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What Is Creative Writing? (Ultimate Guide + 20 Examples)

Creative writing begins with a blank page and the courage to fill it with the stories only you can tell.

I face this intimidating blank page daily–and I have for the better part of 20+ years.

In this guide, you’ll learn all the ins and outs of creative writing with tons of examples.

What Is Creative Writing (Long Description)?

Creative Writing is the art of using words to express ideas and emotions in imaginative ways. It encompasses various forms including novels, poetry, and plays, focusing on narrative craft, character development, and the use of literary tropes.

Bright, colorful creative writer's desk with notebook and typewriter -- What Is Creative Writing

Table of Contents

Let’s expand on that definition a bit.

Creative writing is an art form that transcends traditional literature boundaries.

It includes professional, journalistic, academic, and technical writing. This type of writing emphasizes narrative craft, character development, and literary tropes. It also explores poetry and poetics traditions.

In essence, creative writing lets you express ideas and emotions uniquely and imaginatively.

It’s about the freedom to invent worlds, characters, and stories. These creations evoke a spectrum of emotions in readers.

Creative writing covers fiction, poetry, and everything in between.

It allows writers to express inner thoughts and feelings. Often, it reflects human experiences through a fabricated lens.

Types of Creative Writing

There are many types of creative writing that we need to explain.

Some of the most common types:

  • Short stories
  • Screenplays
  • Flash fiction
  • Creative Nonfiction

Short Stories (The Brief Escape)

Short stories are like narrative treasures.

They are compact but impactful, telling a full story within a limited word count. These tales often focus on a single character or a crucial moment.

Short stories are known for their brevity.

They deliver emotion and insight in a concise yet powerful package. This format is ideal for exploring diverse genres, themes, and characters. It leaves a lasting impression on readers.

Example: Emma discovers an old photo of her smiling grandmother. It’s a rarity. Through flashbacks, Emma learns about her grandmother’s wartime love story. She comes to understand her grandmother’s resilience and the value of joy.

Novels (The Long Journey)

Novels are extensive explorations of character, plot, and setting.

They span thousands of words, giving writers the space to create entire worlds. Novels can weave complex stories across various themes and timelines.

The length of a novel allows for deep narrative and character development.

Readers get an immersive experience.

Example: Across the Divide tells of two siblings separated in childhood. They grow up in different cultures. Their reunion highlights the strength of family bonds, despite distance and differences.

Poetry (The Soul’s Language)

Poetry expresses ideas and emotions through rhythm, sound, and word beauty.

It distills emotions and thoughts into verses. Poetry often uses metaphors, similes, and figurative language to reach the reader’s heart and mind.

Poetry ranges from structured forms, like sonnets, to free verse.

The latter breaks away from traditional formats for more expressive thought.

Example: Whispers of Dawn is a poem collection capturing morning’s quiet moments. “First Light” personifies dawn as a painter. It brings colors of hope and renewal to the world.

Plays (The Dramatic Dialogue)

Plays are meant for performance. They bring characters and conflicts to life through dialogue and action.

This format uniquely explores human relationships and societal issues.

Playwrights face the challenge of conveying setting, emotion, and plot through dialogue and directions.

Example: Echoes of Tomorrow is set in a dystopian future. Memories can be bought and sold. It follows siblings on a quest to retrieve their stolen memories. They learn the cost of living in a world where the past has a price.

Screenplays (Cinema’s Blueprint)

Screenplays outline narratives for films and TV shows.

They require an understanding of visual storytelling, pacing, and dialogue. Screenplays must fit film production constraints.

Example: The Last Light is a screenplay for a sci-fi film. Humanity’s survivors on a dying Earth seek a new planet. The story focuses on spacecraft Argo’s crew as they face mission challenges and internal dynamics.

Memoirs (The Personal Journey)

Memoirs provide insight into an author’s life, focusing on personal experiences and emotional journeys.

They differ from autobiographies by concentrating on specific themes or events.

Memoirs invite readers into the author’s world.

They share lessons learned and hardships overcome.

Example: Under the Mango Tree is a memoir by Maria Gomez. It shares her childhood memories in rural Colombia. The mango tree in their yard symbolizes home, growth, and nostalgia. Maria reflects on her journey to a new life in America.

Flash Fiction (The Quick Twist)

Flash fiction tells stories in under 1,000 words.

It’s about crafting compelling narratives concisely. Each word in flash fiction must count, often leading to a twist.

This format captures life’s vivid moments, delivering quick, impactful insights.

Example: The Last Message features an astronaut’s final Earth message as her spacecraft drifts away. In 500 words, it explores isolation, hope, and the desire to connect against all odds.

Creative Nonfiction (The Factual Tale)

Creative nonfiction combines factual accuracy with creative storytelling.

This genre covers real events, people, and places with a twist. It uses descriptive language and narrative arcs to make true stories engaging.

Creative nonfiction includes biographies, essays, and travelogues.

Example: Echoes of Everest follows the author’s Mount Everest climb. It mixes factual details with personal reflections and the history of past climbers. The narrative captures the climb’s beauty and challenges, offering an immersive experience.

Fantasy (The World Beyond)

Fantasy transports readers to magical and mythical worlds.

It explores themes like good vs. evil and heroism in unreal settings. Fantasy requires careful world-building to create believable yet fantastic realms.

Example: The Crystal of Azmar tells of a young girl destined to save her world from darkness. She learns she’s the last sorceress in a forgotten lineage. Her journey involves mastering powers, forming alliances, and uncovering ancient kingdom myths.

Science Fiction (The Future Imagined)

Science fiction delves into futuristic and scientific themes.

It questions the impact of advancements on society and individuals.

Science fiction ranges from speculative to hard sci-fi, focusing on plausible futures.

Example: When the Stars Whisper is set in a future where humanity communicates with distant galaxies. It centers on a scientist who finds an alien message. This discovery prompts a deep look at humanity’s universe role and interstellar communication.

Watch this great video that explores the question, “What is creative writing?” and “How to get started?”:

What Are the 5 Cs of Creative Writing?

The 5 Cs of creative writing are fundamental pillars.

They guide writers to produce compelling and impactful work. These principles—Clarity, Coherence, Conciseness, Creativity, and Consistency—help craft stories that engage and entertain.

They also resonate deeply with readers. Let’s explore each of these critical components.

Clarity makes your writing understandable and accessible.

It involves choosing the right words and constructing clear sentences. Your narrative should be easy to follow.

In creative writing, clarity means conveying complex ideas in a digestible and enjoyable way.

Coherence ensures your writing flows logically.

It’s crucial for maintaining the reader’s interest. Characters should develop believably, and plots should progress logically. This makes the narrative feel cohesive.


Conciseness is about expressing ideas succinctly.

It’s being economical with words and avoiding redundancy. This principle helps maintain pace and tension, engaging readers throughout the story.

Creativity is the heart of creative writing.

It allows writers to invent new worlds and create memorable characters. Creativity involves originality and imagination. It’s seeing the world in unique ways and sharing that vision.


Consistency maintains a uniform tone, style, and voice.

It means being faithful to the world you’ve created. Characters should act true to their development. This builds trust with readers, making your story immersive and believable.

Is Creative Writing Easy?

Creative writing is both rewarding and challenging.

Crafting stories from your imagination involves more than just words on a page. It requires discipline and a deep understanding of language and narrative structure.

Exploring complex characters and themes is also key.

Refining and revising your work is crucial for developing your voice.

The ease of creative writing varies. Some find the freedom of expression liberating.

Others struggle with writer’s block or plot development challenges. However, practice and feedback make creative writing more fulfilling.

What Does a Creative Writer Do?

A creative writer weaves narratives that entertain, enlighten, and inspire.

Writers explore both the world they create and the emotions they wish to evoke. Their tasks are diverse, involving more than just writing.

Creative writers develop ideas, research, and plan their stories.

They create characters and outline plots with attention to detail. Drafting and revising their work is a significant part of their process. They strive for the 5 Cs of compelling writing.

Writers engage with the literary community, seeking feedback and participating in workshops.

They may navigate the publishing world with agents and editors.

Creative writers are storytellers, craftsmen, and artists. They bring narratives to life, enriching our lives and expanding our imaginations.

How to Get Started With Creative Writing?

Embarking on a creative writing journey can feel like standing at the edge of a vast and mysterious forest.

The path is not always clear, but the adventure is calling.

