ends and emphasizing main ideas discussed in your essay.

Friendship Essay Conclusion Sample

Here is an example of a friendship essay conclusion:

How to Write an Essay on Friendship?

To write an essay about friendship, start by brainstorming ideas about what friends mean to you and the benefits of such kinds of relationships. Knowing how to write a good essay about friendship involves selecting a great topic and arranging your content in a manner that has logical flow.

1. Come Up With a Topic About Friendship

To brainstorm essay topics on friendship, consider the following.

  • Reflect on your own experiences. Think about your own bonds and encounters you have had with allies. Avoid bad occurrences. This can inspire topics to explore in your essay. To find a subject that interests you, you can also look through internet examples of friend essays.
  • Ask questions related to friends, such as "What makes a meaningful connection?" or "How does the quality of your bond change over time?"
  • Talk to others. Ask friends, family, or classmates about their experiences. They may have interesting insights that can inspire new topics for your essay.

Ensure that topic you select is appropriate for your report style. For example: 

You can start this topic by how you met, narrate your story, and then pick out some attributes of a good friend and the advantages of the relationship. Remember to choose a topic on friendship essay that you feel passionate about and can explore in depth in your essay.

2. Do Research

To research and collect information for the friend essay, follow these steps.

  • Start with a general search. Use search engines like Google to find articles, books, and other resources on affection.
  • Identify keywords. Determine the most relevant keywords for your essay, such as "essay about a friend." Use them in your search to narrow down results to the most pertinent information.
  • Evaluate sources. When you have a list of potential sources, evaluate each to determine their credibility and relevance. Look for sources that are written by experts in the field and that have been peer-reviewed or published in reputable journals.
  • Take notes. As you read, take notes on the most important and relevant information.

3. Develop a Friendship Essay Outline

An outline is a useful tool for organizing ideas in an essay and it ensures that your essay has a structure. Before outlining you need to have a clear vision of what your essay will focus on. Then analyze every piece of information that you have and categorize it into headings. An outline of an essay about friendships will comprise a list which consists of each paragraph’s topic sentence . By going through the outline, you are able to examine what purpose each paragraph serves. If you need assistance on how to create an outline for a college essay about friendship use the outline example shown below.

Friendship essay outline example

4. Write an Essay on Friendship

Writing an essay about friendship is an exciting task. Below is a sample of how you can write your friendship essay. Friendship is the bond between two or more individuals based on mutual trust, support, and understanding. This connection can develop at any stage of life and even last a lifetime. It is a bond that fills our lives with comfort, laughter, and advice during a hard period. Many different factors can contribute to its formation and success. Having similar needs, mutual interests, and social activities can help sustain the relationship. Another crucial aspect is being ready to support each other through happy and difficult times unconditionally. Trust is also an essential component in the longevity of this connection. In conclusion, friendship is an invaluable treasure that brings joy, comfort, and support to our lives. It provides a safe place in a world that can be harsh and unforgiving. It reminds us that we should always stay true to each other.

5. Proofread Your Friendship Essay

When writing a friendship essay, consider the following for an effective introduction.

  • Grab your reader's attention. A good introduction makes them want to continue reading your friendship essay.
  • Provide context. Give an overview of the friendship essay and its purpose. This will make readers interested in your work.
  • Establish your purpose. Clearly state the main idea or thesis.
  • Preview the main points. Briefly summarize key points that will be covered.
  • Be concise. An introduction should be short and on point, generally no more than one or two paragraphs.

Remember, your introduction will set tone for the rest of your piece and should encourage your readers to continue reading.

Friendship Essay Examples

A sample essay about friendship can be critical to students, especially when they are researching and collecting information. Free friendship essays help you get ideas on how to write and structure your essay. Below are essay examples about friendship that you can go through to help with your writing and draw inspiration from. Friendship essay example 1

Friendship essay example 2

Essay about friendship sample 3

Example of essay on friendship 4

Friendship Essay Writing Tips

Here are some extra tips you need to know that will motivate you to write a friendship short essay.

  • You could start with a quote, an anecdote, or a surprising fact.
  • Use examples from your own life to illustrate your points in your school college essay about friendship, as this will make your essay more relatable and interesting to read.
  • Friendship titles for essays should be clear and straightforward. They should also reflect your main points.
  • Describe the aspect of the bond that, in your opinion, is most crucial. It is possible to personalize something that means an entirely different thing to various individuals.

Bottom Line on Friendship Essay Writing

Your central task is to understand what is a friendship essay even before you start writing. Friendship essays explore the nature of our relationships and their various aspects. They can take various forms, from short reflective essays to longer, more analytical pieces. These papers can discuss qualities that make a good friend, the benefits of your relationship, or challenges of maintaining close relationships. Examples of short essays about friendship could be a personal reflection, exploring the unique bond between the writer and their friend and what they hope to continue gaining from each other when they cross paths in future. If you struggle with other papers, feel free to check out our writing guides. From an essay about bullying to a world peace essay , we’ve got you covered.

FAQ About Friendship Essay

1. may i use friendship quotes for the essay.

Yes, it is always a winning step. You can write an essay on friendship with quotes either as the title of your essay or as an introductory phrase. You can also include it in the body of your work while narrating your story.

2. How to write a hook for an essay of friendship?

An essay should hook your reader's attention and make them want to read your story. When writing essays about friendship, you can describe a unique situation in which your friends helped you. You can also end your introduction with a catchy quote, such as Squad goals! Some other quotes that you can use include:

  • A road to a friend's house is never long.
  • Count your age with friends and years.
  • True friend is seen through the heart, not through the eyes.

3. Explain the importance of friendship essay.

The importance of friendship essay is that it teaches students to express their thoughts and feelings about confidants and benefits they obtain from this connection. It also acts as a reflective tool. Friend essays also help students realize advantages of creating and maintaining good relationships with friends and how these linkages contribute to your overall wellness and welfare.


Daniel Howard is an Essay Writing guru. He helps students create essays that will strike a chord with the readers.

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Friendship is a special bond that unites two individuals with common interests, experiences, and emotions. It makes life easier and contributes to our happiness. It is a relationship that transcends race, religion, and socio-economic status and has power to sustain and uplift the spirit of humans. In this essay, I will explore its benefits and how it can contribute to a better world. Through personal anecdotes, I will illustrate the bond's depth and role in our day-to-day lives.
In this essay, I will explore friendship's meaning, its importance, benefits, drawbacks, and how it can contribute to a better world. Through a series of personal anecdotes, I will illustrate the bond's depth and its key role in our lives.
How to Spend Free Time with Friends • Outdoor Activities. Spending time in nature is a great way to bond with friends. You can meet, then go for a hike, take a walk, or go to a picnic in a park. This allows you to connect and enjoy the beautiful world around you. • Movie Night. Watching a movie is another fun activity you can do with friends. You can share popcorn, grab snacks, and enjoy a movie together. This is a great way to relax and unwind. • Board Games. Playing board games with friends is a fun and interactive way to spend free time. You can play classic games like Monopoly. This is a great way to challenge each other and have a good time.
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In conclusion, friendship is an essential aspect of our lives that brings joy, support, and companionship. It is a relationship built on mutual trust, understanding, and love. A true friend will always be there for you, no matter what. As humans, we need sincere friends to help us navigate life's ups and downs and provide emotional support. An understanding friend can withstand any obstacle and bring happiness to our lives. The connection is meant to last a lifetime, whether through shared experiences, interests, or simply a common bond. Ultimately, having a close group of loyal friends who truly care for us is one of the greatest gifts we can receive in life.
The Day my Best Friend Changed My Life.
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friend essay on friendship

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Essay on Friendship: Samples in 100, 200, 300 Words

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essay on friendship

Friendship is a lovely connection that thrives on pure love and care, free from demands. It’s recognized through respect, support, open communication, shared joys, empathy, and unwavering presence. True friends cherish and express this bond in countless meaningful ways. Mentioned below are the essay on friendship that you can write in your school assignments to express gratitude towards them.

friend essay on friendship

Table of Contents

  • 1 Friendship Sample Essay in 100 Words
  • 2 Friendship Sample Essay in 200 words
  • 3 Friendship Sample Essay in 300 Words

Friendship Sample Essay in 100 Words

Everybody needs friends in their life because friends with friendship fill that gap of proper understanding that at some point even our family fails to meet. Whenever challenges come up in life, this friendship becomes a path to overcome those challenges and boosts us toward progress. In the dark and bleak world of reality, friendship fills vibrant and vivid colours of life, enthusiasm, and motivation. Every occasion becomes extra happy when celebrated with that special circle of friends. Every moment spent and lived with your friends, be it sad or happy, dull or motivating, shapes us into who we are. It also helps us see the good in life. 

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Friendship Sample Essay in 200 words

Friendship is something exceptional. Whenever life gets rough, one thing that we can always rely on is our friendship. We know that we have our friends to support us through the tough times in life. Not only that, friendship is such a deep-rooted emotion that even when we don’t share what we are feeling at the same moment, just by looking at our faces, our friends can figure out that something is bothering us. And they, just by having a thoughtful talk with us, have the strength to make all the bothering go away in a snap. Such is the power of friendship. It’s more than meets the eye. However, there are times when we have those life tests that make us reach our limits and test us through thick and thin. 

Everything in life isn’t always smooth and happy, there are phases when even friends get into a fight with each other, but when they come out of that situation with their friendship still intact, then that bonding reaches new heights of strength.

If you have deep friendships with people, always be grateful to god for that, because not every bond of friendship lasts forever. Those people who have friends who last a lifetime are truly blessed because friendship truly is beautiful.

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Friendship Sample Essay in 300 Words

In this vast world, there are innumerable people we meet every day, yet we still meet people who are there with us for a lifetime. The term for those people is “Friends” and the emotion that sustains them is “friendship”. The word friendship may have a particular number of alphabets, but the meaning it conveys cannot be measured in numbers. The word “friendship” is more than meets the eye. The depth it holds in terms of emotions, bonding, trust, understanding, support, communication, and much more is unparalleled. At every phase of our lives, we come across people and don’t even realize the bonds that get forged with time. These bonds are filled with the spirit and essence of trust, honesty, support, etc. hence becoming the pillars of friendship. 

In every person’s life, friendship plays different roles but one thing that every person can agree on without a doubt is that friendship sustains you. Now, there are basically 2 types of friends, first ones are those who are good friends while the other ones are best friends. The best friends are the ones that we share a special bond of affection and love with. They make our lives much richer and easier

In true friendship, there is no place for judgment. True friends can share anything they are feeling without the fear of being judged by the other. To put it simply, we can say that true friendship gives us a reason to become even stronger in life.

Friendship makes us stronger in all aspects. No matter how much we fight our friends, we always come back to them. This is what teaches us the virtue of understanding and being patient. Without an iota of doubt, we can conclude that there is nothing out there that is nearly as beautiful, and as strong as friendship. Lucky are those who have this blessing in their life. Forever cherish it. 

True friendship is one where there is mutual respect, good communication, honesty, and trust. When you know that no matter what, you can rely on your friend and that friend has got your back in every situation. 

The full form of “FRIEND” is” Few Relations In Earth Never Die”.

The word “friendship” is more than meets the eye. The depth it holds in terms of emotions, bonding, trust, understanding, support, communication, and much more is unparalleled. At every phase of our lives, we come across people and don’t even realize the bonds that get forged with time. The power of friendship is such that it can turn a dull day in any person’s life into a really happy one. Every moment spent and lived with your friends, be it sad or happy, dull or motivating, shapes us into who we are. If you have deep friendships with people, always be grateful to god for that, because not every bond of friendship lasts forever. Those people who have friends who last a lifetime are truly blessed because friendship truly is beautiful. 

Hence, we hope that this blog has assisted you in comprehending what an essay on friendship must include. If you are struggling with your career choices and need expert guidance, our Leverage Edu mentors are here to guide you at any point of your academic and professional journey thus ensuring that you take informed steps towards your dream career.

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friend essay on friendship

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friend essay on friendship

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Ralph Waldo Emerson

A friend is a person with whom I may be sincere.

Emerson writes a poem about old friendships and about friendships lost.

