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5 Health-Related Components of Fitness

Each of these fitness factors is important for health and well-being

descriptive essay about physical fitness

Cardiovascular Endurance

Muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, body composition, frequently asked questions.

The five factors of fitness contribute to physical fitness and help guide the process of getting fit. You already know that benefits come when you prioritize physical activity. The trick is understanding what "fitness" is and how you can achieve it.

That's where the five components of fitness come in. They are the blueprint for the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) physical activity guidelines and serve as a helpful tool for organizing and executing a well-balanced workout routine. Creating a fitness plan that incorporates these elements can help ensure you get the most health benefits from your routine.

Five Factors of Fitness

  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Muscular strength
  • Muscular endurance
  • Body composition

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) links regular physical activity to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, improved bone health, enhanced mental health, and improved quality of life with age. Learn more about the five components of fitness and examples.

Cardiovascular endurance ( cardiorespiratory endurance or aerobic fitness) refers to your body's ability to efficiently and effectively intake oxygen and deliver it to your body's tissues through the heart, lungs, arteries, vessels, and veins. By engaging in regular exercise that challenges your heart and lungs, you can:

  • Maintain or improve the efficient delivery and uptake of oxygen to your body's systems
  • Enhance cellular metabolism
  • Ease the physical challenges of everyday life

Because heart disease accounts for roughly 630,000 deaths in the United States each year, starting a workout program that enhances cardiovascular fitness is particularly important. Running, walking, cycling, swimming, dancing, circuit training, and boxing are a few workouts that can benefit heart health.

The ACSM's physical activity guidelines call for at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise, or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise, each week.

The key, of course, is consistency. It may sound like a lot, but 150 minutes breaks down to just 20 to 30 minutes of exercise daily, five to seven days a week.

Muscular endurance is one of two factors that contribute to overall muscular health (muscular strength is the other). Think of muscular endurance as a particular muscle group's ability to continuously contract against a given resistance.

Long-distance cycling offers a clear example. To pedal a bike over a long distance, often up steep inclines, cyclists must develop fatigue-resistant muscles in their legs and glutes. These are evidence of a high level of muscular endurance.

Likewise, holding a plank to develop core strength is another example of muscular endurance using isometric exercise . The longer you can contract your abdominals and keep your body in a steady position, the greater endurance you have through your hips, abs, and shoulders.

The extent to which you focus on muscular endurance should be directly related to your health or fitness goals. It's important to realize that muscular endurance is muscle group-specific.

This means you can develop high endurance levels in some muscle groups (like cyclists building endurance in their legs) without necessarily acquiring the same endurance level in other muscle groups, depending on your needs.

For Everyday Health

For general health, talk to a healthcare provider to determine what is best for you given your medical history and current fitness level. Everyone's needs and goals are different, so do what is right for you. Some people may want to develop enough endurance to transport groceries from your car to your house. Low-intensity weight-bearing or strength-training workouts will help you build up that endurance.

For Fitness-Related Goals

Suppose you want to become an endurance athlete capable of competing in sports that require continual muscle contraction, such as obstacle course races, CrossFit , or cycling. In that case, you'll need a higher level of muscular endurance. You may want to focus more on training regimens that use high-repetition strength training and sport-specific activity to make you a better athlete.

While muscular endurance refers to how fatigue-resistant a particular muscle group is, muscular strength refers to the amount of force a specific muscle group can produce in one, all-out effort. In strength training terms, it's your one-rep max .

Like muscular endurance, muscular strength is muscle group-specific. In other words, you may have strong glutes but comparatively weak deltoids; or powerful pectoral muscles but comparatively weak hamstrings.

Consider Your Goals

Again, the extent to which you train for strength is determined by your health and fitness goals as well as your physical abilities and limitations. Keep in mind that everyone is different and will, therefore, have different goals.

For instance, some people may want to be strong enough to lift a heavy box or easily stand up from a chair. In this circumstance, enhanced muscular strength may be a byproduct of a workout routine focused on developing muscular endurance.

If, however, you want to develop muscle mass or to be able to lift heavier weights at the gym, you should focus your training regimen more on lifting heavy weights.

To improve muscle strength : Use heavier weights with fewer reps, taking your muscles to fatigue with each set.

To improve muscle endurance : Use lighter weights and higher rep counts to increase endurance over time.

It's possible to improve muscular strength and endurance at the same time. You can do this in conjunction with cardiovascular training. For instance, circuit-training routines that combine strength exercises and cardio into a single training bout can make your exercise program more efficient.

The ACSM's guidelines state that adults should perform strength training exercises two to three days a week using a variety of exercises and equipment to target all the major muscle groups.

