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uk cities presentation

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uk cities presentation

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United Kingdom Presentation templates

It’s 4pm, do you know what it means tea time taste a delicious cuppa tea while editing one of our templates about the united kingdom. england, scotland, wales or northern ireland, we cover them all download this set of google slides and powerpoint templates and use them to speak about the interesting peculiarities of these countries that form the united kingdom..

Map of the UK Infographics presentation template

Map of the UK Infographics

These slides contain many maps of the UK. Do you need to create some infographics related to this part of the world? Cool! We have added some circle charts, text blocks, flags, icons and different colors for you to include everything you need. God save the Queen!

England's Typical Traditions presentation template

England's Typical Traditions

There’s lots of things that you shouldn’t miss when travelling to the UK, this land is very rich in culture, food, landscapes and beautiful people! Speak about the most common traditions that people should take into account about England with this cute template that looks like a postcard from this...

History of England Class presentation template

History of England Class

How do you make a class on the history of England interesting? With this template, that’s how! With the look of papyrus, it contains charming illustrations of English icons that help you set the scene and give a visual sense of the country through the centuries. You can also add...

British English School Center presentation template

British English School Center

Do you have plans for this summer? It can be the perfect opportunity to visit England and learn to improve your English language skills! If you work at a British English School center, why don't you promote the center and recruit new students? Here, this template has everything that you...

British Regency Era Themed Banquet Menu presentation template

Premium template

Unlock this template and gain unlimited access

British Regency Era Themed Banquet Menu

"Welcome to the banquet. Please have a seat, the food will be served soon. Would you like something to drink? This? Oh, it's just the Regency Era, my dear..." We hope you won't tell your waiters to act as if they were in the Regency Era again. It's just the...

Winston Churchill Day presentation template

Winston Churchill Day

Download the "Winston Churchill Day" presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides. The education sector constantly demands dynamic and effective ways to present information. This template is created with that very purpose in mind. Offering the best resources, it allows educators or students to efficiently manage their presentations and engage audiences....

The Prince of Wales Coronation - Minitheme presentation template

The Prince of Wales Coronation - Minitheme

The heir to the throne of England is recognized by the title of Prince of Wales, a recognition with a history of more than five centuries. When a new monarch takes the throne of the United Kingdom, a new Prince of Wales consequently emerges. Of course, this royal moment has...

England History Subject for High School: Wales Lady presentation template

England History Subject for High School: Wales Lady

She was quite a personality. Her naturalness charmed practically everyone she dealt with. Diana Spencer, better known by the monarchical titles she held, was a revolution in the history of the British Royal House. She was the protagonist of numerous historical events both directly and indirectly, so it might be...

Winston Churchill History Lesson for Middle School presentation template

Winston Churchill History Lesson for Middle School

Download the "Winston Churchill History Lesson for Middle School" presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides. If you’re looking for a way to motivate and engage students who are undergoing significant physical, social, and emotional development, then you can’t go wrong with an educational template designed for Middle School by Slidesgo!...

Elementary Activities to Celebrate St Andrew's Day presentation template

Elementary Activities to Celebrate St Andrew's Day

Saint Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland and his day is celebrated on November 30th. We wanted to join this celebration by designing this spectacular template with representative illustrations of Scotland, with which you can plan fun activities for your elementary students. Download it now and discover the necessary...

Irish Pub Business Plan presentation template

Irish Pub Business Plan

Download the "Irish Pub Business Plan" presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides. Conveying your business plan accurately and effectively is the cornerstone of any successful venture. This template allows you to pinpoint essential elements of your operation while your audience will appreciate the clear and concise presentation, eliminating any potential...

The Queen of England - Minitheme presentation template

The Queen of England - Minitheme

With much love, admiration and respect, we have designed a template about one of the most recognized personalities in every corner of the planet. She is the Queen of England, whose reign took place between 1952 and 2022, one of the longest reigns in history. 70 years of authentic service...

UK Afternoon Tea Week Minitheme presentation template

UK Afternoon Tea Week Minitheme

It’s almost 4pm, are you ready to have an afternoon tea? Maybe even a piece of cake! For English people, this is a very important moment of the day where they relax and enjoy a great snack. Having an afternoon tea is such an important thing that it even has...

Winston Churchill Day presentation template

Limerick Day

A Limerick is a humorous poem composed of five verses. Did you know that its name comes from an Irish city? In addition, Limerick Day, which is celebrated on May 12, commemorates the birth of the writer Edward Lear, who made these poems popular. With this presentation we have prepared...

Saturated Fats Breakthrough to Raise Awareness on UK National Cholesterol Month presentation template

Saturated Fats Breakthrough to Raise Awareness on UK National Cholesterol Month

Would you consider yourself a healthy person? Do you have a balanced diet and not go overboard on saturated fats? Saturated fats help increase blood cholesterol, so in order to help raise awareness about this, we have designed the perfect template for National Cholesterol Month. If you want to present...

Social Studies Subject for Middle School: United Kingdom Royalty presentation template

Social Studies Subject for Middle School: United Kingdom Royalty

The British royal family is certainly a source of fascination and intrigue around the world. From Queen Elizabeth II's longevity on the throne, to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's fairytale wedding, the dynasty carries with it an almost mythical quality. But what are the actual origins of the British royal...

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uk cities presentation

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Free Editable PowerPoint Templates

Red Sea Map with Trade Routes

Western sahara map templates, east african community map with 6 countries, sadc countries map templates, barbados map with 11 parishes, us florida airports map, us new york buffalo map, us alaska anchorage map, india-middle east-europe economic corridor map, israel palestine map, china hong kong map, eastern europe map, exploring minsk: a comprehensive guide to the capital of belarus, central europe map and guide to the region, map of canada and alaska, map of mexico and central america with 8 countries, the top 10 largest cities in north carolina: an in-depth exploration, north carolina charlotte map, us aurora colorado map, free united kingdom map with 4 countries.

The United Kingdom map Template in PowerPoint format includes two slides. Firstly the UK map with outline is labeling with capital and major cities. Secondly the country political maps are labeling with 4 Countries. So our United Kingdom maps PowerPoint templates have capital and major cities on it. They are London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Leeds, and Edinburgh. Finally the major administration countries are England , Northern Ireland , Scotland and Wales .

The United Kingdom (UK) is a sovereign country located off the northwestern coast of mainland Europe. It is a political union of four distinct countries: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, each of which has its own unique identity, culture, and historical significance. The capital and major cities within these countries are centers of economic, cultural, and political activity.

The UK map Template includes two slides.

Slide 1, uk map powerpoint templates labeling with capital and major cities.

London , the capital of both England and the United Kingdom, is a global city renowned for its history, architecture, arts, and financial center. As one of the world’s most visited cities, London is home to iconic landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament, the Tower of London, and Buckingham Palace. Beyond the capital, England boasts other significant cities like Manchester , known for its rich industrial heritage and vibrant music scene; Birmingham , the UK’s second-largest city with a diverse cultural makeup; and Liverpool , famed for its maritime history and as the birthplace of The Beatles.