A ruddy drop of manly blood The surging sea outweighs, The world uncertain comes and goes, The lover rooted stays. I fancied he was fled, And, after many a year, Glowed unexhausted kindliness Like daily sunrise there. My careful heart was free again, — O friend, my bosom said, Through thee alone the sky is arched, Through thee the rose is red, All things through thee take nobler form, And look beyond the earth, And is the mill-round of our fate A sun-path in thy worth. Me too thy nobleness has taught To master my despair; The fountains of my hidden life Are through thy friendship fair.

W e have a great deal more kindness than is ever spoken.  Maugre all the selfishness that chills like east winds the world, the whole human family is bathed with an element of love like a fine ether. How many persons we meet in houses, whom we scarcely speak to, whom yet we honor, and who honor us! How many we see in the street, or sit with in church, whom, though silently, we warmly rejoice to be with! Read the language of these wandering eye-beams. The heart knoweth.

The effect of the indulgence of this human affection is a certain cordial exhilaration. In poetry, and in common speech, the emotions of benevolence and complacency which are felt towards others are likened to the material effects of fire; so swift, or much more swift, more active, more cheering, are these fine inward irradiations. From the highest degree of passionate love, to the lowest degree of good-will, they make the sweetness of life.

Our intellectual and active powers increase with our affection. The scholar sits down to write, and all his years of meditation do not furnish him with one good thought or happy expression; but it is necessary to write a letter to a friend, — and, forthwith, troops of gentle thoughts invest themselves, on every hand, with chosen words. See, in any house where virtue and self-respect abide, the palpitation which the approach of a stranger causes. A commended stranger is expected and announced, and an uneasiness betwixt pleasure and pain invades all the hearts of a household. His arrival almost brings fear to the good hearts that would welcome him. The house is dusted, all things fly into their places, the old coat is exchanged for the new, and they must get up a dinner if they can. Of a commended stranger, only the good report is told by others, only the good and new is heard by us. He stands to us for humanity. He is what we wish. Having imagined and invested him, we ask how we should stand related in conversation and action with such a man, and are uneasy with fear. The same idea exalts conversation with him. We talk better than we are wont. We have the nimblest fancy, a richer memory, and our dumb devil has taken leave for the time. For long hours we can continue a series of sincere, graceful, rich communications, drawn from the oldest, secretest experience, so that they who sit by, of our own kinsfolk and acquaintance, shall feel a lively surprise at our unusual powers. But as soon as the stranger begins to intrude his partialities, his definitions, his defects, into the conversation, it is all over. He has heard the first, the last and best he will ever hear from us. He is no stranger now. Vulgarity, ignorance, misapprehension are old acquaintances. Now, when he comes, he may get the order, the dress, and the dinner, — but the throbbing of the heart, and the communications of the soul, no more.

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.

What is so pleasant as these jets of affection which make a young world for me again? What so delicious as a just and firm encounter of two, in a thought, in a feeling? How beautiful, on their approach to this beating heart, the steps and forms of the gifted and the true! The moment we indulge our affections, the earth is metamorphosed; there is no winter, and no night; all tragedies, all ennuis, vanish, — all duties even; nothing fills the proceeding eternity but the forms all radiant of beloved persons. Let the soul be assured that somewhere in the universe it should rejoin its friend, and it would be content and cheerful alone for a thousand years.

I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new. Shall I not call God the Beautiful, who daily showeth himself so to me in his gifts? I chide society, I embrace solitude, and yet I am not so ungrateful as not to see the wise, the lovely, and the noble-minded, as from time to time they pass my gate. Who hears me, who understands me, becomes mine, — a possession for all time. Nor is nature so poor but she gives me this joy several times, and thus we weave social threads of our own, a new web of relations; and, as many thoughts in succession substantiate themselves, we shall by and by stand in a new world of our own creation, and no longer strangers and pilgrims in a traditionary globe. My friends have come to me unsought. The great God gave them to me. By oldest right, by the divine affinity of virtue with itself, I find them, or rather not I, but the Deity in me and in them derides and cancels the thick walls of individual character, relation, age, sex, circumstance, at which he usually connives, and now makes many one. High thanks I owe you, excellent lovers, who carry out the world for me to new and noble depths, and enlarge the meaning of all my thoughts. These are new poetry of the first Bard, — poetry without stop, — hymn, ode, and epic, poetry still flowing, Apollo and the Muses chanting still. Will these, too, separate themselves from me again, or some of them? I know not, but I fear it not; for my relation to them is so pure, that we hold by simple affinity, and the Genius of my life being thus social, the same affinity will exert its energy on whomsoever is as noble as these men and women, wherever I may be.

I confess to an extreme tenderness of nature on this point. It is almost dangerous to me to "crush the sweet poison of misused wine" of the affections. A new person is to me a great event, and hinders me from sleep. I have often had fine fancies about persons which have given me delicious hours; but the joy ends in the day; it yields no fruit. Thought is not born of it; my action is very little modified. I must feel pride in my friend's accomplishments as if they were mine, — and a property in his virtues. I feel as warmly when he is praised, as the lover when he hears applause of his engaged maiden. We over-estimate the conscience of our friend. His goodness seems better than our goodness, his nature finer, his temptations less. Every thing that is his, — his name, his form, his dress, books, and instruments, — fancy enhances. Our own thought sounds new and larger from his mouth.

Yet the systole and diastole of the heart are not without their analogy in the ebb and flow of love. Friendship, like the immortality of the soul, is too good to be believed. The lover, beholding his maiden, half knows that she is not verily that which he worships; and in the golden hour of friendship, we are surprised with shades of suspicion and unbelief. We doubt that we bestow on our hero the virtues in which he shines, and afterwards worship the form to which we have ascribed this divine inhabitation. In strictness, the soul does not respect men as it respects itself. In strict science all persons underlie the same condition of an infinite remoteness. Shall we fear to cool our love by mining for the metaphysical foundation of this Elysian temple? Shall I not be as real as the things I see? If I am, I shall not fear to know them for what they are. Their essence is not less beautiful than their appearance, though it needs finer organs for its apprehension. The root of the plant is not unsightly to science, though for chaplets and festoons we cut the stem short. And I must hazard the production of the bald fact amidst these pleasing reveries, though it should prove an Egyptian skull at our banquet. A man who stands united with his thought conceives magnificently of himself. He is conscious of a universal success, even though bought by uniform particular failures. No advantages, no powers, no gold or force, can be any match for him. I cannot choose but rely on my own poverty more than on your wealth. I cannot make your consciousness tantamount to mine. Only the star dazzles; the planet has a faint, moon-like ray. I hear what you say of the admirable parts and tried temper of the party you praise, but I see well that for all his purple cloaks I shall not like him, unless he is at last a poor Greek like me. I cannot deny it, O friend, that the vast shadow of the Phenomenal includes thee also in its pied and painted immensity, — thee, also, compared with whom all else is shadow. Thou art not Being, as Truth is, as Justice is, — thou art not my soul, but a picture and effigy of that. Thou hast come to me lately, and already thou art seizing thy hat and cloak. Is it not that the soul puts forth friends as the tree puts forth leaves, and presently, by the germination of new buds, extrudes the old leaf? The law of nature is alternation for evermore. Each electrical state superinduces the opposite. The soul environs itself with friends, that it may enter into a grander self-acquaintance or solitude; and it goes alone for a season, that it may exalt its conversation or society. This method betrays itself along the whole history of our personal relations. The instinct of affection revives the hope of union with our mates, and the returning sense of insulation recalls us from the chase. Thus every man passes his life in the search after friendship, and if he should record his true sentiment, he might write a letter like this to each new candidate for his love.

The only way to have a friend is to be one.


If I was sure of thee, sure of thy capacity, sure to match my mood with thine, I should never think again of trifles in relation to thy comings and goings. I am not very wise; my moods are quite attainable; and I respect thy genius; it is to me as yet unfathomed; yet dare I not presume in thee a perfect intelligence of me, and so thou art to me a delicious torment. Thine ever, or never.

Yet these uneasy pleasures and fine pains are for curiosity, and not for life. They are not to be indulged. This is to weave cobweb, and not cloth. Our friendships hurry to short and poor conclusions, because we have made them a texture of wine and dreams, instead of the tough fibre of the human heart. The laws of friendship are austere and eternal, of one web with the laws of nature and of morals. But we have aimed at a swift and petty benefit, to suck a sudden sweetness. We snatch at the slowest fruit in the whole garden of God, which many summers and many winters must ripen. We seek our friend not sacredly, but with an adulterate passion which would appropriate him to ourselves. In vain. We are armed all over with subtle antagonisms, which, as soon as we meet, begin to play, and translate all poetry into stale prose. Almost all people descend to meet. All association must be a compromise, and, what is worst, the very flower and aroma of the flower of each of the beautiful natures disappears as they approach each other. What a perpetual disappointment is actual society, even of the virtuous and gifted! After interviews have been compassed with long foresight, we must be tormented presently by baffled blows, by sudden, unseasonable apathies, by epilepsies of wit and of animal spirits, in the heyday of friendship and thought. Our faculties do not play us true, and both parties are relieved by solitude.

I ought to be equal to every relation. It makes no difference how many friends I have, and what content I can find in conversing with each, if there be one to whom I am not equal. If I have shrunk unequal from one contest, the joy I find in all the rest becomes mean and cowardly. I should hate myself, if then I made my other friends my asylum.

The valiant warrior famoused for fight, After a hundred victories, once foiled, Is from the book of honor razed quite, And all the rest forgot for which he toiled."

Our impatience is thus sharply rebuked. Bashfulness and apathy are a tough husk, in which a delicate organization is protected from premature ripening. It would be lost if it knew itself before any of the best souls were yet ripe enough to know and own it. Respect the naturlangsamkeit which hardens the ruby in a million years, and works in duration, in which Alps and Andes come and go as rainbows. The good spirit of our life has no heaven which is the price of rashness. Love, which is the essence of God, is not for levity, but for the total worth of man. Let us not have this childish luxury in our regards, but the austerest worth; let us approach our friend with an audacious trust in the truth of his heart, in the breadth, impossible to be overturned, of his foundations.

The attractions of this subject are not to be resisted, and I leave, for the time, all account of subordinate social benefit, to speak of that select and sacred relation which is a kind of absolute, and which even leaves the language of love suspicious and common, so much is this purer, and nothing is so much divine.

I do not wish to treat friendships daintily, but with roughest courage. When they are real, they are not glass threads or frostwork, but the solidest thing we know. For now, after so many ages of experience, what do we know of nature, or of ourselves? Not one step has man taken toward the solution of the problem of his destiny. In one condemnation of folly stand the whole universe of men. But the sweet sincerity of joy and peace, which I draw from this alliance with my brother's soul, is the nut itself, whereof all nature and all thought is but the husk and shell. Happy is the house that shelters a friend! It might well be built, like a festal bower or arch, to entertain him a single day. Happier, if he know the solemnity of that relation, and honor its law! He who offers himself a candidate for that covenant comes up, like an Olympian, to the great games, where the first-born of the world are the competitors. He proposes himself for contests where Time, Want, Danger, are in the lists, and he alone is victor who has truth enough in his constitution to preserve the delicacy of his beauty from the wear and tear of all these. The gifts of fortune may be present or absent, but all the speed in that contest depends on intrinsic nobleness, and the contempt of trifles. There are two elements that go to the composition of friendship, each so sovereign that I can detect no superiority in either, no reason why either should be first named. One is Truth. A friend is a person with whom I may be sincere. Before him I may think aloud. I am arrived at last in the presence of a man so real and equal, that I may drop even those undermost garments of dissimulation, courtesy, and second thought, which men never put off, and may deal with him with the simplicity and wholeness with which one chemical atom meets another. Sincerity is the luxury allowed, like diadems and authority, only to the highest rank, that being permitted to speak truth, as having none above it to court or conform unto. Every man alone is sincere. At the entrance of a second person, hypocrisy begins. We parry and fend the approach of our fellow-man by compliments, by gossip, by amusements, by affairs. We cover up our thought from him under a hundred folds. I knew a man, who, under a certain religious frenzy, cast off this drapery, and, omitting all compliment and commonplace, spoke to the conscience of every person he encountered, and that with great insight and beauty. At first he was resisted, and all men agreed he was mad. But persisting, as indeed he could not help doing, for some time in this course, he attained to the advantage of bringing every man of his acquaintance into true relations with him. No man would think of speaking falsely with him, or of putting him off with any chat of markets or reading-rooms. But every man was constrained by so much sincerity to the like plaindealing, and what love of nature, what poetry, what symbol of truth he had, he did certainly show him. But to most of us society shows not its face and eye, but its side and its back. To stand in true relations with men in a false age is worth a fit of insanity, is it not? We can seldom go erect. Almost every man we meet requires some civility, — requires to be humored; he has some fame, some talent, some whim of religion or philanthropy in his head that is not to be questioned, and which spoils all conversation with him. But a friend is a sane man who exercises not my ingenuity, but me. My friend gives me entertainment without requiring any stipulation on my part. A friend, therefore, is a sort of paradox in nature. I who alone am, I who see nothing in nature whose existence I can affirm with equal evidence to my own, behold now the semblance of my being, in all its height, variety, and curiosity, reiterated in a foreign form; so that a friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature.