Flexibility refers to the range of motion around a given joint without pain. Like muscular strength and endurance, flexibility is joint-specific. For instance, you may have very flexible shoulders but tight and inflexible hamstrings or hips.

Flexibility is essential at any age. It plays a role in unhindered movement and can affect your balance, coordination, and agility. Maintaining a full range of motion through your major joints can reduce the likelihood of injury and enhance athletic performance.

As you get older, the importance of flexibility becomes even more apparent. While completely stopping the aging process isn't possible, protecting your joints and maintaining mobility can help keep you spry well into your later years.

The ACSM's physical activity guidelines call for adults to engage in flexibility exercises at least two or three days each week.

How to Increase Flexibility

There are simple ways you can work flexibility exercises into your day:

  • Static stretching, where you hold a stretch for 10 to 30 seconds at a time
  • Workouts that take you through dynamic stretching exercises, such as barre , yoga , tai chi, or Pilates
  • Active stretching , such as lifting your leg and holding it there, uses the contraction of the opposing muscle to relax the muscle being stretched.
  • Passive stretching also called relaxed stretching, is where you assume a stretch position and hold it with the assistance of another part of your body, a partner, or an apparatus, like a strap.
  • Isometric stretching, a type of static stretching, uses resistance to alternate between relaxing and contracting the muscle.

We've researched and reviewed the best online tai chi classes . If you're looking for an online class, explore which option may be best for you.

Body composition , or your body's fat mass ratio to fat-free mass , is the final component of health-related physical fitness. Because fat mass can be associated with adverse health outcomes, such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes, attaining and maintaining the right body composition for your unique situation is the goal of most exercise routines. A healthcare provider can advise you on what is right for you and your situation.

Measuring Body Composition

To see improvements in body composition, you need to know your starting point. Weighing yourself on a scale is not recommended, as weight alone doesn't tell you the makeup of your internal tissues. Some methods of measuring body composition are more accessible than others.

  • Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) : Some gyms offer this type of testing, or you can purchase a scale for gone use that uses bioelectrical impedance analysis to estimate body fat percentage.
  • Hydrostatic underwater weighing : Hydrostatic testing involves being weighed on dry land followed on an underwater scale. You can find these testing facilities in research labs and some fitness centers.
  • DEXA (dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry) scans : These are typically used for measuring bone mineral density but can also accurately measure body composition. DEXA scans are usually performed at radiology centers and may or may not be covered by insurance.
  • Body fat percentage calculator : These tools are not as accurate as a DEXA scan or hydrostatic testing but are readily available and easy to use. The results typically fall within three to four percentage points of your actual body fat percentage, so you can use these results to monitor changes if you want.

A Word From Verywell

Keeping these five elements of fitness in mind can help you reach your fitness goals. Designing a fitness routine that incorporates all these elements can ensure that you follow a well-rounded workout plan that will boost your health. It is normal to be drawn specifically to a particular factor of fitness more than others. Incorporating aspects that suit your goals and lifestyle is key to maintaining your passion for fitness.

Some of the components of fitness are interrelated. For instance, when you train with weights, you can build muscular strength and endurance at the same time. When you lift weights with intensity, your heart rate can increase to the point you are working your cardiovascular system vigorously.

Each component of fitness is important for functioning and aging well. Cardiovascular exercise , which is anything that increases your heart rate, will help stave off cardiovascular diseases along with several other benefits. Strength training improves daily functioning, reduces injury risks, increases metabolism, and helps maintain a healthy weight.

Working on each component of fitness can increase your health by preventing many diseases and illnesses; preventing injuries and falls; improving outcomes as you age; reducing stress, anxiety, and depression; and boosting quality of life. A good fitness journal can help keep track of your workouts and goals as you progress.

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By Laura Williams, MSEd, ASCM-CEP Laura Williams is a fitness expert and advocate with certifications from the American Council on Exercise and the American College of Sports Medicine.