The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh , a city celebrated for its historic and cultural attractions, including the Edinburgh Castle and the annual Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the world’s largest arts festival. Scotland’s largest city is Glasgow , which is noted for its impressive Victorian and art nouveau architecture and a thriving cultural scene. Glasgow has also experienced significant regeneration in recent decades, becoming a bustling hub for trade and tourism.

United Kingdom map

Slide 2, United Kingdom map PowerPoint templates labeling with four Countries

The major administration countries in UK are England , Northern Ireland , Scotland and Wales . What is more, with 67.89 million inhabitants in 2020, it is also the 21st-most populous country in the world . The labels and shapes are layers of different groups.

Cardiff is the capital of Wales and its largest city. It is known for Cardiff Castle, the Principality Stadium, and a revitalized waterfront area at Cardiff Bay. Wales combines modern cities with natural beauty, including three national parks. Other notable cities include Swansea , with its maritime quarter and cultural offerings, and Newport , which has experienced regeneration, particularly around the Riverfront arts and entertainment district.

Northern Ireland

Belfast , the capital and largest city of Northern Ireland, is famed for its shipbuilding heritage, with the Titanic Quarter paying homage to the ill-fated ocean liner that was built there. Belfast has undergone extensive redevelopment and is known for its lively nightlife, shopping, and dining. Derry/Londonderry is another important city, steeped in history and the only completely walled city in the British Isles.

Each of these four countries within the UK contributes to the rich tapestry of British life. They offer a blend of ancient history and modern living, where centuries-old castles stand alongside contemporary museums and galleries. The major cities within the UK are not just administrative capitals but also the heartbeat of the cultural and social life of their respective countries. Together, they encapsulate the diversity and dynamism of the United Kingdom.

In a word, you can change the texts, colors, sizes, and add your charts. At the same time you can also refer to the fully labeled UK map in Wikipedia .

UK map

Size: 147K Type: PPTX Aspect Ratio: Standard 4:3 Click the blue button to download it. Download the 4:3 Template Aspect Ratio: Widescreen 16:9 Click the green button to download it. Download the 16:9 Template

uk cities presentation


Infographic, marketing strategy template, how to write a powerful executive summary, carbon neutral template, most popular, free usa powerpoint map, india map blank templates, world map free powerpoint templates.

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  • United Kingdom Map With City Names

Our United Kingdom Map With City Names are topically designed to provide an attractive backdrop to any subject. Use them to look like a presentation pro.

United Kingdom Map With City Names

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uk cities presentation

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PowerPoint presentation slides

Presenting our set of slides with name United Kingdom Map With City Names. This exhibits information on four stages of the process. This is an easy-to-edit and innovatively designed PowerPoint template. So download immediately and highlight information on United Kingdom Map With City Names.

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United Kingdom Map With City Names with all 6 slides:

Use our United Kingdom Map With City Names to effectively help you save your valuable time. They are readymade to fit into any presentation structure.

United Kingdom Map With City Names

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by Donald Peters

May 22, 2022

by Miller Rogers

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Great Britain (UK) PowerPoint Template

Editable map of Great Britain (UK) for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations (including regions and major cities)

Instant Download:

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Editable map of Great Britain (UK) with regions and major cities for PowerPoint presentations.

Present your locations / headquarters, marketing and sales regions as well as local planning and analyses with these digital PowerPoint maps. This map of Great Britain / UK (comprises the countries England, Scottland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the english regions North East, North West, Yorkshire and Humber, East Midlands, West Midlands, Eastern, London, South Eastern, South West) has been applied in a PowerPoint Template and is optimized for business and marketing presentations.

Compatibility note: This product is designed for PowerPoint versions 2007/2010 and 2013. Older PowerPoint or Mac versions may show compatibility difficulties. To open the pptx file in PowerPoint 2003 the “Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack” is required. It can be downloaded on the Microsoft Homepage free of charge.

Great Britain (UK)

Infographics Bundle

Flat design – presentation people bundle, change management bundle, 150 strategy & management models, agile management bundle, gearwheel bundle, project charter, growth mindset, project canvas, artificial intelligence, gdpr: data protection powerpoint template, digital transformation, corporate services.

We’ll optimize your existing PowerPoint presentation and create slides in your corporate design.

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We are continually bringing you new PowerPoint templates on current business topics and in modern designs.

Home PowerPoint Templates Maps City of London PowerPoint Templates

City of London PowerPoint Templates

Silhouette Map Template of London

The City of London PowerPoint Templates is an editable map slide deck for UK’s metropolitan city. This template is a collection of maps, buildings, and survey charts. Therefore, these slides are suitable for presenting professional business demographics and social surveys. It could also display city-related events, travel, and tourism in an impressive map presentation. London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom. It is famous for both old and modern tourist destinations. It is also ranked as one of the largest international financial centers in the world.

The PowerPoint template for city of London contains 8 slides containing silhouette maps and cityscape. These silhouette shapes are a collection of editable shapes join to create stunning view of London. Such as Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, and London eye in cityscape view. And, another slide of Tower Bridge to visually support tourism presentations. Moreover, the editable map slides of London contain additional maps of United Kingdom and Europe continent. These slides could assist professionals to communicate economic and trade topics of London as a significant part of Europe.

The City of London PowerPoint Templates contains blue and gray color theme of silhouette maps and shapes. But this map template is fully editable, enabling users to change colors and apply more customizations. Furthermore, the editable map slides show outline maps of London, UK, and Europe. These outline maps could help copy useful regional segments for labeling. For instance, highlight different regions of London, or European countries by applying color from solid fill.

This presentation can benefit corporates to demonstrate their business strategies. Since the UK and Europe are making international news with trade deals in Brexit. The city of London PowerPoint can benefit professionals to design an effective service presentation for potential customers.

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Editable Croatia Map Template for PowerPoint

Editable Gabon PowerPoint Map

Editable Gabon PowerPoint Map

Business Slide Deck Presentation Template

Business Slide Deck Presentation Template

Animated Isometric Roadmap PowerPoint Timeline Template

Animated Isometric Roadmap PowerPoint Timeline Template

uk cities presentation


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UK Countries & Capital Cities

UK Countries & Capital Cities

Subject: Geography

Age range: 5-7

Resource type: Lesson (complete)

Lovelearninggeography's Shop

Last updated

9 January 2022

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uk cities presentation

Geography Power Point the UK & Capital Cities

This lesson is about Countries in the UK & Capital cities. It is suitable for ks1 & ks2 students. The information is easy to follow and is suitable for a non-specialist teachers/parents. The resources are vibrant, interesting and have fun activities. Ask your school to purchase this ready to use resource now and take control of your workload.

What will your students learn: • What is a country? • What is a city? • What is a capital city? • The UK capital cities • Name the water areas around the UK • Mapwork • IT activity

Includes: • An Interactive Power Point presentation • Student Work Sheet • Basic Lesson Plan • Sources: Pixabay, Upsplash & Pexels • ©Love Learning Geography

The resources will help support student’s learning, development, and attainment. Student’s will gain more confidence and develop their geographical knowledge and skills. The power point can be used on a white board or with a projector. It has animations and moving objects. To help SEN students, I have included a variety of learning styles. All font is in Comic sans, to support dyslexic learners. The power points can be easily adapted to meet the needs of higher-level learners.

Thank you for looking at my resources. If you like my style, then follow me. I will be adding lots of new resources throughout the year. If you download or purchase any of my resources, I would really appreciate feedback. I would love to hear from you!