The other element of friendship is tenderness. We are holden to men by every sort of tie, by blood, by pride, by fear, by hope, by lucre, by lust, by hate, by admiration, by every circumstance and badge and trifle, but we can scarce believe that so much character can subsist in another as to draw us by love. Can another be so blessed, and we so pure, that we can offer him tenderness? When a man becomes dear to me, I have touched the goal of fortune. I find very little written directly to the heart of this matter in books. And yet I have one text which I cannot choose but remember. My author says, — "I offer myself faintly and bluntly to those whose I effectually am, and tender myself least to him to whom I am the most devoted." I wish that friendship should have feet, as well as eyes and eloquence. It must plant itself on the ground, before it vaults over the moon. I wish it to be a little of a citizen, before it is quite a cherub. We chide the citizen because he makes love a commodity. It is an exchange of gifts, of useful loans; it is good neighbourhood; it watches with the sick; it holds the pall at the funeral; and quite loses sight of the delicacies and nobility of the relation. But though we cannot find the god under this disguise of a sutler, yet, on the other hand, we cannot forgive the poet if he spins his thread too fine , and does not substantiate his romance by the municipal virtues of justice, punctuality, fidelity, and pity. I hate the prostitution of the name of friendship to signify modish and worldly alliances. I much prefer the company of ploughboys and tin-peddlers, to the silken and perfumed amity which celebrates its days of encounter by a frivolous display, by rides in a curricle, and dinners at the best taverns. The end of friendship is a commerce the most strict and homely that can be joined; more strict than any of which we have experience. It is for aid and comfort through all the relations and passages of life and death. It is fit for serene days, and graceful gifts, and country rambles, but also for rough roads and hard fare, shipwreck, poverty, and persecution. It keeps company with the sallies of the wit and the trances of religion. We are to dignify to each other the daily needs and offices of man's life, and embellish it by courage, wisdom, and unity. It should never fall into something usual and settled, but should be alert and inventive, and add rhyme and reason to what was drudgery.

Life is a journey, not a destination.

Friendship may be said to require natures so rare and costly, each so well tempered and so happily adapted, and withal so circumstanced, (for even in that particular, a poet says, love demands that the parties be altogether paired,) that its satisfaction can very seldom be assured. It cannot subsist in its perfection, say some of those who are learned in this warm lore of the heart, betwixt more than two. I am not quite so strict in my terms, perhaps because I have never known so high a fellowship as others. I please my imagination more with a circle of godlike men and women variously related to each other, and between whom subsists a lofty intelligence. But I find this law of one to one peremptory for conversation, which is the practice and consummation of friendship. Do not mix waters too much. The best mix as ill as good and bad. You shall have very useful and cheering discourse at several times with two several men, but let all three of you come together, and you shall not have one new and hearty word. Two may talk and one may hear, but three cannot take part in a conversation of the most sincere and searching sort. In good company there is never such discourse between two, across the table, as takes place when you leave them alone. In good company, the individuals merge their egotism into a social soul exactly co-extensive with the several consciousnesses there present. No partialities of friend to friend, no fondnesses of brother to sister, of wife to husband, are there pertinent, but quite otherwise. Only he may then speak who can sail on the common thought of the party, and not poorly limited to his own. Now this convention, which good sense demands, destroys the high freedom of great conversation, which requires an absolute running of two souls into one.

No two men but, being left alone with each other, enter into simpler relations. Yet it is affinity that determines which two shall converse. Unrelated men give little joy to each other; will never suspect the latent powers of each. We talk sometimes of a great talent for conversation, as if it were a permanent property in some individuals. Conversation is an evanescent relation, — no more. A man is reputed to have thought and eloquence; he cannot, for all that, say a word to his cousin or his uncle. They accuse his silence with as much reason as they would blame the insignificance of a dial in the shade. In the sun it will mark the hour. Among those who enjoy his thought, he will regain his tongue.

Friendship requires that rare mean betwixt likeness and unlikeness, that piques each with the presence of power and of consent in the other party. Let me be alone to the end of the world, rather than that my friend should overstep, by a word or a look, his real sympathy. I am equally balked by antagonism and by compliance. Let him not cease an instant to be himself. The only joy I have in his being mine, is that the not mine is mine . I hate, where I looked for a manly furtherance, or at least a manly resistance, to find a mush of concession. Better be a nettle in the side of your friend than his echo. The condition which high friendship demands is ability to do without it. That high office requires great and sublime parts. There must be very two, before there can be very one. Let it be an alliance of two large, formidable natures, mutually beheld, mutually feared, before yet they recognize the deep identity which beneath these disparities unites them.

He only is fit for this society who is magnanimous; who is sure that greatness and goodness are always economy; who is not swift to intermeddle with his fortunes. Let him not intermeddle with this. Leave to the diamond its ages to grow, nor expect to accelerate the births of the eternal. Friendship demands a religious treatment. We talk of choosing our friends, but friends are self-elected. Reverence is a great part of it. Treat your friend as a spectacle. Of course he has merits that are not yours, and that you cannot honor, if you must needs hold him close to your person. Stand aside; give those merits room; let them mount and expand. Are you the friend of your friend's buttons, or of his thought? To a great heart he will still be a stranger in a thousand particulars, that he may come near in the holiest ground. Leave it to girls and boys to regard a friend as property, and to suck a short and all-confounding pleasure, instead of the noblest benefit.

Let us buy our entrance to this guild by a long probation. Why should we desecrate noble and beautiful souls by intruding on them? Why insist on rash personal relations with your friend? Why go to his house, or know his mother and brother and sisters? Why be visited by him at your own? Are these things material to our covenant? Leave this touching and clawing. Let him be to me a spirit. A message, a thought, a sincerity, a glance from him, I want, but not news, nor pottage. I can get politics, and chat, and neighbourly conveniences from cheaper companions. Should not the society of my friend be to me poetic, pure, universal, and great as nature itself? Ought I to feel that our tie is profane in comparison with yonder bar of cloud that sleeps on the horizon, or that clump of waving grass that divides the brook? Let us not vilify, but raise it to that standard. That great, defying eye, that scornful beauty of his mien and action, do not pique yourself on reducing, but rather fortify and enhance. Worship his superiorities; wish him not less by a thought, but hoard and tell them all. Guard him as thy counterpart. Let him be to thee for ever a sort of beautiful enemy, untamable, devoutly revered, and not a trivial conveniency to be soon outgrown and cast aside. The hues of the opal, the light of the diamond, are not to be seen, if the eye is too near. To my friend I write a letter, and from him I receive a letter. That seems to you a little. It suffices me. It is a spiritual gift worthy of him to give, and of me to receive. It profanes nobody. In these warm lines the heart will trust itself, as it will not to the tongue, and pour out the prophecy of a godlier existence than all the annals of heroism have yet made good.

Respect so far the holy laws of this fellowship as not to prejudice its perfect flower by your impatience for its opening. We must be our own before we can be another's. There is at least this satisfaction in crime, according to the Latin proverb; — you can speak to your accomplice on even terms. Crimen quos inquinat, aequat . To those whom we admire and love, at first we cannot. Yet the least defect of self-possession vitiates, in my judgment, the entire relation. There can never be deep peace between two spirits, never mutual respect, until, in their dialogue, each stands for the whole world.

What is so great as friendship, let us carry with what grandeur of spirit we can. Let us be silent, — so we may hear the whisper of the gods. Let us not interfere. Who set you to cast about what you should say to the select souls, or how to say any thing to such? No matter how ingenious, no matter how graceful and bland. There are innumerable degrees of folly and wisdom, and for you to say aught is to be frivolous. Wait, and thy heart shall speak. Wait until the necessary and everlasting overpowers you, until day and night avail themselves of your lips. The only reward of virtue is virtue; the only way to have a friend is to be one. You shall not come nearer a man by getting into his house. If unlike, his soul only flees the faster from you, and you shall never catch a true glance of his eye. We see the noble afar off, and they repel us; why should we intrude? Late, — very late, — we perceive that no arrangements, no introductions, no consuetudes or habits of society, would be of any avail to establish us in such relations with them as we desire, — but solely the uprise of nature in us to the same degree it is in them; then shall we meet as water with water; and if we should not meet them then, we shall not want them, for we are already they. In the last analysis, love is only the reflection of a man's own worthiness from other men. Men have sometimes exchanged names with their friends, as if they would signify that in their friend each loved his own soul.

Do not follow where the path may lead - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The higher the style we demand of friendship, of course the less easy to establish it with flesh and blood. We walk alone in the world. Friends, such as we desire, are dreams and fables. But a sublime hope cheers ever the faithful heart, that elsewhere, in other regions of the universal power, souls are now acting, enduring, and daring, which can love us, and which we can love. We may congratulate ourselves that the period of nonage, of follies, of blunders, and of shame, is passed in solitude, and when we are finished men, we shall grasp heroic hands in heroic hands. Only be admonished by what you already see, not to strike leagues of friendship with cheap persons, where no friendship can be. Our impatience betrays us into rash and foolish alliances which no God attends. By persisting in your path, though you forfeit the little you gain the great. You demonstrate yourself, so as to put yourself out of the reach of false relations, and you draw to you the first-born of the world, — those rare pilgrims whereof only one or two wander in nature at once, and before whom the vulgar great show as spectres and shadows merely.

It is foolish to be afraid of making our ties too spiritual, as if so we could lose any genuine love. Whatever correction of our popular views we make from insight, nature will be sure to bear us out in, and though it seem to rob us of some joy, will repay us with a greater. Let us feel, if we will, the absolute insulation of man. We are sure that we have all in us. We go to Europe, or we pursue persons, or we read books, in the instinctive faith that these will call it out and reveal us to ourselves. Beggars all. The persons are such as we; the Europe an old faded garment of dead persons; the books their ghosts. Let us drop this idolatry. Let us give over this mendicancy. Let us even bid our dearest friends farewell, and defy them, saying, 'Who are you? Unhand me: I will be dependent no more.' Ah! seest thou not, O brother, that thus we part only to meet again on a higher platform, and only be more each other's, because we are more our own? A friend is Janus-faced: he looks to the past and the future. He is the child of all my foregoing hours, the prophet of those to come, and the harbinger of a greater friend.

I do then with my friends as I do with my books. I would have them where I can find them, but I seldom use them. We must have society on our own terms, and admit or exclude it on the slightest cause. I cannot afford to speak much with my friend. If he is great, he makes me so great that I cannot descend to converse. In the great days, presentiments hover before me in the firmament. I ought then to dedicate myself to them. I go in that I may seize them, I go out that I may seize them. I fear only that I may lose them receding into the sky in which now they are only a patch of brighter light. Then, though I prize my friends, I cannot afford to talk with them and study their visions, lest I lose my own. It would indeed give me a certain household joy to quit this lofty seeking, this spiritual astronomy, or search of stars, and come down to warm sympathies with you; but then I know well I shall mourn always the vanishing of my mighty gods. It is true, next week I shall have languid moods, when I can well afford to occupy myself with foreign objects; then I shall regret the lost literature of your mind, and wish you were by my side again. But if you come, perhaps you will fill my mind only with new visions, not with yourself but with your lustres, and I shall not be able any more than now to converse with you. So I will owe to my friends this evanescent intercourse. I will receive from them, not what they have, but what they are. They shall give me that which properly they cannot give, but which emanates from them. But they shall not hold me by any relations less subtile and pure. We will meet as though we met not, and part as though we parted not.