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  • What Is the Importance of Fitness in Life?
  • How Does Physical Activity Affect Your Fitness?
  • Why Is Fitness Important to You as a Student?
  • How Do You Stay Fit and Healthy?
  • Why Are Fitness Standards Higher Than Health Standards?
  • Pros and Cons of Regular Gym Attendance
  • Effective Practices for Gym Safety and Injury Prevention
  • Personal Trainers’ Role in Achieving Fitness Goals
  • The Psychology of Gym Motivation: How to Overcome Barriers
  • Social and Psychological Benefits of Group Fitness Classes
  • Pros and Cons of Working Out at Home Instead of Gyms
  • Gym Etiquette for a Positive Workout Environment
  • How Gym Design and Atmosphere Influence Workout Experience
  • Technological Advancements and Innovative Fitness Concepts
  • The Evolution of Gym Culture from Greek Gymnasiums to Modern Fitness Centers
  • Hydration and its Impact on Exercise
  • Fitness for Different Age Groups
  • Aerobic Exercise for Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Pros and Cons High-Intensity Interval Training
  • Why Physical Activity Is Important for Overall Health
  • Nutrition and Fitness: How Diet Can Enhance the Effect of Exercise
  • Exercise for Building Muscles and Increasing Bone Density
  • How Stretching and Yoga Increase Flexibility and Mobility
  • The Link Between Quality Rest and Exercise Performance
  • Mindfulness, Yoga, and Meditation: Holistic Approaches to Health
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  • Chicago (N-B)

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IvyPanda . "152 Fitness Essay Topics to Write about & Examples." February 24, 2024. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/fitness-essay-topics/.

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Importance of Physical Fitness

Updated 18 October 2023

Subject Healthcare

Downloads 59

Category Health

Topic Exercise

Physical Fitness and Its Importance

Physical fitness is defined as the capability to perform day to day activities without excessive fatigue while reserving energy that is enough for emergencies. Physical fitness depends on the ability of the heart to effectively pump blood and the capacity of cells to generate energy. It is achieved by having structured, repetitive and planned physical exercise, which involves the movement of skeletal muscles. Physical fitness is crucial in the maintenance of good health among many other benefits. Over 3 million deaths that occur every year in the whole world are attributed to lack of physical fitness. Being fit reduces the risk of developing conditions that affect the proper functioning of the body thus improving the quality of life. This essay will examine the importance of physical fitness.

Impact of Unhealthy Lifestyle on Physical Fitness

Health hazards are on the rise in the current era we are living due to increased pollution, mechanization and industrialization opting people to change to an unhealthy lifestyle. Remote controls have become the order of the day as people are glued onto phones and televisions instead of using their leisure time to engage in physical tasks. Therefore, most people end up being involved in less manual and physical jobs leading to being unfit. Through physical fitness, the community and nation at large remain wealthy, and citizens can explore to reach their maximum potential in every facet of life.

Significance of Exercise in Physical Fitness

Exercise plays a vital role in improving physical fitness. They vary from light, moderate to vigorous exercise all of which can reduce death risk and increase life expectancy. Research shows that fit people increase their life expectancy by two years compared to those that are not fit. The body of a human being comprises of many small parts that function together as a machine. Malfunction of a single part can hinder the normal operation of the body. By keeping these parts physically fit, one feels good, looks better and thus enjoy their lives. Exercising the body serves as servicing the body to perform optimally just like a car that is taken for service to improve on its performance.

Exercise and Physical Fitness

The rate at which a person engages in exercise is proportional to the level of physical fitness and is essential in maintaining mental and physical health as well as controlling body weight. A strong self-image is developed, and the emotional balance is achieved. Aging reduces the pumping capacity of blood by the heart by 8% per every decade (Gulam, 2016). This makes fitness as one gets older vital. However, even in children, physical fitness is of paramount importance as it helps them in the development to reach optimum size and capacity at adulthood. Being fit ensures that the excess calories consumed are burnt accordingly, and there is no accumulation of unnecessary fat around the body.

Benefits of Burning Calories through Exercise

The extra calories are used during exercise as they are converted to energy. The number of calories burnt is proportional to the amount of exercise done. Through this, the body weight is maintained at a healthy range. By burning calories, body shape is maintained, and one looks and feels better while reducing the chances of becoming overweight and obese.

Physical Fitness and Cardiovascular Diseases

Being fit reduces the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, stroke and coronary heart disease (CHD). CHD is among the leading killer disease in most developed countries, accounting to about 17% of total deaths witnessed. Over 20% of CHD cases are attributed to lack of exercise and physical activity. People that are unfit and inactive are two times at risk of getting a heart attack in comparison to those that are physically fit (Gulam, 2016). For people that already have coronary heart diseases, physical activity and keeping fit have more benefits than the risks involved. Moderate and regular exercise hinders the blood vessels from further narrowing and prevents anti-thrombotic clotting. Therefore, blood delivery to the heart is improved as well as maintaining normal heart rhythm. The load to the heart is reduced and thereby decreasing death risk.