I hope your class loves learning with my resources :)

T&C By purchasing my resources, you are agreeing that the contents are the property of Love Learning Geography and licensed to you only for classroom/personal use as a single user. I retain copyright and reserve all rights to this product. You are not permitted to resell or share this item. You may not share it anywhere online (except on secure platforms with your own students).

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Dingbats – UK Cities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

uk cities presentation

Dingbats – UK Cities

Dingbats uk cities premise each has picture(s) on it to represent a uk town or city. some are fairly obvious others more difficult. – powerpoint ppt presentation.

  • Each slide has picture(s) on it to represent a UK town or city.
  • Some are fairly obvious others more difficult.
  • You may only be using part of a word shown.
  • When a person is shown as part of the town name you may be using either their first or last name. Or a character name they are famous for playing!
  • There is a town or city starting with each letter of the alphabet except x and z.
  • They are not in alphabetical order! is a leading presentation sharing website. It has millions of presentations already uploaded and available with 1,000s more being uploaded by its users every day. Whatever your area of interest, here you’ll be able to find and view presentations you’ll love and possibly download. And, best of all, it is completely free and easy to use.

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About the Developers is brought to you by  CrystalGraphics , the award-winning developer and market-leading publisher of rich-media enhancement products for presentations. Our product offerings include millions of PowerPoint templates, diagrams, animated 3D characters and more.

World's Best PowerPoint Templates PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Local elections 2024: full council results for England

Results from more than 100 English councils, as well as for several mayors, are announced. So far the Conservatives have lost control of several key councils but have won the Tees Valley mayoral contest. Find out what happened in your area

  • Local and mayoral elections – live updates
  • Visual analysis: Big Tory losses but no Labour landslide. What might happen at Westminster?
  • Find your council result
  • Full mayoral results

Latest councils declared

Tunbridge Wells

West Lancashire

Councillor change

Council control change, how the election works.

On 2 May, 107 English councils held elections with more than 2,000 seats being contested. Some were for metropolitan boroughs such as Manchester city council and others for unitary authorities such as Bristol or Dorset. Both structures are single-tier authorities with responsibility for the whole range of council services, including education, social care, rubbish collection and parks.

There were elections for 58 district councils, lower-tier authorities whose responsibilities are more limited, but include planning, housing and recycling. District councils typically elect a third of their seats each year on a four-yearly cycle, and elect the upper tier council — usually the county council — in the fourth year.

There were elections in London for the London assembly as well as 11 mayors including those of London, greater Manchester and Liverpool. These were subject to changes in their voting system since the last time they were up for election. They are now elected on a first past the post basis. Police and crime commissioners were also up for election.

Councils of interest

These are some of the councils that show the key trends in the elections. The charts show the percentage of seats held in each council, by party.

North East Lincolnshire

Nuneaton & bedworth, welwyn hatfield, where parties gained councillors.

Regions in white are up for election. The size of the circle indicates gained seats as a percentage of the number of seats up for election.

Strong gains in Hartlepool, Rushmoor, Hyndburn, Milton Keynes, Tamworth and Adur were positive for Labour. They also gained 15 seats in the traditional bellwether council of Nuneaton and Bedworth, which will please Labour strategists.


The Conservatives hardly made any gains, instead losing scores of council seats across the country including in some key general election seats. Despite this, the fact that Tory majorities held in Harlow and Fareham will present some relief.

Gains in Watford, west Oxfordshire, Tunbridge Wells and Winchester gave the centrist party reasons to be hopeful. They also enjoyed increases in councillors in the wider south-west, previously a Lib Dem stronghold.

Greens became the largest political group in Hastings, where they gained eight seats. They also gained ground in other seats across England, including Norwich, Bristol and south Tyneside.


Independent candidates made significant gains in the election. The most notable examples of this were Oldham and Kirkless, where independent candidates picked up seats and pushed the councils out of Labour control.

Reform has won only two seats, both in Havant, although it is important to note that it only stood 316 candidates across the country, which is a comparatively low number.

All council results

Regional and city mayors, east midlands, tees valley, york & north yorkshire, london mayor, london assembly elections.

In London voters choose an assembly member for a constituency and cast another vote for London-wide top-up seats. In the chart, the large number in bold represents the change in assembly members, while the smaller number shows the total seats won.

About these results

These results are provided by PA Media newswire (PA). Numbers for change in seats are calculated against the state of the council just before this election. Other organisations calculate using the previous election, and this can lead to discrepancies.

PA release results for each council only when its full count is complete. PA collates results only for elections that were due in this electoral cycle, meaning there may be council byelection results in other parts of the country that are not included. There are frequent changes in ward boundaries, sometimes accompanied by changes in the number of councillors overall.

  • Local elections
  • Conservatives
  • Liberal Democrats
  • Mayoral elections
  • Police and crime commissioners

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uk cities presentation

Ben Houchen victory bucks anti-Tory trend as Labour wins three mayoral contests

uk cities presentation

Live Labour’s Claire Ward elected first mayor of East Midlands as Sunak gets boost in Tees Valley after Tory losses – live

uk cities presentation

Conservatives crushed by ‘worst local election result’ in years

uk cities presentation

Key points as local election results show major Tory losses

uk cities presentation

Labour celebrates victories but loses ground in urban and heavily Muslim areas

uk cities presentation

Big Tory losses but no Labour landslide. What might happen at Westminster? – a visual analysis

uk cities presentation

Tories find reasons to be cheerful despite election bloodbath

uk cities presentation

Tories take refuge in fantasy as local election drubbing becomes clear

uk cities presentation

Lib Dems say council results show they can take Westminster seats from Tories

uk cities presentation

There are good reasons not to take local results as general election predictions

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From York to New York: Witness an across-the-seas handshake renewed Sunday

uk cities presentation

Who hasn't heard of the "special relationship" between America and Britain?

The relationship that helps us win wars, share covert intelligence, and see each other's "Downton Abbey" and "Columbo"?

But special as that relationship is, there's one that's even more so. That's the relationship between New York and Old York.

"In one respect they are kind of chalk and cheese, yet there are all kinds of similarities," said the Rev. Carl Turner, rector of Saint Thomas Anglican Church in New York.

That imposing cathedral on Fifth Avenue will be the setting for a pageant, Sunday, aimed at renewing ties between the sister cities.

One hundred years later

It's a bookend to another event, 100 years ago, when the city of York did the same for us. We presented them with a plaque on that occasion. This time, York has sent us one.


Ours, bestowed July 16, 1924 and still to be seen in the guildhall at the city of York, in Northern England, reads: "THIS TABLET IS AFFECTIONATELY INSCRIBED AS AN EXPRESSION OF FRIENDSHIP AND GOOD WILL FROM HER GODCHILD IN AMERICA, THE CITY OF NEW YORK."

At 4 p.m. Sunday, Godparent and Godchild will splice hands once again — in a ceremony celebrating the "twinning" of the two cities, that will include The Right Honourable, The Lord Mayor of York, Chris Cullwick, and New York City Mayor Eric Adams. "The Lord Mayor will be sitting next to the mayor," Turner said. "Chris Cullwick will be in his medieval robes, and Eric Adams will be sitting next to him. Probably without any robes."