Here’s how to take your first steps into the world of creative writing:

  • Find a time of day when your mind is most alert and creative.
  • Create a comfortable writing space free from distractions.
  • Use prompts to spark your imagination. They can be as simple as a word, a phrase, or an image.
  • Try writing for 15-20 minutes on a prompt without editing yourself. Let the ideas flow freely.
  • Reading is fuel for your writing. Explore various genres and styles.
  • Pay attention to how your favorite authors construct their sentences, develop characters, and build their worlds.
  • Don’t pressure yourself to write a novel right away. Begin with short stories or poems.
  • Small projects can help you hone your skills and boost your confidence.
  • Look for writing groups in your area or online. These communities offer support, feedback, and motivation.
  • Participating in workshops or classes can also provide valuable insights into your writing.
  • Understand that your first draft is just the beginning. Revising your work is where the real magic happens.
  • Be open to feedback and willing to rework your pieces.
  • Carry a notebook or digital recorder to jot down ideas, observations, and snippets of conversations.
  • These notes can be gold mines for future writing projects.

Final Thoughts: What Is Creative Writing?

Creative writing is an invitation to explore the unknown, to give voice to the silenced, and to celebrate the human spirit in all its forms.

Check out these creative writing tools (that I highly recommend):

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Collection of different lettering style examples.

Artwork by David Bramson from Behance


Explore lettering style options.

From block lettering to calligraphy, a wide array of typography styles is available to artists and designers. Understand the subtleties of different lettering fonts and styles before selecting one for your work.

Not sure which apps are best for you?

Take a minute. We'll help you figure it out.

How to make your mark with lettering.

In art and design, lettering refers to the stylistic creation of typography. Lettering designs are often specially created for individual projects — everything from business letterheads to custom signage and comic book covers — and are more versatile than standard fonts. “When you’re creating something distinct to fit a project or a person, you have more control over lettering and can mold it to fit the space,” notes hand-lettering artist Jen Krause. “It can have more personality and uniqueness.” That’s because every letter, shape, and curve can be custom-tweaked to fit your needs and your vision.

Person practicing writing different types of lettering.

It’s important to differentiate between lettering styles and fonts. Where lettering refers to stylistic, custom typography, a font is defined as a set of characters and letters in one uniform style and size. While you can adjust the  kerning  and size of fonts, they’re more rigid to work with than creating your own. But  starting with a font  — rather than starting each letter from scratch — can save time and spark new ideas for creating custom lettering. “When you’re learning, starting with a general typeface design isn’t a bad idea,” designer and artist Robin Casey says. It gives you a frame of reference to start from, and you can use it as a wireframe.”

Traditional calligraphy.

Calligraphy is the design and creation of hand lettering with a brush or other writing tool. Traditional calligraphy covers specific hand-lettering styles, like Copperplate and Spencerian, that were created with distinct strokes and formations. Rules govern the shape and execution of these letters, similarly to a font.

Gothic lettering.

One traditional form of calligraphic lettering is Gothic, sometimes called “black letter.” This script style was used extensively throughout medieval Europe and was created by making heavy downstrokes with the brush. Forms of it were also used in early printing presses. Nowadays, you’ll often see black letter or gothic lettering in tattoos or signage.

Modern calligraphy.

Modern calligraphy is any form of calligraphy that’s untraditional in its looser, more organic form. Script, cursive, and brush lettering are all viewed as modern calligraphy, contributing to its recent rise in popularity. While traditionally done with ink or brush pens on paper, new apps like  Adobe Fresco  are bringing calligraphy into the digital world.

Serif lettering.

Serifs are the small lines or marks  added to the ends of letters in certain typography styles. These tapers are sometimes called “tails” or “feet” and can lend a more formal look to your lettering. Serif letters can also take on an ornate, stylistic look when flourishes are added for decorative purposes.

Sans serif lettering.

Any lettering without serifs is categorized as being in the sans serif style. Without tails, this lettering style looks modern and clean. Styles like monoline (where lines are all the same weight) and block letters (where the letters never connect or touch) fall into this category.

New lettering styles.

New lettering trends are always emerging and changing. Consider different styles like graffiti lettering or that developed from cultural trends and took on a life of their own. Current events impact design, so always keep an eye out for new fonts and lettering styles that arise with the times to stay on trend.

How to achieve stellar lettering with digital tools.

Entering the world of lettering is an artistic endeavor, one with even more creative options when done digitally. With the right software, you have control over every curve and line to achieve the exact letterform your project demands. Here are a few lettering tutorials and insights to get you started.

Selecting a brush tool in a photo editing program.

  • Follow this  walk-through of digital calligraphy  and see how you can transform hand-drawn lettering into a calligraphic font. Tweak and edit your letters to create the specific strokes you want.
  • Beginning with a hand-drawn design,  artist Martina Flor refines her concept  in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to create a stunning script font.
  • You can also turn hand-drawn sketches into a digital form using Adobe Capture, like artist Esther Loopstra. Sketching by hand can be a good first step if you don’t have a drawing tablet.
  • If you want to jump right in with digital,  sketch your lettering design freehand in Adobe Fresco . With thousands of brushes available, you can create any kind of calligraphy imaginable.

“When you’re learning lettering, there is no right or wrong way to do it,” Casey says. Get started and discover the way that works best for you.

Different ways to find lettering inspiration.

When looking for new lettering ideas, keep your eyes open to all sorts of creative influences. “I look at people’s handwriting on old recipe cards and handwritten letters,” says Krause. The world of lettering is wide and varied, so take a look at projects like these to fuel your imagination.

Unique use of letter styling in this tattoo company logo.

Artwork by Mateusz Witczak from Behance

Example of lettering that includes intricate drawing.

Artwork by Jamie Clarke from Behance

Lettering style that is integrated into the total piece of art.

  • Explore artist David Bramson’s 365 days of lettering  and see if any new styles catch your eye.
  • See how Mateusz Witczak experiments with serifs and western themes in his  lettering designs on Behance .
  • If you’re looking for even more variety,  Jessica Gracia’s individual letterform designs  could inspire creativity.
  • The beauty is in the details in Jamie Clarke’s intricate letter design. See how he  transforms a simple letterform into a detailed illustration .

Remember, according to Krause, “you’re not perfect, but you’re also constantly improving and perfecting your lettering skills.” Lettering takes practice to master, so be patient with yourself and have fun as you jump in and create something new.


Robin Casey

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Why we love creative writing prompts

If you've ever sat in front of a computer or notebook and felt the urge to start creating worlds, characters, and storylines — all the while finding yourself unable to do so — then you've met the author's age-old foe: writer's block. There's nothing more frustrating than finding the time but not the words to be creative. Enter our directory! If you're ready to kick writer's block to the curb and finally get started on your short story or novel, these unique story ideas might just be your ticket.

This list of 1800+ creative writing prompts has been created by the Reedsy team to help you develop a rock-solid writing routine. As all aspiring authors know, this is the #1 challenge — and solution! — for reaching your literary goals. Feel free to filter through different genres, which include...

Dramatic — If you want to make people laugh and cry within the same story, this might be your genre.

Funny — Whether satire or slapstick, this is an opportunity to write with your funny bone.

Romance — One of the most popular commercial genres out there. Check out these story ideas out if you love writing about love.

Fantasy — The beauty of this genre is that the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

Dystopian – Explore the shadowy side of human nature and contemporary technology in dark speculative fiction.

Mystery — From whodunnits to cozy mysteries, it's time to bring out your inner detective.

Thriller and Suspense — There's nothing like a page-turner that elicits a gasp of surprise at the end.

High School — Encourage teens to let their imaginations run free.

Want to submit your own story ideas to help inspire fellow writers? Send them to us here.

After you find the perfect story idea

Finding inspiration is just one piece of the puzzle. Next, you need to refine your craft skills — and then display them to the world. We've worked hard to create resources that help you do just that! Check them out:

  • How to Write a Short Story That Gets Published — a free, ten-day course by Laura Mae Isaacman, a full-time editor who runs a book editing company in Brooklyn.
  • Best Literary Magazines of 2023 — a directory of 100+ reputable magazines that accept unsolicited submissions.
  • Writing Contests in 2023 — the finest contests of 2021 for fiction and non-fiction authors of short stories, poetry, essays, and more.

Beyond creative writing prompts: how to build a writing routine

While writing prompts are a great tactic to spark your creative sessions, a writer generally needs a couple more tools in their toolbelt when it comes to developing a rock-solid writing routine . To that end, here are a few more additional tips for incorporating your craft into your everyday life.

  • NNWT. Or, as book coach Kevin Johns calls it , “Non-Negotiable Writing Time.” This time should be scheduled into your routine, whether that’s once a day or once a week. Treat it as a serious commitment, and don’t schedule anything else during your NNWT unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  • Set word count goals. And make them realistic! Don’t start out with lofty goals you’re unlikely to achieve. Give some thought to how many words you think you can write a week, and start there. If you find you’re hitting your weekly or daily goals easily, keep upping the stakes as your craft time becomes more ingrained in your routine.
  • Talk to friends and family about the project you’re working on. Doing so means that those close to you are likely to check in about the status of your piece — which in turn keeps you more accountable.

