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How to Write a Master's Thesis

How to Write a Master's Thesis

  • Yvonne N. Bui - San Francisco State University, USA
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“Yvonne Bui’s How to Write a Master’s Thesis should be mandatory for all thesis track master’s students.  It steers students away from the shortcuts students may be tempted to use that would be costly in the long run. The step by step intentional approach is what I like best about this book.”

“This is the best textbook about writing an M.A. thesis available in the market.” 

“This is the type of textbook that students keep and refer to after the class.”

Excellent book. Thorough, yet concise, information for students writing their Master's Thesis who may not have had a strong background in research.

Clear, Concise, easy for students to access and understand. Contains all the elements for a successful thesis.

I loved the ease of this book. It was clear without extra nonsense that would just confuse the students.

Clear, concise, easily accessible. Students find it of great value.

NEW TO THIS EDITION:             

  • Concrete instruction and guides for conceptualizing the literature review help students navigate through the most challenging topics.        
  • Step-by-step instructions and more screenshots give students the guidance they need to write the foundational chapter, along with the latest online resources and general library information.          
  • Additional coverage of single case designs and mixed methods help students gain a more comprehensive understanding of research methods.           
  • Expanded explanation of unintentional plagiarism within the ethics chapter shows students the path to successful and professional writing.       
  • Detailed information on conference presentation as a way to disseminate research , in addition to getting published, help students understand all of the tools needed to write a master’s thesis.    


  • An advanced chapter organizer provides an up-front checklist of what to expect in the chapter and serves as a project planner, so that students can immediately prepare and work alongside the chapter as they begin to develop their thesis.
  • Full guidance on conducting successful literature reviews includes up-to-date information on electronic databases and Internet tools complete with numerous figures and captured screen shots from relevant web sites, electronic databases, and SPSS software, all integrated with the text.
  • Excerpts from research articles and samples from exemplary students' master's theses relate specifically to the content of each chapter and provide the reader with a real-world context.
  • Detailed explanations of the various components of the master's thesis and concrete strategies on how to conduct a literature review help students write each chapter of the master's thesis, and apply the American Psychological Association (APA) editorial style.
  • A comprehensive Resources section features "Try It!" boxes which lead students through a sample problem or writing exercise based on a piece of the thesis to reinforce prior course learning and the writing objectives at hand. Reflection/discussion questions in the same section are designed to help students work through the thesis process.

Sample Materials & Chapters

1: Overview of the Master's Degree and Thesis

3: Using the Literature to Research Your Problem

Writing a Graduate Thesis or Dissertation

  • © 2016
  • Lorrie Blair 0

Concordia University, Canada

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  • Filled with practical advice, this book covers the basics including differentiating between the various thesis formats, preparing the proposal, writing the literature review, choosing a methodology, collecting and analyzing data, and defending the thesis
  • This guide, written in accessible language, provides practical insider knowledge that demystifies the graduate school experience and supplies graduate students with the formula for writing a successful thesis
  • This book includes information rarely addressed in other guides, including information related to selecting and working with supervisors and alternative forms of research methodologies and format styles

Part of the book series: Teaching Writing (WRIT)

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Table of contents (12 chapters)

Front matter, what is a thesis.

Lorrie Blair

Finding the Right Supervisor

Writing the proposal, conducting and writing literature reviews, maintaining academic integrity, choosing a methodology, conducting ethical research, collecting and analyzing data, establishing an academic track record, finding support for writing the thesis, dealing with student-supervisor problems, defending the thesis, back matter, authors and affiliations, bibliographic information.

Book Title : Writing a Graduate Thesis or Dissertation

Authors : Lorrie Blair

Series Title : Teaching Writing

DOI : https://doi.org/10.1007/978-94-6300-426-8

Publisher : SensePublishers Rotterdam

eBook Packages : Education , Education (R0)

Copyright Information : SensePublishers-Rotterdam, The Netherlands 2016

eBook ISBN : 978-94-6300-426-8 Published: 10 February 2016

Edition Number : 1

Number of Pages : XX, 146

Topics : Education, general

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Grad Coach (R)

What’s Included: The Dissertation Template

If you’re preparing to write your dissertation, thesis or research project, our free dissertation template is the perfect starting point. In the template, we cover every section step by step, with clear, straightforward explanations and examples .

The template’s structure is based on the tried and trusted best-practice format for formal academic research projects such as dissertations and theses. The template structure reflects the overall research process, ensuring your dissertation or thesis will have a smooth, logical flow from chapter to chapter.

The dissertation template covers the following core sections:

  • The title page/cover page
  • Abstract (sometimes also called the executive summary)
  • Table of contents
  • List of figures /list of tables
  • Chapter 1: Introduction  (also available: in-depth introduction template )
  • Chapter 2: Literature review  (also available: in-depth LR template )
  • Chapter 3: Methodology (also available: in-depth methodology template )
  • Chapter 4: Research findings /results (also available: results template )
  • Chapter 5: Discussion /analysis of findings (also available: discussion template )
  • Chapter 6: Conclusion (also available: in-depth conclusion template )
  • Reference list

Each section is explained in plain, straightforward language , followed by an overview of the key elements that you need to cover within each section. We’ve also included practical examples to help you understand exactly what’s required in each section.