Physical Fitness and Type 2 Diabetes

Physical fitness also reduces the chances of developing type two diabetes and metabolic syndrome than in inactive people. Lack of physical activity leads to weakening if insulin regulatory mechanism within the body. This breakdown of the control mechanism makes the level of blood sugars to rise contributing to the onset of pre-diabetes and finally type two diabetes. Increased obesity among adults and youths has played a significant role in the rise of diabetes incidences (Gulhane, 2015). Physical activity such as aerobic exercise can improve insulin sensitivity and cell metabolism of glucose. Better metabolism ensures that glucose is efficiently transported to various organs within the body and thus reduce the chances of having diabetes.

Importance of Physical Fitness in Strengthening Muscles and Bones

Physical fitness is essential as it aids in strengthening of the muscles and bones. Physical activity slows down the rate at which the bone density is lost that is evident as one gets older. Through progressive overload during physical activity, bone growth is stimulated (Elmagd, 2016). Engaging in activities that strengthen the muscles aids in maintenance and increment of muscle strength and mass. Additionally, the risk of getting an injury is reduced due to the increased bone density, muscle strength, and flexibility brought by physical fitness. Resilience to injuries from accidents is improved. Stronger muscles bring a better balance, and thus the chances of falling or slipping are less as well as one is less likely to experience bone injury whenever upon tumbling.

Physical Fitness and Reduced Risk of Cancer

Another importance of physical fitness is that it helps in reducing the risk of having certain types of cancer. Individuals that participate in exercises on a regular basis are at a lower risk of getting colon cancer. This is similar for, uterine cancer, breast cancer in women and lung cancer. According to Seattle cancer research, about 35% of all deaths caused by cancer are related to being sedentary and overweight conditions.

Fitness and Exercise for Improved Mood and Mental Health

Fitness and exercise are important in improving mood and mental health as it boosts the energy level, helps in easing stress and improves self-esteem and well-being. Moreover, it helps in ensuring better sleep and aids in reducing anger in an individual (Gulam, 2016). Depression and anxiety are also eased through regular exercise. By having physical and mental fitness, balance is improved and thus prevents falls. Brain health is also maintained by staying mentally active. A healthy brain state is associated with having confidence and cheerfulness. Rehearses such as yoga and tai chi are proven to aid in avoiding stumbling and keeping balance.

The Cost of Being Unhealthy

Being unhealthy is costly. Chronic diseases for instance diabetes and heart diseases in the U.S cause 7 deaths out of 10, and the health care cost of treating such diseases is about 86% of the overall cost according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While it is not possible to prevent some diseases, the risks can be reduced by leading a healthy lifestyle that incorporates physical fitness and exercises. Physical activity is a healthy option that reduces the chances of developing health complications and issues, all of which requires expensive medical care.

Physical Fitness and Independence

Physical fitness ensures that a person remains mobile and live by themselves. Being able to move around is key in remaining independent as one gets older and thus one can be left alone. Balance and flexibility exercises are vital especially for those aged over 70 years to prevent the chances of getting injured or even falling (Elmagd, 2016). The chances of living longer are higher for people physically fit people while reducing chances of premature mortality.

Exercise as a Stress Management Tool

It is impossible to avoid stress in one's life, but it can be managed. Being stressed interferes with their daily lives leading to the development of anxiety and depression. Regular exercise has proven to manage stress level. Exercise is key to achieving mental fitness, which is important in reducing stress. Physical fitness enhances the cognitive function that is necessary for reducing fatigue. By engaging in exercise and physical activity, the brain produces endorphins chemical to act as a painkiller and also increase the ability to get sleep thereby reducing the level of stress. Participation in regular exercise has shown to stabilize and elevate mood, improve self-esteem, decrease overall tension levels, and stimulate anti-anxiety effects.

Improved Cognitive Function and Better Performance

Fitness and exercise have shown to improve alertness and concentration as well as recovery of memory recovery function. The brain also produces chemical during exercise responsible for rewiring the memory circuits and increase sharpness. This means increased attention in the classroom for the students, and thus they can be able to solve problems better by 10%. The overall performance of children that are physically fit is thus bound to increase (Gulhane, 2015). Moreover, the coordination of activities is enhanced which augments accuracy and precision.

Enhancing Quality of Life through Physical Fitness

Quality of life is improved by being physically fit in the sense that it improves the lifestyle of a person. Lifestyle improvements mean that the chances of developing health complication such as diseases and mental health issues (Elmagd, 2016). Through enhancing the mood and reducing stress level, one is able to live a quality life among other health benefits. Moreover, one can be able to do many things that if you are not fit it's impossible to perform.