It has seemed to me lately more possible than I knew, to carry a friendship greatly, on one side, without due correspondence on the other. Why should I cumber myself with regrets that the receiver is not capacious? It never troubles the sun that some of his rays fall wide and vain into ungrateful space, and only a small part on the reflecting planet. Let your greatness educate the crude and cold companion. If he is unequal, he will presently pass away; but thou art enlarged by thy own shining, and, no longer a mate for frogs and worms, dost soar and burn with the gods of the empyrean. It is thought a disgrace to love unrequited. But the great will see that true love cannot be unrequited. True love transcends the unworthy object, and dwells and broods on the eternal, and when the poor interposed mask crumbles, it is not sad, but feels rid of so much earth, and feels its independency the surer. Yet these things may hardly be said without a sort of treachery to the relation. The essence of friendship is entireness, a total magnanimity and trust. It must not surmise or provide for infirmity. It treats its object as a god, that it may deify both.

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In the society it is very common to see that people interact well with some society members and not all. It is therefore, not a miracle to see people always walking and enjoying in groups and chatting while laughing their lungs out. Every person in the world has someone with whom he or she is close to and will be ready to talk his or her mind without fear when they are together.

At institutions of learning or places of work, there are people who are seen always together and closely monitoring each other’s moves. Friendship is more than just being close to one another and entails among other qualities devotion, care, emotional attachment and above all, honesty.

Friendship is an in depth personal interrelationship that is more intimate than an association and in many cases involves emotional attachment. Friends will always desire the best for each other and are ready to take care of each other under any circumstances. A good friend is not just somebody with whom one shares happy moments but also the person who in case of crisis will be the first one to render a helping hand.

Additionally, friends should be ready to share whatever they have with each other and have as minimal secrets as possible that are kept from each other. Though one may have various weaknesses, a good friend points them out honestly and if possible tries to find ways of rectifying them. Friendship does not mean covering up of one’s mistakes and irresponsible behavior; instead it requires direct tackling of any vice that may be present for the benefit of both parties.

A person who is ready to take advantage of any opportunity that may arise as a result of friendship for his or her own selfish motives is not a good friend, because the person is an opportunist and that is a vice as far as friendship is concerned.

Trust is another vital quality of friendship and friend will want to be assured that in case of anything their friends will be able to act on their behalf. It is said that a friend in need is a friend indeed and many people tend to put it that a friend is only that person who can help in times of financial problems, therefore they select their friends based on their social status.

On the contrary, true friendship has been known to be one that is not based on some social issues such as castes and family relationships. As a matter of fact, some of the problems people faces are complicated and financial support is not a solution. In conjunction with that, a person who remembers friendship only when he or she is in need is not a good friend and should be avoided.

Furthermore, friends are concerned about the welfare of one another and will stand by each other during the most difficult times. Friends should be people who are sources of happiness to one another and will not forsake each other even when everybody around is against them. Though friendship can be demanding at times, true friends stick together through thin and thick and they do not keep record of the number of times they have been unhappy for the sake of friendship.

In a nutshell therefore, friends should be a source of security and provide a shoulder to crying on when times are hard. Besides, friends should be ready to share the good fortunes with one another and give one another advice that can make them succeed in life. Friends should also be a source of emotional comfort not trauma to one another, have sympathy for each other and should always be ready to protect their friendship for a good reason.

  • Mobile Texting and Chatting Negative Effects
  • Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: The Basic Information in a Nutshell
  • Debate Over Women’s Rights
  • Gender Stereotyping and Friendship: Women Relationships
  • A Concept of Best Friends
  • What I Look For in a Friend
  • Changes in family structures
  • Balancing work and family
  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

IvyPanda. (2019, May 21). Friendship as a Personal Relationship.

"Friendship as a Personal Relationship." IvyPanda , 21 May 2019,

IvyPanda . (2019) 'Friendship as a Personal Relationship'. 21 May.

IvyPanda . 2019. "Friendship as a Personal Relationship." May 21, 2019.

1. IvyPanda . "Friendship as a Personal Relationship." May 21, 2019.


IvyPanda . "Friendship as a Personal Relationship." May 21, 2019.

Friendship Essay: Writing Guide & Topics on Friendship [New]

Assigned with an essay about friendship? Congrats! It’s one of the best tasks you could get. Digging through your memories and finding strong arguments for this paper can be an enjoyable experience.

I bet you will cope with this task effortlessly as we can help you with the assignment. Just use the essay topics on friendship and tips described below.

  • 🖊️ Writing Guide
  • 💡 50 Essay Topics
  • 💬 10 Witty Quotes

1. 🖊️ Friendship Essay: Writing Guide

If you’ve been given to write an essay about friendship, then you have accepted one of the best tasks. It can be challenging as it requires recollecting the memories associated with the friend. Also, it requires following a particular guideline.

  • Choose a topic

To start writing an essay on friendship, you need to choose a good topic. There are several things you need to keep in mind:

  • When writing an essay about friendship, make sure the topic you choose corresponds to the type of the paper (e.g., opinion or narrative essay );
  • The topic you choose needs to be enough to develop it in the essay. If your idea is too broad, you will not describe it sufficiently. If it’s too narrow, you will not have enough information to write about.
  • Find evidence

Research your topic. Use the available sources for searching for information, such as books, dictionaries, and internet sources. Find enough data to support your argument. Also, think about life experiences that can be used under this topic. An essay on friendship usually requires using personal examples as evidence.

  • Outline your essay

Think about the information you will include in different parts of the essay. Usually, such papers consist of an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

Introduction : A paragraph that includes any necessary background information and a thesis statement .

Body Paragraphs : Generally, essays include three separate body paragraphs. They present arguments and additional support individually.

Conclusion : The last paragraph that summarizes major points and restates the thesis statement.

  • Write and proofread

As you have your topic and outline ready, start writing your friendship essay. When you finish, carefully proofread. Double-check your spelling, the accuracy of the information, and grammar. Make sure to format your essay according to the guidelines.

Ask someone to help you revise the text: a person might notice mistakes you didn’t see. Another great way to revise your paper is by checking friendship essay examples to get inspired and see what you can improve in your writing.

2. ⛔ Essay on Friendship: 5 No-Nos

Writing an essay about friendship can seem less challenging than composing a paper on some uncommon topic. Yet, there are still mistakes that a student can make.

Check the following five taboos that you should avoid:

  • Avoid complaining. Some students use this task as their chance to complain about someone having betrayed them. Bad things happen. Move on and find better ideas to include in your friendship essay.
  • Avoid flattering. Another extreme to be avoided is singing the praises to someone. Even if you badly want to include something like ‘I was blessed to meet Tom who was my best friend ever,’ try to refrain from writing just that and add more exciting details instead to create some context and let your readers know exactly why and how was Tom such a great friend to you.
  • Don’t add too much drama. Focusing on how you can’t imagine your life without your friends from school you left is a bad idea.
  • Don’t be too negative. Sure, you are free to defend any position in this paper. Yet, teachers would like it better if your essay is optimistic (and you might be happier writing it too).
  • Don’t forget to include examples. Examples from your personal life and books will make your paper more sincere and persuasive.

3. 💡 50 Essay Topics on Friendship

Any excellent essay starts with an idea that you can explore in detail. We’ve prepared 50 writing prompts and topics to help you pick the perfect theme for your paper:

  • Three kinds of friendships, according to Aristotle. The philosopher pointed out that there are three different types of friendship: the friendship of utility, the friendship of pleasure, and virtuous friendship. Which one resonates with you? Why? 
  • Qualities of a true friend. People like seeing such character traits as loyalty, trustworthiness, and honesty in a best friend. But do all good friends have these qualities? Think of what makes a good friend. Describe the characteristics you like seeing in a person.
  • Is friendship relatable to love and vice versa? It’s suggested that any bond can develop into a romantic relationship. But, can romantic relationships transform into friendship? Write your opinion on the topic. 
  • The similarity of interests vs. compatibility of temperaments . Both are equally important in any relationship, and you can discuss this. Do you think that any of the factors play a more influential role in friendship? Why?
  • A friend to everyone is a friend to no one. How do you understand that phrase? Can such people be true friends?
  • The power of friendship. Having a genuine friendship is believed to reduce stress and anxiety and improve our self-esteem. Are there any other possible effects of this attachment? Describe them. Mention the effects of friendship on your life. 
  • Should you mix business and friendship? Working with your friends can be a pleasure or a liability. Do you think working with friends can positively influence your career? Why or why not? Or, maybe you believe that friends at a workplace can create a toxic situation?
  • Can you find good friends online ? Sometimes you may want to expand your social circle. One way to do so is to find a friend online. Share your opinion on whether it is possible to form true friendship online.
  • The need to have a friend. Having friends is an essential part of our lives. They motivate us to change and lift our spirits. What are other reasons to have a friend? Provide a personal example, if possible.
  • The most significant aspects of a friendship. Some people appreciate confidentiality or respect the most in a company. Name and describe the elements you appreciate in friendship.
  • An unexpected friendship. We all know that one person we didn’t like from the start but later became best friends. How did you meet them? What was your first impression? Are you still best friends? 
  • Friendship is a treasure. Do you think every person needs a true friend? Can friends be compared to treasures? Are real friends as hard to find as gold?
  • My best friend . Describe your best friend and their qualities. Reflect on your relationship. What impact did this friendship leave on your life?
  • Friendship with your parents. Some people suggest that being friends with their parents is wonderful. Others think it is nearly impossible. What’s your opinion on such a relationship with parents? Are you friends with them?
  • The psychological effect of a bad friendship. Friendship and social support are linked to the mental and physical well-being of people. But what about toxic friendship? What are its effects on a human’s health? Have you ever encountered it? How did you deal with it? 
  • Friendship in the age of social media.
  • Explain the destructive effect of jealousy on friendships and romantic relationships.
  • The importance of freedom in a relationship between friends.  
  • Three main views on the term “friend.”
  • Friendship concept in different cultures .
  • How friendly relationships improve employees’ performance.
  • Describe the positive impact of computer communication on people’s relationships.
  • Can friendship be destroyed by the lack of communication?
  • Why is friendship important?
  • Explain how you understand the statement that friendship is a two-way process.  
  • Is friendship between students necessary for a positive classroom atmosphere?
  • Discuss if children’s friendship is a necessary part of their healthy development.  
  • Resolving issues in friendship through interpersonal communication. 
  • Why any form of abuse can destroy friendly relationships.
  • Explore the theme of friendship in Recitatif by Toni Morrison .
  • Describe the concepts of friendship according to St. Augustine .
  • Is generosity important for a strong friendship?
  • Discuss the importance of friendly and loving relationships for a person’s mental health.
  • Compare Boethius and Dante’s ideas of friendship. 
  • Which type of friendship do you value the most?
  • Examine the friendship of Gilgamesh and Enkidu in the ancient Mesopotamian poem, The Epic of Gilgamesh .
  • How is the idea of friendship described in literary works? 
  • The role of childhood friendship in your life.  
  • Describe how your notion of friendship changed in a lifespan.  
  • Discuss the ways social media platforms put additional pressure on teens’ friendship.
  • Analyze the descriptions of friendship in poetry.
  • What aspects do you consider when accepting a friend in Facebook?
  • Is social media to blame for the absence of close friends? 
  • Explain why you like or dislike the idea of traveling with friends .
  • Describe the ways you communicate with your friends .
  • Can money cause issues in relationships between friends?
  • The importance of friendship in Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian .
  • Discuss the importance of behavior in relationships with friends and loved ones.  
  • Give advice how to keep healthy relationships with your friends.
  • Describe problems that can ruin your relationships with friends and the ways to avoid them.  