Also present will be Stephen Cottrell, Archbishop of New York, and Hannah Young, British Consul General to New York, who will read a message from His Majesty King Charles III. The Saint Thomas Choir of Men and Boys will sing hymns all native to Yorkshire's cathedral city.

You can see the event streamed here .

“York and New York City have had an enduring relationship over the past century," Young said. "These two cities have formed a unique bond."

Ties that bind

It's a bond that might seem surprising — given some major differences between the two burgs.

York has a population of 142,000. New York has a population of 8.3 million.

York, from the old Norse Jórvík — boar — was founded between 8000 and 7000 BC. New York only goes as far back as 1625. Technically, only to 1664, when the Dutch city of Nieuw Amsterdam was renamed New York in honor of The Duke of York (later James II of England).

In York, they eat pudding. In New York, we eat pizza.

Yet what we have in common may be greater still.

"Both are cultural hubs," said Turner, who grew up in nearby Kingston upon Hull.

"Even though [York] is a small place, it's a vibrant place where people have come from many cultures, many backgrounds, many ethnicities, many faiths," he said. "York has been a place, since medieval days, for the making of music and drama and art."

Both are theater towns. They, since the 1300s, have had the famous York Mystery Plays, performed on pageant wagons. We have "Wicked."

Both cities are a crossroads for immigrants. "Britain is the last destination for people trekking all across Europe who are fleeing war and poverty," Turner said. "They're risking their lives to cross from the channel to Britain. Which is very reminiscent of the way people came to New York. This is where they arrived to make their new lives."

And both cities are centers of finance. The Company of Merchant Adventurers, an English trading company founded in 1407, has a medieval guildhall in York.

"Those were the people who went out in medieval times to make money," Turner said. "We have some of the company of Merchant Adventurers coming to New York, and there will be people who work in Wall Street who will be sitting next to them. These are people who represent the origins of venture capitalism. Which of course has really taken off in New York, one of the financial capitals of the world."

What the times demand

Ceremonies like this one, Sunday, are needed now more than ever, Turner said. "This is celebrating all we have in common, this friendship across the miles, and those bonds of affection we need to strengthen, at a time when there is so much that is negative and violent in the world."

Just how enduring is the bond between York and New York? So enduring that even Adolf Hitler couldn't destroy it.

In 1942, when Hitler began his so-called "Baedeker raids," a campaign of bombing British historic landmarks (it was revenge for the RAF's bombing of Lübeck), York with its famous cathedral was one of the targeted towns. The historic guildhall was a casualty. "The guildhall was actually burned to the ground," Turner said.

One of the few features that was spared: New York's 1924 friendship plaque.

"The walls survived, but all those ancient wood pillars that were 100 years old were all destroyed," he said. "The thing that wasn't destroyed was the bronze plaque.”

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He Won by a Landslide. Why Is He Fighting for His Political Life?

Ben Houchen, a regional mayor in the north of England, faces a close re-election race, partly thanks to the broader troubles of Britain’s Conservative Party.

Ben Houchen standing on land cleared for development.

By Stephen Castle

Stephen Castle interviewed people across the Tees Valley, watched construction work at a former steelworks and visited Teesside International Airport.

The last time Ben Houchen ran to be mayor of Tees Valley, a struggling, deindustrialized region in northeastern England, he stormed to victory with almost 73 percent of the vote.

Three years on, Mr. Houchen, a Conservative politician, faces a re-election contest in which even a narrow win would do.

As voters in England prepare to vote in Thursday’s local and mayoral elections, the governing Conservatives, led by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, are trailing badly in the opinion polls to the opposition Labour Party ahead of a general election expected later this year.

So Mr. Houchen has campaigned on his own achievements, relying on his personal brand as the poster boy for “leveling up” — the Conservatives’ flagship policy of bringing prosperity to disadvantaged regions of England.

But with Britain’s economy stagnating and its health service in crisis, will that be enough to outweigh the backlash facing the broader Conservative Party?

“If Houchen loses, given the profile that he has, and given that in mayoral elections people are more likely to vote for the individual, that would suggest that it is actually his Conservative links that have done for him,” said Paul Swinney, director of policy and research at the Center for Cities, a research institute. “Him losing would be bad news for Rishi Sunak.”

The result in Mr. Houchen’s region could determine not just his fate, but that of the embattled Mr. Sunak. Victory would give the prime minister something positive to talk about on Friday when results come in and the Conservatives expect losses elsewhere. Defeat could stir panic among Tory lawmakers and possibly prompt a push to replace Mr. Sunak.

Leveling Up

Once an area controlled by the left-of-center Labour Party, Tees Valley is part of a swath of England’s formerly industrial North and Midlands where voters switched en masse to the Conservatives in the 2019 general election.

Since Mr. Houchen first became mayor in 2017, a vast, derelict steelworks near the town of Redcar has been demolished and cleared for new projects, a failing airport has been saved and civil servants and filmmakers have been lured far from London to the northeast.

Many people in the area give him credit for these achievements. Heidi McCullagh, 42, runs a sandwich shop and catering business near the historic Transporter Bridge across the River Tees.

“We are 110 percent behind Ben Houchen because he has created so many jobs,” said Ms. McCullagh whose windows display his posters. “We do quite a lot of catering for businesses in the area; it’s definitely picked up,” she said. “Ben Houchen does everything he can to make Tees Valley a better place.”

Not everyone agrees. At the heart of his regeneration plan is an ambitious project called Teesworks, where, on the site of the former steelworks, construction vehicles busy themselves on a moonscape-like tract of land.

The idea is to convert this into a hub for low-carbon industries , but critics accuse Mr. Houchen of mishandling things to the financial advantage of two businessmen.

The project, which has involved hundreds of millions of pounds in public investment, was initially half publicly owned, but a subsequent deal left the private-sector partners in the venture with 90 percent ownership. (Mr. Houchen declined requests for an interview, but has publicly defended the deal.)

An independent review in January found no evidence of corruption but described “ issues of governance and transparency ” and said a number of decisions had not met “the standards expected when managing public funds.”

Last week, Steve Gibson, a former collaborator on the project and the chairman of a major soccer club in the area, accused Mr. Houchen of “giving away everything they had worked for,” an intervention that may boost the chances of Labour’s candidate, Chris McEwan.

‘An Emerald City’

On a bitingly cold day last week, five activists hung a banner from a road bridge near Redcar.

“Honk if you want Houchen out,” the banner read, and a steady flow of motorists sounded their horns as the protesters, wearing masks of Mr. Houchen’s face, cheered and waved.

“He promises that Teesside will become an emerald city,” said Ray Casey, a member of a small group that opposes Mr. Houchen, called Teesside Resistance. “It’s always just over the horizon, though — we never get there.”

Sipping a beer later, Mr. Casey, 63, said he felt the mayor ran “an operation entirely based on public relations and spin.”

Yet no one disputes that investment has come to a region of 304 square miles with a population of around 660,000 people, or that Mr. Houchen has good contacts. Last year he was nominated for a seat in the House of Lords by his ally Boris Johnson, the former prime minister. He also has ties to Michael Gove, the Conservative minister responsible for “leveling up.”