Arm yourself against writer’s block. Writer’s block will inevitably come, no matter how much story ideas initially inspire you. So it’s best to be prepared with tips and tricks you can use to keep yourself on track before the block hits. You can find 20 solid tips here — including how to establish a relationship with your inner critic and apps that can help you defeat procrastination or lack of motivation.


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Table of contents

  • Made with Copyfolio
  • Portfolio Tips

13 Creative Writing Portfolio Examples & How to Create Yours

Author's profile picture

Just as you need inspiration for writing, it also helps with putting together your writing portfolio . We’re here to provide you with exactly that, in the form of 13 creative writing portfolio examples.

They’re portfolio websites from different kinds of creative writers: some do poetry, some scriptwriting, some copywriting… One thing is for sure though: you’ll leave with ideas, excitement, and a clear vision of how to make your ideas come to life in your own portfolio.

Read until the end because we'll also show you how you can build yours easily, in 5 simple steps.

Create your site now

13 creative writing portfolio examples & why they’re excellent

1. macy fidel.

The portfolio website of Macy Fidel, creative non-fiction writer, featuring a brown background and six creative writing samples

Macy used Copyfolio's Premier template and "Cardboard Clip" color palette to create her portfolio

This portfolio is great because...

  • It has a crystal-clear tagline: you'll know at first glance what Macy does
  • The projects are upfront: you don't need to search and click around to check out Macy's writing skills and style
  • The homepage has a great about section with a CTA: you can find out a little more about her and know exactly what to do if you'd like to know more
  • The bold background color makes it memorable amongst simple white portfolio websites

2. Esa Haddad

The creative writing portfolio of communications and writing professional Esa Haddad

Esa's portfolio was made with Copyfolio's "Wallscape" template

  • It beautifully shows how a creative writer can do more than just that. He's also a communications professional, doing technical and academic writing next to his creative and poetic endeavors.
  • With a black background and white text , this site stands out. Having such a canvas makes it easy for bolder headlines and images to pop, leading the eyes nicely along the page.
  • It has an easy way for you to get in touch. All you need to do is click the LinkedIn icon to visit his profile or navigate to the contact page to find out more.

3. Julia Tula

The portfolio of creative writer Julia Tula, featuring her resume, introduction and seven writing samples

Julia created her portfolio with Copyfolio's "Artboard" template

  • It has an aesthetic and consistent design. Using simple squares for thumbnails, in colors matching the color palette pulls the whole site's design together.
  • Julia shows a great variety of creative writing pieces in her projects, including discussions about the theory of creative writing, creative non-fiction short stories, and fiction writing as well.
  • It showcases Julia's brilliant writing skills with every word she's written on the site. From the tagline, to her about me section, it's all written beautifully.

4. Larissa Vasquez

The writing portfolio website of Larissa Vasquez. The homepage says: I am glad you are here. Welcome. Writer in training.

Larissa created her site with the legacy version of Copyfolio's "Billboard" template .

  • It sets the mood for her writing portfolio with a white, beige, and brown color scheme.
  • The homepage features a photo of scraps of paper on the top —very fitting for a writer.
  • Choosing a photo of herself with similar colors , then creating custom beige and brown project thumbnails really pulled it all together.
  • It has a simple layout. On the homepage, Larissa added a short introduction, then dove right into her writing samples . This makes it easy for everyone to read her pieces and see her writing skills shine.

5. Andrea Arcia

The portfolio page of writer, editor, and upcoming novelist, Andrea Arcia

Andrea created her portfolio with the legacy version of Copyfolio's "Letterpress" template

  • Andrea used a constantly changing, but cohesive layout to keep you interested and engaged, even with a lot of text on the page.
  • She started out with three projects in a portfolio grid but then went on to use columns to display text, adding images every second block. This is a great way if you want to introduce projects or showcase longer stories or poems without overwhelming your visitors.

6. Hannah Rogers

The creative writing portfolio of Hannah Rodgers, introducing her and her writing services and best creative writing samples.

Hannah created her writer website using Copyfolio, and the “Typewriter” template .

  • You'll know who Hannah is and what she does right away. She's a versatile creative writer and editor, currently sailing with Firmenich.
  • It's easy to learn about her background too : after finishing her degree in English and Creative Writing, she perfected her skills, now offering copywriting, concept content creation, editing, and more.
  • Her fields of expertise are also clear : creative writing, brand storytelling, and editing. Displayed with short descriptions for each, it's the perfect way to introduce them.
  • It has great creative writing project displays . In the title, you can see her role (e.g. writer, creative lead, producer) —then you can check each piece published online if you click through.

Overall, the portfolio flows well, it’s clear at every step where you need to look, and she showcases her expertise wonderfully.

7. Shweta Shreyarthi

Two screenshots of the writing portfolio of creative Shweta Shreyarthi, which has a brilliant structure and clear layout

A brilliant structure and clear layout, if we do say so ourselves. She created it with Copyfolio .

  • Shweta decided to use a crips white canvas, simple black text, and black and white photos as the base of her site. But to shake it up a little, she’s using an orange accent color, and a pastel but colorful background photo for a few of her sections.
  • She has an amazing creative writing portfolio page , where she outlines what she does: she’s a creative communicator, using her copywriting and content creation skills in her work.
  • Her expertise is illustrated with work samples , and supplemented with short explanations. You can explore her work in different categories: social media, executive communications, proposal writing, website copywriting, and more.
  • The portfolio has a great variety of projects. In each category, she included 2-4 samples for visitors to check: illustrating them with a picture, writing a very brief description (with the client + category), and adding a clear CTA with a link.

8. Magd Elzahed

Two screenshots of Magd Elzahed's creative website.

Magd made her creative writing portfolio with Copyfolio, using the “Typewriter” template .

  • It has a distinctive and consistent branding , with the black-and-white top section and typewriter-like serif fonts.
  • Shows Magd's mission upfront. She makes it clear that her aim is “to bring your ideas to life through the power of language.”
  • an on-brand picture to illustrate it,
  • a clear title with the name of the client,
  • a short description of what the project was about,
  • and a call-to-action button.
  • Makes it easy to find out even more about each project if you're interested. Clicking on the buttons takes you to a page going into more detail on what exactly the project entailed, what her task was, and how the final results turned out.
  • It has a lot more information available on additional pages: you can read about her journey, services, references, and more.

9. Charlie Labbett

The portfolio website of Charlie Labbett, featuring four of his creative writing samples as projects

Charlie's portfolio website was made with Copyfolio's "Typewriter" template

  • The dark background makes it different from most creative writing portfolios. It also helps the lighter text and silver graphics to pop and draw your attention to them.
  • Has a clear tagline , from which you'll know that Charlie's focus is writing horror, science fiction, and fantasy stories within the realm of creative writing.
  • It showcases multiple types of writing projects: extracts from longer-form pieces alongside some poetry work. This shows how versatile his writing skills are.

10. Melissa Wade

Screenshot of Melissa Wade's creative writing portfolio website, featuring a banner advertising her writing

This lovely portfolio website was built with Copyfolio, using one of the legacy templates, “Agenda” .

  • It showcases the many talents Melissa has. She’s an Amazon best-selling author, content creator, brand ambassador, and more.
  • Right at the start, she grabs readers’ attention with a strong headline. How? By talking not about herself per se —but about what she can provide them .
  • She also added a nicely designed banner. On it are the things you’d typically write in that tagline: what it is exactly that you do, illustrated with more pictures of her and her book.
  • The portfolio site uses pictures with harmonizing colors. The pink in her blouse matches the background of the banner and the colorful wall. It helped her create a professional look and stylish design.

11. Lara Ramirez

The portfolio of creative copywriter Lara Ramirez, showcasing five writing projects, with mockups and custom illustrations on their thumbnails

Lara built a fun and creative writing portfolio using Copyfolio’s “Journal” template .

  • It sticks to one, cohesive color palette. See how she chose just a handful of colors, all matching her site’s palette, and only used them throughout the site? Follow her lead to ensure a great look for your own creative writing portfolio too!
  • It features fun and unique design elements. Using simple blobs and flower shapes as the background of photos and mockups gives the portfolio a youthful and fun personality.
  • Lara used mockups in her project thumbnails , which is an amazing way to elevate a portfolio and make it look even more professional.

12. Deeya Sonalkar

Screenshot of the black and white portfolio website of creative writer Deeya Sonalkar

This creative writing portfolio website was made with Copyfolio’s “Journal’ template , combined with the “Charcoal” color palette.