We hope that you won’t find the task troubling with our friendship essay topics and tips.

4. 💬 Essay on Friendship: 10 Witty Quotes

  • “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”(Proverb)
  • “A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same.” (Elbert Hubbard)
  • “I don’t need a friend who changes when I change and who nods when I nod; my shadow does that much better.” (Plutarch)
  • “The only way to have a friend is to be one.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
  • “It is more shameful to distrust our friends than to be deceived by them.” (Confucius)
  • “It is not so much our friends’ help that helps us, as the confidence of their help.” (Epicurus )
  • “Be slow in choosing a friend, slower in changing.” (Benjamin Franklin)
  • “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” ( C.S. Lewis)
  • “You can’t stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.” (A.A. Milne)
  • “Anybody can sympathise with the sufferings of a friend, but it requires a very fine nature to sympathise with a friend’s success.” ( Oscar Wilde)

Now, with these tips and ideas, you won’t have any difficulties with your friendship essays. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the section below if you have any questions or suggestions.

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  • Outlining, Writing a Paper: Academic Guides at Walden University
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  • Friendship Essay: Bartleby
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  • Proofreading Your Paper, Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper: Research Guides at University of Southern California
  • 45 Cute Best Friend Quotes, Short Quotes About True Friends: Madison Alcedo, Country Living
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Thank you for your help!

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Friendship Essay

Friendship is a state of mutual affection with other people. Friendship is the most beautiful thing that a person can ever have. We meet with different people, and easily forget about many of them, but we still remember a few of them who become our dear friends later on. Here are a few sample essays on friendship

Friendship Essay

100 Words Essay on Friendship

Friendship is a relationship between two, or more friends. Friends have great importance in an individual’s life. Mostly, the first step of making friends starts from school. A kid goes to school, he or she gets to meet new people, and their parents ask them to make new and more friends. We go through many stages in life, and at every stage the friendship grows and sometimes breaks, because it is a long time, in which friendship and friends both go through various phases of their life. These phases include happiness, joy, trauma, misery, sorrow, and so many emotions. True friends are those who help each other in every stage and phase of their lives.

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200 Words Essay on Friendship

Friendship is one of the purest and kindest relationships. Living a life without friends is truly difficult. Friends are those, with whom we can share anything that is going on in our lives whether it is joy or despair. Establishing a friendship is easy, but keeping it, and carrying it on is the most difficult thing. Everybody always needs an accomplice or a friend to deal with their daily experiences, however, it is. It is about sharing our personal as well as professional feelings, making memories, laughing together, and most importantly having those people around you, who have your back.

It feels really good when we know that there is always someone who is having our back. There are many things we go through in our daily life and emotions, it is hard to get through complex emotions and feelings alone. We always have our family, but there are so many things that we cannot share with our family members. Friends are those to whom we can say anything, even if it’s something not good to hear, but they listen to us, take us away from misery to the world of happiness, and become vivacious.

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We must keep a balance in our friendship and help each other, without having any conditions. This is the mantra of good friendship.

500 Words Essay On Friendship

Friendship is an important relationship in everyone’s lives. It is a name of mutual affection between two, or a group of friends. Although an individual can have many friends, if we have just one true and faithful friend, then we are among very few lucky people in the world. Real friends share every aspect, phase, stage, and emotion. It is not about blaming each other for their mistakes, it is all about how to go through these mistakes together, and make them perfect.

Importance of Friendship

Friendship has significant importance in everyone’s life. It teaches us lots of lessons. It enlightens us about the true meaning of friendship.

We can easily get theoretical education from any institution, but what we need to learn in life comes from experience. And this experience also comes from different stages of friendship. It is hard to find true friends. Even if you have only one true friend, it is far better than having many fake friends.

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It teaches us how to love other people and connect with those who do not belong to our family. True friends have a family of their own. This family listens to each other, solves problems together, and makes every moment memorable.

Friendship is not about taking, it’s about giving. When we forge a friendship, we may not be serious at that time, but gradually we realise how essential it is. Forging a friendship is simple, but carrying it on it is difficult.

Actually, like many other relations, friendship is also not always stable. Everybody has different mindsets, conditions, and problems that a person goes through. For keeping our friendship alive, and healthy. It is important to talk to each other, understand each other, share true and deep feelings with each other, and help each other during hard times.

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Definition of True Friendship

The Definition of True Friendship is when you make friends without any conditions. When you indulge in that friendship without any selfishness, and help each other in getting through various complicated phases of life. True friendship is mutual from both sides, and both parties should make efforts to keep a friendship healthy till the end.

A Story of Sand and Rock

Once two friends were walking in the desert, and they argued over something. The first friend slapped the other over the argument. The other friend wrote it down on Sand, “Today, my friend slapped me”. Because they were in the desert, they had to walk with each other. Ahead, there was a swamp into which the friend who got slapped fell into, and started drowning. The other friend ran to help him, and finally saved him. The friend who got slapped now wrote it down on the rock, “Today, my friend saved my life” . The other friend asked him what are you doing, writing on sand and rock. Then he told him that we should write bad events on the sand, so the wind of forgiveness will erase it in time and we should write good things on rock, so no one can ever erase it.

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True Friendship is like this, forgetting bad times, and making memories of the best in your life.

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Making Friends and The Importance of Friendship

  • Categories: Friendship

About this sample


Words: 1035 |

Published: Feb 8, 2022

Words: 1035 | Pages: 2 | 6 min read

Table of contents

Friendship essay outline, friendship essay example, introduction.

  • The importance of making friends in life

Types of Friends

  • The value of having diverse types of friends
  • The positive impacts of different types of friends on one's life

Polar Opposite Friend

  • The benefits of having a friend who is a polar opposite
  • Encouragement to try new things and gain new perspectives
  • Creating a balance in the friendship

Builder Friend

  • The role of a builder friend in providing support and guidance
  • Trustworthiness and honesty in the relationship
  • Pushing you to achieve your goals and dreams

Best Friend

  • The unique bond and connection with a best friend
  • Honesty, emotional support, and no-judgment zone
  • Unconditional love and encouragement to be a better person
  • The importance of surrounding oneself with supportive and caring friends
  • The impact of friendships on personal growth and happiness

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Making Friends and The Importance of Friendship Essay

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friend essay on friendship


Essay on Importance of Friendship

Students are often asked to write an essay on Importance of Friendship in their schools and colleges. And if you’re also looking for the same, we have created 100-word, 250-word, and 500-word essays on the topic.

Let’s take a look…

100 Words Essay on Importance of Friendship

The essence of friendship.

Friendship is a valuable treasure in our lives. It is a bond of love, trust, and mutual respect. Friends stand by us in times of joy and sorrow, making life more meaningful.

Role of Friendship

Friends teach us important life lessons. They help us understand different perspectives, fostering empathy and compassion. They also offer emotional support and help us build our confidence.

Friendship and Personal Growth

Friendship encourages personal growth. It nurtures our emotional intelligence, helps us learn to communicate effectively, and develops our problem-solving skills. True friendship is a gift that enriches our life journey.

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250 Words Essay on Importance of Friendship

Friendship, a profound human experience, is a cornerstone of our social fabric. It transcends the boundaries of race, religion, and culture, fostering an environment of mutual respect, understanding, and shared values.

Psychological Impact of Friendship

Friendship plays a critical role in our psychological well-being. It provides emotional support, helping to mitigate stress and anxiety. Friends serve as a sounding board, allowing us to express our thoughts and emotions freely, which can be therapeutic and contribute to our overall mental health.

Friendship as a Learning Platform

Friendship is also a platform for personal growth and learning. Friends expose us to diverse perspectives, encouraging us to think critically and broaden our horizons. They challenge our beliefs, prompting us to question and refine our viewpoints, fostering our intellectual growth.

The Role of Friendship in Shaping Character

Moreover, friendship shapes our character. The qualities we admire in our friends often inspire us to cultivate those traits within ourselves. They mirror our strengths and weaknesses, helping us to self-reflect and strive for personal improvement.

Friendship and Social Cohesion

On a societal level, friendships foster social cohesion. They promote empathy and tolerance, as we learn to accept our friends’ differences and appreciate our commonalities. This understanding and acceptance can extend beyond our immediate circle, promoting a more inclusive society.

In conclusion, the importance of friendship cannot be overstated. It supports our mental health, encourages personal growth, shapes our character, and promotes social cohesion. Despite its often underestimated value, friendship is an integral part of our lives, enriching our experiences and contributing to our personal and societal well-being.

500 Words Essay on Importance of Friendship

The value of friendship, emotional support and mental health.

One of the primary importances of friendship lies in its capacity to provide emotional support. Friends are our confidants, providing us a safe space to express our feelings, fears, hopes, and dreams without the fear of judgment. They provide comfort during times of stress, acting as a buffer against mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Their presence and understanding can help us navigate through the complexities of life, promoting emotional well-being.

Social Development and Personal Growth

Friendship plays a crucial role in our social development and personal growth. Friends expose us to diverse perspectives, cultures, and experiences, broadening our worldview. They challenge our beliefs, encourage us to step out of our comfort zones, and inspire us to become better versions of ourselves. This process of mutual learning and growth is a significant aspect of friendship.

Resilience in the Face of Adversity

Physical health and longevity.

The importance of friendship extends to our physical health and longevity. Studies suggest that strong social connections can contribute to a longer, healthier life. Friends can encourage positive lifestyle habits such as regular exercise and a balanced diet. Moreover, the happiness derived from friendship can boost our immune system, reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

Friendship and Society

On a larger scale, friendship contributes to societal harmony. It fosters empathy, understanding, and respect among individuals, creating a more inclusive and tolerant society. Friends from diverse backgrounds can help break down cultural and social barriers, promoting unity and cooperation.

That’s it! I hope the essay helped you.

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friend essay on friendship

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Essay on Friendship | Importance of Friendship Essay for Students and Children in English

February 21, 2023 by Veerendra

Essay on Friendship: Friendship is a treasure trove of connections on love and acceptance. It’s a bond developed between those who feel at home. The friendship bond one develops, can last for a day, a month, or even years. It’s not necessary to develop friendships based on similar emotions or feelings; friendships have no age, gender, or culture. You might be the adventure type, but your best friend(s) might be a nerd. From sharing stories to stealing chocolates, friendship holds special in the heart. However, life without a dedicated and trusted friend is sometimes lonely. Friendship is a relationship that grows stronger in time. Thus, essays on friendships are relevant topics

To aid students seeking essay write-ups for assignment purposes, here is a long and short essay for reference. Additionally, we have noted ten-line pointers as a map to guide you through the article for better understanding and help you frame better comprehension essays.

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Long and Short Essays on Friendship for Kids and Students in English

Below are two essays- a 400-500 words long descriptive Essay on Friendship for students and a 150-200 words Essay on Friendship for children on the topic that will guide you.

Long Essay About Friendship in English 500 Words

Long Essay on Friendship is helpful to students of Classes 7, 8, 9, 10, 1 and 12.

Friendship is the most expensive and beautiful gift one can give someone. As time passes by, lots of people will walk past, but only some stay with you forever, and those friendships will stick by one’s side through thick and thin. Lucky are those people with friends that can be trusted and wish to stay forever.

A person acquainted with diverse people in their life might be a part of a vast friend circle, but they would depend on just one or a maximum of two people whom they trust to their personal space and emotions. That bond created with those special people is true friendship. There are two basic types of friendships one develops- good friends and best friends. An authentic and special bond friendship grows with the true or best friend who makes life easier and happier.

The most crucial part of friendships is the judgment-free relationship. In a true friendship bond, a person is free of any gripping fears of judgment and can complete themselves. It makes the person feel accepted and loved. True friendship is the reason for people to stay strong in life with the assurance that their best friend is for them. A life devoid of friendship is an incomplete puzzle to keep one happy. A few have families and friends while some have lost their families, but, are backed up by friendships. Sometimes, one’s friendship becomes family. Thus, sharing a true friendship bond is a rarity.