Physical Fitness and Strengthened Immune System

Exercise helps in strengthening the immune system. Through reasonable exercise, immune cells are able to move around the body more quickly. Consequently, they are better placed to kill viruses and bacteria. Physical activity also aids in flushing the bacteria out of airways and lungs thereby reducing chances of developing flu, cold and other related diseases. During exercise, temperatures rise briefly which can prevent the growth of bacteria (Elmagd, 2016). Moreover, exercise slows down the rate at which stress hormones are released. The lower the release of the stress hormone, the less the chances of getting some illnesses.

Physical fitness achieved through various physical activities and exercise has a lot of advantages to the well-being of a person. Fitness helps in controlling body weight, stress, improving mood and mental health, strengthening immunity and saves money. Being physically fit is also important as it helps in reducing the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, injuries, and certain types of cancer. All of these are vital in improving the quality of life while extending life expectancy.

Elmagd, M. A. (2016). Benefits, need and importance of daily exercise. International journal of physical education, sports and health. Retrieved from:  https://www.researchgate.net/publication/306118434_Benefits_need_and_importance_of_daily_exercise.pdf

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Gulam, A. (2016). Need, Importance and Benefits of exercise in daily life. International journal of physical education, sports and health. Retrieved from: www.kheljournal.com/archives/2016/vol3issue2/PartC/3-1-70.pdf

 Gulhane, T.F. (2015). Benefits of exercises. International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health; 1(4):105-106.

 The Center for Health Promotion and Wellness. (n.d). What is physical fitness? Retrieved from: https://medical.mit.edu/sites/default/files/Physical_Fitness_101.pdf

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Benefits of Fitness Activities

Fitness essay abstract example.

Everyone knows that being fit and slim is good and even beautiful. People who know the benefits of fitness and/or want to look great go in for sport. Some people want to live a healthy life, but they always find excuses, such as lack of time, tiredness, lack of money and so on. Unfortunately, none of them will ever admit that the only reason why they keep themselves away from active and healthy life is their laziness. Surprisingly or not, there is also a third type of people, who do not see anything negative in the sedentary lifestyle and are pleased with their appearance and health.

Fitness Essay Body Paragraphs Example

If someone questions the importance of fitness activity, he/she should stop doubting for several reasons. First and foremost, regular physical exercises improve a person’s health and prevent him or her from diseases. The second benefit of an active lifestyle is being able to control one’s weight. This relates to both the health and appearance of a person. In addition, sports activity provides a person with energy. In spite of the fact that a person consumes a lot of energy while doing sports, he or she feels vigorous, because the fitness activity supplies tissues with nutrients and oxygen (Sharkey 4). That makes the cardiovascular system work better and provides the organism with energy. Besides, regular fitness activity helps people to fall asleep faster and makes them asleep deep. One thing to remember is to not do fitness when it is time to go to bed. Doing sports before bedtime can disturb one’s sleep because of the surplus of energy.

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One of the greatest advantages of fitness activity among different people is high spirit. Fitness activity stimulates the chemicals of the brain, thus making a person feel better, happier and more relaxed. When a person goes in for sport regularly, he or she is more pleased with his or her appearance, and it is a great contribution to the person's good mood. Moreover, this can improve a person’s self-esteem and confidence. Sport activity is also fun. It can bring positive emotions and feelings. Besides, fitness helps people to forget about their problems. While training, people always concentrate only on exercises and pleasant music.

Another very important point about fitness activity is that it makes a person stronger. Physical strength is not the only thing, which is meant here, because it also concerns mental strength. Unfortunately, most people lead a sedentary lifestyle. In addition to this, they eat unhealthy foods, because it is comfortable and they do not need to spend much time cooking. They may also consider such food to be tasty. Such a lifestyle leads to considerable problems with health and appearance. Luckily, everyone can decide whether he/she keeps destroying oneself and watches his or her life being grey and common or starts improving the situation, by engaging in fitness activity.

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Fitness Essay Summary Example

To sum up, one should realize that fitness activity is a perfect way to gain strength, both mental and physical, become healthier, control one’s weight, be self-confident and have a good appearance, and, of course, have fun. It also should be mentioned that people who do fitness regularly feel better and live longer. Fitness can prevent some heart diseases, diabetes and even cancer (Corbin 53). Obviously, one should have no doubts as to whether he/she should engage in fitness activity. Everyone should choose comfortable training clothes, find some time to devote it to the sport, and start improving his or her health while having fun.

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The Advantages of Physical Fitness for Mental and Physical Wellness

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What is wellness? What are your objectives?

The 5 principle advantages of wellness, increment cardiovascular obstruction, fortify the musculature, upgrade adaptability, accomplish a parity in the body structure, work tirelessness and control, the significance of developing the body and the brain.

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