The cleanly-formatted Google Doc can be downloaded as a fully editable MS Word Document (DOCX format), so you can use it as-is or convert it to LaTeX.

FAQs: Dissertation Template

What format is the template (doc, pdf, ppt, etc.).

The dissertation template is provided as a Google Doc. You can download it in MS Word format or make a copy to your Google Drive. You’re also welcome to convert it to whatever format works best for you, such as LaTeX or PDF.

What types of dissertations/theses can this template be used for?

The template follows the standard best-practice structure for formal academic research projects such as dissertations or theses, so it is suitable for the vast majority of degrees, particularly those within the sciences.

Some universities may have some additional requirements, but these are typically minor, with the core structure remaining the same. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to double-check your university’s requirements before you finalise your structure.

Will this work for a research paper?

A research paper follows a similar format, but there are a few differences. You can find our research paper template here .

Is this template for an undergrad, Masters or PhD-level thesis?

This template can be used for a dissertation, thesis or research project at any level of study. It may be slight overkill for an undergraduate-level study, but it certainly won’t be missing anything.

How long should my dissertation/thesis be?

This depends entirely on your university’s specific requirements, so it’s best to check with them. As a general ballpark, Masters-level projects are usually 15,000 – 20,000 words in length, while Doctoral-level projects are often in excess of 60,000 words.

What about the research proposal?

If you’re still working on your research proposal, we’ve got a template for that here .

We’ve also got loads of proposal-related guides and videos over on the Grad Coach blog .

How do I write a literature review?

We have a wealth of free resources on the Grad Coach Blog that unpack how to write a literature review from scratch. You can check out the literature review section of the blog here.

How do I create a research methodology?

We have a wealth of free resources on the Grad Coach Blog that unpack research methodology, both qualitative and quantitative. You can check out the methodology section of the blog here.

Can I share this dissertation template with my friends/colleagues?

Yes, you’re welcome to share this template. If you want to post about it on your blog or social media, all we ask is that you reference this page as your source.

Can Grad Coach help me with my dissertation/thesis?

Within the template, you’ll find plain-language explanations of each section, which should give you a fair amount of guidance. However, you’re also welcome to consider our dissertation and thesis coaching services .

Free Webinar: Literature Review 101

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Thesis Book.pdf

Profile image of Yasmeen Abdi

High poverty rates, unemployment, illegal immigration, etc. are the causes of low economy growth in Somaliland. Among the reasons of low economy is corruption. In the thesis, the researchers will examine the relationship between corruption and economy in order to analyze the impact of corruption on the economy and create practical solutions to solve it. The topic of the thesis will be based on “The impact of corruption on economic growth of Somaliland (with reference to Good Governance And Anti-Corruption Commission).Many young people are leaving the country due to lack of job because of low economy, there is nothing done to solve the poverty as Somaliland is dependent on foreign countries economically, these factors caused me to write about this factor in order for Somaliland to improve its economic competence.

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Yasmeen Abdi

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Africa Peace and Conflict Journal - Hamdi Abdulahi

Hamdi I. Abdulahi

Corruption tops common problems for state-building and economic development for most of the nations in the world1. The contemporary anti-corruption measures led by the World Bank Group, the International Monetary Fund, Transparency International, and many other international and regional bodies, approach corruption from an upright interpretation, address it with a legal view, highlight its deleterious effect on state-building, and judge its negative consequences on development2. This article focuses on the government expenditure side of annual budgets, but it does not cover corruption related to any particular problems arising from budget planning, projection and auditing. Using both primary and secondary data, the article ropes the Pritchett et al.3 led argument on the institution focused anti-corruption fights led by the international development interventions which remain under-valued and under-researched, and proposes a repositioning of the current approach to the local context. This argument establishes two views, the strategic actions and the tools we need for local fit anti-corruption reform, and dwindling the knowledge gaps among public on corruption effects.

Selçuk Akçay

Social, political and institutional factors play a major role in the retarding of development and economic growth in many developing and developed countries. Corruption, which is a symptom of deep institutional weaknesses, is blamed for reducing investments and expenditures (for education and health), inereasing income inequality, reducing foreign direct investments, distorting markets, and allocation of resources. Some writers argue that corruption is also responsible for a low economic growth rate. The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of corruption on economic growth across 54 developing and developed countries for the period of 1960-1995. Based on the theoretical framework of Barro (1991) and Mauro (1995, 1997), the ernpirical evidence presented suggests that there is a statistic aııy significant negative relationship between corruption and economic growth. The relationship is directly related to inclusion of other determinants of economic growth. 2 • Ankara Ünivers...