Friendship holds significant stature in life as it teaches unforgettable life lessons. Some valuable lessons that will change your life, how to love others apart from family, how to behave in front of people or friends. Friendships never create bad times; instead, give one the best memories to live upon. Friendships teach you to understand and trust people. Real friends will constantly motivate and cheer; sometimes, they will even direct you the paths and save you. However, one should know how to differentiate between toxic and beneficial friendships.

Students can also find Paragraph on Friendship and Friendship Speech from here.

Similarly, friendship teaches the importance of loyalty and reliability. There is no greater feeling in the world than a loyal, trustworthy friend by your side. However, friendship isn’t a one-way path, to experience loyalty and trust; one needs to return the mutual feelings to complete the circle of friendship. Moreover, friendships build a strong relationship bond and aids to growth. For instance, despite fights and arguments, friends set the differences aside and come back together. This teaches patience and develops a strong bond.

Therefore, friendships are real-life connections. Real friends help each other during tough times and the difficult phases of life. They are only life-savers during a rough period, but also the best timely-advisers. True friends are the most assets of life who share the space of sorrow, happiness, and pain. They are the filler breaks of the monotonous life.

Short Essay on Friendship 100 Words In English

Short Essay on Friendship is helpful to students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Friendship is that special God-given gift to humans with whom one can share multiple resonating feelings. A good friend gives the right guidance and is the most sincere person devoid of personal motive and makes incredible sacrifices.

A good friend stands to guard irrespective of the fair and foul weather. It is always easy and straightforward to befriend someone; however, being a good friend takes a lifetime. Being a good friend or friendship is not a temporary phase in life.

Friendship is a sensitive and delicate bond that needs careful tackle to prevent the feeling of hurt. It may last for ages and form an unbreakable bond until one proves wrong. However, dissimilar people tend not to become friends. A strong friendship bond is developed when friends share a mutual value system, ideas, and taste. A friendship with no equal balance of emotions will break apart.

A good friendship needs communication. Good friends share each problem, difficulty, and sort out differences. They can help to mold the character, and one needs to be careful while befriending someone. That’s why friendships are a special gift from God.

10 Lines Essay About Friendship for Students

  • Friendship is a bond between individuals based on mutual thoughts or mindsets.
  • A good friend is that person with whom one can share their secret experiences and feelings
  • Friendship grows stronger over some time and develops into a strong relationship bond
  • A real friend guides direct and tries to bring out the best and positive change
  • The ability to sacrifice is the crucial characteristic of friendship
  • A true is ready to sacrifice for the betterment of the other
  • Friendship holds special space for respect and responsibility
  • ‘A friend in need is a friend in deed’ completes the essence and defines friendship
  • Friendship comprises of care and support for each other during the hardest times
  • Friendship is a bond that ensures happiness especially during times

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Frequently Asked Questions on Friendship Topic Essay

Question 1. What is the appropriate age for a child to bond with friends?

Answer: Children develop friends when in preschool, but the child’s “friends” until the 12 will likely change frequently. However, friendships built after that become a bond.

Question 2. Why is the importance of friendships developed during childhood?

Answer: Friendships developed at the toddler stages help the child adapt quickly to the environment. Besides, it aids the child’s social and emotional development boosts their self-confidence.

Question 3. How long does a friendship last?

Answer: While some friendships last lifetime, some on an average last for about ten years.

Question 4. What is the most common reason for broken friendships?

Answer: The most common reason for broken friendships is life in general. People move on with life and eventually they lose their best friend(s).

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Essay on Friendship

Essay generator.

Friendship is a timeless and cherished bond that transcends age, culture, and circumstance. It is a connection that enriches our lives, provides support in times of need, and offers a profound sense of belonging. In this essay, we will delve into the meaning of friendship, its qualities, the significance it holds in our lives, and the art of nurturing and maintaining these invaluable relationships. Understanding friendship is essential for students aiming to participate in essay writing competitions, as it touches upon the very essence of human connection.

Friendship can be defined as a close and meaningful relationship between two or more individuals characterized by mutual affection, trust, understanding, and support. It is a bond formed through shared experiences, interests, and genuine care for each other’s well-being.

Qualities of Friendship

  • Trust: Trust is the bedrock of friendship. Friends rely on each other and have confidence in the loyalty and reliability of their companions.
  • Mutual Respect: True friends respect each other’s values, boundaries, and differences. They celebrate each other’s individuality.
  • Shared Interests: Common interests and hobbies often form the basis of friendships. Shared activities strengthen the bond between friends.
  • Empathy: Friends offer a listening ear and understanding shoulder in times of joy and sorrow. Empathy deepens the connection and provides emotional support.
  • Loyalty: Friendship thrives on loyalty. Friends stand by each other through thick and thin, offering unwavering support.

Significance of Friendship

  • Emotional Support: Friends provide a vital support system during life’s challenges. They offer comfort, encouragement, and a sense of belonging during difficult times.
  • Mental Well-being: Strong friendships are linked to improved mental health. They reduce stress, increase happiness, and provide a sense of purpose.
  • Personal Growth: Friends challenge and inspire us to become better versions of ourselves. They offer constructive feedback and encourage self-improvement.
  • Social Connection: Friendship combats feelings of loneliness and isolation. It enriches our lives with meaningful social interactions.
  • Happiness: Genuine friendships contribute to our overall happiness and life satisfaction. They create lasting memories and moments of joy.

5 values of friendship

The values of friendship are essential qualities and principles that contribute to the depth and strength of a genuine and meaningful friendship. Here are five values that underpin the essence of true friendship:

  • Trust: Trust is the foundation of any lasting friendship. It involves having confidence in your friend’s reliability, honesty, and loyalty. Friends should be able to confide in each other, knowing that their secrets and vulnerabilities will be respected.
  • Respect: Respect in friendship means acknowledging and valuing each other’s individuality, beliefs, boundaries, and differences. Friends treat each other with courtesy and consideration, even when they have contrasting opinions or lifestyles.
  • Empathy: Empathy is the ability to understand and share in the feelings and experiences of your friend. It involves being a compassionate listener, offering support during challenging times, and celebrating each other’s joys and successes.
  • Loyalty: Loyalty is a core value in friendship. True friends stand by each other through thick and thin, offering unwavering support and loyalty, even when faced with difficulties or disagreements.
  • Communication: Open and honest communication is key to a healthy friendship. Friends should be able to express their thoughts, feelings, and concerns without fear of judgment. Effective communication helps in resolving conflicts and strengthening the bond between friends.

These values are the building blocks of strong, enduring friendships that bring joy, support, and fulfillment to the lives of those who cherish them.

Nurturing Friendships

  • Communication: Open and honest communication is vital for maintaining friendships. Regularly check in with friends, share thoughts and feelings, and actively listen to their concerns.
  • Quality Time: Spend quality time together, whether in person or virtually. Shared experiences strengthen the bond between friends.
  • Supportive Acts: Show kindness and support through actions. Be there for your friends when they need you, and offer help willingly.
  • Resolve Conflicts: Conflicts are natural in any relationship. Address them promptly and constructively, focusing on finding solutions rather than blame.
  • Respect Boundaries: Respect your friends’ personal boundaries and their need for space when necessary.

The Importance of Friendship in Adolescence: 

  • 1. Emotional Support and Understanding:
  • 2. Identity Formation:
  • 3. Social Skills Development:
  • 4. Peer Influence:
  • 5. Sense of Belonging:
  • 6. Coping with Transitions:
  • 7. Lifelong Lessons:

Toxic Friendships

Friendships are typically associated with positivity, trust, and support. However, not all friendships are healthy or beneficial. Toxic friendships are those that have a detrimental impact on your well-being, emotional health, and overall life satisfaction. It’s crucial to recognize the signs of a toxic friendship, understand its consequences, and take steps to address or end it.

Signs of a Toxic Friendship:

  • Constant Negativity: A toxic friend tends to be consistently negative, complaining, criticizing, and bringing down your mood.
  • Self-Centeredness: They are primarily focused on their needs, problems, and interests, rarely showing genuine interest in your life.
  • Manipulation: Toxic friends may use manipulation tactics to control or exploit you, often making you feel guilty or obligated.
  • Lack of Support: They are not there for you during challenging times, and they may even undermine your goals and aspirations.
  • Jealousy and Competition: Toxic friends may become envious of your successes and engage in unhealthy competition or passive-aggressive behaviors.
  • Betrayal of Trust: They may breach your trust by sharing personal information or spreading rumors about you.

In conclusion, friendship is a priceless gem that adds depth and meaning to our lives. It thrives on trust, mutual respect, and support, offering solace in times of need and joy in moments of celebration. As budding writers, we must recognize the profound significance of these bonds, striving to cultivate and cherish them as we navigate life’s journey. Friendship is, indeed, a treasure worth preserving.


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Generate an essay on the importance of extracurricular activities for student development

Write an essay discussing the role of technology in modern education.

friend essay on friendship

Redneck Requiem: An essay on friendship and death

Opinion John Norman  |  July 1, 2024

Uva Uvam Vivendo Varia Fit A grape changes color when it sees another grape

You use steel to sharpen steel, and one friend sharpens another.   ( Proverbs 27:17)

The Lonesome Dove miniseries is remembered for many things ­— outstanding theatrical roles portrayed by big name actors and actresses, the vastness and beauty of the American West, and interwoven stories of love gained and lost, then gained and lost again.

But my recollection of Lonesome Dove includes all those elements plus the fact that I watched it on the couch of my childhood home, sick with the flu.

It was the spring semester of Gardner-Webb College’s 1988/89 academic year. I had been asked to preach at the school’s revival by the on-campus ministerial alliance. As a student (and member of the alliance) I was honored to be invited and excited (as well as petrified) to speak in front of all the students at the convocation event, which was a required “class” at the time.

Unfortunately, as I visited my family the weekend before the service on Tuesday, I began to feel ill. That ill feeling evolved into fever and chills and the “achy all over” symptom that accompanies such an illness. It was the flu’s fault I didn’t get to preach the spring revival, but I did get to watch all of Lonesome Dove , and in the process learn something about friendship and death.

Little did I know at the time that some of the characters in the novel Lonesome Dove (written by Larry McMurtry) were a tip of the hat to real life individuals from history. Of particular interest were the main characters Captain Woodrow F. Call and Captain Augustus “Gus” McCrae, who sound a lot like Charles Goodnight and Oliver Loving. In something straight out of the “truth is stranger than fiction” category, Loving was indeed mortally wounded in a battle with Commanche warriors. This event happened as he and Goodnight were driving cattle northwest from Texas.

Loving made his way to Fort Sumner in New Mexico, where his arrow-wounded leg gave way to gangrene. Loving’s cattle company business partner (Goodnight) arrived to stay with him until his death. During the bedside vigil, Loving made Goodnight promise he would take Loving home for burial. And in the movie, this act of dedication is portrayed as Call (the Goodnight character) transports the body of Gus (the Loving character) back to Texas to be interred.

To be honest, we should not be too surprised by this amazing feat of friendship. From the beginning, we have been in on the “real” theme of this story (in my opinion) as the signage for the Hat Creek Cattle Co. not only includes the names of the proprietors and employees (and what they will and won’t sale or rent), it also includes the Latin phrase Uva Uvam Vivendo Varia Fit.

Although there is disagreement on precisely how this phrase is to be translated, it can loosely be understood as “a grape changes color (ripens) when it sees another grape.” In other words, the people we encounter leave an indelible mark on us.

Perhaps that is the meaning of the proverbial “iron sharpens iron.”  Friends make us who we are.

Donald Wayne Durham and I became friends while students at Gardner-Webb in the late 1980s. I was a “returning” student, having taken a two-year hiatus to work, rodeo, rock climb and generally try to get my life together. I had long-ish hair, a full beard and drove a Toyota four-wheel drive pickup. I recently had been a summer counselor at the Royal Ambassador camp in North Carolina, Camp Caraway. And I felt called to ministry.

Don had been working at North Carolina’s Baptist summer youth camp at Fort Caswell. As camp lifeguard, Don spent most of his days on the beach or in the ocean, swimming or riding his surfboard. He was tan, blond and drove an old Camaro. He had short (styled) hair and on most days wore short pants, boat shoes and polo shirts. Don could play the guitar and took every effort to serenade the women on staff and later at school. And Don felt called to ministry.