  • It sets the tone for a true creative writer portfolio with a Hemingway quote: “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”
  • Deeya builds rapport with a portrait and a short introduction talking about her life-long passion for writing.
  • It showcases her various projects , with the thumbnails mostly leading to websites and social media profiles she’s worked on. So visitors can see her words live, in action.
  • The website has a consistent design , only using black-and-white images, and simple black text on a white background.

13. Genie Smith

The author website and creative writing portfolio of Genie Smith.

Genie created her portfolio with one of Copyfolio's legacy templates, "Agenda"

  • Genie uses images intentionally , to set the mood: hands in black and white, a typewriter, windows, etc.
  • It has a deeper purpose other than just showcasing creative writing work . Formerly dealing with mental health issues, Genie turned to writing to help her heal herself —and to help others.
  • The layout leads you along the page, keeping you interested . First, you can learn about the big picture of her life and work, then learn more about her, and in the end, check her writing pieces.

Choose a creative writing portfolio template & create your page easily. Make it happen, it's free.

How to build your creative writing portfolio based on these examples

Checking out examples and getting ideas is an important first step… But then you’ll have to actually get started. Don’t worry, we’ll help you with the building process: we’ll outline how to create a stunning creative writing portfolio in just 5 easy steps.

1. Choose a platform & create an account

The first and maybe most important choice you’ll have to make is choosing a platform to build your portfolio website. Our recommendation is Copyfolio, a portfolio website builder that was designed for writers. It’s incredibly fast and easy to use, giving you all the help you need to create something powerful.

When you sign up, you can pick your profession (e.g. creative writer) and the goal of your site. Based on these, Copyfolio will generate a starter site for you.

The page and types of sections on them will be determined by your goal, while all the content inside the sections will be based on your profession. And yes, the latter applies to newly added sections too!

This will give you lots of ideas about what to write and where. All you'll have to do is personalize the text here and there and upload your own pictures. This leads us to the second step, to...

2. Personalize the content of your pages

You'll have an almost-complete site on your hands, but you still have to make it yours. So go over your pages and personalize their contents.

The most important part will be the top of your homepage. That's what everyone sees at first —and whether they'll keep checking your portfolio will depend on it too.

If you chose a writing portfolio template with a photo at the top, then try to find a nice picture of yourself to upload there. That'll help build rapport with your visitors.

If you're not comfortable putting yourself out there like that, you can choose a template with no picture, or upload a decorative one like Macy or Julia did above.

3. Add your creative writing samples

Once the basics are done, it’s time to add your projects. Creative writing samples give viewers a chance to see your writing skills in action and as such, they’re an essential part of your portfolio.

(Need a little help with writing yours? Check out our writing sample templates !)

Make sure you choose thumbnail images for them that all go together color- and design-wise, and add 4-6 of them for a good variety.

In Copyfolio , you can add 3 types of projects: case study pages, PDF files, or external links. Whichever you choose, we'll add a thumbnail image for you. When someone clicks on it, the project will open, in the case of PDFs and external links, in a new tab.

4. Set a custom portfolio URL

To put the cherry on top of a professional creative writing portfolio website, you should set a custom URL for it.

If you're not a freelancer, you can simply customize the ending of your URL. In that case, it's going to look something like this: https://copyfol.io/v/dorka —that's the link to our writer's own site, actually.

If you have bigger plans for personal branding, expanding your career, or going freelance, it's best you get a proper domain. You can buy one right in Copyfolio that'll be automatically connected to your site. Or if you've bought one already somewhere else, you can easily connect that too.

+1: Customize your extra settings : SEO, favicon, and more

This 5th step is not essential —that's why we named it a +1. But these little things can add a lot to the overall feel and performance of your portfolio. So if you have the time, we recommend you to go through them and customize each to your brand.

Extra things you could do are:

  • Optimizing your SEO settings. You can write custom meta titles and descriptions for each page + upload a preview image that appears when the page is shared online.
  • Set a custom favicon. It's the browser icon that appears next to the name of your page and it helps people to recognize your site amongst all the tabs they have open.
  • Write a blog. All it takes is adding a blog section and clicking the "Add new blog post button" and your blog is ready to go. It's amazing to showcase your writing skills and share your musings with the world.
  • Finetune your design. In Copyfolio, you can switch up the look of your site in one click, using global palettes and presets. Play around with the colors and fonts to see which one matches your brand the most.

Create your site now

Create your creative writing portfolio with Copyfolio!

Sounds pretty easy, right? And even if you have questions along the way, the blog and the in-app prompts and guiding questions will be there to give a helping hand. The Copyfolio Team is also always just an email away.

Give it a try, create your creative writing portfolio for free with Copyfolio today!

Author's profile picture

Dorka Kardos-Latif

Digital marketer & portfolio expert, the face behind all content on Copyfolio 👋

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Pencil rocket for Writely

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Frau Text (Woman text)

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Electron trajectories in aspect of science around fountain pen.

Writing logo with the title 'Create the logo for Get Wine Awesome, a company that will be the way people get wine smart.'

Create the logo for Get Wine Awesome, a company that will be the way people get wine smart.

This idea I get after reading a brief I am confused because brief is very long From there I got the idea of writing a lot of background to find the meaning of wine :)

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Ghostwriters - Brewing Company Logo design

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Logo design for Schütze.

Schütze is an English-German Translator. The customer wanted the logo to contain a fountain pen and refer to the name "Schütze", which means archer. That's why in the tip of the pen I placed a subtle arrow. Everything in simple and transparent form.

Writing logo with the title 'Negative space use in logo design'

Negative space use in logo design

AVAILABLE FOR SALE If you happen to have a business that includes "pencil" in its name, this beauty can be yours :) With a smart use of the negative space, this logo is simple, sophisticated and memorable.

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Logo design for a writer

Simple and clean design despite a huge amount of wording. The feather-icon is hand drawn.

Writing logo with the title 'Youthful Logo Design for OurThinking'

Youthful Logo Design for OurThinking

This organization writes and and distributes meaningful stories. So here it is - fresh and eye-catching design that will inspire young women to write incredible stories.

Writing logo with the title 'Winning logo design for a writing related website'

Winning logo design for a writing related website

Winning logo design for a writing related website.

Writing logo with the title 'Creative Logo concept for WALLACE - premium software for writers and bloggers'

Creative Logo concept for WALLACE - premium software for writers and bloggers

Since the business is directed towards writers, I thought a logo made from punctuation marks would be quite fit. So, I made the 'W' from slashes and comma/quotation mark and framed it with accolades. A mixture of modern and classic was requested, therefore I completed the design with a nice, classical font for the title.

Writing logo with the title 'ReguDocs'

This design represents a design for real state contracts and mortgage.

Writing logo with the title 'Read - Write - Ignite Logo Design'

Read - Write - Ignite Logo Design

the overall concept meaning is to ignite people to read and write.

Writing logo with the title 'Creating a logo for recording musician / sound designer Ian McIntosh.'

Creating a logo for recording musician / sound designer Ian McIntosh.

Logo design for musician who designs sounds for keyboardists/pianists who use software to record.

Writing logo with the title 'Storytelling'


Writing logo with the title 'Education'

Concept for this design is simple, owl represents wisdom, and pen symbolize learning. Design is both young and serious enough for young and older pupils.

Writing logo with the title 'Unused Logo design for Book Publishing Company '

Unused Logo design for Book Publishing Company

I'm trying to combine the image of a "pen", "books" and a "hot air balloon (adventure)". This Logo doesn't have a home yet and is available for purchase.

Writing logo with the title 'Lulu'

Wine bottle with pen

Writing logo with the title 'book logo'

The logo is unsold and AVAILABLE. Contact me via 1-to-1 projects.

Writing logo with the title 'Logo Design Concept for a Creative Writing School'

Logo Design Concept for a Creative Writing School

Writing logo with the title 'Blog on the Plane'

Blog on the Plane

Logo design for JoJoJet was fun to work on. Design is simple and playful, showing Plane and Pen, as if the Plane is flying and writing at a same time.

Writing logo with the title 'Cathy Lara Words & Wellness'

Cathy Lara Words & Wellness

The concept is combining plant and a pen together in a hand-drawn style.

Writing logo with the title 'New logo for a health & wellness writer'

New logo for a health & wellness writer

Content writer for health and wellness companies in North America.

Writing logo with the title 'Logo design and Brand Guide for Publishing Co'

Logo design and Brand Guide for Publishing Co

It was a great pleasure for me to design the Logo and Brand Guide for Longpath Publishing Company. Their mission is to support writers, authors, and creators who are passionate about creating content that will shape the way humanity approaches life for generations to come. Longpath Publishing is committed to creating meaningful and transformative content, and their aim is to cultivate a community of change-makers who can make a positive difference in the world. With their unique brand strategy in mind, my goal was to create a visual statement that reflects all the aspects of their work.