Melese Zeleke

This study was conducted with the objective of assessing the impacts of corruption on socio-economic development in Shambu town, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia. To this end, Cross sectional descriptive survey research design, and mixed approach were used. And, questionnaire was distributed among 142 respondents, and an interview was conducted with 18 key informants to collect data. Besides, secondary data were used. The data collected through questionnaire were analyzed using SPSS software (Statistical Package for Social Science) version 20 while the data collected through interview were analyzed qualitatively. The study reveals that corruption is highly affecting the socio-economic development of the study area. In this respect, some of its specific impacts are include negatively affect the social relation of the society, lack of provision for infrastructure among society, affecting equality rights of using resources, making the gap between the rich and the poor wider, affects standard of living, unnecessary conflicts among the society, decreasing the town investment, highly reducing taxes and revenues, negatively affecting the total economic growth of the municipality and etc. are some of the problems of corruption and its impacts. Thus, corruption is highly prevailing in Shambu town that affects socio economic development in the study area. It also a serious problem that Shambu Town are suffering from and a setback to the development efforts of a town. Thus, the study recommends that commitment is needed from the concerned bodies like the government, the anti-corruption commission, the woreda court and the civic association to provide strong policy of controlling mechanism especially on the office holders, to set systems and structures that can reduce corruption and ensure efficient delivery of services to the community, to impose strong responsibility on the town administration offices and should be to make a Learnable punishments and establish good governance and democratic leaders in the town and strongly work to minimize the corruption on socio-economic development. Keywords: Corruption, Social Development, Economic Development, Shambu Town.

International Journal of Engineering Applied Sciences and Technology

Abdirahman Ahmed

Irene Segati

naftaly mose

While there's an outsized consensus within the empirical literature on the negative impact of corruption on the economic process, some studies still argue that corruption could also be economically justified. There is, however, little empirical evidence to validate the impact of corruption on economic growth within the devolved units. The effect of the corruption rate on the economic activities is examined using ordinary least squares regression analysis and Kenya county-level data. The results of this study revealed that there exists a negative independent relationship between corruption and county per-capita income growth. Arising from the study findings, this study submits that the county authorities and policymakers must put in situ policies that may eradicate the grounds for bribe-taking in counties to stimulate economic growth.

Abdul Azim Islahi

basiru abdulahi

From OHCHR's experience, corruption negatively impact the enjoyment of all human rights –civil, political, economic, social and cultural, as well as the right to development, which underscores the indivisible and interdependent nature of human rights. The impact on the realization of human rights depends on the level of pervasiveness, the different forms and levels of corruption. Corruption can affect human rights as an obstacle to their realization in general and as a violation of human rights in specific cases. Corruption in the public and private spheres and its proceeds are not confined within national borders, nor is its impact on human rights. It typically diverts funds from state budgets that should be dedicated to the advancement of human rights. It therefore undermines a State's human rights obligation to maximize available resources for the progressive realization of rights recognized in article 2 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Corruption undermines the fairness of institutions and processes and distorts policies and priorities. As a result, corruption damages the legitimacy of regimes leading to a loss of public support and trust for state and government institutions. Corruption impact on the ability of the State to protect and fulfills its human rights obligations, and to deliver relevant services, including a functioning judiciary, law enforcement, health, education, and social services. In countries where corruption pervades governments and legal systems, law enforcement legal reform and the fair administration of justice are impeded by corrupt politicians, judges, lawyers, prosecutors, police officers, investigators and auditors. Corruption in the rule of law system weakens the very accountability structures which are responsible for protecting human rights and contributes to a culture of impunity. Since illegal


En María Cecilia Barelli y Laura Rodríguez (Comps.), Variaciones filosóficas en torno a la comunidad. Un relevamiento del pensamiento moderno y contemporáneo, Bahía Blanca, Editorial de la Universidad Nacional del Sur, 2024, pp. 4-6.

Daniel Alvaro

Plains Anthropologist

James Sperry

Fashion Crimes

Jonathan Faiers

Revista de Cultura Teológica. ISSN (impresso) 0104-0529 (eletrônico) 2317-4307

Márcio Anatole de Sousa Romeiro

Putri Wulan Sari

East African Journal of Sciences

Wende Abera

Pediatric Research

Prem Shekhawat

Rakesh Kapoor

mary chikuruwo

原版复制加拿大菲莎河谷大学毕业证 ufv学位证书双学位证书续费收据原版一模一样

Admin Digital

Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Vocational Higher Education (ICVHE 2018)

Deni Danial Kesa M.B.A 151103032

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arlen chase

offer录取通知书办美国大学, 学,毕业证办加拿大大学,

Applied Physics B

Christoph Becher

Siwarote Siriluck

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Will McClatchey

Scientific Reports

Dayse Silva

Public History Weekly

Christoph Kühberger

Journal of International Dental Sciences

Orhan Çiçek

Applied Surface Science

Enkhbayar Enkhtuvshin


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