It may seem Don and I never would have anything in common (the usual mark of a friendship). And, at first glance, that might possibly be true. But on closer inspection, you will find some overlapping themes that sparked our interest in each other that would be the basis of our friendship over the years — love for the outdoors, interest in travel, and God’s unwavering voice calling us to follow.

And there was something not quite as evident — our appreciation for our redneck roots.

When you open up the dictionary (any one) and search for the word “redneck,” the definition is not very flattering, often including the word “disparaging” in the description. And that seems to be the way most people think of rednecks, in a disparaging way. But that was not the way Don and I understood the word.

Our definition would coincide with the way Will Campbell defined the word in his lecture, “Elvis Pressley as Redneck” at the first Elvis Pressley Symposium in 1995 (his definition is anything but disparaging). And despite the defining characteristics Jeff Foxworthy associates with being a redneck (no disrespect to Jeff) a few “true” marks of a redneck would be authenticity (don’t put on airs), acceptance (don’t judge a book by its cover), honesty (say what you mean and mean what you say), and dedication (do what you say).

Not far from Gardner-Webb’s campus flows the Broad River. I had discovered a spot on its bank where I could immerse myself in pondering. As my friendship with Don evolved, he would join me there and we would spend great amounts of time talking theology, philosophy and females. But we also would talk about dreams for the future and where we dared see ourselves in years to come.

We talked about hiking the Appalachian Trail, making our way to Mount Everest, traversing the globe on a boat with sails unfurled. We talked about things too numerous to mention, but mostly now forgotten. And we talked about the journey of life as we attempted to unravel the threads of God’s mysterious call to ministry.

We both wound up (with our spouses) at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky., in the early 1990s. Because Don and I both were religion majors at Gardner-Webb, the seminary curriculum wasn’t “new” but gave more time for a deeper dive into the complexities of being a minister. Don then moved to Boiling Springs, N.C., to be assistant to the president at our alma mater. Not long after that, I made my way back to Boiling Springs as well. During that time, Don set out on two new adventures, riding bulls and fatherhood.

Don would relocate to Pennsylvania and I would move to Cary, N.C. (and then on to Four Oaks).  Over the years, Don and I would go a lot of places and do a lot of things and work a lot of jobs, and navigate a lot of changes, but our “redneck-ness” never abated. Nor did the call to ministry, or our love of travel, which evolved into riding motorcycles.

And through it all our friendship remained.

Amid the most recent Memorial Day celebrations, I found myself thinking about Don. Several years ago, on Memorial Day, we set out on our bikes headed to Gettysburg, Pa. We departed Concord, N.C., in the rain and returned a few days later in the rain. It was a miserable trip but one of the best trips Don and I ever took.

Don had purchased a 2003 Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary Road Glide (an FLTRI for you Harley aficionados) with a full tour pack on the back, which he appropriately named “Silver.” Don could carry all his luggage plus the kitchen sink. I was running a 2004 Dyna Superglide (FXDI) with no windshield and leather throwover saddlebags. Don rode full dresser style (drinking coffee and listening to music as he rode) and I rode cruiser style (clothes bag, sleeping bag and tent strapped on).

I joked with Don about riding a “ Geezer Glide ,” and he kidded me that I was a wanna-be “ Dyna Bro .”

Don and I would take several other bike trips together and had planned to ride to Sturgis, S.D., for the annual bike rally in August 2010. Unfortunately, something came up and Don was not able to join me, but we kept talking and dreaming about one day riding west together. We also planned to do an “Iron Butt” ride as well (1,000 miles in less than 24 hours). Really, we would plan to ride anywhere. Because when you’re on a bike, the destination is not what’s important, it’s the journey (and the friendship with fellow riders) that counts.

But, as is said, “life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” And a lot of the plans Don and I made together would not come to fruition.

Don eventually wound up in Denton, N.C. (having left Atlanta and his work for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship) where he provided vocational coaching for many individuals and served as interim pastor at several churches, but mostly farmed and “gave away food” at Healing Springs Acres . Don’s hair and beard grew long and he, more often than not, could be seen wearing bibbed overalls as he sat atop his Farmall tractor plowing or tilling the fields.

I settled into life as a pastor and the routine of parenting and caretaking for my mother. Don and I occasionally would talk on the phone, picking up where each conversation ended and feeling better about us and the world due to memories of the past, continued dreams for the future, laughter and a heaping helping of redneck theology.

I visited Don now and again, and he preached at the church where I was pastor a couple of times. Then, the COVID season began, and for whatever reason, I rarely talked to Don and never saw him.

In the summer of 2022, Don and I reconnected. My youngest daughter had become interested in surfing, so I contacted Don about the best way to go about easing her into the sport. Don was happy to oblige and began to share not only an education “on” surfing, but the essence “of” it as well.

Apparently, surfing is more than a physical sport, it is also a spiritual experience. To top it off, Don said my daughter could try his long board (more suited to old-style surfing) which would give her time to learn and determine what style of surfing she would like to pursue.

On June 11, we met in the parking lot of the Cracker Barrell in Burlington, N.C., and Don “handed off the keys” to the board. It was the first time I had seen him in a long time. He appeared proud to be passing along to a friend’s child something very meaningful to him.

Don and I continued to converse via text and call about various things, including him sending me instructional videos on surfing and me sending him videos of my daughter on his surfboard. He even posted a clip of her on his Facebook page.

It was during those ensuing conversations Don shared with me an interesting twist on his life — the possibility of a ministerial position that would take him away from the farm and return him once again to the beach, completing a 360-degree journey since the time we met at Gardner-Webb. His mind was racing with possibilities, and he eagerly shared those dreams with me.

Don had been involved in podcasting on his own ( Welcome to the Table! What people are doing to end hunger & Bible Bash ) and wanted to offer something like that to the new ministry setting. He was excited, and I was excited for him. We were planning to take another ride.

Not too many days after that, out of the blue, I received a text from Don: “No-go at the beach.”

Little did I know the first time I had seen Don in a long time, when we did the surfboard handoff, would be the last time I would see him. On a Friday morning in September 2022, I found myself thinking about Don. That evening, I received a call informing me he had died.

I’m not completely sure which is more difficult — grieving the loss of a family member whom you do not choose or the loss of a friend (or spouse) whom you do choose. To say I was floored when I heard the news of Don’s death would be an understatement. I responsively began to pace and ask the questions over the phone to which the answers, even if I knew them, would make no difference.

“When?” “How?”

It was too soon to know the details.

Continuing to walk back and forth at the church’s parsonage, I realized I was at once inside then outside, unable to remain in one spot like a cat on a hot tin roof. His daughters, Don’s daughters, “How are the girls?” I asked.  Another meaningless question, for I knew how they were — devastated.

I have heard it said that as a person is dying their life flashes before their eyes. I don’t know about that, but I do know (for me) when I hear of the death of someone I’ve had a relationship with, my life (with them) does flash by for me to see. I spent the whole weekend remembering and rehashing my friendship with Don.

Don enjoyed the writings of Wendell Berry, and his Manifesto: The Mad Farmer Liberation Front could have been penned about him. Don also was a fan of the “bootleg Baptist preacher” Will Campbell, and over the years, whether intentionally or unintentionally, Don had become to many a Will Campbell-like character himself.

To be sure, Don’s personal attestation of being “a peace and justice loving, hermit-like mendicant farmer and cantankerous curmudgeon” was as accurate as accurate can be.

But even that could not sum up Don’s life completely. I was one of the ones to know Don through numerous iterations of himself (and he mine) and to be with him in good times and bad, through thick and thin. Over the years, he and I went a lot of places and did a lot of things and worked a lot of jobs and navigated a lot of changes, but our redneckness never abated.

Nor did the call to ministry, or our love of travel. And through it all our friendship remained.

If you began reading this article thinking you would discover “5 Ways to be a Better Friend” or “How to Tell Others How to Deal with Death” I apologize for your disappointment. I simply wanted to tell you a story about a friend who has died and how my friendship with him shapes me still. How I miss the time we had together and the future time we won’t. And how I am a better person having known him for the time I did because “iron sharpens iron.”

Simply put, I wanted to write a Redneck Requiem.

Don’s bike (Silver) now resides at the Norman household; his daughters desired me to have it and made a way for me to get it. Someday Silver and I will set out on a journey with my friend for one last ride together, to spread Don’s ashes at locations designated by him — a request he made his girls agree to sometime before his death.

On that trip, I’ll be drinking coffee and listening to music as I ride. Maybe Don was right about the “Geezer Glide” after all.

Farewell, my friend. Until we meet again.

friend essay on friendship

John Norman

John I. Norman Jr. recently became director of partnership development at Campbell University Divinity School after serving as a pastoring for 26 years at First Baptist Church of Four Oaks, N.C.  He and his family continue to reside in the Four Oaks community. The views expressed are the author’s alone and do not represent the views of Campbell University.

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friend essay on friendship

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Seth Meyers Psy.D.

How to Reevaluate a Friendship in 4 Questions

Remembering a friendship’s purpose is a crucial part of inventory-taking..

Posted June 28, 2024 | Reviewed by Ray Parker

  • The purpose of friendship includes providing mutual comfort and support.
  • People in unhappy friendships often tolerate unhealthy episodes out of respect for their history.
  • Asking yourself a few basic questions can help you navigate a murky emotional dilemma.

As with any type of relationship, friendships vary according to quality, and it's the quality factor that many friends struggle with most when questioning whether they want to—or should—continue a particular friendship that's causing them strife.

Consulting a simple checklist of questions about such a friendship can help determine whether a friendship is worth maintaining, which means one that has an overall positive effect on your mood and mental health. The purpose of friendship, unlike other relationship types, is simple: to provide comfort and support. Ensuring a supportive friendship is important because good social support is associated with overall health and mental health. Specifically, what is important is the belief in the existence of social support (Morowatisharifabad & Tonekaboni, 2007).

What is the frequency, intensity, and duration of upsetting interactions in a friendship you may be reevaluating?

Consider your friendship and ask yourself how often you feel upset as a result of interactions with them, as well as how intense some of the interactions have been. Were recent upsetting episodes simply annoying and bothersome, or were they extremely upsetting? Were you able to move past your feelings in the moment, or did your central nervous system react (increased heart rate, flushing of the face, and so forth)? If you detect any sort of pattern of upset interactions that cause an actual fight-or-flight response (more than one such episode), the friendship may have more of a negative impact on your mental health than a positive one.

Have you ever felt especially nervous or as if you must "walk on eggshells" around your friend when they've been upset with you?

Interactions with a friend can be upsetting for various reasons. One frequent problem in unhealthy relationships is a problematic communication style, including difficulty identifying and communicating clearly about the exact upset feelings one is feeling. If your friend is inept at managing and expressing their own feelings, you can find yourself in such a situation feeling confused, thrown off, and trying to figure out what is motivating your friend's words or behavior. Are they angry, or do they feel hurt and disappointed by you? It's often hard to know with friends who can't admit to you how they feel ("I felt really hurt when you said that," "I felt angry because I felt that you took advantage of the situation"). Many times, your friend may not even be able to admit to themself how they really feel, avoiding at all costs feeling sad or hurt for fear that this is a sign of weakness. Regardless of the root cause, feeling that your friend is emotionally unpredictable and overly intense with you is a dynamic that some may tolerate but can take a serious emotional toll long-term on others.

Does your friend control the presence or absence of communication when they're upset with you?

People have different ways of managing emotions, and one common but problematic way of managing hurt feelings or anger toward another is to shut down and avoid the other person. In some cases, the hurt or angry individual goes a step further and wants to punish the other by hurting or upsetting them in turn. In lay terms, the "silent treatment" is clinically often either an avoidant style of coping or a microaggression designed to cause a negative reaction. If you have a friendship in which they control the access, you have to communicate openly with them (by phone, in-person, or texting) when they're upset with you. This can be a serious sign that a friendship is not working in a healthy way. When subject to uncomfortable circumstances with a friend, it's tempting to get stuck in the details and ruminate (over-focus) on them, but it's crucial to take a step back, identify your feelings, and remember what a friendship that works looks like. Ultimately, a friendship that works is a collaboration , not one where one dominates and "wins" and the other submits and "loses."