Writing logo with the title 'Creation's Lost Creation'

Creation's Lost Creation

Contest proposal for a story teller and writer

Writing logo with the title 'Logo concept for a publisher'

Logo concept for a publisher

A concept for a logo. Publishing and editing. Not going to win, so if you like it and want this applied to your business or company, it will be available over 1-to-1 projects.

Writing logo with the title 'logo for central de escruita'

logo for central de escruita

Writing logo with the title 'WR LOGO'

Vintage logo for the book publishing company

Symbolic red feather incorporated into the circle gives a very personal touch of the logo.

Writing logo with the title 'Polyglot storyteller and communicator - Laschet Kommunikasjon'

Polyglot storyteller and communicator - Laschet Kommunikasjon

It's all about languages, speaking and writing. As for the speaking part - comic-type speech balloon. Font: "artistic" handwritten type.

Writing logo with the title 'Minimal book writer logo.'

Minimal book writer logo.

This logo is a play of a "pen" and a book. Suitable for writers , editors and other related field This Logo doesn't have a home yet and is available for purchase . Contact me for more details.

Writing logo with the title 'Qwoted'

Combined a quill as a writing tool, with a speech bubble as a symbol of communication.

Writing logo with the title 'Typographic logo for MB notes'

Typographic logo for MB notes

Typographic logo based on MB initials (MB notes). The logo is part of rebranding and website rebuilding for writing / reading blog. The soft and subtle color scheme is evoking sand tones and the beach, which is the home of the author and its shades of red and brown.

Writing logo with the title 'Bonzai jurney logo'

Bonzai jurney logo

Unused & available logo looking for a new owner, check my service page for details. Modern and minimalist logo design with a touch of negative space.

Writing logo with the title 'Logo for porn4poets'

Logo for porn4poets

Writing logo with the title 'Narrative '

Logo for management consulting services and HR outsourcing.

Calligraphic logo of a bright red colour, the interweaving of one line forming the shape of two letter L & S.

Writing logo with the title 'Plots'

Storyline tools for writers

Writing logo with the title 'Logo for writer'

Logo for writer

An elegant, feminine, and romantic logo for a romance writer.

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Shannon Mayer

Writer - Edgy fantasy/weapons and magic

Writing logo with the title 'Bold logo for web application '

Bold logo for web application

The main idea in this contest was to make some design like a combination of fish and book. I'm really glad that I found the way to combine this elements in bold and clever symbol. In the same time, I paid attention that this symbol can be used like a app icon in the future. As you can see, app icons looks pretty well. Unfortunately, this logo stays with me for now and that mean that he is still available for sale.

Writing logo with the title 'Musings and More'

Musings and More

Personal Blog written by a female.

Writing logo with the title 'Tape Write'

Sydney Electric Services

modern logo with the name SES( sydney electric services). and an oval circle that circles it the service of the Sydney Electric logo.

Writing logo with the title 'Modern, sleek, clean & creative logo for new media company'

Modern, sleek, clean & creative logo for new media company

Modern, sleek, clean & creative logo for new media company. That was a demand and I this is what I made.

Writing logo with the title 'Content Owl'

Content Owl

Content writing serices

Writing logo with the title 'Reunion: The Dallas Review'

Reunion: The Dallas Review

Reunion: The Dallas Review is a creative writing + arts journal.

Writing logo with the title 'Spotlightly'


Logo for a social network for writers, actors, and casting directors

Writing logo with the title 'Content Gather'

Content Gather

Writing logo with the title 'The Arty Aquarian'

The Arty Aquarian

Such an honor working with this inspiring client!

Writing logo with the title 'Simple and elegant logo for colorist - Jennifer Brown'

Simple and elegant logo for colorist - Jennifer Brown

Writing logo with the title 'Creative Unique Butterfly Logo For Boutique'

Creative Unique Butterfly Logo For Boutique

In this logo I have design unique creative elegant Butterfly for the Company "CraftworksCopy" and the font I used also complement the the logo.

Writing logo with the title 'The Scoop'

Have been working in an interesting project from my nicest Client. The Scoop itself is a blog of Poker term. The client wanted the logo to be adapted from an ice scoop and signs of poker. It was hard to find some references. However finally we dealt with this concept as the winner. :) Would like to work with you again!

Writing logo with the title 'Tree Stories'

Tree Stories

Writing logo with the title 'Create new InterPals logo'

Create new InterPals logo

Writing logo with the title 'Smith Edition'

Smith Edition

Writing logo with the title 'simple  and  powerful logo'

simple and powerful logo

simple and powerful logo for writing agency

Writing logo with the title 'Wisdom'

Rooster Writing

Copy and content writer

Writing logo with the title 'Bulb Logo Concept'

Bulb Logo Concept

Available For Purchase Via 1-to-1

Writing logo with the title 'Global travel'

Global travel

Available to buy. A logo for a polymath, covering several industries, this logo referenced them all. Architecture, in the precise line drawing, travel in the compass, Photography in the aperture, writing in the hand-written font.

Writing logo with the title 'When life gives you lemons'

When life gives you lemons

Available to buy. A depiction of a lemon segment styled to look as though it's formed from rock.

Writing logo with the title 'Typewrite Key Monogram'

Typewrite Key Monogram

Available to buy. This logo was intended for a blogger who wrote about their experiences touring flea markets. Vintage typewriters, aside from their own beauty as objects are sometimes broken down into jewellery and I've seen typewriter keys made into rings.

Writing logo with the title 'Modern Pencil Logo'

Modern Pencil Logo

Writing logo with the title 'Grover Consulting Logo Design'

Grover Consulting Logo Design

A logo made for marketing & copywriting consulting for B2B tech companies.

Writing logo with the title 'Legal Adventuress Logo'

Legal Adventuress Logo

Legal Adventuress is a travel blog written by a female attorney. The goal is to inspire wanderlust while recognizing that most people will not be able to quit their full time jobs to travel the world.

Writing logo with the title 'Logo for career website.'

Logo for career website.

Logo for website helping people write better CV's.

Writing logo with the title 'logo for architecture of words (based on conversation symbol)'

logo for architecture of words (based on conversation symbol)

The logo is for a personal writing and photography blog (based on conversation symbol to reflect the idea of architecture of words)

Writing logo with the title 'Kirsten Sonya Hansen Logo'

Kirsten Sonya Hansen Logo

Beautiful hand drawing logogram meets hand drawing style typeface to presents the self branding.

Writing logo with the title 'Geometric Pencil Logo'

Geometric Pencil Logo

Writing logo with the title 'SueLutions-research&writing needs a new logo'

SueLutions-research&writing needs a new logo

Writing logo with the title 'Logo for Podcast about serious writing ....1'

Logo for Podcast about serious writing ....1

didn't want to use the obvious overused microphone approach for podcast branding anymore

Writing logo with the title 'Photo-realistic logo concept for keyboard related mobile applications'

Photo-realistic logo concept for keyboard related mobile applications

Photo-realistic logo for keyboard/typing related mobile app icons. An old typewriter is used for the icon which is given a vibrant red color for visual interest. Icon includes a typewriter body, keyboards and a paper.

Writing logo with the title 'Reporter Write Now'

Reporter Write Now

Writing logo with the title 'her 9 lives'

her 9 lives

Writing logo with the title 'Minimalistic blog logo'

Minimalistic blog logo

Writing logo with the title 'Create a Logo for a Science-Fiction and Fantasy Author'

Create a Logo for a Science-Fiction and Fantasy Author

Writing logo with the title 'Newlywed Note Generator Company Logo'

Newlywed Note Generator Company Logo

A pencil cleverly shaped into a knot, mirroring the symbol of infinity. This not only speaks volumes about the essence of marriage but also serves as a delightful play on the company's name, adding a touch of intrigue to the design.

Writing logo with the title 'Cognifyd'

Humans & Machines. I sketched, combined, then designed this logo for Cognifyd, a company that offers proofreading and other services using artificial intelligence. There was a lot of competition in this contest but it's one of the best I had in a long time. I also must mention that the contest holder was excellent and professional, he rated every single design and was very active.

Writing logo with the title 'head pen'

head pen writter

Writing logo with the title 'Coastology'

Coastology logo

Writing logo with the title 'High-school assignments & essays institution'

High-school assignments & essays institution

- Quill is bold and dynamic to make it look youthful and friendly, but still professional. - Hairs of the feather is a combination of the letters 'MME', short for Mark My Essay. - Text is solid and steady but catchy, represents trust and sophistication.