In the town of Darlington, a shiny, modern building is now the northern base of the Treasury, Britain’s finance ministry. Rail stations are being spruced up. A film studio has risen from the site of an old bus depot in Hartlepool, a gritty seaside town a long way from Hollywood in every sense.

The question is how much this is benefiting local communities.

Sacha Bedding, chief executive of the Wharton Trust, a charity based in Hartlepool, said investment was “creating the conditions that will give the area a proper stab” at regeneration, but that little had yet improved in the neighborhood.

“The number of people who have fallen into financial insecurity has grown, and people who are working have struggled massively,” said Mr. Bedding, adding that many lacked hope. “When not a lot feels like it has changed, you almost end up with the attitude, ‘Well, what’s the point in voting?’”

Sitting on a bench in Darlington, Ryan Walton, 19, said he planned to vote Labour. “Things have improved but not enough,” Mr. Walton said. “It would be better if they broadened their horizons and redeveloped areas where people live.”

Green Shoots

In a fractious televised debate last week, Mr. Houchen defended his record against attacks from Labour’s Mr. McEwan and Simon Thorley of the centrist Liberal Democrats.

In a dark suit, white shirt and striped tie, Mr. Houchen was confident and pugnacious, accusing critics of peddling conspiracies.

“If you think you can turn around and change fortunes in just a few short years, that just doesn’t happen, but what we are seeing is the green shoots,” Mr. Houchen said when asked whether local people felt better off.

For the filmmaking business, some of those green shoots can be seen in a movie called “ Upgraded ,” parts of which were filmed at Teesside International Airport, which stood in for a New York airport.

Mr. Houchen brought the loss-making airport into public ownership in 2019, an unusual market intervention for a Conservative politician.

But in terms of its main business — aviation — Teesside International has yet to break even and offers only a handful of flights on most weekdays.

Waiting in a largely deserted departure area before flying to Amsterdam, Derek Muir, 68, praised Mr. Houchen for saving the airport and said he would vote for him because “he gets things done and brings investment into the area.”

Looking around the airport, however, he said that the lack of any flights to London was disappointing. “I would like it to be more busy,” he added.

Stephen Castle is a London correspondent of The Times, writing widely about Britain, its politics and the country’s relationship with Europe. More about Stephen Castle

uk cities presentation

Birmingham’s city center is thronged by empty lots with unfinished and unstarted building projects, like this one in the Deritend area.

Why Britain’s towns and cities are going bust

Story by Christian Edwards, CNN Photographs by Sarah Tilotta, CNN Published May 1, 2024

In 1890, an American journalist named Julian Ralph traveled from New York to Birmingham, an industrial powerhouse lying squarely in the center of England, and found it to be “the best-governed city in the world.”

Over 12 breathless pages in Harper’s Magazine, Ralph praised the city council for providing its citizens with free museums, art galleries and libraries; with swimming pools and Turkish baths; for keeping its streets “uncommonly clean;” for managing its own water supply; and for using gas lamps — invented in the city some decades before — to keep its streets brightly lit.

In 2024, a visitor to Birmingham would find a very different public realm. The city council is considering selling its art galleries. It plans to close 25 libraries. Free swimming pools are long gone. Waste collection will become fortnightly. Its water, like its gas, was first nationalized, then privatized. And, in a desperate attempt to cut costs, the city has dimmed its streetlights.

Birmingham — the second-largest city in the United Kingdom, and the largest local authority in Europe — went bust last September. Unable to balance its yearly budget, it issued a “section 114” notice: the local government version of bankruptcy. To fill its financial black hole, the council will cut services, gut assets and raise taxes, making more than a million people pay more for less.

uk cities presentation

Some of its injuries were self-inflicted : the council, which is controlled by the main opposition Labour Party, failed to pay women and men in the same sort of jobs equally, and now must pay compensation. Coupled with the botched rollout of an IT system, the city has racked up debts of around £1 billion ($1.25 billion).

But other wounds came from outside: Birmingham’s funding from central Conservative government was slashed by a further £1 billion as part of its program of austerity in the decade from 2010, while demand for its services and the cost of providing them shot up. The council found itself caught in the “jaws of doom” — as budget pressures rose, grants from Westminster fell, causing two lines on a graph to diverge, resembling a crocodile’s mouth.

Birmingham — “Brum” to residents — was among the first to fall but its fate awaits many more of England’s towns and cities, as even the best-managed councils risk going under. From 1988 to 2018, just two councils went bust. Since 2018, eight have. More will follow: nearly one in 10 councils say they will likely declare bankruptcy this financial year. Half say they are likely to in the next five.

Britons in multiple regions will head to the ballot boxes on Thursday to vote in local elections. Or, rather, some will. Turnout at the last outing in 2021 was anemic: only 35% voted. Polls suggest those who do vote will deliver a drubbing to the ruling Conservative Party, which will then receive an even sharper drubbing at the upcoming general election, which must be held by January 2025. Looking out from Westminster, the next government will face a grim reality: one by one, Britain’s towns and cities risk going bust, as local crises congeal into a national catastrophe.

uk cities presentation

‘Like an episode of Black Mirror’

The Birmingham and Midland Institute, a redbrick building in the city center, was praised by Ralph as a “great fount of education.” Opened in the mid-Victorian era, the Institute offered evening language, literature and science classes to Brummies, the city’s name for its residents.

On a recent grey morning in April, dozens of citizens had gathered in the Institute not for classes, but to protest deep cuts to Birmingham’s public services. The council announced in February how it planned to pull itself back from bankruptcy: over the next two years, services will be cut by £300 million, more than £1 billion of assets will be sold, and council tax — levied on households by local authorities to pay for services — will rise by 21%.

“These cuts are not just going to be hard, they’re going to devastate the city,” Kate Taylor told CNN. A schoolteacher by day, Taylor has by night rallied people who will be affected by the cuts — youth and social workers, musicians, trade unionists and more — into the campaign group “Brum, Rise Up!”

Taylor, whose son is autistic, has been affected by the cuts. Young people with special educational needs have long received support from the council, such as home-to-school transport in a dedicated minibus. But this has now been cut; young people have instead been provided with a bus pass. “For a young person with autism who needs consistency, it’s been really, really tough,” said Taylor.

uk cities presentation

The building throbs with history. Its library was categorized by Joseph Priestley, a chemist often credited with coining the phrase “the greatest happiness for the greatest number.” That expression would become the seed of utilitarian ethics that would fuel the sweeping social reforms in Victorian England. The meeting was even held in the Dickens room — named after the great chronicler of the poverty those reforms worked to alleviate.

Speaking first at April’s meeting, Carl Chinn, a local historian who has lived in Birmingham his whole life, recalled a time when politicians thought it was their duty to “feed the hungry, clothe the naked and instruct the ignorant.” He fears those values are waning.

Speaker after speaker detailed the ways in which cuts will harm the fabric of the city. Gabriel Dyker, a violinist from the city’s symphony orchestra, said that a planned 100% cut to its council grant will force them to raise prices, keeping poorer audiences away. Dori Milman, a university student, reflecting on the closures of youth centers and other cultural spaces, asked, “What is there for me to do? Apart from, you know, drugs and alcohol?”

