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    quantitative research topics related to ict

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    quantitative research topics related to ict


  1. Developing a Silicon Quantum Computer: Ion-Implanted Donor Qubit Research Highlights

  2. Quantitative Research VS Qualitative Research

  3. Sample Qualitative and Quantitative Research Titles

  4. Quantitative Research Purposes: Updating the Previous Theories

  5. ICT

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  1. ICT Adoption Impact on Students' Academic Performance: Evidence from

    By using a quantitative research approach and a sample size of 1000 students, data were collected about the ICT adoption in universities and the relative performance of students belonging to four Saudi universities. ... Cruz-Jesus et al. analyze several studies related to the impact that ICT has made on educational institutions in Europe. Their ...

  2. PDF The impact of ICT on learning: A review of research

    (b) Research findings and their implications from1990s to 2000s, and future research. METHODS OF ANALYSIS The Qualitative Approach In-depth case studies of small groups of learners are usually the norm in qualitative methods of research. Detailed records of ICT-related activities, as well as the learning taking place, are

  3. The influence of ICT use and related attitudes on ...

    The use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) have been a hot topic in education research since the beginning of the 1990s. ICT usage in vocational training, primary and secondary education is rapidly growing all around the world, but it remains unequally distributed across countries (OECD, 34).Schools are looking for new ways to integrate ICT skills into their policies and ...

  4. A scoping review of the relationship between students' ICT and

    Given the plethora of literature on the topic of ICT and learning, we focused the scope on studies that used PISA ICT data from 2000 to 2015. Research which examined specific countries, or all participating countries were included to compare results and methods. The range of PISA iterations used in the reviewed studies is displayed in Table 4 ...

  5. Full article: Research trends on ICT integration in Education: A

    This analysis will provide a quantitative overview of the global research output, identify influential authors, institutions, and journals, and map the collaboration networks among researchers in the field of ICT integration in education. ... Number of publications on research related to ICT integration in education from 2014 to 2023 (*Data for ...

  6. The relationship between students' use of ICT for ...

    This study investigates the relationship between students' use of information and communication technology (ICT) for social communication and their computer and information literacy (CIL) scores. It also examines whether gender and socioeconomic background moderates this relationship. We utilized student data from IEA's International Computer and Information Study (ICILS) to build ...

  7. (PDF) Effects of Students' ICT Competencies on Their Research

    By using a quantitative research approach and a sample size of 1000 students, data were collected about the ICT adoption in universities and the relative performance of students belonging to four ...

  8. Trends and Topics in Educational Technology, 2022 Edition

    This editorial continues our annual effort to identify and catalog trends and popular topics in the field of educational technology. Continuing our approach from previous years (Kimmons, 2020; Kimmons et al., 2021), we use public internet data mining methods (Kimmons & Veletsianos, 2018) to extract and analyze data from three large data sources: the Scopus research article database, the ...

  9. (Pdf) Impact of Ict & Openness on Students' Performance in Quantitative

    The openness can be incorporated by allowing students to identify problem from real life and make use of ICT that helps the learning process to get experience within the limited time. Use of ICT ...

  10. Information

    Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are an integral part of our environment, and their uses vary across generations and among individuals. Today's student population is made up of "digital natives" who have grown up under the ubiquitous influence of digital technologies, and for whom the use of ICT is common and whose daily activities are structured around media use. The ...

  11. 171+ Most Recent And Good ICT Research Topics For Students

    Unique ICT Research Topics For Students. 1. How People and Computers Interact in Virtual Reality. 2. Using Chains of Blocks to Secure Internet-Connected Devices. 3. Thinking about What's Right in Creating Smart Computers. 4. Stopping Mean Online Behavior: Studying Cyberbullying.

  12. A Step by Step Guide for Choosing Project Topics and Writing Research

    This proposed work provides the guidelines for the students for ICT and computing-related disciples. Researchers from other disciplines can also follow these guidelines, but writing and presentation style differs from discipline to discipline. The paper is structured in five sections. The next section describes how to choose research/project ...

  13. What are the most popular research topics for ICT in education?

    Cite. Juan Luis Cabanillas García. Universidad de Extremadura. In my opinion, the most important issues to deal with in education in reference to ICTs are: -Applications of ICTs in Education ...

  14. Upgrading the Ict Questionnaire Items in Pisa 2021

    Technology (ICT) and shows how it covers policy topics of current relevance. After presenting key findings based on previous ICT-related PISA data, the paper provides a summary of the PISA 2021 ICT framework guiding the development of the questionnaire. The paper then describes the process followed by the OECD/PISA secretariat for the

  15. Research into Information and Communications Technology in Education

    specifically on the call for researchers to use quantitative methods more in their work. Reasons for potential weaknesses in educational and, more specifically, ICT research are discussed and the 'quantitative deficit' is considered in the light of such key issues as 'fitness for purpose'. ICT research

  16. 500+ Quantitative Research Titles and Topics

    Quantitative research involves collecting and analyzing numerical data to identify patterns, trends, and relationships among variables. This method is widely used in social sciences, psychology, economics, and other fields where researchers aim to understand human behavior and phenomena through statistical analysis. If you are looking for a quantitative research topic, there are numerous areas ...

  17. Technology Research Topics

    This technology research paper can discuss the positive and negative effects of technology in 20 years. 5. The Reliability of Self-Driving Cars. Self-driving cars are one of the most exciting trends in technology today. It is a major technology of the future and one of the controversial technology topics.

  18. The use of ICT in educational organizations: A quantitative analysis

    The main goal of this research is analyse the use of ICT by principals of vocational training institutes and schools of second change in Greece in the administration of these organizations ...

  19. 100+ Best Quantitative Research Topics For Students In 2023

    An example of quantitative research topics for 12 th -grade students will come in handy if you want to score a good grade. Here are some of the best ones: The link between global warming and climate change. What is the greenhouse gas impact on biodiversity and the atmosphere.

  20. 100 Technology Topics for Research Papers

    Relationships and Media. 7. War. 8. Information and Communication Tech. 9. Computer Science and Robotics. Researching technology can involve looking at how it solves problems, creates new problems, and how interaction with technology has changed humankind.

  21. (PDF) Difficulties Encountered By TVL-ICT Computer ...

    The study revealed that the difficulties en countered by work immersi on students with work. immersion supervisors have no relationship with their sex, while work habit and competence were ...


    grade 12-ict quantitative research title compilation chistel kaye prandas • experiencing low speed internet connection among the students during enhance community quarantine • effects of modern technology on generation z • the negative effects of using gadgets among the students joanna traquina • effectiveness and challenges regarding the use of information communication technology ...

  23. (PDF) The Strategies for Using ICT in Smartization of Schools: A

    The Strategies for Using ICT in Smartization of Schools: A Qualitative Study on a Group of Experts March 2017 Interdisciplinary Journal of Virtual Learning in Medical Sciences In Press(In Press ...