Writing logo with the title 'Style Idol'

Winery Logo Design

The client wanted an elegant, handcrafted logo, to match their artisanal, unique wines. They also wanted a feather incorporated in it, because the name "Biro" is both the name of the man who invented the ball-point pen (which in earlier days was a feather) and it also means judge in Hungarian (who used a feather as a pen to sign decrees, in previous times). Thus, I decided to design an elegant hand drawn logo, with a feather incorporated in the writting that looks like it is writing itself.

Writing logo with the title 'Logo concept for talking and music'

Logo concept for talking and music

CH want his logo to be curving, elegant with symbolism, which goes in the direction of writing, words, music.

Writing logo with the title 'Logo concept for a writing program'

Logo concept for a writing program

Writing logo with the title 'Logo for a paid online writing community'

Logo for a paid online writing community

The logo has a concept of a feather in hand writing a word "SKRIV!"

Writing logo with the title 'EG'

Edizioni Giuridiche

pieman by E-T

Writing logos not a good fit? Try something else:

It all starts with a writing logo.

Whether you're brand new or on brand two (or three!), we've got a solution that'll suit your business and elevate your branding.

Examples of various logo designs created using logomaker

Free Logomaker

Create your writing logo design in minutes. It's fast, free and oh-so-easy. The perfect way to get started, or use it as inspiration for our designers to level up your branding.

Examples of various designers that may participate in the logo contest

Run a logo contest

Take your branding further. Get dozens of professional, custom writing logo options from our community of freelance designers, and experience next-level creative direction.

What makes a good writing logo?

A great logo shows the world what you stand for, makes people remember your brand, and helps potential customers understand if your product is right for them. Logos communicate all of that through color, shape and other design elements. Learn how to make your writing logo tell your brand’s story.

Writing logo with the title 'Writely'

Types of logos There are 7 different types of logos. They’re all a combination of image and typography, but each gives your brand a distinct feel... Keep reading
Logo colors Choosing the right logo colors can highlight your business’ strengths and help you attract the right customers... Keep reading
Logo shapes The shape of your logo can tell customers if your company is friendly or serious, scientific or artistic, traditional or cutting edge... Keep reading


12 best writing portfolio examples and how to create your own

  • Brandi Hunter
  • Dec 18, 2023

Get started by: Creating a website →  | Getting a domain →

writing portfolio examples

When it comes to starting a business  around your writing, visibility is everything. The more well-curated and attention-grabbing your writing is, the higher the chance that potential clients and publications will notice your talent. Making a website  that presents your writing portfolio can help introduce the industry to your talent and invite new work.

You may be thinking, “I’m a writer, not a website designer”—that’s where Wix can help. Its templates and beginner-friendly website builder make getting started as straightforward as it can get. To get the creative juices flowing, here are 12 writing portfolio examples from Wix users. Later on, we’ll provide a more straightforward step-by-step guide to building your own.

Start building your online portfolio  with Wix today.

12 writing portfolio examples

Jed Donahue

Sam Carlson Creative

Lauryn Higgins

Jessica Van Devanter

Madison Gray

Jane-Ellen Robinet

Christina Sterbenz

Bryn Dippold

Charlotte Kho

Emma Newell

Maddie Pfeiffer

Rachel A.G. Gilman

01. Jed Donahue

Jed Donahue’s website is a great example of how speaking to your client’s pain points can compel them to reach out. The homepage header copy, “When you need great content, I’m here to help,” focuses on the customer’s needs. Testimonials from previous clients provide proof that Jed can deliver results. Meanwhile, the “What I can do for you” section gives a practical breakdown of the workflow and services that clients can expect.

Jed Donahue's writing portfolio example

02. Sam Carlson

Sam Carlson takes his writing portfolio a step further by putting his client work front and center. He highlights his creative flair and prowess as a copywriter by including engaging introductions for each case study. Every project page boasts a concise and clever summary, followed by the client's logo and key project assets. Additionally, his "Fun" page, which presents his personal projects, offers a glimpse of his hobbies and talents outside of writing.

Sam Carlson's writing portfolio example

03. Lauryn Higgins

If you, like Lauryn Higgins , have an extensive writing portfolio that includes several bylines with well-known media companies, you can strategically add publication logos to your website and link them to your author pages to show off your credibility. On her “Awards and Publications” page, she features snapshots of some of her best clips, along with several awards.

Lauryn Higgins's writing portfolio example

04. Jessica Van Devanter 

If you don’t have any visual content to display and don’t want to go through the process of finding a set of free-to-use visuals that match your branding and content, take a look at Jessica Van Devanter’s writing portfolio. By making the site’s design the focal point, she bypasses the need for external graphics or images that may not align with her branding. 

Her logo, a shrewd-looking fox, serves as the background for the large header, which captures the viewer's attention upon arrival. Below it, a mountain graphic underlays the main content area, providing a sense of continuity without overpowering the text. 

The structure of each page is reminiscent of a timeline, with her written works positioned as milestones, guiding visitors through her professional journey. The bright green and white font colors provide a deliberate contrast against the muted blue background, ensuring readability and drawing the eye to her written work.

Use Wix’s logo maker  to start building out your personal brand.

Jessica Van Devanter's writing portfolio example

05. Madison Gray

As a writer and an artist, Madison Gray masterfully demonstrates both skill sets throughout her portfolio. Pairing her highlighted works with original images draws visitors in and creates a visually engaging narrative of her talents. Each project page indicates which skills she utilized to complete the project, offering a comprehensive understanding of her multifaceted abilities.

Madison Gray's writing portfolio example

06. Jane-Ellen Robinet  

Jane-Ellen Robinet limits her writing portfolio to a page to help website visitors get the information they need quickly. The above-the-fold section summarizes her unique value proposition (“INSIGHT + PERSPECTIVE + EXPERIENCE”) and provides specific job titles for the services she provides (“Editor | Writer”). The header features anchor links to each section of the page to ensure easy navigation. 

Jane-Ellen Robinet's writing portfolio example

07. Christina Sterbenz

Rather than categorizing work by publications, Christina Sterbenz structures her portfolio page around writing topics and pairs each section with a compelling image from one of the relevant clips. This strategy adds visual appeal and gives each topic a personal touch, making the stories more approachable and intriguing to visitors. The images, paired with informative captions, humanize the subjects, enticing readers to delve deeper into her work.

In terms of website design, the portfolio benefits from a clean layout and a modern, minimalist font, which together enhance the site's readability and aesthetic appeal. Visitors can effortlessly scan the pages, finding what they are looking for without feeling overwhelmed. Additionally, the consistent use of design motifs—such as circles and lines throughout the site—contributes to a cohesive and memorable brand identity.

Like this format? Use this creative CV website template  to get started.

Christina Sterbenz's writing portfolio example

08. Bryn Dippold  

Bryn Dippold uses Wix’s blog maker  to showcase her work samples. This approach of republishing content directly on her portfolio, rather than merely linking out to external publications, serves as a strategic method for keeping visitors on her site for longer and providing a comprehensive view of her work.

Many Wix website templates already come with an integrated blog. Alternatively, you can choose to add the blog feature to any template, tailoring it to fit your unique style. Wix allows you to customize the blog settings, enabling you to curate and present your best work in a manner that aligns with your professional image and goals. 

Bryn Dippold's writing portfolio example

09. Charlotte Kho 

Charlotte Kho uses neutral colors, layered design elements and striking imagery to introduce herself as a digital and creative storyteller. The “Resume” page provides a lot of information, but its clean layout is easy on the eyes, and you have the option to download her CV. On the “Work” page, Charlotte offers a small selection of her best work, plus links to view more of her published pieces.

Like this layout? Make it your own as Charlotte did by customizing this business CV website template .

Charlotte Kho's writing portfolio example

10. Emma Newell 

Emma Newell's website demonstrates a balance of simplicity and engaging elements, creating a visually appealing and user-friendly experience. The site employs subtle animations that add a dynamic touch without overwhelming the visitor. Notably, when you click on any link in the menu bar, the content below appears to swipe out of view as new content takes its place. This seamless effect maintains the homepage's structure and provides an uninterrupted browsing experience.

Emma Newell's writing portfolio example

11. Maddie Pfeifer

Maddie Pfeifer effectively leads with her experience by featuring her resume on the homepage. It details her past work, highlights her skillset and lists the awards she has received in the course of her career. We appreciate that she prominently placed her contact information above the fold for easy accessibility.

Her website is a model of organization, making excellent use of Wix’s advanced menu features . The dropdown functionality in her navigation bar allows for an expanded array of options, enhancing the user experience. Visitors, when exploring the “Portfolio” page link, are greeted with the option to select content categories like “Event coverage” or “Crime & courts,” tailoring their browsing to their interests.