Nina Barbosa, a youth mental health worker, said the planned cuts to youth services were particularly galling. Despite receiving 80 referrals a day, she said only two or three young people will go on to receive mental health treatment; they simply don’t have the resources. The situation could worsen still.

uk cities presentation

“I feel like it’s some kind of twisted joke. It feels like we’re living in an episode of ‘Black Mirror.’ This is the sixth richest country in the world, and in this city, 50% of children live below the poverty line. And we are seriously considering stripping more than 50% of the youth workers’ budget? This is insane,” she told CNN.

“These are already our most vulnerable young people. All we do is push them into criminality. And then all we do is destroy their lives. There is no possible future for them. They cannot be productive members of society. All that creativity and all that intelligence just gets wasted.”

‘Over the edge’

By international standards, English local government is feeble. In Britain less than 5% of taxes are collected locally. Other countries give local government more revenue-raising power: in France, 14% of taxes are raised locally; in Germany, 25%; in Sweden, 35%.

Unable to raise much of their own revenue, English councils often go cap-in-hand for grants from central government. But those grants were reduced by 40% in real terms between 2009-10 and 2019-20, the nadir. Central government injected more funds during the Covid-19 pandemic, meaning the fall in grant income in real terms by 2021-22 was 21%. But councils are still playing catch-up after more than a decade of underfunding.

To offset this, central government encouraged councils to engage in risky financial behavior. Councils were told to “make creative use of reserves,” including “invest-to-save projects.” With hindsight, the results were predictable: speculative investments in commercial property pushed councils into bankruptcy.

uk cities presentation

While their funding was cut, demand for their services rose. More people living longer, often sicker, lives ate up more and more of councils’ budgets. A decade ago, about 52% was spent on social care. Last year, it had risen to 61%. Cuts had to be made elsewhere. With the bulk of the budget going on a sliver of the population, most Britons are left wondering what they’re paying for: their bills go up and up as their streets get dirtier and services decline.

And as demand rose, so did costs — often at a rate far above national inflation. In 2017-18, Birmingham council told CNN it spent £20 million on home to-school transport for children with special educational needs. By 2021-22, the bill was £40 million.

“The cost of delivering our services has gone up,” John Cotton, leader of Birmingham council, told CNN. “It’s underfunding plus rising demand for services that’s really pushing councils towards and over the edge.”

About 100 miles north of Birmingham, in South Yorkshire, Barnsley council is not yet over the edge, but teetering close to it. Stephen Houghton, the council leader, says it hasn’t engaged in any “funny money” schemes — it’s just the blunt arithmetic of low revenues and high demand.

uk cities presentation

“Very often in Westminster, while they are taking big policy decisions, they don’t necessarily see the direct impact of that. Whereas if I put someone’s council tax up or close a community center, I’m living next door to the people affected by that,” Houghton told CNN. He said he’s been verbally abused in the streets. “You really are at the sharp end of this.”

Houghton said he feels central government does not trust local government with funds. When the government in February announced a £600 million support package (meant to address a nationwide funding gap of £4 billion), it also asked for productivity plans. “They’re not giving us the money and trusting us to spend it,” Houghton said. “They want a plan back on what we’re going to do.”

Houghton was also frustrated by the process of bidding, along with several other councils, for small amounts of funding made available by the government. Councils often spend thousands hiring consultants to polish their bid, only for the funds to be given to another bidder.

A spokesperson for the the UK’s Department for Leveling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC), which is responsible for local government, told CNN it recognizes that councils are facing challenges, which is why it increased the funding available to them.

uk cities presentation

Short-term thinking

When a council issues a section 114, it halts all spending except on essential services. Renovation plans are shelved. This is plain to see from the Horse Fair Mural in Birmingham’s city center. The 85-foot mosaic — created in 1966 as the city rebuilt itself after World War II — tells the story of its horse-trading past in brilliant Venetian glass.

But today, the mural is in a sorry state. Long neglected, chunks of the mosaic have fractured and flaked off, its figures reduced to ghouls in dull gemstones.

After Birmingham went bust, central government parachuted in commissioners to get its house in order. The DLUHC spokesman told CNN: “Birmingham City Council faces a unique financial situation following its failure to get a grip of the significant issues it faces and years of severe mismanagement. This is why commissioners were appointed in October 2023 to protect residents and taxpayers in the city.”

Max Caller, the lead commissioner, told CNN his job is to “present elected members with impossible choices. What I have to do is say, ‘They’re all impossible, but you have to choose.’”

uk cities presentation

Among the impossible choices is which assets to sell. The city owns about £2.4 billion worth of assets. Half of this value will have to be recouped, just to balance its books over the next two years. The task has earned Caller the nickname “Max the Axe.”

Libraries are at particular risk: a costly service to run, in expensive buildings to maintain. Emma Lochery, a mother of two, was outraged by the plan to close her local library in the King’s Heath suburb. The council is currently “consulting” residents; one option floated is that libraries can stay open if public volunteers run them.

“These are our libraries. How dare they close them? How dare they take our taxes and then ask us to run our own libraries?” Lochery said.

Ralph, in his 1890 report, said Birmingham’s libraries meant anybody in the city “has a chance to attain the highest rungs of the ladder of book-learning, dependent only upon his own ability and ambition.”

Rav Chohan, who lives down the street from Handsworth Library, remembers the excitement he felt getting his first library card and how he used to race through its books as a child, but fears children growing up now in the area will not have the same opportunities.

uk cities presentation

“We may save £2 million in the short term, but we may cost ourselves many more millions in people who have lost out on a vital resource and therefore maybe don’t have literacy skills,” he said. Once the library is closed, he said it is unlikely the council will find money in future years to reopen it. “There will be a generation of people that will suffer as a result of this.”

Economists agree. Tony Travers, an expert in local government at the London School of Economics, told CNN that asset sales are poor practice. “It’s selling the family silver. If you’re forced to the pawnshop, it’s not a good sign, and effectively they’re at the pawnshop.”

‘We can’t do it all again’

The citizens of Birmingham “have always shared in the government of the city,” helping to breed “public-spirited” people, Ralph said.

But Chinn, the historian, said the cuts would only breed more apathy. “People are worn out,” he said. There is a feeling of “whatever we do, it’s not going to make a difference.”

Despite mistakes made in Birmingham by its Labour-led council, Brummies at the campaign meeting said they would be forgiving at the ballot box Thursday. “When people are trying to provide services on a shoestring, they make mistakes,” said Taylor, the teacher. “The government got us into this mess and it’s up to them to get us out of it.”

uk cities presentation

How that happens is not clear. Austerity, intended to be a brief period of belt-tightening after the 2008 financial crash, has instead become a nightmare from which Britain is struggling to wake. According to the government’s latest funding plans, the sickness is now expected to become the cure: further cuts to local government are scheduled for the years ahead.

English councils have long been told to do more with less. “You can do that for a while,” said Houghton, from Barnsley, “but the latest round of austerity comes on the back of 14 years of hardship. There isn’t a lot of fat on the bone anymore.”

After years of doing more with less, more towns and cities are finding themselves unable to do much at all, he sighed. “I would say to the government, we can’t do it all again.”