Do you ever feel that your friend, when upset with you, treats you as if they were your boss or in some position of authority over you?

Friendship is a voluntary relationship that should feel equitable, meaning that there is no significant imbalance in the power dynamic. In some friendships, an individual whose personality is strong and who is accustomed to making the decisions in relationships can make a mistake, when upset, of holding onto rigid expectations of how the other should be. In friendship scenarios, they overindulge their need for greater power when they get upset and can treat their friend as if the friend is "in trouble," reminiscent of school-age scenarios in which one gets called to the principal's office. This behavior is controlling, and the one doing the controlling is often so accustomed to this power position in a relationship that they don't even realize what they're doing with their friend. Research among adolescents has found that increases in perceived friend dominance were accompanied by increases in depressive and anxiety symptoms (Schacter, Hoffman & Ehrhardt, 2023), and adults who are likewise dominated in friendships may experience similar consequences.

A friendship is a relationship that must be treated respectfully and delicately. One must be careful to weigh the pros and cons of the relationship when reevaluating whether it is still working. Lived experience reminds us that many romantic relationships last for a time but then expire; the process of developing a friendship is similar in the sense of two people getting to know each other and then determining over time whether each can comfortably meet the other's needs. Once you have a clear sense of your answer to the questions above, writing in a journal about what next steps you want to take can be helpful. In addition, processing these feelings with another trusted friend (who doesn't know that person) can help bring greater clarity. One good possible step to take with the friend in question, when ready, includes gently talking with them about a few of the issues that have been bothering you to see if they are open and validate those feelings. Validation, after all, is a key component of any relationship worth keeping.

Morowatisharifabad, M.A., & Tonekaboni, N.R. (2007). Social support and Self-care Behaviors in Diabetic Patients Referring to Yazd Diabetes Research Center. Zahedan Journal of Research in Medical Sciences, 9 , 275-284.

Schacter, H. L., Hoffman, A. J., & Ehrhardt, A. D. (2023). The Power Dynamics of Friendship: Between- and Within- Person Associations among Friend Dominance, Self-Esteem, and Adolescent Internalizing Symptoms. Journal of youth and adolescence , 52 (6), 1206–1218. .

Seth Meyers Psy.D.

Seth Meyers, Psy.D. , is a licensed clinical psychologist, TV guest expert, author, and relationship expert.

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July 2024 magazine cover

Sticking up for yourself is no easy task. But there are concrete skills you can use to hone your assertiveness and advocate for yourself.

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Gaslighting
  • Affective Forecasting
  • Neuroscience
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friend essay on friendship

The Vexing Problem of the ‘Medium Friend’

They’re not our besties, but they’re more than just acquaintances. How much of ourselves do we owe them?

Credit... Photo illustration by Lauren Peters-Collaer

Supported by

Lisa Miller

By Lisa Miller

  • June 22, 2024

Most of us maintain an informal mental inventory of our friendships, sorting those closest to us, our intimates, from our acquaintances. My friend R. once went a step further. He ranked his friends on a document on his computer. (R. asked that I use his first initial here out of a sense of propriety, knowing it’s taboo to acknowledge even the existence of such a list, let alone to disclose to friends their positions on it.)

As a younger man, R. found himself dissatisfied with his social life, which kept him busy yet unfulfilled, and he built his friend hierarchy to diagnose why. He found that he had a small group of first-tier friends, with whom he was happy to spend time under any circumstances. And he had a huge number of acquaintances. But the friends who caused him the most strife — as well as the most inner turmoil, yearning, anxiety and guilt — were those arrayed along the middle levels. Call them the “medium friends.”

As an example, R. told me about a certain friend. They were close during college but by their 30s had grown apart. There was no falling-out, no identifiable reason for their friendship to wither. R. simply did not feel as connected to this friend as he once did. And so, without malevolence or even conscious intent, he shuffled her down in his personal friend deck.

When R.’s friend recently reached out, to ask for his support during her addiction recovery, his first impulse was to feel taxed — then vexed at his own irritation. “She wasn’t asking for anything, really. Accountability,” R. said. But she was leaning on him in a way that felt too heavy, given what their friendship had become, and he wrestled with how to be there for her. He didn’t book a flight to visit her. He didn’t even call her. He observed himself not doing these things and felt self-reproach. Emily Langan, a communication professor at Wheaton College who studies friendship, described this feeling as, I’m not willing to go there, and I feel kind of slimy for not going there. But we’re just not that kind of friend .

Medium friends are genuine friends. You share history (such as the same alma mater), circumstances (an employer) or interests (rude jokes, the royals, thrifting or squash). Medium friends make you laugh, bring news, offer insights or expertise. But, unlike the closest friends, medium friends test the limits of your time, love and energy. There are only so many dinners in a week, so many people with whom you can be incessantly texting. Medium friends prove the lie in any naïve attempt to be all things to all people.

And that is the problem with medium friends, the invisible lines you draw around them without ever being explicit — to them or even, possibly, to yourself. Reciprocity is the foundation of every friendship: mutual sharing and caring in a context of trust. The tension embedded in medium friendship is this absence of clarity, allowing for the possibility of what Claude Fischer, a sociologist at the University of California, Berkeley, referred to in an interview as “asymmetric expectation”: You may like your medium friend less (or more) than they like you. With a lover, partner or a very close friend, you may negotiate imbalances, hash out wounds or betrayals. But somehow such conversations feel impossible in the medium realm.

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Importance of Friends in our Life for Students and Children

500+ words essay importance of friends in our life.

When we are born, we get associated with our family by blood relation. However, there is a relation, which we choose ourselves. That relation is a friend.  Friends make our life beautiful.  The adventure of life becomes beautiful when good friends surround us. We all belong to a family, where we have our parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, etc. We get immense love, care, attention and guidance from our family. However, our entire life does not revolve around our family members only. We all have our own purpose in life. Some members of our family go to school, some go to college, and our parents go to work. We all have a life outside our family. No journey of life seems interesting when traveled alone. We tend to make friends outside our family boundaries as that makes all life activities enjoyable.

importance of friends in our life

Friends are Essential in Every Sphere of Life

We connect very quickly with people with whom our interests match. Infants are playful by nature. They always look for the company with whom the can play and explore their curious nature. Hence, when they meet any other infant of their age they connect easily over their common interest of playing.

In school, we make friends over our common interests. For example, students who like playing sports like cricket connect quickly and they become friends. Friends meet and discuss their common interests and nurture their interests together. Friends in school help each other in understanding the class activities, and homework. They often exchange notes and reference materials among themselves.

During our college life, we get independence in taking many decisions on our own. Also, many live in a hostel and are hence away from their family. Studying together, staying together, nurturing interest together, adjusting to conflicts with each other, helping each other all these makes the bond of friendship stronger.

A friend highlights mistakes and guides us in many ways. They also motivate us to realize our full potential. Also, we can easily discuss and share such issues and thoughts with our friends which we cannot share with our parents.

In our professional life also, friends also help us handle failure positively and multiply our joy of success. During midlife, we have huge responsibilities for family, job, etc. Discussing professional and personal stress with our friends makes us feel relaxed. They are our mental support and when we are in crisis, a good friend joins hand and helps in solving the problem.

Because of the nuclear family structure of the current society in old age, people mostly stay alone. Friends hang out and travel together to explore various places and enjoy several hobbies together. Friends thus eliminate boredom and loneliness from life. They add color to life. They become big support for any help needed.

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Famous Friendship stories

In history, we get examples of many friendship stories, which shows the importance of friend in life. From the stories of Lord Krishna and Arjun, Ram and Sugreev, Lord Krishna and Sudama, Duryodhan and Karn it shows that friends have always been a person who helps and supports us. They help us come out of distress and grow in life.

Friendship is not only between two people. We become friends with animals around us. Hence, we tend to keep pets. Pets eliminate boredom and stress from our life. Spending time with pets give us immense joy.

Animals also become friends among themselves. They also help and support each other in the process of survival and existence. The biggest example of the need of friend among animals is there in the story Lion and the Mouse where they both help each other come out of difficult situations.

In our lifetime we choose our own friends. The journey of life becomes memorable because of friends. Friendship is a lovely relation without which life seems dull. It is the relationship with our friends that teaches us to share, love, care and most importantly helps us to fight odds and be successful. Having true friends acts as a boon. Friends increase the sense of belongingness and generate a feel-good factor. We all thrive and look for at least one that friend who at times criticizes and appreciates too. Emotional and psychological attachments are important and can only be experienced with friends.

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Go out there and make someone SMILE!

Season 2 is out now on [adult swim] and Max. Renewed for Season 3.

Me on this sub in 2036 writing an essay about how smiling friends' decline started in season 8


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Anant Ambani-Radhika's Friends To Essay Their Love-Story Through Dance Performance On Their Sangeet

Anant ambani and radhika merchant are all set to get married within a few days. now, we stumbled upon an interesting detail about their 'sangeet' ceremony..


By Priyanka Dutta Last Updated: Jul 1, 2024 | 16:14:02 IST

Anant Ambani-Radhika's Friends To Essay Their Love-Story Through Dance Performance On Their Sangeet


Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant's friends to essay couple's love story through dance at their sangeet

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Shah Rukh Khan Regretted Replacing Aishwarya Rai In 'Chalte Chalte' As Salman Created Ruckus On Sets

Shah Rukh Khan Regretted Replacing Aishwarya Rai In 'Chalte Chalte' As Salman Created Ruckus On Sets

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Jackie Shroff Took Nasty Dig At Ranbir Kapoor's Love Life, Called Him Devdas, 'Humesha Dil Toot...'

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Aayush Sharma On Why His Dad Declined To Help Him Financially When He Thought Of Marrying Arpita

friend essay on friendship


friend essay on friendship

Radhika Merchant expressed her excitement over getting married to Anant

friend essay on friendship

AWESOME NEWS! Now you can download BollywoodShaadis app and never miss a story. Get App

AWESOME NEWS! Now you can download BollywoodShaadis app and never miss a story. Choose your device Android or IOS (Apple)

Anant Ambani And Radhika's Pre-Wedding Invite Decoded: Here's What Theme 'Terra E Mare' Means?

Radhika Merchant Repeats Her Traditional Red Patola Suit For Intimate Dinner Bash Hosted At Antilia

friend essay on friendship

Anant Ambani is set to get hitched to the love of his life, Radhika Merchant on July 12, 2024. Ahead of their wedding, the Ambanis are celebrating back-to-back pre-wedding bashes, and glimpses from the same are going viral soon after surfacing on the internet. On June 28, 2024, the Ambani clan hosted a dinner

friend essay on friendship

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    4. 💬 Essay on Friendship: 10 Witty Quotes. "A friend in need is a friend indeed." (Proverb) "A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same." (Elbert Hubbard) "I don't need a friend who changes when I change and who nods when I nod; my shadow does that much better." (Plutarch)

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    Best friendship quotes. 1. "Never leave a friend behind. Friends are all we have to get us through this life—and they are the only things from this world that we could hope to see in the next."

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    The Power Dynamics of Friendship: Between- and Within- Person Associations among Friend Dominance, Self-Esteem, and Adolescent Internalizing Symptoms. Journal of youth and adolescence , 52 (6 ...

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    A Polite, but Selfish, Ambiguity. The trouble with any discussion of medium friendship begins with the word "friend." To Americans, everyone from a lover to a work acquaintance is a "friend ...

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    Friends thus eliminate boredom and loneliness from life. They add color to life. They become big support for any help needed. Get the huge list of more than 500 Essay Topics and Ideas. Famous Friendship stories. In history, we get examples of many friendship stories, which shows the importance of friend in life.

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    "You hear all the time how it gets harder and harder to make friends as you get older—and then the pandemic happened and it was like: Boom!" the 39-year-old says.

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    Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant's friends to essay couple's love story through dance at their sangeet. As per a report by India Today TV, Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant's sangeet ceremony will be filled with love, fun, and surprises. If the report is to be followed, the couple's friends will perform at the sangeet ceremony, and will essay Anant and Radhika's love story through their dance ...

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