Maddie Pfeifer's writing portfolio example

12. Rachel A.G. Gilman 

Rachel A.G. Gilman elevates her homepage's simplicity with a playful, animated headshot, contrasting colors and a classic font choice, creating a dynamic first impression. Under the “Writing” tab, her comprehensive archive is meticulously sorted into distinct categories, making it easy to sift through her published work and accomplishments.

Rachel A.G. Gilman's writing portfolio example

How to make a writing portfolio of your own

After exploring some of the best portfolio website examples , you’re probably eager to get started on learning how to make a portfolio  of your own. Whether you're a seasoned writer or just getting started, these tips will help you present your work in a way that captivates and communicates your unique voice and skills. 

01. Identify your target audience

To properly tailor your site design to your audience, you need to identify who you’re looking to impress. For instance, if you’re using this type of website  to pitch to editors, you might consider spotlighting your best features or most impressive bylines. On the other hand, if you’re cultivating a professional portfolio  for freelance clients, you might want to put testimonials or a list of services front and center.

02. Establish your goals 

Setting clear goals is crucial to track your progress and success. If your objective is to boost engagement with freelance clients, you might measure this by the number of inquiries or project offers you receive through your portfolio site. On the other hand, if increasing your visibility as a writer online is your goal, you could focus on monitoring website traffic, page views, or how long visitors stay on your site. Regularly assessing these aspects will help you understand what's effective and what needs improvement in your portfolio.

03. Choose the right platform

When looking for a platform for your online presence, choose a portfolio website builder  that aligns with your technical ability and the amount of time you can dedicate to maintenance. Although creating a bespoke website might be impressive and a simple clippings curator (such as Muck Rack) would be convenient, it’s a better idea to go for a builder that combines the best of both worlds, offering both customizability and convenience. 

With Wix, you’ll have hundreds of customizable templates to choose from and AI tools that make designing and filling it with images a breeze. Furthermore, Wix enriches your website with features like built-in forms, custom email addresses, and newsletter capabilities, ensuring you can easily connect with your audience and maintain those connections effortlessly.

Check out this selection of Wix website templates for writers .

04. Decide how you want to structure your showcase

When building the “Works” or “Clips” section of your online writing portfolio, your focus should be on showcasing your writing as well as highlighting the outlets you've collaborated with. Select pieces that represent your best work and reflect the type of work you aspire to continue doing. Remember, it's always about quality over quantity. A handful of outstanding pieces will have a greater impact than a multitude of average ones.

If you're at the beginning of your career and lack professional bylines, don't hesitate to include your best work from college or independent projects. Additionally, consider starting a blog that reflects the kind of work you aim to do professionally. 

05. Build an archive

Imagine losing your most valued work if a website goes down or a publisher removes your article. To prevent this, create an archive on your portfolio site. By uploading and publishing posts using the Wix content management system, you not only safeguard your work but also boost your site’s SEO and engage visitors more effectively. However, remember to check your contracts, as some publishers may restrict this. If time is limited, consider downloading your articles as PDFs and linking to them on a dedicated page. It's best to maintain this archive separately from your featured works, ensuring they continue to be the main attraction.

06. Flesh out the rest of your site

Your writing portfolio is more than just your work; it's a complete presentation of your professional persona. Each page on your site plays a critical role in telling your story. Here's how to make them count:

Home: The homepage is your portfolio's front door, welcoming and guiding visitors. It's crucial that this page clearly communicates what you offer as a writer. Make sure visitors can instantly understand your area of expertise and writing style.

About: On your “About” page, detail your professional journey, educational background and skill set. This page is an excellent place to infuse personality into your resume. Consider including a PDF version of your resume so hiring managers can add it to their databases.

Contact:  The “Contact” page is your open invitation for communication. Offer multiple methods to reach you, such as a contact form and an email address. Consider using scheduling software  to make it easy for potential clients to set up consultation calls. 

When writing the copy for these pages, make sure your tone is consistent, engaging and speaks to your desired audience. If incorporating imagery, make sure they’re high-quality, complement the text and reinforce your professional image. Each element should seamlessly blend to form a cohesive and inviting online presence.

07. Test and publish

Broken links, grammatical errors or faulty contact forms may lead visitors to doubt the quality of your work or discourage them from reaching out. Make sure to do a thorough assessment of your site, and consider sharing your writing portfolio with others to get their feedback.

08. Update your website

Regularly update your portfolio with your latest work. This keeps your site fresh and shows potential clients your active involvement and range of skills. A current portfolio can also inspire new project ideas among visitors.

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65 Creative Writing Logos For Communicative Brands

65 Creative Writing Logos For Communicative Brands

Are you looking for a different concept to use as logos? Why not try writing logos. Writing has been around for centuries, and throughout history, there arises so many images and connotations of writing.

When you hear the word writing, pictures of pencils, ink, papers, letters, envelopes, and words come to mind. Writing invokes a sense of melancholy, joy, nostalgia, and a host of other emotions. It’s all coming from the books we read and the things we write. 

If you adopt writing-related concepts, people will perceive your brand as responsible, clean, communicative, and creative.  

But of course, not anyone can use writing images as their logos or other visual assets. 

Here are some industries that could use writing as part of their branding visuals: publishing, freelance writing services, paper manufacturing, libraries, stationeries, email software, courier services, and a lot more.

If you feel like your business could benefit from good writing imagery, then read along as we give you the best logo samples where writing-related images take center stage. We have some logos involving pens, books, letters, and envelopes. 

1. Pen Logos

What is writing without using pens, right? Even in the digital age, pens are still relevant tools for writing. 

The good thing about pens is that it’s a generally recognizable image. When people see a pen, they assume it has something to do with writing. 

And even better, there are many kinds of pens in the world: fountain pens, ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, gel pens, disposable stick pens, and more. Which means you have all these options to display your creative designs. And you’re less likely to find a similar design in your industry.

Pens are great images to communicate a writing-related business. You can even display some images related to pens, such as ink and paper. This way, you can make your logos more specific and tailored to your audience. 

If you’re still wondering what kind of image you like to use, look no further because we’ve curated the best samples of pen logos on the web. Douse yourself in creativity so you can get your pen-inspired brand image up and running. 

creative writing designs

BenMedia Logo by Viacheslav Naumov

creative writing designs

Black ink by Catur Argi

creative writing designs

Cp Logo + Pen by Mohammad Arif

creative writing designs

CTJ by Cody Johnston

creative writing designs

Fire Pen Tool by MusiqueDesign

creative writing designs

Gladiator Pencil Outline by JimjemR

creative writing designs

MQM Logo Design by David Wilder

creative writing designs

Pen & Paper | Logo by Amr Magdy

creative writing designs

Pen Electric Company by Glen Miranda

creative writing designs

Pen House by Minhaj Mithun

creative writing designs

Pen Ink Publishing by marcololstudio

creative writing designs

Pen Leaf Logo mark by Robeul Aoual Robin

creative writing designs

Pen Logo by Eko Prasetyo

creative writing designs

Rook Writing Pen by novita007

creative writing designs

science fiction by Alexandra Metlitskaya

2. Book Logos

If you’re over with pen designs, try book images. Book icons and symbols are also good communication devices for writing-related business. 

There are many types of book designs you can try. There are notebooks, hard bounds, traditional books, paperbacks, soft bounds, and a lot more. All these are different creative imagery you can try out for your first book logos. 

Book symbols in brands can mean responsibility, bureaucracy, authority, education, learning, institution, and enlightenment. This is why book logos can invoke a sense of respect and trust among your target audience. What a great way to entice your audience, right? 

Here are some samples you can try for your book logos and other visual needs. 

creative writing designs

Balboa Badge by Gustavo Zambelli

creative writing designs

Balboa. by Gustavo Zambelli

creative writing designs

Book Cube by aya55

creative writing designs

Book Logo Design by Dalius Stuoka | logo designer

creative writing designs

Brick & Mortar Books by somani

creative writing designs

Custom Hollow Book Company by Phoenix Dragon

creative writing designs

Edukado by DesignPlus

creative writing designs

Gnome Road Publishing by jaime.sp

creative writing designs

Heart + Book Logo Mark by Elif Kamesoglu

creative writing designs

Lands of the Bible by FourtuneDesign

creative writing designs

Poetry Books Logo by Adam Islami

creative writing designs

Reading Education Books by novita007

creative writing designs

Story on the Square by Samantha Ward Design

creative writing designs

Two books logo design by Sergii Syzonenko

creative writing designs

White Book by egaak

creative writing designs

Woman book logo by Kristina

creative writing designs

Writers Block by Ryan Tantillo

3. Letters Logos

Words and letters are always associated with writing. It’s the basic foundation of any type of written piece. Before you can construct sentences, paragraphs, and essays, you must first learn how to use words and letters. 