UK 'increasingly vulnerable' to threat of missile and drone attacks after decades of cuts

The UK does have highly capable air defence equipment - but no longer enough of it to be able to protect the vast array of critical infrastructure across the country and also to defend troops deployed on operations overseas.

uk cities presentation

Security and Defence Editor @haynesdeborah

Thursday 2 May 2024 11:05, UK

Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player

Generic UK air defence

The UK is increasingly vulnerable to the threat of missiles and drones after decades of cost-saving cuts eroded its once world-class air defences, military sources and Cold War veterans have warned.

Defence chiefs are understood to be exploring options to regrow Britain's ability to protect critical national infrastructure - like power stations, military bases and government buildings - from the kind of Russian cruise and ballistic missile strikes that are devastating Ukraine .

But any credible "integrated air and missile defence" plan will cost billions of pounds and would likely require a further increase in defence spending beyond a proposed rise to 2.5% of national income recently announced by the prime minister, according to defence sources.

"Can the UK defend its cities from the skies if there was a barrage of missiles? No," a senior defence source said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

"Do the public know what to do in the event of an air attack? No... Put simply, are we defended? No."

As part of a series called Prepared For War? Sky News visited air defence sites that once played a key role in protecting Britain during the Cold War - and spoke to veterans who were part of the force that had been on alert to respond to any Soviet air threat.

Pressing the big red button

Flicking a line of switches to prime a simulated batch of missiles from inside a cabin at an old military-base-turned-museum in Norfolk, a former Royal Air Force technician watches a screen as a radar scans for enemy aircraft.

"It's picked up a target," says Robert Findlater, pointing at a dot on the monitor, which looks more like a retro computer game.

A beeping noise indicates the signal from the radar is becoming stronger as the hostile aircraft approaches.

Once in range, red letters on one of the screens that had read "hold fire" switch to the words "free to fire", written in green.

Mr Findlater leans forward and presses a big red button.

Robert Findlater a former Royal Air Force technician who was on the UK's Bloodhound unit. For Deborah Haynes Prepared for War series piece on UK air defences.

Suddenly there is a roar as the simulated noise of a missile blasting off shakes the cabin.

The Bloodhound air defence missile, powered with a Rolls Royce engine, could reach 60 miles per hour in a tenth of a second before rocketing up to twice the speed of sound as it powered towards an enemy aircraft or missile - state-of-the-art technology in its day.

"We've been successful in our launch," the RAF veteran says, with a smile.

The Bloodhound air defence missile, powered with a Rolls Royce engine, could reach 60 miles per hour in a tenth of a second before rocketing up to twice the speed of sound as it powered towards an enemy aircraft or missile

He then peers back at the screen, watching a line of what looks like radio waves jumping up and down, until there is a spike to indicate the missile closing in on the target.

"It [the radar] is now looking for the missile, and there she is in the beam. Next thing you see - that's the warhead.

"It's gone off, and you killed it," the veteran says, finishing the simulation.

Long retired, Mr Findlater joined the RAF in 1968.

He rose up through the ranks to become chief technician on a Bloodhound unit, charged with ensuring the missiles were ready and able at all times to fire at any threat.

Retired air defence equipment at the RAF Air Defence Radar Museum in Norfolk.

Stepping outside the cabin, from where the system was operated, to a patch of grass, the veteran showed Sky News around the actual weapon - a lethal-looking collection of rockets and warheads, painted white and lying horizontal now, rather than pointing towards the sky.

Asked what message it had been designed to send to NATO's former Warsaw Pact foes, Mr Findlater said with a chuckle: "Don't come knocking... It says we're ready for you."

The ground-based systems, which had been dotted around the UK's coastlines, used to be part of a layered grid of Cold War air defences that also included fighter jets and other weapons.

But the entire arsenal of Bloodhound air defence missiles was taken out of service after the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, while air bases and fast jet squadrons were reduced to save money as successive prime ministers took what has been described as a "peace dividend".

uk cities presentation

There had been talk at the time of investing in US-made Patriot air defence systems - an even more capable piece of kit that remains a core part of the air defences of the United States and a number of other NATO allies.

"But I think the government just gave up and shut everything down because there was no threat any more," Mr Findlater said.

Asked whether he thought the UK was well defended now, he said: "I don't feel we're defended, no, not at all."

As for how that made him feel, he said: "Sad… Considering what we had in the 1970s and 1980s."

Frozen in time

Also at the RAF Air Defence Radar Museum is an old Cold War operations room - frozen in time, with giant boards along one wall, charting the number of fighter jets once ready to scramble.

There are also rows of desks, fitted with radar screens and important-looking buttons.

John Baker, 69, once worked in this hub as an aircraft identification and recognition officer.

At the RAF Air Defence Radar Museum is an old Cold War operations room - frozen in time, with giant boards along one wall, charting the number of fighter jets once ready to scramble.

Asked if the UK's air defences had been prepared for war back when he served, he said: "We practised. There were exercises for war.

"Every couple of months or so there would be a small exercise and once or twice a year there would be a major NATO exercise in which this - because this radar site was closest to Europe - would be the epicentre."

While cautioning that he was no longer up-to-date on the military's air defence capabilities, he sounded less certain about whether they could handle a major attack today.

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"If hundreds and hundreds of drones and cruise missiles were to come in. I don't think we could safely take out all of them," Mr Baker said.

He added: "I'm glad I did my time back then - and not now."

Air defences 'woefully inadequate'

The UK does have highly capable air defence equipment - just no longer enough of it to be able to protect the vast array of critical infrastructure across the country and also to defend troops deployed on operations overseas.

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Making the situation more grave is a growth in the quality and quantity of missiles and drones that hostile states such as Russia, China, Iran and North Korea have developed.

At present, the RAF has just nine frontline fast jet squadrons - including the quick reaction alert aircraft that are at the sharp end of defending against any air threat.

While modern jets - F-35 and Typhoon - are far more sophisticated than their predecessors, the UK had 30 frontline squadrons towards the end of the Cold War.

F-35B Lightning II aircraft, seen on the deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth moored in Limassol, Cyprus, in 2021

The Royal Navy's six Type 45 destroyers are kitted out with the country's only ballistic missile defence systems.

But only three of these ships are "available for operations", according to a navy spokesperson, including one that is deployed on operations in the Middle East.

On land, the military has around six Sky Sabre ground-based air defence systems - each one able to shoot down multiple missiles.

But at least two of these weapons - almost certainly more - are deployed overseas, and those in the UK only have a very limited range.

HMS Diamond

Read more from Sky News: Is the UK preparing for war amid threats of conflict? 'Hard to imagine how UK could be doing less to prepare'

Jack Watling, a senior research fellow at the Royal United Services Institute, called the UK's current array of air defences "woefully inadequate".

Britain does benefit from its geography, with a lot of European NATO countries between its shores and Russia.

However, the air defences of many European nations have also been reduced to save money since the Soviet Union collapsed.

"We always hear this argument from the Ministry of Defence that gaps in our own capability are acceptable because we're part of an alliance," Mr Watling said.

"It's a little bit like if you were going round to a 'bring your own booze' party and you said: 'Well, there's other people coming, so I'm not going to bring any alcohol'.

"If everyone adopts that approach, then there is simply nothing to drink. And when we look across NATO, there is an overall shortage [in air defences]."

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uk cities presentation

A Ministry of Defence spokesperson said: "The UK is well prepared for any event and defence of the UK would be taken alongside our NATO allies.