Letters can be written in many styles, which brings us to a concept called fonts. Fonts are how letters are designed differently to communicate a different meaning. There’s cursive, decorative, serif, and sans serif. 

So in your logo designs, you could use these letter styles for your brand name or even brand icons. We’ve curated the best letter logos so you can take all the inspiration you need. 

creative writing designs

between leaves by 55rova

creative writing designs

Firefly Cove by alpino

creative writing designs

flat style minimal logo by KIBREA GRAPHICS

creative writing designs

G Logo design by Gero

creative writing designs

Hardcore Freelancers Guild by Dan Kornievsky

creative writing designs

Hedley Grange by amare1000k

creative writing designs

HÔTEL DES GEMMES by untung bertubi-tubi

creative writing designs

Insight Process by Matt Vergotis

creative writing designs

Jack Morgan by johnisdesigning

creative writing designs

Letter A by 7gone

creative writing designs

Lowriters logo design by Milos Bojkovic

creative writing designs

Pixel Pusher by Jay Master

creative writing designs

 Royal Sign by keis604

creative writing designs

SE Logo by Kassymkulov Design

creative writing designs

Sign - Lettering Logo by Yevdokimov

creative writing designs

Stizer by F!or

creative writing designs

Suel by Ismael de souza

creative writing designs

W by Kevin Kroneberger

creative writing designs

Wordmark by Daniel Bodea

creative writing designs

Writer Logo by Paul Meyer

4 Envelope logos

For the longest time, envelopes have been one of our tools for sending messages. We fill them with our letters and have them sent through traditional mailing services. Because of this, we kind of think that envelopes always carry messages that will invoke feelings of nostalgia, love, joy, and anger. 

You can never go wrong with incorporating envelopes in your brand visuals. Everyone knows what an envelope is. So there’s no need to explain your reasoning why you came up with such a design. 

And most importantly, since there are many ways you can design an envelope icon, there are fewer chances you will find a similar design in your industry. In short, you have endless room for creative customization. 

Think of the most famous brands with envelopes as logos. See the logos of Gmail, GetResponse, and Gigglet. They have a single concept, which is the use of envelopes, but they communicate to their audience uniquely using different colors and designs. 

creative writing designs

All Things Mail by Atec

creative writing designs

American Mailing Machines by prodesigns99

creative writing designs

Cyberspy by Sumesh

creative writing designs

Direct Marketing Logo Design by Rii

creative writing designs

Envelope by Dragisa Trojancevic

creative writing designs

Envelope logo by Paul Wanjoeh

creative writing designs

Envelope Logo Design by Kirill Leary

creative writing designs

Envelope Package Logistics by town

creative writing designs

Envelope Shield by MDS

creative writing designs

Mailboxes Center by Kahaf

creative writing designs

Mojn Logo Design / Branding by Paulius Kairevicius

creative writing designs

Text Logo Design by Arthy

creative writing designs

The Mail Box Store by debdesign

Final Thoughts

Writing logos is surely not for all brands. But if you find that writing and its many images such as pens, envelopes, books, and letters can perfectly encapsulate your message, then go for it. 

You could never go wrong with its inherent connotations. Most people respect and trust brands that use writing images. It’s associated with established institutions such as universities and creative industries. 

If you need help in designing a writing-related logo, BrandCrowd’s Logo Maker is up for the rescue. On its page, you can see hundreds of writing-inspired logo templates that you can customize to make it unique. 

Plus, BrandCrowd is home to other marketing templates. You can create your business cards as well as social media posts. 

Logo designs need not be difficult and expensive to create. BrandCrowd offers free templates as well as paid logo designs for a minimal amount. The best part, you could design your logo in minutes so you can start that business in no time. 

Written by DesignCrowd on Wednesday, September 15, 2021

DesignCrowd is an online marketplace providing logo, website, print and graphic design services by providing access to freelance graphic designers and design studios around the world.

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🍄🏋🅿𝓔 💲😀Ⓜ𝓔🍄♓🕴🥄🐋 🍄😀 💲🍄🅰🌱🍄

Emojis Text


Dark Text Bubbles

𝕿𝖞𝖕𝖊 𝖘𝖔𝖒𝖊𝖙𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝖙𝖔 𝖘𝖙𝖆𝖗𝖙

Fraktur Bold

𝚃𝚢𝚙𝚎 𝚜𝚘𝚖𝚎𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚝𝚘 𝚜𝚝𝚊𝚛𝚝

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    Book Design: Everything You Need to Make a Stunning Book. A: Book design is the art of arranging text, content, formatting, and visual assets into a single cohesive product that elevates a manuscript, paper stock, and its cover design into more than the sum of its parts. Architect Frank Lloyd Wright famously said that "form and function are ...

  8. Lettering fonts and styles for beginners

    Traditional calligraphy. Calligraphy is the design and creation of hand lettering with a brush or other writing tool. Traditional calligraphy covers specific hand-lettering styles, like Copperplate and Spencerian, that were created with distinct strokes and formations. Rules govern the shape and execution of these letters, similarly to a font.

  9. 1800+ Creative Writing Prompts To Inspire You Right Now

    Here's how our contest works: every Friday, we send out a newsletter containing five creative writing prompts. Each week, the story ideas center around a different theme. Authors then have one week — until the following Friday — to submit a short story based on one of our prompts. A winner is picked each week to win $250 and is highlighted ...

  10. 10 types of creative writing: Get inspired to write

    Literary techniques you develop with writing plays and screenplays can include satire, motif, dramatic irony, allusion, and diction. 5. Personal essays. Focusing on the author's life and experiences, a personal essay is a form of creative non-fiction that almost acts as an autobiography.

  11. 13 Creative Writing Portfolio Examples & How to Create Yours

    This creative writing portfolio took 30 minutes in Copyfolio. Create yours now. 13 creative writing portfolio examples & why they're excellent. 1. Macy Fidel. Create a portfolio. Macy used Copyfolio's Premier template and "Cardboard Clip" color palette to create her portfolio. This portfolio is great because...

  12. 8 Tips for Getting Started With Creative Writing

    8 Tips for Getting Started With Creative Writing. Last updated: Sep 19, 2022 • 11 min read. Outside the world of business writing and hard journalism lies an entire realm of creative writing. Whether you're brand-new to the craft, a nonfiction writer looking to experiment, or a casual creative writer wanting to turn into a published author ...

  13. Writing Designs

    Designers from around the world pitch you ideas. You provide feedback, hone your favorites and choose a winner. Find the perfect designer to match your style and budget. Then collaborate one-on-one to create a custom design. 4.8 average from 37,585 customer reviews.

  14. Free templates

    Browse through our professionally designed selection of free templates and customize a design for any occasion.

  15. Learn Essential Creative Writing Skills

    Creative Writing: Wesleyan University. Write Your First Novel: Michigan State University. Introduction to Psychology: Yale University. Sharpened Visions: A Poetry Workshop: California Institute of the Arts. The Strategy of Content Marketing: University of California, Davis. Good with Words: Writing and Editing: University of Michigan.

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    View our Creative Writing selection. Find exactly the one you want for your next design or crafting project!

  17. Writing Logos

    Take your branding further. Get dozens of professional, custom writing logo options from our community of freelance designers, and experience next-level creative direction. Logos from US$299.

  18. 12 best writing portfolio examples and how to create your own

    12 writing portfolio examples. 01. Jed Donahue. Jed Donahue's website is a great example of how speaking to your client's pain points can compel them to reach out. The homepage header copy, "When you need great content, I'm here to help," focuses on the customer's needs.

  19. 65 Creative Writing Logos For Communicative Brands

    Pen Leaf Logo mark by Robeul Aoual Robin. Pen Logo by Eko Prasetyo. Rook Writing Pen by novita007. science fiction by Alexandra Metlitskaya. 2. Book Logos. If you're over with pen designs, try book images. Book icons and symbols are also good communication devices for writing-related business.

  20. Font Generator

    This fancy text generator uses Unicode characters (universal standard for representing text online). And we analyzed many characters to create fonts that everyone can use online. With this tool, we just make it easy to copy and paste these fonts so that you can use the fonts anywhere online. We categorized the fonts in styles to make it even ...

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    131 inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world's best designers. Want more inspiration? Browse our search results ... Discover 100+ Creative Writing designs on Dribbble.

  22. Cool Text Graphics & Logo Generator

    Cool Text is a FREE graphics generator for web pages and anywhere else you need an impressive logo without a lot of design work. Simply choose what kind of image you would like. Then fill out a form and you'll have your own custom image created on the fly.