"As part of our commitment to invest an extra £75bn for defence over the next six years, we continue to review potential opportunities to develop our capabilities and modernise air defence across Europe in close discussion with allies and partners."

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    The United Kingdom map Template in PowerPoint format includes two slides. Firstly the UK map with outline is labeling with capital and major cities. Secondly the country political maps are labeling with 4 Countries. So our United Kingdom maps PowerPoint templates have capital and major cities on it. They are London, Manchester, Birmingham ...

  7. PowerPoint Maps of the UK / Great Britain

    Great Britain (UK) PowerPoint Template. Map contains South East, London, North West, East of England, West Midlands and others. $19.00*. Use our editable PowerPoint maps of the UK to create stunning presentations in no time. PresentationLoad is the market leader in PowerPoint templates.

  8. Free Editable United Kingdom Map for PowerPoint

    Download this highly customizable UK map for PowerPoint. It contains a vector-based interactive map of Great Britain (UK). Features: One slide vector-based UK map ppt template. 100% editable (color, border, size) PPTX file included, compatible with Google Slides. Free download.

  9. United Kingdom Map With City Names

    PowerPoint presentation slides: Presenting our set of slides with name United Kingdom Map With City Names. This exhibits information on four stages of the process. This is an easy-to-edit and innovatively designed PowerPoint template. So download immediately and highlight information on United Kingdom Map With City Names.

  10. United Kingdom Geography

    In this video, Twinkl Teacher Jack shows a range of Geography resources to learn more about the United Kingdom, its countries and capital cities: https://ww...

  11. The biggest cities of great britain

    0 likes • 4,301 views. J. juliamal. Travel Spiritual. 1 of 20. Download now. The biggest cities of great britain - Download as a PDF or view online for free.

  12. PowerPoint Map Great Britain (UK)

    Great Britain (UK) PowerPoint Template. (M0220) Editable map of Great Britain (UK) for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations (including regions and major cities) Add to cart. $19.00*. Add to wish list. Quantity of slides.

  13. UK Map Template for PowerPoint

    Download highly customizable maps of UK in the form of PowerPoint slides with the UK Map Template for PowerPoint. This template contains all major counties and regions of UK, which have been laid out in the form of a single composite map. You can separate differed areas as per requirement from the main map and even change their overall look by ...

  14. City of London PowerPoint Templates

    This template is a collection of maps, buildings, and survey charts. Therefore, these slides are suitable for presenting professional business demographics and social surveys. It could also display city-related events, travel, and tourism in an impressive map presentation. London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom.

  15. All About Cities PPT (teacher made)

    This informative All About Cities PowerPoint for KS2 includes lots of information about what a city is, what capital cities are and shows a selection of UK, European and worldwide cities too. The PowerPoint is great for introducing children to the concept of what a city is and would be great to use when children are comparing places. It is also great for promoting discussion and ...

  16. Great Britain (UK) Map for PowerPoint and Google Slides

    Details. Reviews 1. Leverage our Great Britain (UK) Map PowerPoint template comprising vector-based interactive maps to demonstrate your business presence, target market, franchise opportunities, market environment, and much more impressively to your intended audience. These creatively-crafted, editable maps can be used by business leaders to ...

  17. All About England PowerPoint

    User this illustrated PowerPoint to teach your class all about England, its unique geography and its history. Your class will learn the major cities of England, where the country's most famous landmarks reside as well as key information about local foods and holidays. This PowerPoint will give your class a great insight into England and the people that live there. 

  18. All About Cities PPT (Teacher-Made)

    This informative All About Cities PowerPoint for KS2 includes lots of information about what a city is, what capital cities are and shows a selection of UK, European and worldwide cities too. The PowerPoint is great for introducing children to the concept of what a city is and would be great to use when children are comparing places. It is also great for promoting discussion and ...

  19. Name the British City PowerPoint (teacher made)

    What do members download after viewing this? Design a House Worksheet. Design a Sustainable City Worksheet. Sustainability PowerPoint. Design an Ecological House Worksheet. Year 3 and 4 Design Technology Sustainability Teaching Ideas. Global Goals Sustainable Cities and Communities CfE Second Level IDL and Resource Pack.


    1 THE UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN. It is a monarch state situated in the North-West of Europe. UK is composed of four countries: 1-England 2-Scotland 3-Wales 4-Northern Ireland The Uk is surrounded by Atlantic Ocean,the North Sea and the English Channel that separates the UK from the continent. The flag of the UK is the UNION FLAG,also ...

  21. UK Countries & Capital Cities

    Subject: Geography. Age range: 5-7. Resource type: Lesson (complete) File previews. zip, 2.98 MB. Geography Power Point the UK & Capital Cities. This lesson is about Countries in the UK & Capital cities. It is suitable for ks1 & ks2 students. The information is easy to follow and is suitable for a non-specialist teachers/parents.

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    United Kingdom. 54 United Kingdom English ESL powerpoints. SORT BY. Most popular. TIME PERIOD. All-time. loveteaching. FIRST CONDITIONAL wi ... A Fact File of The U. Powerpoint answering. 4879 uses. Herber. TALKING ABOUT... ENG. PPT. Flash cards abo. 4135 uses. Herber. WHO WANTS TO BE THE . How much do you know. 3688 uses. Valery45. Welcome to ...

  23. Dingbats

    Title: Dingbats - UK Cities. Description: Dingbats UK Cities Premise Each has picture (s) on it to represent a UK town or city. Some are fairly obvious others more difficult. - PowerPoint PPT presentation. Number of Views: 296. Avg rating:3.0/5.0. Slides: 27.

  24. Local elections 2024: full council results for England

    Results from more than 100 English councils, as well as for several mayors, are announced as polls predict heavy Conservative losses. Find out what happened in your area. Local elections: latest ...

  25. Sister cities NY and York, England are renewing ties. Here's how

    New York has a population of 8.3 million. York, from the old Norse Jórvík — boar — was founded between 8000 and 7000 BC. New York only goes as far back as 1625. Technically, only to 1664 ...

  26. Outside London, UK Finance Startups Battle for Scarce Funding

    The Centre for Finance, Innovation, and Technology was set up early last year in Leeds with £5.5 million from the Treasury and the City of London. CFIT's chair is Charlotte Crosswell, the ...

  27. He Won by a Landslide. Why Is He Fighting for His Political Life?

    May 1, 2024. The last time Ben Houchen ran to be mayor of Tees Valley, a struggling, deindustrialized region in northeastern England, he stormed to victory with almost 73 percent of the vote ...

  28. UK local elections: Why Britain's towns and cities are going bust

    Birmingham — "Brum" to residents — was among the first to fall but its fate awaits many more of England's towns and cities, as even the best-managed councils risk going under. From 1988 ...

  29. Foden and Shaw win Footballer of the Year awards as Man City makes it a

    It was first won by England great Stanley Matthews in 1948. Shaw is the second City player to win the women's award, which also went to Nikita Parris in 2019.

  30. UK 'increasingly vulnerable' to threat of missile and drone attacks

    The UK is increasingly vulnerable to the threat of missiles and drones after decades of cost-saving cuts eroded its once world-class air defences, military sources and Cold War veterans have warned.